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37 suburban Chicago restaurants reopening for outdoor dining beginning Friday 29.5.2020 Chicago Tribune: Popular
Suburban patios are open, here is our running list.
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Op-Ed: Republicans weaponized 'amnesty' to make undocumented immigrants suffer. Let's take it back 28.5.2020 LA Times: Opinion

In the right-wing playbook, anything that might make life more secure or less miserable for the undocumented is now considered 'amnesty.'

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Colorado drive-in movie theaters are officially back on for our socially distant summer 21.5.2020 Denver Post: Local
"It's tough because we're at half capacity, but we need double the staff," one drive-in operator said.
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What are you doing this weekend? Want to catch a drive-in movie? 15.5.2020 Los Angeles Times - Living Green

With its ranch-themed snack stands and prairie sunsets, the Van Buren Drive-In has been a SoCal tradition for 56 years. Beginning Friday, it joins the Mission Tiki Drive-In Theatre as two outdoor venues available for movie-goers.

Stream for free 'Angel's Bone,' Du Yun's Pulitzer-winning opera on human trafficking 1.5.2020 LA Times: Health

L.A. Opera streams the musical drama "Angel's Bone," filmed last year in Beijing. It's your quarantine must-watch of the day.

Beachgoers may see more Border Patrol agents on horseback 28.4.2020 LA Times: Health

The agency is stepping up horseback patrols along the coast to deter smuggling and prevent the entry of people infected with the coronavirus.

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Coronavirus shut-ins give NFL draft coverage a record TV audience 25.4.2020 LA Times: Health

Viewers hungry for live sports tuned in across four networks Thursday, with an average of 15.6 million viewers watching the selection of college players.

Op-Ed: I'm an immigrant doctor treating COVID-19 patients. Death isn't my only fear right now 24.4.2020 LA Times: Commentary

In this pandemic, we need an emergency increase in the number of green cards issued to immigrants with critically required skills.

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Trump signs immigration order sharply different from what he said he planned 23.4.2020 LA Times: Health

The order restricts some new entrants but does not include a broad restriction on new green cards as Trump had indicated a day earlier.

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The sweatshops are still open. Now they make masks 21.4.2020 LA Times: Business

Factories in Downtown L.A.'s garment district are switching over to mask production, while paying workers the same illegally low wages as always.

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Trump administration, citing coronavirus, expels 10,000 migrants in less than 3 weeks 10.4.2020 LA Times: Health

Homeland Security officials say CDC guidance on coronavirus and 'public health' outweigh U.S. laws that protect asylum seekers and migrant children.

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State Department eases coronavirus bottleneck for foreign farmworkers 27.3.2020 LA Times: Business

Emergency measures help allay fears of a labor shortage just as the harvest of major produce crops gets underway in California.

Amid coronavirus outbreak, drive-in theaters unexpectedly find their moment 19.3.2020 LA Times: Business

Drive-in movie theaters are seeing an uptick in business across the country as audiences practice social distancing during the coronavirus pandemic.

Trump administration takes steps to close border to migrants, citing coronavirus 18.3.2020 LA Times: Nation

The Trump administration is taking steps to close the southern border to certain migrants, citing the coronavirus.

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Letters to the Editor: Saguaro cactuses were destroyed for Trump's border fence. What an outrage 1.3.2020 LA Times: Opinion

Trump seems not to care about the devastating consequences of his policies, like the loss of old-growth saguaro on the U.S.-Mexico border.

Man sentenced to 20 years in prison for sex trafficking of 2 teenage girls in Adams County 28.2.2020 Headlines: All Headlines
A man who lured two teenage girls off of Las Vegas streets and brought them to Colorado, where he pimped both out for sex, has been sentenced to 20 years in prison.
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Op-Ed: How baseball's bungled investigation gave the Astros amnesty for cheating 27.2.2020 LA Times: Commentary

What better way for Rob Manfred, the baseball commissioner, to serve the owners' interests than to quickly sweep the cheating scandal under the rug?

Melania Trump Got an “Einstein Visa.” Why Was It So Hard for This Nobel Prize Winner? 27.2.2020 Mother Jones
In early 2017, Robert Michael, a lawyer in New York City, was contacted by a client who wanted to apply to become a permanent resident of the United States. Specifically, the client, who lived in a largely Muslim country, hoped to get an exceptional ability green card, which are issued to non-citizens with “a degree […]
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Editorial: The Supreme Court just built a wall to protect border agents from lawsuits 27.2.2020 LA Times: Opinion

A Mexican family won't be able to sue the Border Patrol agent who killed their son.

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It's illegal to destroy saguaro cacti. So why are they being removed for Trump's border wall? 27.2.2020 LA Times: Nation

The plants, sacred to Arizona's Tohono O'Odham nation, have been chopped down. Federal officials say that most of the affected saguaros have been 'carefully transplanted.'

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