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Herman Bell's Beat-Down 22.10.2017
Did you know? Truthout is a nonprofit publication and the vast majority of our budget comes from reader donations. It's easy to support our work -- click here to get started. "Why don't you Americans drop the bullshit about the land of the free and the home of the brave? Admit you're now basically a tinpot dictatorship." This, from my playwright friend Diane in London, with whom I'm Skyping. I've just told her about what happened to Herman Bell, my friend in prison. He's a former Black Panther who turns 70 this January and has been locked up since 1974. On September 5, Herman survived a "beat-down" by five to seven white correctional officers half his age at Great Meadow prison -- one of the more Klan-friendly joints in upstate New York. Two of Herman's ribs are broken; he's lost some vision in one eye; probably has a concussion. Diane continues. "The mind fuck: 'Everybody's created equal?' Please…" I find it refreshing to hear my United States besmirched by a non-American (even one who shops at Banana ...
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State prison guards kill inmate, wound another as they try to break up fight 22.10.2017 LA Times: Commentary

Guards at a state prison in Northern California killed one inmate and critically wounded another as they tried to break up a fight in the recreation yard of the facility, authorities said Saturday.

The incident occurred Friday afternoon at California State Prison-Sacramento as the guards tried...

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R&B singer Miguel headlines concert in Adelanto calling for end of immigrant detention 22.10.2017 LA Times: Commentary

The R&B singer Miguel on Friday joined activists across the street from the Adelanto Detention Center as they announced a petition urging news outlets to refer to such facilities as “immigrant prisons.”

About 1,000 people later attended a free concert at a nearby stadium headlined by the singer,...

Transcript errors and omissions prolong Jodi Arias appeal 21.10.2017 AP National
PHOENIX (AP) -- Jodi Arias' case remains a headache for Arizona's court system long after her murder trial had spectators lining up for seats, attorneys squabbling in court and two different juries deadlocking on whether she deserved the death penalty....
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Foreigners who joined IS faced almost certain death in Raqqa 21.10.2017 AP Top News
PARIS (AP) -- The forces fighting the remnants of the Islamic State group in Syria have tacit instructions on dealing with the foreigners who joined the extremist group by the thousands: Kill them on the battlefield....
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Mom of toddler severely injured last month faces charges for allegedly putting girl in danger 21.10.2017 Denver Post: Local
Prosecutors charged a man with abusing a 2-year-old girl. Now they've charged the mom, too.
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Bodies of two pre-teen girls found in Norwood identified, their mom is charged with murder 21.10.2017 Denver Post: Local
The bodies of two pre-teen girls found in Norwood have been identified as the daughters of one of the suspects in the case.
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Man gets 160 years to life in prison for 1999 Denver cold case sex assault 21.10.2017 Denver Post: Local
A 53-year-old man has been sentenced to 160 years to life in prison for committing a 1999 kidnap and sexual assault that was considered a "cold case" until he was arrested in July 2016.
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Authorities identify 44-year-old man fatally shot by southeastern Colorado deputy 21.10.2017 Denver Post: Local
Authorities have identified the 44-year-old man who was fatally shot by a Las Animas County sheriff's deputy last week after investigators say he attacked the officer.
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‘Kill them’: Three men charged in shooting after Richard Spencer speech 21.10.2017 Washington Post
Police said the men argued with a group of people who had been protesting the event at the University of Florida, shouted Nazi chants and then fired into a crowd at a bus stop.
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China’s rising authoritarianism has a stark human cost 21.10.2017 LA Times: Commentary

Li Heping spent his career trying to hold Chinese Communist Party officials accountable for their darkest behavior. He believed in an authority higher than the party — China’s own legal system. And for that, he suffered tremendously.

Since the late ’90s, Li, a 46-year-old human rights lawyer, had...

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Egypt releases Irish-Egyptian after 4 years in detention 20.10.2017 Washington Post: World
Egypt released early on Friday an Irish-Egyptian man detained for over four years on charges related to a 2013 Muslim Brotherhood protest in Cairo, his lawyer said.
'Time Alone': A prison inmate and a mother, trying to make peace with the past 20.10.2017 LA Times: Commentary

Beautifully staged and often moving, “Time Alone” at the Los Angeles Theatre Center has a solid team behind it, including playwright Alessandro Camon, an Oscar nominee for co-writing the 2009 film “The Messenger,” and star Tonya Pinkins, a Tony winner for “Jelly’s Last Jam.”

Camon’s two-hander...

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Racist, Violent, Unpunished: A White Hate Group’s Campaign of Menace 20.10.2017 Mother Jones
This story originally appeared on ProPublica.  It was about 10 a.m. on Aug. 12 when the melee erupted just north of Emancipation Park in Charlottesville, Virginia. About two dozen white supremacists—many equipped with helmets and wooden shields—were battling with a handful of counter-protesters, most of them African American. One white man dove into the violence […]
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Feds secure rare hate crime conviction for mosque threat 20.10.2017 AP National
MIAMI (AP) -- Prosecutors secured a relatively rare federal hate crime conviction punishable by a tough sentence on Thursday as a Florida man pleaded guilty to leaving a voicemail that threatened to shoot people at a mosque....
Notorious Colorado serial killer charged in new murder and escape attempt 20.10.2017 Headlines: All Headlines
Serial killer Scott Kimball has been arrested for investigation of solicitation to commit first-degree murder and attempted escape.
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Locked up 40 years for a murder his brother confessed to, Kevin Brinkley returns home, to a changed world 20.10.2017 News
His family rented a 15-passenger van to make the five-hour overnight drive to SCI-Forest.
Rejected Ghanaian asylum-seeker convicted of rape in Germany 19.10.2017 Washington Post: World
A rejected asylum seeker from Ghana has been convicted of raping a camper in Germany.
Woman is sentenced to 5 years in prison for framing husband's ex-fiancee in Craigslist rape fantasy plot 19.10.2017 LA Times: Commentary

A woman has been sentenced to five years in state prison in what prosecutors called a “diabolical scheme” to frame her husband’s ex-fiancee in a Craigslist rape fantasy plot.

Angela Maria Diaz, 32, pleaded guilty Tuesday to 10 felony and 22 misdemeanor charges, including kidnapping, false imprisonment...

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Declassified Files Lay Bare U.S. Knowledge Of Mass Murders In Indonesia 19.10.2017 NPR News
The Indonesian military systematically killed at least half a million people in the 1960s. Documents released Tuesday show U.S. officials knew about it from the start — and stood by as it unfolded.
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