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TRAIN Act Colossal Waste of Money, Attempt to Delay Regulations 21.9.2100 Union of Concerned Scientists
The House is expected to take up a bill today, called the TRAIN Act, which would waste $2 million of taxpayer money by mandating redundant cost-benefit analyses of environmental and health regulations.
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New pen at California-Nevada border may allow sale of horses for slaughter 16.1.2019 Denver Post: National News Headlines
The U.S. Forest Service has built a new corral for wild horses in Northern California, which could allow it to bypass federal restrictions and sell the animals for slaughter.
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Colorado’s Diana DeGette plans to investigate Trump’s family separation policy as House committee chair 16.1.2019 Denver Post: All Political News
U.S. Rep. Diana DeGette on Tuesday was appointed chair of the House Energy and Commerce Committee’s oversight panel. According to a release from her office, her first order of business is to investigate the Trump administration’s policy of separating families at the border.
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On path to Senate confirmation, Trump's EPA pick has tried to avoid Scott Pruitt's missteps 16.1.2019 LA Times: Commentary

Andrew Wheeler, President Trump’s nominee to head the Environmental Protection Agency, has two things going for him when he appears before senators Wednesday at his confirmation hearing.

First, he’s not Scott Pruitt, who was forced to resign last year under a cloud of ethics investigations.


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The Trump EPA’s first TSCA risk evaluation is an epic fail 15.1.2019 Nanotechnology Notes
Richard Denison, Ph.D., is a Lead Senior Scientist. Yesterday Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) filed more than 100 pages of comments on a 40-page draft risk evaluation the Trump Administration’s Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has prepared for Pigment Violet 29 (PV29).  PV29 is the first of 10 chemicals undergoing risk evaluations under the Toxic Substances Control Act […]
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Trump’s executive order will cut more forest trees; CU Boulder professor says “we can’t log our way out of the fire problem” 15.1.2019 Denver Post: All Political News
With a partial government shutdown looming, President Donald Trump quietly issued an executive order that expands logging on public land on the grounds that it will curb deadly wildfires.
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Trump’s Wilderness Deal Will Decimate the “Most Important Wildlife Refuge in All of Alaska” 14.1.2019 Mother Jones
This story was originally published by Reveal. It appears here as part of the Climate Desk collaboration. COLD BAY, Alaska—At the spot where a rugged chain of islands breaks away from the Alaska Peninsula, a secluded national refuge protects millions of seabirds, grizzly bears and caribou. Framed by snow-capped mountains and smoky volcanoes, the refuge holds an irreplaceable underwater […]
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ESA Endorses Four-Dimensional Ecology Education Framework 14.1.2019 EcoTone
By Kenneth Klemow, Alan Berkowitz, Kim Bjorgo-Thorne, Carmen Cid, Jennifer Doherty, Diane Ebert-May, George Middendorf, Bob Pohlad, and Pamela Templer   January 14, 2019   “…ecological issues in this country are intensifying, and many overwhelmingly important ecological problems are now correctly recognized as global in nature. Under these circumstances, it is not responsible for this ...
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Denver police have investigated 27 reports of racist crimes against black people since 2016. None resulted in hate crime convictions. 14.1.2019 Denver Post: Local
The Denver Post and ProPublica's Documenting Hate project took at look at how Denver prosecutes bias-motivated crimes involving African-Americans.
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Today marks the longest government shutdown in history 13.1.2019 LA Times: Commentary

Today the partial government shutdown becomes the longest in U.S. history.

And with no vote or negotiations scheduled for this weekend, the battle between President Trump and the new Democratic-led House is likely to keep going.

The lack of a compromise means some 800,000 federal workers missed...

Shutdown hampers wildfire preparedness and training across the U.S. 12.1.2019 Minnesota Public Radio: Politics
Firefighters and forest managers are losing valuable time to prepare for the upcoming wildland fire season as the partial government shutdown continues.
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Trump's EPA is taking what may be its most harmful step yet 12.1.2019 LA Times: Commentary

There is no doubt that President Trump views environmental regulations as little more than irksome impediments to robust economic productivity and corporate profits. One of his first acts was to order every federal department to rescind two federal rules for every new one adopted, and his special...

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“It’s a Nightmare”: Americans’ Health Is at Risk as the Shutdown Slashes EPA 12.1.2019 Mother Jones
This story was originally published by The Guardian. It appears here as part of the Climate Desk collaboration. The US government shutdown has stymied environmental testing and inspections, prompting warnings that Americans’ health is being put at increasing risk as the shutdown drags on. More than 13,000 employees at the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) are not at work, with […]
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'Tidal wave': Hundreds of Coast Guard families show up to pop-up Boston food pantry 11.1.2019 Minnesota Public Radio: News
The group running a pop-up pantry says nearly 200 families stopped in to help themselves to food in the first few hours. Diapers and baby food are also in high demand.
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Trump administration eyes disaster money to fund border wall 11.1.2019 Minnesota Public Radio: Politics
The White House has directed the Army Corps of Engineers to comb through its budget, including $13.9 billion in emergency funds that Congress earmarked last year, to see what money could be diverted to the wall as part of a declaration.
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California water projects could be tapped to pay for Trump's border wall 11.1.2019 Los Angeles Times - Living Green

Officials have given President Trump a plan to divert funds designated for Army Corps of Engineers projects in California and Puerto Rico to help pay for a wall along the southern border, a leading member of Congress said Thursday.

On his way to the Texas border Thursday, Trump was presented with...

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White House Aides Explore Alternative Ways to Pay for Wall 11.1.2019 Wall St. Journal: Policy
White House officials are divided over whether President Trump should declare a national emergency to obtain funding to build a border wall and end a partial government shutdown.
Oregon begins killing sea lions after relocation fails 11.1.2019 Los Angeles Times - Living Green

Oregon wildlife officials have started killing sea lions that threaten a fragile and distinct type of trout in the Willamette River, a body of water that's miles inland from the coastal areas where the massive carnivorous aquatic mammals usually congregate to feed.

The state Department of Fish...

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EDF considers potential health equity impacts of partial lead service line replacement 11.1.2019 Nanotechnology Notes
Tom Neltner, J.D., Chemicals Policy Director and Lindsay McCormick is a Project Manager. States and communities across the country are taking important steps to accelerate replacement of lead service lines (LSLs) – lead pipes connecting the water main under the street to homes and other buildings. As part of this progress, many programs have strictly limited the standard […]
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Offer Assistance to Members Affected by the Federal Government Shutdown 11.1.2019 EcoTone
Dear ESA Members, ESA is thinking about its members who are affected by the partial government shutdown: federal workers, contract workers, collaborators, and students. We are concerned about the shutdown’s impact on science and also how it is personally affecting our members. We hope your daily life returns to normal as soon as possible and ...
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