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TRAIN Act Colossal Waste of Money, Attempt to Delay Regulations 21.9.2100 Union of Concerned Scientists
The House is expected to take up a bill today, called the TRAIN Act, which would waste $2 million of taxpayer money by mandating redundant cost-benefit analyses of environmental and health regulations.
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Opinion: California has the most polluted national parks in the country. That's unacceptable 17.11.2019 LA Times: Opinion

California has nine national parks — the most of any state. It also has the most polluted national parks in the country. We need to change that

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America Recycles Day Encouraged Recycling. It Was Sponsored by Companies That Produce a Ton of Plastic. 16.11.2019 Mother Jones
This piece originally appeared in the Guardian and appears here as part of our Climate Desk Partnership. America’s government-backed national recycling awareness day is being used as cover by large corporations that are churning out enormous volumes of plastic that end up strewn across landscapes, rivers and in the ocean, critics have said. The America Recycles […]
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The Court’s TSCA decision is a much bigger win for public health than first meets the eye 16.11.2019 Nanotechnology Notes
Robert Stockman is a Senior Attorney.  Richard Denison, Ph.D., is a Lead Senior Scientist. Yesterday the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled in a landmark case involving a challenge to EPA’s so-called “framework rules” that lay out how it will implement core provisions of the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) as amended in 2016 by the […]
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California sues Trump again for revoking state's authority to limit auto emissions 16.11.2019 LA Times: Environment

California has joined other states in filing a second lawsuit against the administration for revoking the authority to regulate greenhouse gas emissions from automobiles.

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ESA Updating its Governance to Better Serve Its Members 16.11.2019 EcoTone
Jessica Gurevitch, ESA Secretary Evan DeLucia, ESA Vice President for Finance Over the past year, the ESA Governing Board has been working to evaluate and improve the effectiveness of the Society’s governance, with efforts resulting in proposed changes to our governing documents. Many changes have occurred in the 23 years since the most recent constitution ...
Ecological Society of America Announces New Members Elected to Governing Board 15.11.2019 EcoTone
The Ecological Society of America (ESA) is proud to announce the election results for its governing board members. Those selected by the membership to serve are Member-at-Large Zoe Cardon, Ecosystems Center at Marine Biological Laboratory; Vice President for Finance Jeannine Cavender-Bares, University of Minnesota; President-Elect for 2020 Dennis Ojima, Colorado State University; Vice President for ...
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Glenwood without springs? Mountain town mobilizes against mine expansion 14.11.2019 Denver Post: Local
A plan to vastly expand a limestone mining operation on the northern edge of Glenwood Springs will set this West Slope tourist town back a century, destroying its burgeoning tourist economy and clogging its streets with hundreds of trucks a day, critics say.
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Editorial: Trump's EPA is trying to limit science in crafting new regulations 14.11.2019 LA Times: Opinion

A proposed EPA rule to require public release of data behind health studies would undermine the role of science in forming policy. That's dangerous.

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Supreme Court may allow TV producer's racial bias suit against Comcast to move ahead 14.11.2019 LA Times: Nation

Justices sounded ready to send Byron Allen's suits back to Los Angeles to allow them to proceed in federal court -- but without weighing in who should win in the end.

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Glenwood hot springs owners fear mining expansion could irreparably damage centuries-old cave, spring 13.11.2019 Denver Post: Local
Owners of Iron Mountain Hot Springs and the Glenwood Hot Springs say a proposed mining expansion could ruin the centuries-old attractions.
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Public records confirm EPA’s “censored science” proposal was an end-run around Congress 13.11.2019 Climate 411 - Environmental Defense Fund
The Trump administration is reportedly expanding its dangerous plan — originally proposed by former Administrator Scott Pruitt — to limit the scientific evidence that the agency can consider when establishing public health protections. According to a story in the New York Times today, the new proposal will be even more damaging than Pruitt’s version – […]
China aims to build its own Yellowstone on Tibetan plateau 12.11.2019 Denver Post: Local
There's a building boom on the Tibetan plateau, one of the world's last remote places. Mountains long crowned by garlands of fluttering prayer flags are newly topped with sprawling steel power lines. At night, the illuminated signs of Sinopec gas stations cast a red glow over newly built highways.
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Methane Detectives: Can a Wave of Technology Slash Natural Gas Leaks? 9.11.2019 Mother Jones
This story was originally published by Yale Environment360 and appears here as part of the Climate Desk collaboration. Driving along County Road 28 south of Platteville, the signs of Colorado’s oil and gas boom are everywhere you look. Storage tanks and wellheads dot the horizon. Bundles of pipe sit by the roadside, waiting to become pipelines. Drilling […]
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ESA Seeks Editor-in-Chief for Ecological Applications 8.11.2019 EcoTone
The Ecological Society of America is seeking applicants for the position of Editor-in-Chief of its journal Ecological Applications. David Schimel, who has led this journal since 2001, will be stepping down as Editor-in-Chief in December 2020. Ecological Applications focuses on the applications of ecological science to environmental problems. It publishes papers that develop scientific principles ...
Fed up with Forest Service cuts, Mammoth Lakes and other towns are plotting a recreation takeover 8.11.2019 LA Times: Environment

In the shadow of Mt. Whitney, local officials frustrated by U.S. Forest Service budget cuts want to take charge of recreation facilities in the Eastern Sierra. Some conservationists are wary.

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Letters to the Editor: Amazon deliveries and Wi-Fi in national parks? No, thanks 8.11.2019 LA Times: Opinion

People go to national parks to escape urban nuisances like truck deliveries and social media. A Trump administration proposal could upend that.

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Muslim group pushes hate crime probe of alleged attack on Somali-American man 8.11.2019 Minnesota Public Radio: Law & Justice
Twin Cities Muslim leaders are calling for hate crime charges after they say a Somali-American man was attacked in a Minneapolis suburb last week.
Supreme Court leans toward expanding Clean Water Act to protect oceans from wastewater 7.11.2019 LA Times: Environment

The case from Hawaii has emerged as a major test of the scope of the federal anti-pollution law, even as President Trump's EPA cuts back enforcement.

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Army Corps raises failure risk rating of Mojave River Dam 6.11.2019 LA Times: Environment

Federal engineers, citing the threats posed by climate change, have found that a dam protecting the California high desert communities of Victorville, Hesperia, Apple Valley and Barstow could fail in an extreme flood.

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