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Green For All Urges President Obama to Support Flint’s Rebuilding 5.5.2016 Newswire
Green for All

Today, President Obama is on-the-ground in Flint, Michigan, where he’s taking account of the ongoing water crisis that has affected nearly 100,000 residents. This comes more than two years after toxic water began flowing into the homes of Flint residents, with dangerous levels of lead and other chemicals. Despite high-profile coverage, Governor Snyder has yet to commit to fully rebuilding Flint’s pipes and economy, frustrating activists and local residents.

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Feds Rely on Industry-Funded Study to Push for More Offshore Oil Exploitation 1.5.2016
The Bureau of Ocean Energy Management's recent analysis of the economic benefits of increased offshore drilling in the Gulf of Mexico and on the Pacific Coast near Alaska was funded partly by the fossil fuel industry. (Photo: erik aa / Flickr ) On Monday, April 25th, President Barack Obama tweeted out the following message to nearly 74 million followers on Twitter: We're already seeing the effects of climate change. Denial is unacceptable. #ActOnClimate — Barack Obama (@BarackObama) April 25, 2016 The tweet garnered thousands of shares and likes, and on the surface it appeared to be a genuine plea for action on climate change. But as  we've seen all too often from this administration , what they say in public rarely matches what takes place behind closed doors.   Less than one day after President Obama tweeted out that message on climate change, David Sirota and Ned Resnikoff from the International Business Times  aimed a spotlight at the Obama administration's hypocrisy  in an ...
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Diverse Coalition Calls for New Vision in Conservation, Launches Petition 29.4.2016 Green on
The future of more than 600 million acres of prime lands that belong to the collective American citizenry got much brighter today, with policy recommendations submitted to President Obama and members of Congress on Capitol Hill yesterday. A coalition of diverse leaders from conservation, civil rights, environmental justice and community organizations used the upcoming Centennial of the National Park Service (August 25) to ask President Obama for a Presidential Proclamation announcing a new, inclusive vision of conservation for the next 100 years. In tribute to the democratic values represented by our public lands, the group has launched a petition at that enables the public to contact President Obama en masse to show their support. A most beautiful sight - a park ranger leading a tour in Great Smoky Mountains National Park at sunset. Gatlinburg photo. Keenly aware of the responsibility to future generations laid out by the founders of the National Park Service to "preserve unimpaired the ...
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Groups to Obama: Declare Climate Emergency, Ban Crude Oil Exports 21.4.2016 Headlines
Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Hundreds of organizations on Wednesday filed a legal petition (pdf) calling on the Obama administration to declare a "national climate emergency" and end all U.S. crude oil exports, which they say would keep millions of tons of greenhouse gas pollution from entering the atmosphere.

The petition comes as the U.S. nears a signing date for the COP21 climate agreement agreed to late last year in Paris.

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Can The U.S. And China Keep Their Climate Pledges? 21.4.2016 NPR Health Science
The two nations topping the world in greenhouse gas emissions agreed at the Paris talks to cut way back. But critics have stalled a key part of the U.S. plan, and China's good start may be fragile.
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Legal Petition Pushes President Obama to End Crude Oil Exports, Declare Climate Emergency 20.4.2016 Newswire
Center for Biological Diversity As the Obama administration prepares to sign the Paris climate agreement, 350 environmental, social-justice, health and faith organizations filed a legal petition today urging President Barack Obama to declare a national climate emergency and end all U.S. crude oil exports. The ban would keep millions of tons of greenhouse gas pollution from escaping into the atmosphere and worsening the climate ...
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Clinton once hit Obama for oil, gas ties 2.4.2016 CNN: Top Stories
Hillary Clinton, currently defending herself from environmental critics for accepting money from employees at oil and gas companies, hit then-Sen. Barack Obama for doing the same thing in 2008.
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100,000+ Urge President to End Fossil Fuel Leasing from Public Lands and Waters 31.3.2016 Newswire
Oil Change International A petition calling for an end to fossil fuel leasing on public lands and waters has garnered more than 100,000 signatures on the White House’s “We the People” online platform, surpassing the threshold necessary to trigger an official response from the White House. The petition, supported by a number of progressive organizations, calls on the President to “secure [his] climate legacy by halting all new drilling, fracking, and mining on public lands and waters, including stopping all new offshore drilling in the Arctic, Gulf of Mexico, and the ...
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To Secure Climate Legacy, say Groups, Obama Must End Offshore Drilling Leases 30.3.2016 Headlines
Jon Queally, staff writer

Demanding the Obama administration align its commitments under the Paris climate agreement with its stated emission-reduction goals, dozens of environmental, indigenous and coastal conservation organizations throughout the country filed a legal petition on Tuesday calling for the end of new offshore oil and gas leases in all federally controlled oceans, including areas in the Arctic, Atlantic, and Gulf of Mexico.

