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Ellen Page And Ian Daniel Visit Orlando For 'Gaycation' Special 6.8.2016 Politics on
Ellen Page and her best friend, Ian Daniel , have been exploring LGBTQ cultures around the world as the hosts of “ Gaycation ,” their Emmy-nominated VICELAND series. Still, nothing could have prepared the pair for the emotions they experienced when they visited the site of the June 12 mass shooting in Orlando, Florida that left 49 people dead.  That trip is the focus of the VICELAND special, “Gaycation Presents: Orlando,” which airs Aug. 24. In the preview clip above, Page and Daniel speak with survivors of the Pulse nightclub massacre and their loved ones.  “Losing so many at once, it’s almost impossible to deal with,” one woman notes in the trailer.  The second season of “ Gaycation ” will kick off Sept. 7 on VICELAND .  -- This feed and its contents are the property of The Huffington Post, and use is subject to our terms. It may be used for personal consumption, but may not be distributed on a ...
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The Republican Convention Just Set An Unfortunate New Record 2.8.2016 Politics on
This year’s Republican National Convention was the first in at least 30 years to leave the public less likely to support a presidential nominee, according to a Gallup poll released Monday . About half of Americans polled said they’re less likely to vote for GOP nominee Donald Trump based on what they saw or read about the RNC. Only 36 percent said they’re more likely to vote for Trump. That gives the event an overall net -15 point effect, marking the first time a convention has left a negative impression in a Gallup poll on the subject. By contrast, 41 percent of Americans said the Democratic National Convention  made them less likely to support Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton , while 45 percent said it made them more likely to do so, resulting in a net +4 point effect. There’s good reason to be cautious about survey questions that ask respondents to ponder how an event will affect their vote. For one thing, people generally aren’t great at gauging how they make decisions. Partisans may also tell ...
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Donald Trump's Website Still Claims He's Self-Funding His Campaign 2.8.2016 Politics on
The “ issue page ” on Donald Trump’s presidential campaign website is not a traditional “issue page,” in that several of the issues listed aren’t actually issues. There is a section called “The Establishment” for example, which is a group of politicians and political institutions and not, again, an issue. There is a section called “First Day In Office,” which is a period of time; one called “Competent Leadership,” which is a subjective opinion; and one called “Live Free Or Die,” which the website acknowledges is a motto. There are actual policies listed too ― things like the 2nd Amendment, Israel and the drug epidemic ― but even here, there is something altogether curious about this particular page on this particular site. On his issue page, Donald Trump says that he is “totally” self funding his campaign so that he doesn’t “owe anything to lobbyists and special interests.” This is simply not true. It hasn’t been for a while, if ever. During the primary, Trump did provide a large share of his own money ...
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Dolores Huerta Calls Out Trump For Treating Latinos Like ‘Newcomers’ 29.7.2016 Politics on
Civil rights leader Dolores Huerta spoke in support of Hillary Clinton on the final night of the 2016 Democratic Convention in Philadelphia on Thursday. The 86-year-old icon spent most of her time on stage taking aim at GOP nominee Donald Trump and his consistent anti-Latino rhetoric.  Huerta, who is responsible for co-founding the National Farmworkers Association, which became the United Farm Workers, first urged the audience to speak up now that Trump will officially be on the presidential ballot in November.  “He insults Latinos like as if we're second-class citizens — like we’re newcomers to this country,” she said. “Hey, I’ve got news for Donald Trump: We’ve been here all along. We helped build this country and we’re still continuing to build this country.” To prove her point, the activist turned to her own family history to show how Latinos have contributed positively to the United States for decades. Huerta then broke down why Latinos were such an important part of the country’s future. “We’re not ...
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HUFFPOLLSTER: One Chart That Shows Why Hillary Clinton's Nomination Is Historic 27.7.2016 Politics on
The American public was historically opposed to the idea of a woman as president. Hillary Clinton’s favorable rating dipped heading into the convention. And GOP activists have reluctantly decided to support Donald Trump. This is HuffPollster for Wednesday, July 27, 2016. AMERICANS HAVE COME A LONG WAY TO NOMINATE A WOMAN - HuffPollster: “‘If the party whose candidate you most often support nominated a woman for President of the United States, would you vote for her if she seemed best qualified for the job?’ pollsters from Gallup asked the American public in 1945, two years before Hillary Clinton was born. Just a third said yes. Seventy years later, in 2015, Gallup asked the same question again. This time, 92 percent of voters said they would….The shift in responses across the past seven decades cuts through the partisanship and polarization surrounding the 2016 campaign to demonstrate the American public’s steadily growing consensus that a woman is capable of leading a nation.” [ HuffPost ] WOMEN WILL BE ...
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Australia's "Abu Ghraib"-Like Torture of Jailed Children Captured in "Chilling" TV Footage 26.7.2016 Headlines
Nika Knight, staff writer

