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The Cowboy Indian Alliance Rises to Protect Our Common Land and Water 23.4.2014 Views
Zoltán Grossman Shane Red Hawk of the Sicangu Lakota band of the Rosebud Sioux and his daughter Tshina Red Hawk in a horseback ride in protest of the Keystone XL in Washington on Tuesday. (Credit: European Pressphoto Agency) “Indigenous sovereignty is all about protecting the land, the water, the animals, and all the environment we share.” —Idle No More co-founder Sylvia ...
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'Cowboy Indian Alliance' Steps Forward in Earth's Time of Need 21.4.2014 Headlines


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Wisconsin's Oneida tribe hosts food summit 16.4.2014 News

ASHWAUBENON, Wis. -- The Oneida Tribe of Indians of Wisconsin hopes to combat serious health problems among Native Americans by teaching other tribal members to farm and preserve their own food.

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Fond Du Lac Band To Spear Walleyes In 13 Lakes 8.4.2014 WCCO: National
(credit: Scott Olson/Getty Images)The Fond du Lac Band of Chippewa has named 13 northeastern Minnesota lakes where members intend to exercise their treaty rights to spear walleyes this spring. The tribe worked with the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources to set quotas and select the lakes.
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In The Amazon, Indigenous People Fight To Preserve Way Of Life Amid Intrusive Construction 7.4.2014 Green on
by Sue Branford; additional reporting by Carlos Juliano Barros They weren’t consulted about the construction of hydroelectric plants in Tapajós, but the Munduruku indigenous people want to preserve their way of life. “Each day more police arrive in our villages, more armed forces. They think they will intimidate us but they never will. We are fighting for our people, our children, our nature. We have to save all this.” This is Rosenilda, a Munduruku woman leader, speaking from the village of Boca das Tropas on the Tapajós River, a 40-minute boat ride from the town of Jacareacanga. While she and another indigenous leader, Maria Leusa, sat under the thatch of one of the many palm-covered huts that surround the center of the village, other women were cleaning up the area. Carrying baskets on their backs secured by bands around their foreheads, they were picking up stones, dead vegetation, and dirt, carrying it out of the village. Not far away, children were playing happily in the river, chattering and ...
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Maine panel blocks new tribe elver fishery bill 28.3.2014 Boston Globe: Latest
Maine panel blocks new tribe elver fishery bill
Maine casino proposals fail in state Legislature 27.3.2014 Boston Globe: Maine
Maine casino proposals fail in state Legislature
NFL: Snyder says Washington team will assist Native Americans 25.3.2014 Salt Lake Tribune
Washington • Washington owner Dan Snyder says it’s time to put some money behind his claim that his team’s nickname honors Native Americans. Snyder said Monday he’s creating a foundation to assist American Indian tribes, even as some in that community continue to assert that the team name — a slang word for Native Americans — is offensive. “It’s not enough to celebrate the values and heritage of Native Americans,” Snyder said in a letter to the team’s fans. “We must do more.” The letter states t...
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Activist compares Redskins' move to 'bribery' 25.3.2014 Yahoo: Top Stories
ASHBURN, Va. (AP) — An American Indian activist says Dan Snyder's attempt to assist Native Americans is "somewhere between a PR assault and bribery."
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Jimmy Carter in talks with Venezuela on disease 24.3.2014 Yahoo: US National
NEW YORK (AP) — Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter says he hopes to visit Venezuela next month to arrange to airlift medics to treat river blindness among a remote tribe on the Brazilian border.
Indian tribe seeks pot business ban in part of Washington state 24.3.2014 Health
By Jonathan Kaminsky OLYMPIA, Washington (Reuters) - A Native American tribe, concerned about the impact of marijuana on its youth, is fighting to derail the rollout of a nascent recreational pot industry across a quarter of Washington state, where it still holds some traditional rights. The roughly 10,000-member Yakama Nation had already asserted sovereignty to keep pot outlawed on 1.2 million acres of reservation land it controls in central Washington's Yakima Valley. "Marijuana is the biggest problem for our people up to age 40," said George Colby, attorney for the Yakama Nation. "It's a bigger problem than alcohol." The move adds to a growing backlash against pot in Washington state that pits the liberal tech hub of Seattle against some more conservative areas.
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Maine tribe unhappy with elver legislation 21.3.2014 Boston Globe: Latest
Maine tribe unhappy with elver legislation
MN Tribe Helps Fellow Tribes With Propane Crisis 21.3.2014 WCCO: Local News
(credit: CBS)Donations from an American Indian tribe in Minnesota totaling nearly $1.4 million have helped tribes in the Great Plains deal with a winter propane crisis.
Agency finds 'Redskin Potatoes' to be disparaging 20.3.2014 Sports
WASHINGTON (AP) — The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has rejected another product with "Redskin" in the name, the latest sign that it might rule against the Washington Redskins in an ongoing trademark case.
Mass. tribe sees legal opinion as casino boost 19.3.2014 Boston Globe: Latest
Mass. tribe sees legal opinion as casino boost
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Indigenous Voices in Climate Activism: Autonomous or Subjugated? 18.3.2014 Organic Consumers Association News Headlines

Over the past few years, the climate fight has been predominantly fixated on a single piece of symbolic infrastructure, the Keystone XL pipeline, whose recent environmental impact statement from the US State Department has set the stage for a green-lighting of the project.

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Elver bill gains support in Maine House 18.3.2014 Boston Globe: Maine
Elver bill gains support in Maine House
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Maine tribes resist elver bill that limits access 18.3.2014 Boston Globe: Maine
Maine tribes resist elver bill that limits access
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Lakota Vow: 'Dead or in Prison before We Allow the KXL Pipeline' 17.3.2014 Organic Consumers Association News Headlines

On February 27, Oglala Lakota and American Indian Movement activists joined in a four-directions walk to commemorate Liberation Day, an event to mark the 1890 massacre at Wounded Knee. As they do each year, four groups gather to the north, south, east and west and then walk eight miles until converging on top of Wounded Knee, where they honor the fallen warriors and the tribe's rich history of resistance.

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Native American chief judge works for tribal-style justice 15.3.2014 Seattle Times: Top stories
Native American jurisprudence has evolved since tribes began to regain their sovereignty, returning to traditional values of respect, community support and responsibility, and collective healing — for victims, perpetrators and the circle of lives they touch.
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