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7 Environment and Development Stories to Watch in 2019 11.1.2019 WRI Stories
7 Environment and Development Stories to Watch in 2019 Comments|Add Comment|PrintA firefighter battles a fire along the Ronald Reagan Freeway, aka state Highway 118, in Simi Valley, Calif. Photo by Ringo H.W. Chiu/AP One hundred years ago, 1919 was a really big year: Countries signed the Treaty of Versailles to end World War I, Mahatma Gandhi began his nonviolent resistance against British rule, the Grand Canyon became a national park. And on a lighter note, pop-up toasters entered kitchens for... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ...
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Mountains made of rocks from the ocean floor, and other ways geology gives humans perspective 4.1.2019 LA Times: Commentary

To the editor: Brava to geoscientist Marcia Bjornerud for her Dec. 30 op-ed article on humanity’s cluelessness about its place in the planet’s long history.

We are indeed “time illiterate” and therefore cannot truly comprehend big numbers like the amount of stars in the universe. I suspect that...

Escapes: Why Mexico isn't on our Top 10 destinations list — this time 3.1.2019 LA Times: Commentary

A few days before the calendar flipped to the new year, reporter Christopher Reynolds and I were talking about the list of places we recommend to our readers — not the one that ran in print and online Dec. 30, but the one we’re planning for the end of 2019.

It is never too early to start, because...

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Around the world, miles of rock are missing. Could 'Snowball Earth' be the culprit? 3.1.2019 LA Times: Science

When the famed explorer John Wesley Powell bumped, splashed and thrashed his way down the Colorado River in 1869, he discovered one of the most striking geologic features on Earth. Not the Grand Canyon — although that too is a marvel — but a conspicuous boundary between the sunset-colored sediments...

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10 milestones that will inspire travel in 2019 30.12.2018 LA Times: Commentary

This year the Bauhaus movement marks 100 years of Modernism, and baseball Hall of Famer Jackie Robinson scores a new museum in New York City. Here are 10 milestones that will inspire travel in 2019.

100: Grand Canyon National Park

An awestruck Teddy Roosevelt sought to protect the Grand Canyon...

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Most of us are clueless about humanity’s place in the planet's long history. We need to learn 'timefulness' 30.12.2018 LA Times: Commentary

For a few weeks each February, small towns pop up like Brigadoons on the ice covering Lake Winnebago, the largest inland water body in Wisconsin. Winnebago is a vestige of the much larger Glacial Lake Oshkosh, which formed from ponded meltwater late in the Ice Age and left behind heavy clay sediment...

This year, 250,000 Americans won't be home for Christmas 24.12.2018 LA Times: Commentary

Bing Crosby will forever remind me of a giant Latino sergeant I served with in the Army on my first deployment to Iraq in 2003. A full head taller than me, his huge right hand resembled a meat cleaver when he saluted. Tough? Sure, but he was equal parts genial, and his Grand Canyonesque grin put...

Open and closed: shutdown's varied impact on parks, tourists 23.12.2018 Minnesota Public Radio: News
Tourists trekking to parks and historic sites across the U.S. on Saturday are seeing a mix of impacts from the federal government's second shutdown in less than a year.
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Some national parks stay open during shutdown, but for others, confusion and uncertainty reign 22.12.2018 LA Times: Commentary

As parts of the government grind to a halt and operating funds dry up, some of the 418 units of the National Park Service have found a way to remain open.

Grand Canyon National Park will be open, thanks to provisions made in February, the Arizona Republic reported.

State revenue will be used to...

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Policy News: October 10, 2018 11.10.2018 EcoTone
  ESA Policy News In This Issue: Congress Senate Environment and Public Works Committee hold hear on EPA’s secret science rule. Executive Branch Interior Department issues it’s own ‘secret science policy’; Forest Service releases sage grouse amendments. Courts Courts uphold Atlantic marine national monument; uranium ban near the Grand Canyon. States Oregon governor touts plan ...
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Ken Burns' next documentary is about how great the Mayo Clinic is 11.9.2018 Minnesota Public Radio: News
Acclaimed documentary filmmaker Ken Burns is out with a new documentary about the Mayo Clinic, which he calls Minnesota's "Grand Canyon."
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Andiario is the suburbs' best new restaurant 10.8.2018 News
Andiario in West Chester, an intensely seasonal restaurant built on locally foraged ingredients and Italian techniques, is the best new restaurant in the Pennsylvania suburbs.
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YouTube: Will Smith has Grand Canyon plans for his 50th birthday 28.7.2018 News
The bungee jump from a helicopter, scheduled for Sept. 25, comes on the heels of a challenge from YouTubers Yes Theory.
Take all the snaps you want of bear and elk in Rocky Mountain National Park. Just don’t abuse the selfie, Colorado State campaign says. 28.5.2018 Headlines: All Headlines
A message that there is a better way to get selfies of wild animals is being packaged by a group of Colorado State University faculty and students. It seems to be gaining traction. They say the number of people keeping a safe distance from wildlife increased by at least 16 percent in three of four national parks after their campaign began last year.
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World-class heritage — here in the U.S. 5.5.2018 Washington Post
World-class heritage — here in the U.S.
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Scientists hope bug experiment fattens Colorado River fish 1.5.2018 Denver Post: News: Local
Any great fishing hole depends on the health and well-being of its bugs.
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Arizona Educators Stage First Statewide Walkout as Teacher Revolt Grows 26.4.2018
Strikers listen to a speaker during the #RedForEd strike in Arizona, April 25, 2017. (Photo: Arizona Education Association ) Unlike West Virginia and Oklahoma, today's teacher walkout in Arizona is the first statewide strike ever held by educators in the Grand Canyon State. But the state still resembles others revolting this spring because educators there also lack collective bargaining rights under so-called "right-to-work" provisions, and their decision walk out over decades of low pay and cuts to education is technically illegal. Strikers listen to a speaker during the #RedForEd strike in Arizona, April 25, 2017. (Photo: Arizona Education Association ) Help Truthout keep publishing stories like this one: We depend on reader support! Click here to make a tax-deductible donation. Unlike West Virginia and Oklahoma, today's teacher walkout in Arizona is the first statewide strike ever held by educators in the Grand Canyon State. But the state still resembles others revolting this spring because educators ...
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Before Robert Louis Stevenson was famous, he was captivated by California. What better place for a scandalous liaison? 22.4.2018 LA Times: Commentary

In the summer of 1879, an obscure Scottish author set out for California in pursuit of a married woman 10 years his senior. The three-week journey nearly killed him. And the shock and shame nearly killed his pious, Presbyterian parents in Edinburgh.

The author’s name was Robert Louis Stevenson....

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Hurley and Pendleton to honor U.S. national parks with a special collection for Earth Day 19.4.2018 LA Times: Commentary

Collaborations have become a rite of passage in the fashion world, but on occasion, well-known brands have come together to not only create something fresh but do some good. That’s the case with Costa Mesa-based Hurley’s new collection with Pendleton Woolen Mills and the U.S. National Park Service.

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Popular national parks to raise fees to $35, not $70 13.4.2018 AP National
WASHINGTON (AP) -- The Interior Department is increasing fees at the most popular national parks to $35 per vehicle, backing down from an earlier plan that would have forced visitors to pay $70 per vehicle to visit the Grand Canyon, Yosemite and other iconic parks....
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