Footage from an ABC investigation revealed juvenile detention center guards in Australia's Northern Territory shackling, hooding, taunting, and teargassing detained children—as well as leaving them in solitary confinement for extended periods of time.

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Anti-Pharma Activists Run Full-Page Ad in Philly Calling Out DNC and RNC On Their “Buy-Partisan” Support of Drug Corporations 26.7.2016 Newswire
The Other 98%

Anti-Pharma activists fired a shot across the DNC’s bow today by running a full-page ad in the Philadelphia Daily News calling out Democrats (and Republicans) on their collusion with drug corporations. The satirical ad features the voice of a character called Big Pharma Bro, a fictional drug company CEO who loves to brag about the monopolies he owns on life-saving medicines thanks to the money he invests in lobbying and political contributions.

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Gloria Steinem Explains Why Face-To-Face Activism Is So Important 25.7.2016 Politics on
As an activist, Gloria Steinem has spent most of her life traveling , speaking and advocating for the equality and empowerment of women in all parts of the country. She estimates that she’s spent more time on the road than off it. Her decades of grassroots activism began out of necessity ― back in the '60s, there were fewer channels for spreading one’s message ― but even in the age of the Internet, Steinem stresses the importance of face-to-face interaction.  In all her time on the road, Steinem says during an interview with Oprah on “SuperSoul Sunday,” she learned an invaluable lesson about the power of appearing in person .  “I discovered as I never otherwise would have, I think, that what happens in a room when you are present cannot happen on the printed page or on the screen,” Steinem says.  The reason, she asserts, isn’t just emotional. It’s also scientific. “It’s really true that the hormones that allow us to empathize with each other are only produced when we’re together in all five senses,” ...
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US Papers Bury News of US Killing of 85 Syrian Civilians 22.7.2016
A coalition airstrike reported on Tuesday that killed at least 85 Syrian civilians -- one more than died in the Nice attack in France last week -- wasn't featured at all on the front pages of two of the top US national newspapers, the  New York Times  and  LA Times , and only merited brief blurbs on the front pages of the  Wall Street Journal  and  Washington Post , with the actual stories buried on pages A-16 and A-15, respectively. According to the London Telegraph ( 7/19/16 ), the airstrike killed "more than 85 civilians" after the "coalition mistook them for Islamic State fighters." Eight families were represented among the dead, with victims "as young as three." The Intercept ( 7/19/16 ) reported the death toll could end up being well over 100. The Pentagon has not denied the reports, saying an investigation is underway, according to Stars and Stripes ( 7/19/16 ), a media outlet that operates inside the Department of Defense. As many on Twitter pointed out, the number of dead was roughly equal to ...
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US-Led Airstrikes Kill as Many Civilians as Nice Attack–but Get No Front-Page Headlines in Major US Papers 21.7.2016 Views
Adam Johnson

A coalition airstrike reported on Tuesday that killed at least 85 civilians—one more than died in the Nice attack in France last week—wasn’t featured at all on the front pages of two of the top US national newspapers, the New York Times and LA Times, and only merited brief blurbs on the front pages of the Wall Street Journal

