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Kenyans Put Obama's Visit Under the Microscope 1.8.2015 Global Voices
Kenyans analyzed everything from the hug between Obama and Kenyan President Uhuru to Obama's call to respect gay rights.
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Aboriginal art in the Instagram age 25.7.2015 CNN: Top Stories
The sacred tradition of Aboriginal art is finding new audiences through the very modern medium of social media.
Apaches Rally At Capitol, Vowing To Continue Fighting For Sacred Oak Flat 23.7.2015 Politics on
   WASHINGTON -- Apache protesters completed their cross-country journey from the San Carlos reservation in Arizona to Washington, D.C., with a Wednesday rally on the lawn of the Capitol building, protesting Congress’ sale of their sacred Oak Flat to foreign mining conglomerates. The area known as Oak Flat is part of Arizona's Tonto National Forest, and the Apache have used it for generations in young women’s coming-of-age ceremonies. In 1955,  President Dwight Eisenhower  removed it from consideration for mining activities in recognition of its natural and cultural value. But in December 2014, during the final days of the previous Congress, Sens. John McCain (R-Ariz.) and Jeff Flake (R-Ariz.) added a rider to the must-pass National Defense Authorization Act that opened the land to mining conglomerates  Rio Tinto and BHP Billiton. That change led to this week's protests in Washington. Wendsler Nosie Sr. and his granddaughter, 16-year-old Naelyn Pike, led the Apache Stronghold coalition with speeches, ...
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Apache Stronghold Caravan Calls to Protect Sacred Sites 20.7.2015 Truthout - All Articles
Members of the San Carlos Apache Tribe are fighting to preserve sacred sites in Arizona after lawmakers slipped a clause into the National Defense Authorization Act that would allow copper mining in the area. The land in question includes parts of Tonto National Forest, including Oak Flat and Devil's Canyon, and could also impact nearby Apache Leap, an important historic site where a group of Apache who were being pursued by US cavalry plunged off a cliff to their deaths rather than be captured. Resolution Copper Mining, a subsidiary of British-Australian mining giant Rio Tinto, has long sought ownership of the land. But the battle is not over. Earlier this month, a group called the Apache Stronghold began a caravan from Tucson, Arizona, to Washington, DC, to call for this land to once again be protected. On their way, they stopped in New York today and joined us in our studio. We speak with Wendsler Nosie Sr., Peridot District Council member and former chairman of the San Carlos Apache Tribe. He's the ...
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Judge: Redskins' trademark must be canceled; team to appeal 9.7.2015 Yahoo: Top Stories
ALEXANDRIA, Va. (AP) — For the first time in a legal battle that has stretched over 20 years, a federal judge on Wednesday ordered the cancellation of the Washington Redskins' trademark registration, ruling that the team name may be disparaging to Native ...
Judge orders cancellation of Redskins trademark registration 8.7.2015 Seattle Times: Nation & World
ALEXANDRIA, Va. (AP) — A federal judge on Wednesday ordered the cancellation of the Washington Redskins’ trademark registration, ruling that the team name may be disparaging to Native Americans. The ruling by Judge Gerald Bruce Lee affirms an earlier finding by an administrative appeal board. Bruce ordered the federal Patent and Trademark Office to cancel […]
Judge orders cancellation of D.C. football team's trademark registration 8.7.2015 Minnesota Public Radio: News
Judge Gerald Bruce Lee emphasized that the organization is still free to use the name if it wishes. However, the team would just lose some legal protections that go along with federal registration of a trademark.
Federal Judge Upholds Cancellation Of 'Redskins' Trademarks 8.7.2015 Politics on
Washington's professional football team has lost another fight over its name. A federal judge ruled on Wednesday that the team cannot legally trademark its "Redskins" nickname, as The Washington Post first reported . The decision upholds a previous ruling from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office's Trademark Trial and Appeals Board, which voted 2-1 last year to cancel the team's trademarks . The board ruled in June 2014 that the name was "disparaging to Native Americans" and thus violated federal laws that prohibit trademark protections for demeaning or offensive language. The franchise countered that decision by suing the plaintiffs in the original case, arguing in court filings that the Trademark Board's ruling violated the First Amendment's protections of free speech. The Justice Department intervened in the case to defend the constitutionality of the Lanham Act, the trademark law in question. "Today's ruling by the District Court resoundingly affirmed the Trademark Office’s decision that the team’s ...
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Federal judge orders cancellation of Redskins’ trademark registrations 8.7.2015 Washington Post
The Washington Redskins lost their biggest legal and public relations battle yet in the war over its mascot after a federal judge in Northern Virginia on Wednesday ordered the cancellation of the NFL team’s federal trademark registrations, which have been opposed for decades by many Native Americans who feel the moniker disparages their race.Read full article ...
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Federal Court Rules Against Redskins In Legal Battle With Native Americans 8.7.2015 NPR News
The decision takes the team one step closer to losing its trademark protection over the name, which the judge agreed "may disparage" Native Americans.
