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Local power gets results for Thompson Divide 24.4.2017 High Country News Most Recent
New legislation could end a decade-long fight against oil and gas development.
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Trump’s administration blocks drilling near a national park 21.4.2017 High Country News Most Recent
The president’s commitment to oil and gas development gets tested.
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An unwelcome gift from oil and gas developers 21.4.2017 Denver Post: Opinion
Colorado's "forced-pooling" statute enables an oil and gas company to buy a property owner’s mineral rights even if the owner doesn’t want to sell or lease them.
Suburbanites reckon with arcane drilling law 17.4.2017 High Country News Most Recent
On Colorado’s Front Range, companies can extract oil and gas from private land — without homeowners’ permission.
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Oman's mountains may hold clues for reversing climate change 13.4.2017 Salt Lake Tribune
Wadi Abdah, Oman • Deep in the jagged red mountains of Oman, geologists are searching for an efficient and cheap way to remove carbon dioxide from the air and oceans — and perhaps begin to reverse climate change. They are coring samples from one of the world’s only exposed sections of the Earth’s mantle to uncover how a spontaneous natural process millions of years ago transformed carbon dioxide into limestone and marble. As the world mobilizes to confront climate change, the main focus has been...
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College football: Notre Dame defense getting a makeover from new coordinator 13.4.2017 Salt Lake Tribune
South Bend, Ind. • Coach Brian Kelly says visitors won’t be able to decipher much about Notre Dame’s defense this spring. With new coordinator Mike Elko aboard, that’s kind of the point. Elko, the 39-year-old hired from Wake Forest this offseason, has taken his Fighting Irish players into something of a time machine, harping on the basics early instead of scheme as the defense looks to rebound from a nightmarish 2016 that saw its previous coordinator lose his job in the season’s first month. “Th...
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Welcome back, oil and gas — we’re happy to compromise 1.4.2017 Denver Post: Opinion
Concerned residents should demand the best safeguards, just as the industry should demand access to the resources it owns or that can be responsibly taken on federal lands.
Rain, clouds and cool temperatures forecast for Denver on Sunday, foreshadowing week ahead 26.3.2017 Denver Post: Local
Clouds and cool temperatures, with a chance of rain, are forecast for Denver on Sunday, foreshadowing weather expected to stick around in the city throughout the week.
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Mickey Mouse hit hard by tax man: Disney, Universal fight tax bills 26.3.2017 Denver Post: National News Headlines
By Mike Schneider, The Associated Press
Record-setting $782,000 raised at Vail Mountain fundraiser for cancer center 26.3.2017 Headlines: All Headlines
On Saturday, a tsunami of pink flooded Vail Mountain for what's been billed as "the world's biggest ski day to conquer cancer."
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Trump admin halts Obama-era rule on fracking on public land 16.3.2017 Denver Post: Business
The Trump administration is rolling back an Obama administration rule requiring companies that drill for oil and natural gas on federal lands to disclose chemicals used in hydraulic fracturing, better known as fracking.
Trump admin halts Obama-era rule on fracking on public land 16.3.2017 Salt Lake Tribune
Washington • The Trump administration says it is rolling back an Obama administration rule requiring companies that drill for oil and natural gas on federal lands to disclose chemicals used in hydraulic fracturing, better known as fracking. The administration said in court papers filed Wednesday that it is withdrawing from a lawsuit challenging the Obama-era rule and will begin a new rule-making process later this year. The Interior Department issued the rule in March 2015, the first major feder...
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What will a Zinke-led Interior Department look like? 15.3.2017 High Country News Most Recent
His priorities so far: energy, sportsmen access, park repairs & restoring public trust.
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$80,000 jobs hard to fill in America’s red-hot shale country 12.3.2017 Denver Post: Business
Five years ago, the thought of $55-a-barrel oil would have given Piotr Galitzine heartburn. Now it's keeping one of his steel-pipe shops in Houston open 24/7 and fueling a flurry of orders.
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Park service, local governments decry oil and gas leasing near Zion 10.3.2017 Salt Lake Tribune
Oil and gas leasing in Washington County could threaten water supplies and impair the values that make Zion National Park one of the crown jewels of the national park system, according to thousands of comments flooding the Bureau of Land Management. Opponents are urging the agency to reconsider its proposal to auction leases on the Kolob Terrace road just west of the park. Its sister agency the National Park Service is asking the BLM to defer a leasing decision so the two can work with local aut...
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Letter to the editor: Still standing 8.3.2017 Steamboat Pilot
On Friday, March 10, at 4:30 p.m., supporters of Steamboat Stands with Standing Rock will hold a demonstration outside the Steamboat Springs Post Office. On March 28 at 6 p.m., we will show two documentary films and hold a silent auction at the Chief Theater to raise money for the Standing Rock Legal Defense Fund. You may wonder why we are demonstrating in support of Standing Rock when the main camp has been cleared and the pipeline is all but complete. The answer is that numerous lawsuits against the pipeline company are still in play and continue to block the transfer of oil. More importantly, the powerful message of the camps at Standing Rock has helped to ignite a larger and growing movement that seeks to defend the rights of all indigenous nations to have a final say over projects that directly affect their lands. Our local efforts will be held in conjunction with a larger action in Washington, D.C., where leaders, members and supporters of Tribal Nations from across the country will meet with ...
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Tribes pressure feds on oil, gas drilling in New Mexico 2.3.2017 Salt Lake Tribune
Albuquerque • Leaders from the nation’s largest Native American reservation and pueblos across New Mexico are putting more pressure on federal land managers to curb oil and gas development in the northwest corner of the state. The Navajo Nation has sent a letter to the Bureau of Land Management seeking a moratorium on drilling and lease sales across a wide swath of land surrounding Chaco Culture National Historic Park. The All Pueblo Council of Governors also has raised concerns, and Democratic ...
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What the new EPA chief’s emails mean for the West 25.2.2017 High Country News Most Recent
The court-released exchanges show Scott Pruitt’s cozy relationship with oil and gas could impact energy development.
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Battlement Mesa pipeline work sloppy, COGCC says, but health department won’t investigate 23.2.2017 Denver Post: Business
Summit Midstream, the company installing pipeline in Battlement Mesa, has engaged in "improper practices" regarding soil and stormwater handling, according to a report by the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission.
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Fossil fuel extraction fights persist around Colorado, challenging state push for harmony 22.2.2017 Denver Post: News: Local
Colorado’s oil and gas conflict flared as hundreds of people packed FirstBank Center Tuesday night hoping to kill -- or at least tame -- a plan to drill 139 wells from four 8-acre pads near homes in Broomfield. The forum reflected discord over intensifying fossil fuel production -- despite new state rules intended to bring harmony.
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