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Historic Petition Urges Obama to Halt All New Offshore Fossil Fuel Leases 29.3.2016 Newswire

More than 45 climate, conservation, indigenous and coastal organizations representing the major coastal regions of the United States filed a legal petition today calling on President Obama to align U.S. energy policy with his climate goals by issuing an executive order to end new oil and gas lease auctions in federally controlled oceans — including the Arctic, Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico.

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What to eat while President Obama is in Cuba 22.3.2016 L.A. Times - Food & Dining

President Obama is in the middle of a historic visit to Cuba. If all this talk about the island is making you crave Cuban food, beverages or both, you're probably not alone. There are a number of great Cuban institutions around town, from the famous chain of Versailles restaurants, to Porto's Bakery,...

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The Presidency and Sustainability 21.3.2016 Green on
As Americans watch the current presidential campaign, President Obama's approval ratings continue to grow. We have a president in tune with contemporary culture, with his ego and insecurities in check as he faces the unique work of the American presidency. In President Obama's second term, he has worked the seams of executive power to become America's first sustainability president. While he has been hampered by the lack of new legislation and the absence of the new resources needed for green infrastructure, he has used many of the powers of the modern presidency to move the sustainability ball down the field. The Obama administration has taken three specific executive actions I consider particularly important. The first and best known is the Clean Power Plan: the EPA regulation that requires states to develop greenhouse gas reduction plans. That rule is now on hold as the courts review its legality. The second is his November 2013 executive order, " Preparing the U.S. for the Impacts of Climate Change ...
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‘Keep it in the Ground’ Protest Targets Obama Administration’s Fossil Fuel Auction in Milwaukee 17.3.2016 Newswire Uniting under the call to ‘keep it in the ground’, dozens of activists gathered outside of the Milwaukee Theater to protest the auction of over 580 acres of public lands for oil and gas extraction. This is the same auction that the Obama administration postponed last minute during the Paris climate talks as a result of increased pressure from climate ...
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Dear President Obama: The Clean Energy Revolution is Now 17.3.2016 Politics on
A few short blocks from the White House, our new film Dear President Obama: The Clean Energy Revolution is Now (directed by Jon Bowermaster, narrated and produced by Mark Ruffalo) will premiere this week at National Geographic's headquarters as part of the 24th Annual Environmental Film Festival in the Nation's Capital. At issue: President Obama's environmental tenure and legacy, which has included both substantial steps forward and backward. He enacted the automobile fuel efficiency standard, has invested in renewable energy like solar and wind, has taken a strong stance against climate deniers and saw through the Paris climate agreement. At the same time, he oversaw a massive expansion of oil and natural gas drilling, much of it by more and more dangerous and extreme methods, chiefly fracking. Dear President Obama addresses these contradictions, but more importantly it gives voice to some of the many Americans who have become the non-consenting victims of the president's "all of the above" energy ...
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Thank President Obama for a Watershed Climate Victory 16.3.2016 Main Feed - Environmental Defense
President Obama and Prime Minister Trudeau have joined forced to announce that both the U.S. and Canada will regulate the dangerous climate pollution emitting from oil & gas facilities currently in ...
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Obama rolling back plans to drill 15.3.2016 CNN: Top Stories
President Barack Obama is set to reverse plans Tuesday that would have opened the southeast Atlantic Coast to oil and gas drilling, after strong opposition from environmental groups and coastal communities, an administration official told CNN.
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Today the Obama Administration released the latest proposed offshore drilling plan, barring new drilling in Atlantic Ocean, but allowing continued drilling in the Arctic and Gulf. In response, Executive Director May Boeve issued the following statement:

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Obama U-turn on Atlantic drilling 15.3.2016 Yahoo: Politics
President Barack Obama's administration on Tuesday signaled it was jettisoning plans to open swathes of the western Atlantic Ocean to oil and gas drilling, a U-turn that delighted environmentalist groups. The administration in January announced plans to open drilling in the Atlantic along the East Coast, from Virginia to Georgia, even as it protected seas off Alaska's coast. The Atlantic plan had faced fierce opposition from local and environmental ...
U.S. and Canada pledge to cut methane emissions as part of broad climate change agreement 11.3.2016 LA Times: Commentary

President Obama and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Thursday announced a wide range of environmental initiatives to combat climate change, expand renewable energy and protect a fragile and remote region important to both nations -- the Arctic.

The most notable commitment, outlined in...

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U.S., Canada Announce Shared Goals For Fighting Climate Change 11.3.2016 NPR Health Science
President Obama and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau unveiled goals for cutting methane emissions from the oil and gas industry by more than 40 percent by 2025, among other ambitious targets.
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