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Social enterprise improves food security in Garden Hill First Nation 15.6.2018 - News for the rest of us
Marina Puzyreva Food insecurity is a pressing problem for thousands of Indigenous people living in remote reserves in the North of Manitoba. The new CCPA Manitoba report Harnessing the Potential of Social Enterprise in Garden Hill First Nation explores in-depth the themes around food insecurity: people's incomes and spending on food, health issues related to food consumption and traditional food culture. It also suggests ways to increase food accessibility and affordability through local efforts and appropriate public policies. Although the study is community specific, it echoes many problems faced by other northern communities. Garden Hill First Nation (GHFN) is a remote community located 610 kilometres northeast of Winnipeg, Manitoba. Similar to many northern communities, in GHFN the history of colonialism, assimilation and the legacy of residential schools have shaped the egregious conditions of poverty that many on-reserve residents struggle with every day: notably high rates of unemployment, a ...
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Iraqi polls open in first national election since declaration of victory over Islamic State extremists 12.5.2018 Washington Post: World
Iraqi polls open in first national election since declaration of victory over Islamic State extremists.
Resisting the terror of cultural genocide at Muskrat Falls 26.4.2018 - News for the rest of us
Politics in Canada On Monday, May 7, a rally and nonviolent direct action will take place on Parliament Hill in solidarity with the Labrador Land Protectors, a group of Indigenous and non-Indigenous people who are trying to stop an act of cultural genocide downstream of the massive Muskrat Falls mega-dam that experts predict will eventually cost $78 billion . Individuals trained in nonviolence will attempt to walk straight into the House of Commons and place on the desks of all 343 MPs pictures and testimonies from those at risk of methylmercury poisoning as well as mass drowning from a potential catastrophic dam break in Labrador. The gathering is in response to a call from the Labrador Land Protectors, who write: "This battle for our very lives can no longer be waged alone. Most of us in Labrador cannot go to Ottawa. We need your voices to help expose the major tragedy unfolding that there is still time to stop. Ensure the federal government sees our faces, hears our voices, and acts on our ...
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Pakistan’s Pashtun tribes stage protest calling for rights 22.4.2018 Washington Post: World
Thousands of Pashtuns from Pakistan’s tribes have gathered in the eastern city of Lahore reiterating their call for the release of tribesmen being held by authorities on alleged links to militants.
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Pakistan tribesmen rally against security forces in Peshawar 8.4.2018 Washington Post: World
Thousands of people from Pakistan’s tribes have rallied in the northwestern city of Peshawar demanding the release of scores of suspects being held by authorities on alleged links to militants.
The Indigenous tobacco trade is an Aboriginal right. Why is Canada criminalizing it? 5.4.2018 - News for the rest of us
Pamela Palmater Prime Minister Justin Trudeau claims that there is no more important relationship than the one with Indigenous peoples and committed to a renewed nation-to-nation relationship based on respect for Indigenous rights. To this end, Trudeau made many promises to First Nations, including a commitment to review and repeal all of the laws imposed on First Nations by the former Conservative government led by Stephen Harper. This is a significant commitment from the Liberal government, as Harper passed numerous laws impacting Indigenous rights -- without complying with the legal duty to consult, accommodate and obtain the consent of First Nations. Laws related to drinking water, elections, financial transparency, matrimonial property, land surrenders and the removal of protections for lakes and rivers were passed in spite of strong opposition by First Nations. One bill which attracted a great deal of resistance was Bill C-10 An Act to amend the Criminal Code (trafficking in contraband ...
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Trudeau's dance of deception on Indigenous rights 27.2.2018 - News for the rest of us
Pamela Palmater On Feb. 14, 2018, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced his plan to develop a new legislative framework called the "Recognition and Implementation of Rights Framework" intended to recognize Indigenous rights and avoid litigation. This announcement came after the incredible "not guilty" verdict in the Gerald Stanley murder trial -- the farmer who killed Colten Boushie from Red Pheasant First Nation -- and the subsequent nationwide rallies and protests by Indigenous peoples. There is no doubt that Trudeau was trying to deflect attention from the deep-rooted racism within Canada's justice system -- but also in his own government's failure to take substantive action on any of the injustices facing Indigenous peoples. Despite his many pre- and post-election promises to Indigenous peoples -- Trudeau has been all talk and little action. Aside from the opportunistic nature of his announcement, it is important to note that this is nothing new. Since his election, Trudeau has made the same core ...
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Elizabeth Warren Lectures Native Americans About Pocahontas 21.2.2018 Wall St. Journal: Opinion
Credit for exposing the senator’s ‘cultural appropriation’ goes in part to Donald Trump.
What Pocahontas's Heirs Need Isn't a New Reservation 17.2.2018 Wall St. Journal: Opinion
A new law recognizes six Virginia tribes, but that’s hardly a path to success.
