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TRAIN Act Colossal Waste of Money, Attempt to Delay Regulations 21.9.2100 Union of Concerned Scientists
The House is expected to take up a bill today, called the TRAIN Act, which would waste $2 million of taxpayer money by mandating redundant cost-benefit analyses of environmental and health regulations.
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Letters to the Editor: To fight racism, treat it as useless, not evil 18.7.2019 LA Times: Opinion

Bias is a product of human evolution. In America, the way we express that drive toward "groupiness" is with racism.

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Puerto Rico protesters demand governor resign for his anti-gay text messages 18.7.2019 LA Times: Nation
A Chorus of Opposition to the Final ACE Rule 18.7.2019 Climate 411 - Environmental Defense Fund
(This post was co-written by EDF intern Laura Supple) The Trump administration has finalized a rule that throws out the Clean Power Plan – America’s first and only nationwide limit on carbon pollution from existing power plants – and replaces it with a “do nothing” rule that, by EPA’s own numbers, would actually increase dangerous […]
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Trump administration’s push for energy production on public lands would increase Colorado’s emissions, report finds 17.7.2019 Headlines: All Headlines
Public lands in Colorado and across the West could make climate change worse if oil and gas leases recently sold by federal land managers start producing and emitting millions of tons of greenhouse-gas emissions, according to a report released Tuesday by a national environmental organization.
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Trump's Social Media Summit Shows Regulation Is Coming to Silicon Valley—and It's About Time | Opinion 17.7.2019 Newsweek Top Stories
By holding this summit, President Donald Trump has legitimized citizen journalists and given a voice to groups experiencing censorship at the hands of the Big Tech companies that control the new media platforms.
85 Bureau of Land Management jobs will move to Colorado 17.7.2019 Denver Post: News: Local
Eighty-five federal jobs will move to Grand Junction and Lakewood as part of a Bureau of Land Management headquarters relocation, the agency announced Tuesday.
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Teen killed in overnight crash on Flagstaff Road in Boulder County 17.7.2019 Denver Post: News: Local
One person was killed and three others were injured in a single-vehicle crash on Flagstaff Road early Tuesday.
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House Hearing Highlights New GAO Finding that Trump EPA Interfered in Selection of Science Advisors 16.7.2019 Main Feed - Environmental Defense
House Hearing Highlights New GAO Finding that Trump EPA Interfered in Selection of Science Advisors
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Back Story: ICYMI: The corporate grab behind the Yosemite trademark clash 16.7.2019 LA Times: Business

If you've been following the dispute over the trademark rights associated with Yosemite National Park, you may be aware that as of Tuesday, such historic names as the Ahwahnee Hotel and Curry Village are scheduled to be changed.

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EPA asked to reconsider use of dangerous chemical 16.7.2019 Minnesota Public Radio: News
The Duluth City Council is asking the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to reconsider whether petroleum refineries should be allowed to continue their use of a dangerous and potentially deadly chemical.
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Yosemite to restore names to historic attractions under $12-million settlement 16.7.2019 Los Angeles Times - Living Green

The Majestic Yosemite can be called the Ahwahnee Hotel again.

The National Park Service on Monday reached a $12-million settlement in a long-running legal battle with Yosemite’s former facilities operator that permits that name — and several others — to be restored to their historic attractions.

Policy News: July 15, 2019 16.7.2019 EcoTone
In This Issue: Foreign Influence and Collaborations Under Scrutiny in Agencies and in the House National Defense Authorization Act NSF issues ‘Dear Colleague’ letter addressing foreign interference in research. Congress House passes 2020 National Defense Authorization Act including and foreign interference in science provision. Executive Branch A White House plan to critically review climate science ...
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Wyoming man dies in Denver-area hospital after motorcycle accident 16.7.2019 Denver Post: News: Local
A young Wyoming man has died in Colorado about three weeks after a motorcycle crash left him in critical condition.
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Boulder will host hearing on climate crisis by congressional committee 16.7.2019 Headlines: All Headlines
A new congressional committee on climate change will have its first hearing outside Washington next month in Boulder.
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Bureau of Land Management moving HQ to Grand Junction, Cory Gardner says 16.7.2019 Denver Post: All Political News
The Bureau of Land Management will move its headquarters to Grand Junction, U.S. Sen. Cory Gardner said Monday, ending years of lobbying efforts by officials in Colorado.
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Radioactivity in parts of the Marshall Islands is far higher than Chernobyl, study says 16.7.2019 LA Times: Commentary

Think of the most radioactive landscapes on the planet and the names Chernobyl and Fukushima may come to mind.

Yet research published Monday suggests that parts of the Marshall Islands in the central Pacific, where the United States conducted 67 nuclear tests during the Cold War, should be added...

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Duluth leaders push for closer look at toxic refinery chemical 15.7.2019 Minnesota Public Radio: Politics
More than a year after a massive explosion rocked the Husky Energy oil refinery in Superior, Wis., Duluth leaders on Monday will consider asking for a federal study on the safety of hydrogen fluoride in refineries.
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Trump administration fact check: Environment, VA, Russia and jobs 13.7.2019 Denver Post: National News Headlines
President Donald Trump and his aides this past week celebrated an environmental legacy that is not theirs to claim.
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Trump Stings Honeybees While They’re Down 13.7.2019 Mother Jones
Bees are in a world of trouble right now. A few years ago, the US Environmental Protection Agency took some steps to protect the insects by limiting the use of an insecticide called sulfoxaflor. Made by Corteva, the agricultural arm of DowDupont, sulfoxaflor is “highly toxic to bees and other pollinating insects,” and it also appears […]
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