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TRAIN Act Colossal Waste of Money, Attempt to Delay Regulations 21.9.2100 Union of Concerned Scientists
The House is expected to take up a bill today, called the TRAIN Act, which would waste $2 million of taxpayer money by mandating redundant cost-benefit analyses of environmental and health regulations.
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EDF Calls on EPA to Withdraw Censored Science Proposal 17.7.2018 Nanotechnology Notes
Experts for Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) called on the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) today to withdraw the “censored science” proposal – a proposed rule that would bar the agency from considering some of our most important public health studies in making decisions about vital protections for human health and the environment. EPA held an all-day […]
Developing accurate lead service line inventories and making them public: Essential tasks 17.7.2018 Nanotechnology Notes
Tom Neltner, Lindsay McCormick, and Audrey McIntosh Most communities have a general sense of how many lead service lines (LSLs) they have and what neighborhoods have them. The utilities that manage these community water systems (CWSs) base their estimates on installation and maintenance records, size and age of the service line, and professional experience supplemented […]
Trump’s EPA pivots yet again on reviews of new chemicals under TSCA, leaving public and worker health in the dust 17.7.2018 Nanotechnology Notes
Richard Denison, Ph.D., is a Lead Senior Scientist. EDF has learned from multiple sources that political appointees at the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) are on the verge of taking yet another huge lurch away from what the 2016 reforms to the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) require when EPA reviews the safety of new chemicals prior […]
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Japan, EU Sign Trade Deal: 'We Stand Together Against Protectionism' 17.7.2018 Wall St. Journal: World
The leaders of Japan and the European Union signed a deal to create one of the world’s largest liberalized trade zones, a contrast to escalating trade disputes between the U.S. and several of its trading partners.
Public health, medical, academic, and scientific groups oppose EPA transparency rule 16.7.2018 EcoTone
Nearly seventy public health, medical, academic, and scientific groups representing millions of Americans released the following statement to express concern over the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) “Strengthening Transparency in Regulatory Science” proposed rule: We strongly oppose EPA’s efforts to restrict the use of the best available science in its policymaking and encourage EPA to ...
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New EPA Head Vows to Be 'Stabilizing Force' After Pruitt Turmoil 16.7.2018 Wall St. Journal: Policy
Energy companies and trade groups harbor one big hope for the new leader of the Environmental Protection Agency: a steady hand.
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On pollution facts, don’t be fooled by rhetoric of oil and gas trade groups 13.7.2018 Main Feed - Environmental Defense
On pollution facts, don’t be fooled by rhetoric of oil and gas trade groups
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FBI's Strzok Denies Claims of Bias at House Hearing 13.7.2018 Wall St. Journal: Policy
FBI agent Peter Strzok, whose anti-Trump text messages have prompted sharp criticism, told Congress he never permitted his views to affect his official actions, a claim GOP lawmakers derided.
Watch: Embattled FBI Agent Strzok tells Hill GOP its attacks help Putin sow chaos 12.7.2018 Minnesota Public Radio: Politics
Peter Strzok told House Republicans on Thursday that political bias has never influenced his official actions and condemned the attacks on the DOJ and the FBI.
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Big corporate and civic fleet buyers push for more EV choices 12.7.2018 Design & Innovation |
An airy, brick-walled space, next to a Formula E race track, set the scene for a campaign kickoff Tuesday in Brooklyn, New York, intended to promote zero-emission vehicles (ZEVs) as a way to fight climate change at a time when the federal government wants to relax rules to limit tailpipe emissions.
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Pruitt Leaves a Proud Legacy at the EPA 12.7.2018 Wall St. Journal: Opinion
His political offense wasn’t ethics but his forthright challenge to the myth of renewable energy.
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Minn. agency says EPA decision puts at risk lung, heart health 12.7.2018 Minnesota Public Radio: News
The EPA effectively removed limits on manufacturing of glider kits, freight truck bodies that often use outdated, heavily polluting engines.
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Mike Flynn's Lawyers Say He Is No Longer Joining Consulting Firm 11.7.2018 Wall St. Journal: Policy
Hours after a new lobbying firm aimed at domestic and global clients announced it was partnering with former national security adviser Mike Flynn, attorneys for the embattled Mr. Flynn said the deal was off and the notice had been released as a result of a “misunderstanding” among the participants in Stonington Global LLC.
Consumers, coffee shops see changes after Starbucks incidents - but will they last? 11.7.2018 News
Starbucks scandals have pushed some coffee drinkers to try local flavors, while others defend the corporation.
Does Scott Pruitt's slow ouster mean ethics laws are getting weaker? 10.7.2018 Minnesota Public Radio: News
"It's going to take different leadership at the top," said Don Fox, a former acting director of the Office of Government Ethics. "And that means a different occupant in the White House."
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This GOP Congressman Has Begun a Huge Fight Over a Key Environmental Law 10.7.2018 Mother Jones
This story was originally published by High Country News and appears here as part of the Climate Desk collaboration. A linchpin environmental law is now being scrutinized by the Trump administration and could be targeted for reforms. The National Environmental Policy Act, commonly referred to as NEPA, dictates the environmental planning process for federal agencies. Any changes to the […]
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One of Colorado’s worst Superfund sites has been cleaned up, but the state’s on the hook for $2M a year to keep it that way 10.7.2018 Headlines: All Headlines
After 27 years of EPA control, Colorado is preparing to take over the full financial burden -- a forever bill for $2 million a year -- of a high-mountain cyanide gold mine that became one of the West's worst environmental disasters.
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Natural gas production releases more methane than estimated: Why that matters 10.7.2018 Small Business |
A leak rate of more than 3 percent would erase the climate benefits of replacing coal-fired power plants.
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The Elites Feed Anti-Immigrant Bias 10.7.2018 Wall St. Journal: Opinion
As proud citizens of the world, they show little solidarity with working-class countrymen.
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