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Gamblers' abuse claims test sovereignty of US tribal casinos 2.7.2015 AP Business
MASHANTUCKET, Conn. (AP) -- For gamblers skilled at counting cards, it can be especially risky to play at America's tribal casinos: Those who have gotten caught tell stories of seized winnings, wrongful detentions, or worse....
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Gamblers’ abuse claims test sovereignty of US tribal casinos 1.7.2015 Seattle Times: Top stories
MASHANTUCKET, Conn. (AP) — For gamblers skilled at counting cards, it can be especially risky to play at America’s tribal casinos: Those who have gotten caught tell stories of seized winnings, wrongful detentions, or worse. Casino bosses everywhere have ways of making so-called “advantage players” feel unwelcome, regularly tossing and blacklisting them. But gamblers have […]
Gamblers' abuse claims test sovereignty of US tribal casinos 1.7.2015 Yahoo: Top Stories
MASHANTUCKET, Conn. (AP) — For gamblers skilled at counting cards, it can be especially risky to play at America's tribal casinos: Those who have gotten caught tell stories of seized winnings, wrongful detentions, or worse.
Swinomish leader Brian Cladoosby fights for salmon and sovereignty 21.6.2015 Seattle Times: Local
Swinomish chairman achieves national prominence while Indian casinos fuel wealth, influence.
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'Many Paddles, One Canoe': Allies Back First Nations as They Ready Tar Sands Pipeline Fight 16.6.2015 Headlines
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Labor Rights And Tribal Sovereignty Collide At Indian Casinos 15.6.2015 Politics on
In 2013, Gary Navarro took a job working the slots at the Graton Resort and Casino, an Indian-owned casino in Rohnert Park, California. He was just 45 days into the job when he learned that an effort to unionize the workforce was underway. “I wasn’t too keen on the union at first,” explained Navarro, a registered Republican. “Because I didn’t know what a union was, I didn’t understand what the union stood for.” Navarro hit it off with a union representative and had a change of heart. He took a lead role in the union effort, and now he and his fellow slot workers are members of Unite Here, a union representing service workers. But Navarro now finds himself at the center of a clash between labor rights and tribal sovereignty. He is a Pomo Indian from the Round Valley Tribe. His casino is owned by Pomo Indians from a different tribe, the Federated Indians of Graton Rancheria. Many tribal casinos are now asserting that a U.S. labor law protecting workers like Navarro does not apply to tribal businesses on ...
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Not Rex: On Canada's genocidal policy towards First Nations 11.6.2015 - News for the rest of us
The Truth and Reconciliation Commission has now reported and Justice Murray Sinclair has pronounced Canadian policy towards First Nations as cultural genocide. Stephen Harper's response to the conclusion: deafening silence. Maybe Harper should repurpose his prominent memorial to the victims of communism as a memorial to the victims and survivors of residential ...
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Standing with Tribal Nations Opposing Coal Exports in the Pacific Northwest 16.5.2015 Green on
Otto Braided Hair of the Northern Cheyenne speaks at a press conference against coal exports. Photo courtesy of Pyramid Communications. "It's not too late. But I don't know how much longer I can say that." Those were the profound words of Otto Braided Hair of the Northern Cheyenne Tribe at a press conference this week, during a historic gathering where tribes from Montana, Washington and British Columbia stood together to oppose North America's largest coal export terminal. I was honored and inspired to stand with nine Tribal Nations from the Pacific Northwest as they as they came together in Seattle to sign a declaration urging the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to deny a permit for North America's largest coal export terminal -- the Proposed Gateway Pacific Terminal in the Salish Sea. The Lummi Nation, the Lower Elwha, the Northern Cheyenne, the Quinault, the Tsleil-Waututh First Nation of British Columbia, the Tulalip, the Spokane Tribal Council,the Swinomish Tribal Nations, and the Yakama Nation are ...
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2 Vermont women sue over tribe's online lending practices 16.5.2015 Yahoo: US National
HELENA, Mont. (AP) — Two Vermont women are trying to open a class-action lawsuit that, if successful, could upend the practice of online lending companies using Native American tribes' sovereignty to skirt state laws against high-interest payday loans.
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Standing on Sacred Ground PBS World Series Premieres Sunday 15.5.2015 Green on
This Sunday, May 17 at 9 pm ET, the PBS World Channel will begin its national broadcast of Standing on Sacred Ground, starting with "Pilgrims and Tourists." The next three episodes will run weekly on Sundays at 9 pm with "Profit and Loss" on May 24, "Fire and Ice" on May 31, and "Islands of Sanctuary" on June 14. This is a national broadcast, but local stations are showing the three films at different times. The broadcast times and dates are listed here if you do not get the World Channel. In the premiere episode, viewers take a virtual pilgrimage to the Uch Enmek Mountain in the Russian Republic of Altai. There, native people created their own mountain parks to rein in tourism and resist a gas pipeline that would cut through the Golden Mountains World Heritage Site. You don't have to visit Russia to have this experience. "Pilgrims and Tourists" also reveals footage of traditional ceremonies of the Winnemem Wintu in northern California. They are resisting government plans to enlarge one of the West's ...
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