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Oregon lumber town making digital comeback 28.7.2016 Salt Lake Tribune
Prineville, Oregon • It was not long ago that Crook County had five major lumber mills. Timber was king, and the rural Oregon county was the nation’s top producer of ponderosa lumber. But amid restrictions on harvesting from federal lands, logging started to freefall around 1990. The county’s mills began closing. The global recession hit a few years later. Unemployment soared to around 20 percent, the highest in Oregon. “We had the sawmills close, and then the bottom dropped out of the economy. ...
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Former Oregon lumber town rides digital wave to a comeback 26.7.2016 Durango Herald
A rural Oregon town that saw its timber industry implode years ago is making a comeback thanks to the digital revolution
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BLM moves away from landmark Northwest Forest Plan 25.7.2016 High Country News Most Recent
Court showdown may force the agency to reconsider its Pacific Northwest logging goals.
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It's time to pick fruit at Capitol Reef 11.7.2016 Salt Lake Tribune
Though Capitol Reef National Park is primarily a scenic area, the National Park Service has preserved some historic structures and orchards to celebrate the park’s pioneer heritage. According to the park service, early settlers planted the orchards as a cash crop and for subsistence. The historic orchards that consist of approximately 3,100 trees including cherry, apricot, peach, pear, apple, plum, mulberry and walnut are listed on the National Historic Places. What makes this fun for visitors i... <iframe src="" height="1" width="1" > </frame>
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Emerald Mountain logging operations begin today 9.7.2016 Steamboat Pilot
• July 11 – July 31: Lane of Pain from Quarry Mountain Trail to BLM property boundary, Root Canal, Stairway to Heaven • July 25 – Aug. 5: Temporary closures of Quarry Mountain Trail, Hudson, Prayer Flag Road, Root Canal, Stairway to Heaven, Wild Rose • Aug. 1 – Oct. 15: Root Canal, Stairway to Heaven, Abby’s, No Mo’ Bluez • Aug. 15 – Sept. 15: Morning Gloria • Aug. 31 – Sept. 2: One full day closure of the entire Emerald Mountain Trail System while helicopter logging removal is in process Emerald Mountain users can expect to encounter trail closures beginning Monday as the city embarks on a summer-long project to remove hazardous trees. The project is the conclusion of a six-year effort to remove beetle-killed lodgepole pine trees. Beginning Monday and continuing through July 31, the closed trails are Root Canal, Stairway to Heaven and Lane of Pain from the Quarry Mountain Trail to Bureau of Land Management property boundary. The timeline for project is approximate. "There is nothing we can do about ...
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What to do in your Denver-area garden this week, June 25-July 1 25.6.2016 Headlines: All Headlines
Warm spring breezes have turned into hot summer windy days. Boiled down, the summer must-do chores are easy to remember – moisture, mow, mulch, monitor and maintain.  Try to get things done in the morning or late evening when (if) it cools down. In the Landscape High temperatures and wind are tough on all but […]
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California winery's felling of old oaks ferments protests 21.6.2016 Salt Lake Tribune
Paso Robles, Calif. • A Central California winery hailed as one of the best in the country is facing boycott calls and enforcement actions after it clear-cut hundreds of old oak trees to make way for more vineyards. Justin Vineyard and Winery west of the town of Paso Robles — a name that means “Pass of the Oaks” in Spanish — has been under stop-work orders since June 9 from San Luis Obispo County and a resource-conservation district on the expansion project. Officials ordered the halt to the cle... <iframe src="" height="1" width="1" > </frame>
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In praise of a wild West 17.6.2016 High Country News Most Recent
A 21st-century vision for Western public lands, including their role in solving challenges like climate change.
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Why our relationship to the public lands must evolve 17.6.2016 High Country News Most Recent
A 21st-century vision for Western lands, including their role in solving challenges like climate change.
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Why is logging dying? Blame the market. 15.6.2016 Writers on the Range
Environmental regulations and endangered species protections are not at fault for Western logging’s decline.
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Can a ranch sawmill improve forest health in rural Colorado? 27.5.2016 High Country News Most Recent
Cutting timber on a billionaire’s land could boost the San Luis Valley’s economy.
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Local woodcutters pitch in on forest health 27.5.2016 High Country News Most Recent
How mobilizing a small army of locals could nurture grassroots support for large-scale thinning efforts.
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Hiking Big and Little Cottonwood canyons may soon cost recreationists 24.5.2016 Salt Lake Tribune
The U.S. Forest Service wants to impose a $6-per-vehicle fee on users of popular trails in Big and Little Cottonwood canyons, which see between 5 million and 6 million visitors a year but have no independent revenue stream to develop and maintain trailheads, bathrooms, trails, picnic sites and parking areas. “We want to improve the recreational experience,” said Matt Lane, a trails manager with the Uinta-Wasatch-Cache National Forest. “We want to make it that shining star that people look to and...
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San Francisco officials save backyard pine tree from the ax 4.5.2016 Denver Post: National News Headlines
SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — A spindly pine tree standing all alone in a tiny backyard became an official landmark Tuesday in San Francisco, a city that boasts such picturesque sights as the Golden Gate Bridge and Fisherman's Wharf.
San Francisco tree at center of dispute among neighbors 3.5.2016 Denver Post: National News Headlines
SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — The fate of a tall and slender pine tree in the backyard of a San Francisco house that's at the center of a dispute among neighbors is now in the hands of the Board of Supervisors.
Silverton’s Gold King reckoning 2.5.2016 High Country News Most Recent
How the Animas River disaster forced Silverton to face its pollution problem — and its destiny.
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Can this millennial mayor transform a struggling timber town? 29.4.2016 High Country News Most Recent
A young local is trying to make Aberdeen, Washington, a city for his generation.
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Oregon’s energy plan offers a glimmer of hope for biomass energy 25.3.2016 High Country News Most Recent
Advocates hope the timber-rich state’s decision to ditch coal could help revive the struggling industry.
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Lumber Liquidators to pay $10 million for timber-source crimes 2.2.2016 Denver Post: Business
Lumber Liquidators Holdings Inc. must pay $10 million in fines and penalties for telling U.
Coconut trees are no longer considered trees in Indian state 20.1.2016 Denver Post: National News Headlines
PANAJI, India (AP) — Coconut trees are no longer considered trees in the tropical Indian state of Goa, where authorities have reclassified them as palms to allow farmers to cut them down more easily.
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