The Trump Administration's Attacks on Public Lands and Waters Will Cause Irreparable Harm 18.1.2018
The designation of a national monument protects the land from drilling, fracking, mining, logging -- protection not afforded to the majority of public land, says Randi Spivak of the Center for Biological Diversity. Spivak discusses why the largest delisting of protected federal lands in US history will harm species, waters and exacerbate climate change. Who are the powerful funders behind Truthout? Our readers! Help us publish more stories like this one by making a tax-deductible donation. In December, Trump  announced  that he would shrink Bears Ears and Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monuments in Utah by 85 percent and 46 percent respectively. The announcement came after Trump had ordered Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke in April to review 27 national monuments created since 1996 that were 100,000 acres or larger, and Zinke subsequently recommended that these and other monuments be reduced. Trump's move represents the  largest  delisting of protected federal lands in US history, removing 2 ...
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Red Lake tribe pulls out of deal selling land to pipeline company 13.1.2018 Minnesota Public Radio: Law & Justice
In a 5-3 vote, the tribal council opted to pull out of a deal the tribe approved in 2015, which called for Enbridge Energy to pay $18.5 million for less than a half acre of land.
Casino interests gave to Indiana's Rokita as he pushed bill 12.1.2018 AP Politics
INDIANAPOLIS (AP) -- An Indiana congressman who has made repeated calls to "drain the swamp" in Washington collected more than $160,000 in campaign contributions from gambling interest groups that stand to benefit from legislation he is sponsoring, an Associated Press review found....
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Breaking Down Trump's First National-Security Policy 18.12.2017 Wall St. Journal: Policy
On Monday afternoon, President Donald Trump will lay out his first national-security strategy, describing an “America First” approach that outlines the new challenges the nation faces.
Trump’s Message to Tribes: Let Them Eat Yellowcake 17.12.2017 Mother Jones
This story was originally published by High Country News and is reproduced here as part of the Climate Desk collaboration. Uranium, it’s now part of Navajo DNA. With over 500 abandoned uranium mines on the Navajo Nation, people living near these mines are exposed daily to radiation exposure at a rate several times higher than normal background […]
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Arthur Manuel's books should be mandatory reading for all Canadians 13.12.2017 - News for the rest of us
Doreen Nicoll "The loss of our lands has been the precise cause of our impoverishment. Indigenous Peoples control only 0.2 [per cent] of the land in Canada while settler governments claim control of the other 99.8 [per cent]. With this distribution of land, you don't have to have a doctorate in economics to understand who will be poor and who will be rich. And our poverty is crushing." - Arthur Manuel, Secwepemc Nation from his book Unsettling Canada. Arthur Manuel was like a brother to Kahnawake Mohawk policy analyst, writer, and activist Russ Diabo.  Recently, I had the honour and pleasure to speak by phone with Diabo. He told me about the life and work of Manuel, his long-time friend, fellow activist, and author of Unsettling Canada (UC) and The Reconciliation Manifesto: Recovering the Land Rebuilding the Economy (RM). According to Diabo, "Both books are important for understanding the real history of Indigenous peoples and today's treatment because the structure hasn't changed." In UC, Manuel lays ...
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You Insult These Americans to Their Faces. You Steal Their Land. They Sue You. 6.12.2017 Mother Jones
Five Native American tribes are suing Donald Trump over his executive order shrinking two national monuments in Utah. In a signing ceremony in Salt Lake City on Monday the president officially reduced the 1.9 million acres of Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument by nearly half and Bears Ears by 85 percent. Before a crowd of supporters in front of […]
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National Monuments in Utah Are Far More Popular Than Trump Thinks 5.12.2017 Mother Jones
As Republican presidents go, Donald Trump isn’t particularly popular in Utah, one of the country’s most reliably Republican states. He won Utah in 2016 with only 45 percent of the vote, the worst performance of a GOP nominee since 1992, and his approval rating there still hovers around 50 percent. (Mitt Romney won 73 percent […]
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U.S. to Unveil National-Security Strategy 4.12.2017 Wall St. Journal: World
The Trump administration will roll out its first national-security strategy in the next few weeks, marking the beginning of what it calls a tough new approach to confront a raft of global security challenges.
After Insulting Native Americans, Trump Goes After Their Sacred Land 29.11.2017 Mother Jones
Trump’s disparagement of Native Americans doesn’t end with his rhetoric. A day after Trump called Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) “Pocahontas” at an event honoring Navajo code talkers during World War II, the Salt Lake Tribune reports that the president will visit Salt Lake City, Utah, next Monday to announce that he’s shrinking national monuments of huge […]
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Trump Refers to 'Pocahontas' While Hosting Native-American Veterans 28.11.2017 Wall St. Journal: Policy
President Donald Trump used his Indian nickname for a political foe during a White House event honoring a group of Native American men for their World War II service.
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