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Trump Tweet Attacks Woman Who Accused Him of Unwanted Sexual Advances 20.2.2018 Mother Jones
President Donald Trump took to Twitter Tuesday morning to defend himself against allegations of sexual assault. This time, he refuted the claim that he forcibly kissed a woman in 2006. The story Trump appears to be referencing in The Washington Post profiles Rachel Crooks, who worked at the time as a receptionist at an investment firm inside […]
Germany leads, US 2nd after 2 runs of women's bobsled 20.2.2018 News
PYEONGCHANG, South Korea (AP) - Elana Meyers Taylor went to sleep four years ago after the first night of her Olympic competition holding the lead, and her mind couldn't stop racing.
The Daily 202: Florida shooting aftermath shows a generation that’s more impressive than typically portrayed 20.2.2018 Washington Post: Politics
The kids are alright.
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NYC rape case prompts calls to close police sex loophole 19.2.2018 AP National
ALBANY, N.Y. (AP) -- The 18-year-old woman was driving with two friends near Coney Island in September when the two plainclothes detectives pulled her over and found marijuana. The officers released the two male passengers, handcuffed the woman and told her she was under arrest, prosecutors say....
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L.A. movie openings, Feb. 23 18.2.2018 LA Times: Commentary
Feb. 23


Natalie Portman stars as a biologist on a mission to learn her husband's fate in a mutated coastal sector of the U.S. With Oscar Isaac, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Tessa Thompson, Gina Rodriguez, Tuva Novotny. Written and directed by Alex Garland, based on novels by Jeff VanderMeer....

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Italian model's rape allegations against Weinstein most likely to bring charges, but case is far from overwhelming, sources say 17.2.2018 LA Times: Commentary

In the months since a long list of famous women across the globe began accusing producer Harvey Weinstein of sexual assault, one Los Angeles case is emerging as the most likely to result in criminal charges.

It involves an Italian model-actress who alleges Weinstein raped her in a Beverly Hills...

Police suspect homeless man in stabbing death of woman in downtown Denver loft 17.2.2018 Headlines: All Headlines
A suspect has been named in a downtown Denver stabbing death.
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A century-old suffragist's story inspires high school girls to 'Hear Our Voice' 17.2.2018 LA Times: Commentary
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El Salvador commutes woman's 30-year abortion sentence 16.2.2018 LA Times: Commentary

El Salvador's Supreme Court on Thursday commuted the sentence of a woman serving 30 years in prison for what she says was a stillbirth.

The court ruled the evidence in the case did not prove she took any specific action to abort the pregnancy, which is illegal in El Salvador, and thus was eligible...

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Parents of missing Ventura County girl charged with killing her 15.2.2018 LA Times: Commentary

The parents of a missing Southern California girl who are in jail on contempt charges have been charged with killing their daughter.

Ventura County prosecutors said Wednesday an investigation that began in September 2016 concluded there was enough evidence to file murder charges against 26-year-old...

How We Get Free: An Organizing Story and a Love Letter 15.2.2018 Truthout - All Articles
Cherelle Baldwin (center), mom Cynthia Long (left) and organizer Mary Shields from California Coalition of Women Prisoners (right) hold a banner prepared by Moms United Against Violence and Incarceration, which lists the names of criminalized survivors. (Photo: Holly Krig) Women and gender non-conforming people of color who defend themselves against domestic violence and sexual assault often end up imprisoned for the "crime." Recent efforts by community organizations to free the wrongfully imprisoned survivors have also challenged us to think about all incarceration as a criminalization of survivors of violence of one form or another -- especially, the violence of poverty -- that should end. Cherelle Baldwin (center), mom Cynthia Long (left) and organizer Mary Shields from California Coalition of Women Prisoners (right) hold a banner prepared by Moms United Against Violence and Incarceration, which lists the names of criminalized survivors. (Photo: Holly Krig) This Truthout original was only possible ...
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Myanmar government under Suu Kyi cracks down on journalists 15.2.2018 AP Top News
BANGKOK (AP) -- When five Myanmar journalists were sentenced to decade-long prison terms for reporting the alleged existence of a military-run chemical weapons factory in Myanmar a few years ago, Aung San Suu Kyi - then an opposition lawmaker - condemned the harsh punishments as "very excessive."...
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Her throat cut, dying woman tells police she was attacked by two co-worker friends 15.2.2018 LA Times: Commentary

Shortly before she was left bloody and dying along a remote California roadside, 19-year-old Lizette Andrea Cuesta had voluntarily entered a car with her killers, police say.

Cuesta, whose throat appeared to be cut or stabbed, had crawled 100 yards before a motorist stopped to help. Police say...

Dying woman drags herself, uses last words to identify her killer 14.2.2018 LA Times: Commentary

A dying woman who reportedly dragged herself to the side of a rural street used her final words to help authorities identify her killers, the Alameda County Sheriff’s Office said.

The 19-year-old woman, identified as Lizette Andrea Cuesta, of Tracy, was found bloody and suffering from life-threatening...

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Suspect hospitalized in Denver officer-involved shooting 14.2.2018 Headlines: All Headlines
One person was sent to hospital after being shot by Denver Police Department officers in the Virginia Village neighborhood overnight.
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Police arrest 41-year-old man in attack on elderly woman in Koreatown 14.2.2018 LA Times: Commentary

A 41-year-old man was arrested Tuesday afternoon in the unprovoked attack of an elderly woman in Koreatown that left her with a cracked skull and bruised face, authorities said.

Richard Colomo, a transient, was booked on suspicion of felony battery and was being held on $105,000 bail, said Los...

Woman allegedly punches Larimer County deputy in the face while being booked 14.2.2018 Denver Post: Local
A 56-year-old woman allegedly punched a sheriff's deputy in the face as she was being booked at the Larimer County Jail.
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Melinda Gates embraces public role, calls out Trump 14.2.2018 AP National
Bill and Melinda Gates say they're concerned about some of President Donald Trump's policies and statements. Here are excerpts from their recent interview with The Associated Press:...
Year after Kim's killing, suspected masterminds evade trial 13.2.2018 AP Top News
KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia (AP) -- Lost in the glare of North Korea's missile launches, rhetorical battles with Washington and charm offensive at the Winter Olympics, two women stand accused of a crime that could send them to the gallows - the stunning assassination of Kim Jong Un's estranged half brother....
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The forgotten side of the #MeToo movement | Christine Flowers 13.2.2018 News
When you have people like Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg making the movement all about female empowerment, it becomes even more important to tell the other side of the issue, one that might not advance a feminist narrative but which needs to be told if we are going to be honest about victimization and abuse.
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