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Molycorp said to attract buyers for non-U.S. rare earths plants 1.9.2015 Denver Post: Business
Rare-earths producers from China and Japan have approached Molycorp Inc. about buying some of the bankrupt miner's non-U.S. assets, according to two people with knowledge of the ...
Historic Hahn's Peak escapes fate of Colorado ghost towns 30.8.2015 Steamboat Pilot
Nancy Wiggins stood in the yard of her family’s historic log cabin in Hahn’s Peak Village on a Wednesday afternoon in August performing a universal domestic chore for the second time in a week. Some might say Wiggins’ chosen method of doing the laundry makes her an historic re-enactor. Wiggins agitates her dirty laundry and that of husband, Bill, in the kitchen sink. Then she takes it outside and hangs it to dry from a clothesline strung over the bed of an antique Union Pacific Railroad luggage wagon. Performing the labor-intensive task involves some mostly forgotten etiquette in regards to undergarments and clotheslines. The Wiggins family’s undergarments are carefully hung from the innermost strands of clothesline with less personal items of clothing, like T-shirts, hung on the outer lines. “That way, people can’t see them,” Wiggins explained. You might do the same if you lived in Hahn’s Peak, which attracts looky-loos from Steamboat Lake State Park across Routt County Road 129. “Our neighbors, who ...
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‘Not all mines are created the same’ 30.8.2015 Durango Herald
When the sickly orange plume of mine runoff barreled through downtown Durango on Aug. 5, it reignited a longstanding problem: contamination leaking into national waterways from inactive or abandoned mines. Colorado officials estimate 230 such mines are leaking toxic waste statewide, and the Environmental Protection Agency said that adds...
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Guest Commentary: Gold King Mine owner: Don't shut down Silverton mining 28.8.2015 Denver Post: Opinion
As the owner of the Gold King Mine and a 33-year mining industry veteran, I was devastated by the mine's Aug.5 blowout and by the photos of the Animas River turned orange.
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San Bernardino County mine to close, take 500 jobs 28.8.2015 Denver Post: National News Headlines
MOUNTAIN PASS, Calif. (AP) — A San Bernardino County mine and mineral processing facility is closing, and nearly 500 people are expected to be let go.
Coalition calls for mining reforms after Gold King Mine spill 26.8.2015 Durango Herald
DENVER – A coalition of tribes, local governments and environmental groups Tuesday petitioned the federal government to change mining rules to prevent future contamination of drinking and recreational water supplies.In a letter to the heads of the Interior and Agriculture departments, the groups point to the recent Gold King Mine...
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Rival Koreas find a way to avoid disaster, reach deal 25.8.2015 Denver Post: National News Headlines
North and South Korea reached a deal Tuesday to ease animosities, with Pyongyang expressing regret over a recent land mine blast and Seoul agreeing to halt propaganda broadcasts that had pushed the rivals to threats of war.
The Latest: Seoul to halt broadcasts; N Korea shows regret 24.8.2015 Denver Post: National News Headlines
SEOUL, South Korea (AP) — The latest on the tensions on the Korean Peninsula (all times local): 2:15 a.
Seoul takes hard line as talks between rival Koreas drag on 24.8.2015 Denver Post: National News Headlines
SEOUL, South Korea (AP) — South Korea's president vowed a hard line on Monday as marathon negotiations between senior officials of the two Koreas stretched into a third day in an attempt to defuse a crisis that had the rivals threatening war.
Talks between North Korea and South Korea extend into third day 24.8.2015 Denver Post: National News Headlines
Marathon negotiations by senior officials from the Koreas stretched into a third day on Monday as the rivals tried to pull back from the brink.
Rival Koreas to hold high-level talks to defuse war fears 22.8.2015 Denver Post: National News Headlines
PYONGYANG, North Korea (AP) — South Korea and North Korea on Saturday agreed to hold their first high-level talks in nearly a year at the border village of Panmunjom to defuse mounting tensions that have pushed the rivals to the brink of a possible military confrontation.
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The Latest on Koreas: N. Koreans speak out against South 22.8.2015 Denver Post: National News Headlines
SEOUL, South Korea (AP) — The latest on the tensions on the Korean Peninsula (all times local): ——— 3:30 p.
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Leadville looking for an economic identity beyond endurance race series 22.8.2015 Denver Post: All Political News
LEADVILLE — As ultrarunners take to the high, rugged hills in this gritty town's signature 100-mile trail run this weekend, they do so in a community facing challenges nearly as extreme.
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Thompson: A 150-year legacy of mining pollution 21.8.2015 Denver Post: Opinion
When the Tang-orange plume of acidic water and heavy metal-laden slime blasted out of a mine in southwest Colorado's San Juan Mountains on Aug. 5, tore through Cement Creek in Silverton, ran into the Animas River and, finally, the San Juan River some 100 miles downstream, it may have seemed like a pristine mountain stream was forever sullied.
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Ouray’s Bear Creek Trail is a unique journey 21.8.2015 Durango Herald
If you’re not comfortable with great heights, this might not be your trail. Bear Creek is a National Recreation Trail, a distinction that celebrates history and splendor, and this one is loaded with both.Beginning a few steps off U.S. Highway 550, within its first mile, Bear Creek gains almost 1,000 feet up a series of...
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Attorneys general hear account of Gold King Mine spill 20.8.2015 Durango Herald
SILVERTONSituated nearly 11,400 feet above sea level deep in the San Juan National Forest, the long-abandoned Gold King Mine is now surrounded by a flurry of activity from various state and federal agencies working to contain and treat wastewater leaking as a result of a catastrophic spill earlier this month just outside the small...
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Coal lease rates debated at public BLM session in Golden 19.8.2015 Headlines: All Headlines
GOLDEN — Bureau of Land Management officials sought public input Tuesday on whether the agency should modify the federal coal program, notably by wrangling with the contentious issue of
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Coal industry attacks federal royalty plan 19.8.2015 Durango Herald
DENVER – Coal-industry supporters had a large presence Tuesday near Denver, urging federal officials not to change how the government collects royalties on coal mined from federal land.Environmental groups – who also spoke at the listening session, hosted by the Bureau of Land Management – countered, suggesting that...
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Animas River: Long-term impacts of wastewater spill lie beneath the current 19.8.2015 Denver Post: Local
As the initial furor over the Aug. 5 mine wastewater deluge into the Animas River has slowly settled, so have potentially toxic heavy metals - leaving the possibilities for long-range impact literally lining the river ...
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Tales from the Tread: A tooth for liquor 19.8.2015 Steamboat Pilot
In 1986, the Tread of Pioneers Museum was given a rather odd gift from Guthrey Drake. The gift was a human tooth — a gold tooth, to be exact. Guthrey Drake’s father, George Drake, we are told, found the tooth in 1900 while he was searching for gold as a prospector in Hahns Peak. What: Brown Bag Lecture Series — Hahns Peak: Boom to Bust When: noon to 1 p.m. Friday Where: The United Methodist Church, Eighth and Oak streets Today, Hahns Peak, approximately 25 miles north of Steamboat Springs, refers to both the mountain and the small community near the mountain’s base. Before it was known as Hahns Peak, the area was actually comprised of several small camps located around mining sites. According to our museum collection records, the Drake family believed a miner used the tooth as payment for drinks in a Hahns Peak saloon. This miner may have been down on his luck, and he may have had to extract the only thing of value he had in order to pay his bar tab. When you consider the history of Hahns Peak from the ...
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