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PHOTOS: Several Republicans maskless during COVID-19 special session at Colorado Capitol 1.12.2020 Headlines: All Headlines
Many elected Republicans chose to go maskless inside the Capitol at the onset of a special legislative session designed to address the extraordinary and ever-worsening devastation wrought by COVID-19 in Colorado.
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Fifth Park Ridge teen arrested in alleged beating, bullying attack on 14-year-old that surfaced in social media video 25.11.2020 Chicago Tribune: Popular
A fifth teenager has been arrested in connection with an attack on a 14-year-old boy in Niles that was recorded and shared on social media in early November, police said.
Rape, worker abuses are common in palm oil fields linked to top beauty brands and everyday household products 21.11.2020 Chicago Tribune: Business
Palm oil is found in everything from potato chips and pills to pet food, and also ends up in products from L’Oréal, Unilever, Procter & Gamble, Avon, Johnson & Johnson.
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Four Park Ridge teens face charge after a video allegedly showed them beating, bullying a 14-year-old boy 19.11.2020 Chicago Tribune: Popular
Four teenage boys from Park Ridge are facing criminal charges in connection with an alleged attack that was captured on video and shared via social media earlier this month, Niles police said.
Niles police, Maine South school resource officer investigating after video shows boy’s beating 11.11.2020 Chicago Tribune: Popular
Niles police are investigating after a video showing a teenage boy being beaten was reportedly shared on a social app over the weekend.
Windsor man accused of murdering man, strangling child formally charged with 19 counts 5.11.2020 Headlines: All Headlines
A man who is accused of murdering man and straggling a female child at a Windsor home last week was formally charged Wednesday with 19 counts, including first-degree murder.
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Most criminal justice in Colorado comes through plea deals, but DAs don’t track whether the process is racially biased 2.11.2020 Headlines: All Headlines
While nearly all justice is doled out through plea bargaining, none of the district attorney’s offices in the Denver area track the data necessary to know if there are racial disparities in the way prosecutors offer plea agreements.
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A Christian Foster Home Had a Troubling Past. Trump Gave It Millions to House Immigrant Kids Anyway. 2.11.2020 Mother Jones
Last year, in the wake of a surge of asylum seekers fleeing violence in Central America, the United States government held a record 69,550 immigrant children in government facilities. The vast majority of them arrived at the border without parents or guardians, though some were taken from their families during the Trump administration’s brutal family […]
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As the pandemic wears on, more working moms are forced to quit their jobs, and the impact of the ‘shecession’ could be long-lasting 2.11.2020 Chicago Tribune: Business
Women are not only bearing the majority of job losses during the coronavirus pandemic, some are being forced to leave their jobs to care for their children full-time, potentially setting workplace gains for women back years.
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Column: This election isn’t just about Donald Trump and Congress. Pay attention to those judges on the ballot too. 26.10.2020 Chicago Tribune: Popular
Judges aren't an afterthought. Be prepared to vote to retain them -- or not, Dahleen Glanton writes.
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Munster man charged with murder in baby’s death 24.10.2020 Chicago Tribune: Popular
A Munster man faces charges in the December 2019 death of his 6-month-old daughter, Lake Superior Court records show.
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Colorado Catholic dioceses pay $6.68 million to sex abuse survivors 19.10.2020 Headlines: All Headlines
Colorado’s three Catholic dioceses paid $6.68 million to 73 survivors of sexual abuse by priests, a new report said.
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Former youth football coach arrested in Missouri on Boulder County attempted sex assault warrant 17.10.2020 Headlines: All Headlines
A former Colorado youth football coach was arrested in Missouri this week on a warrant out of Boulder County for attempted sex assault on a child.
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Suspect held by Chicago police following sexual assault of child streamed online 16.10.2020 Chicago Tribune: Popular
A man suspected of performing a sexual act with a child while broadcasting it online is being questioned by Chicago police detectives Thursday.
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8 million have slipped into poverty since May as federal aid has dried up 15.10.2020 Chicago Tribune: Business
After an ambitious expansion of the safety net in the spring saved millions of people from poverty, the aid is now largely exhausted and poverty has returned to levels higher than before the coronavirus crisis, two new studies have found.
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900 children in suburban Cook County public housing to get free laptops as remote learning continues to present digital barriers 7.10.2020 Chicago Tribune: Popular
Hundreds of school-age children in suburban Cook County public housing will get free laptops paid for by federal coronavirus stimulus money starting Wednesday, as part of an ongoing effort to ensure digital access after the COVID-19 pandemic upended in-person learning.
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How transforming the mica supply chain transforms lives 6.10.2020 Resource Efficiency | GreenBiz.com
How transforming the mica supply chain transforms lives Joel Makower Tue, 10/06/2020 - 02:11 Second of two parts. Read Part One here . For those coming from the western world, visiting Jharkhand and other towns in India’s mica belt can be a jolting experience. For one thing, mica is everywhere. "If you visited these places where mica is plentiful, the ground is literally shimmering. You can dig a hole anywhere with your hands and start to come upon big chunks of this very pretty, very shiny rock," according to Leonardo Bonnani, founder and CEO of Sourcemap. He explained to me how mica moves through the community. "Effectively, they will mine as much as they can either informally, anywhere that they find it, or working in and around mines that are ostensibly closed or off-limits. They get on the property and they start digging a hole about as big as a person or as big as a family. And then they take the mica to a local warehouse. This can be a very small operation, the size of a single-family home, where ...
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Letters to the Editor: Try being nonwhite with a white relative, and you'll see what racism is like 6.10.2020 LA Times: Opinion

A Mexican reader who helps care for his white mother-in-law says he is often asked if he is the elderly woman's hired help.

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Op-Ed: Why abuse and neglect of immigrants proliferate in ICE detention 1.10.2020 LA Times: Commentary

ICE's mission is rooted in anti-terrorism efforts, which affects the way it views migrants held in detention.

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Gary teen waived to adult court in Portage woman’s shooting death; Roderick Silas is third teen charged 1.10.2020 Chicago Tribune: Popular
Silas was formerly charged Wednesday afternoon with felony counts of aiding, inducing or causing a murder; murder in the perpetration of a robbery; and robbery resulting in serious bodily injury.
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