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Emotions run high over monument designation in Utah 20.7.2016 High Country News Most Recent
Battle lines over a proposed Bears Ears monument are blurred, dividing tribes and towns.
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How To Help The Families Of The Slain Officers In Baton Rouge 18.7.2016 Politics on
Support is pouring in after an  attack on police officers in Baton Rouge, Louisiana on Sunday left three officers dead and three injured. The shooting comes less than two weeks after Alton Sterling was shot  and killed by police in Baton Rouge, and five police officers were shot and killed in Dallas. Donors have come together to help the families of the slain policemen, BRPD officers Montrell Jackson, Matthew Gerald, and Brad Garafola.  “These attacks are the work of cowards who speak for no one,” said President Barack Obama in a statement . “The officers in Baton Rouge...were part of our community, part of our country, with people who loved them and needed them, and who need us now ― all of us ― to be at our best.”  Here’s how you can help.    1. Support The Families Of The Three Slain Officers Nonprofit Planting Peace , a group that works on humanitarian aid and environmental initiatives, has started a CrowdRise campaign to support the families of the three police officers who were killed and the ...
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In Their First Joint Interview, Donald Trump And Mike Pence Can't Quite Get On The Same Page 18.7.2016 Politics on
When presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump and his newly minted running mate, Indiana Gov. Mike Pence, sat down for their first joint interview, which aired Sunday on CBS’ “60 Minutes,” their differences in everything from policy positions and demeanor were immediately apparent.  Ahead of the Republican National Convention this week, when the two men ― barring any last-minute commotion ― will formally accept their party’s nominations for president and vice president, Trump and Pence attempted to put on a united front. But their interview was an awkward start to what could become a rocky marriage, with Trump at one point arguing that he didn’t need Pence. Commenting on the violence throughout the world this week ― from the terrorist attack in Nice, France, to the attempted coup in Turkey ― Trump again vowed to “declare war against ISIS” and was critical of NATO, of which the United States and Turkey are both members.  Pence, meanwhile, was more measured, proposing unity against “the ...
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The Long-Hidden Saudi-9/11 Trail 17.7.2016 Views
Kristen Breitweiser

First and foremost, here is what you need to know when you hear any member of our government say the newly released 29-page chapter from the congressional 9/11 report contains no smoking gun — THEY ARE LYING.

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28 Pages Raise 'Scores of Troubling Questions' on US-Saudi Ties 16.7.2016 Headlines
Nadia Prupis, staff writer

The just-released 28 pages of a 2002 congressional report into Saudi Arabia's possible ties to the 9/11 hijackers have stirred speculation about the U.S. government's continued relationship with the Gulf kingdom.

Amnesty International criticized the White House's statement that the pages, hidden from public view for 13 years, have not changed the government's assessment that "there's no evidence that the Saudi government or senior Saudi individuals funded al-Qaeda."

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29 Pages Revealed: Corruption, Crime and Cover-up Of 9/11 16.7.2016 Politics on
First and foremost, here is what you need to know when you listen to any member of our government state that the newly released 29 pages are no smoking gun -- THEY ARE LYING. Our government's relationship to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is no different than an addict's relationship to heroin. Much like a heroin addict who will lie, cheat, and steal to feed their vice, certain members of our government will lie, cheat, and steal to continue their dysfunctional and deadly relationship with the KSA -- a relationship that is rotting this nation and its leaders from the inside out. When CIA Director John Brennan states that he believes the 29 pages prove that the government of Saudi Arabia had no involvement in the 9/11 attacks, recognize that John Brennan is not a man living in reality -- he is delusional by design, feeding and protecting his Saudi vice. When Assistant Secretary of State for Near Eastern Affairs, Anne W. Patterson, testifies -- under oath -- that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is an ally that ...
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US Congress Finally Releases '28 Pages' of 9/11 Report 16.7.2016 Headlines
Andrea Germanos, staff writer

This story may be updated.

The U.S. Congress on Friday released the previously classified 28 pages of the 9/11 Commission Report on potential Saudi government ties to the 2001 terrorist attack.

The pages were posted (pdf) on the House Intelligence Committee's website.

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Congress To Receive 28 Classified Pages Of 9/11 Report: Pelosi 15.7.2016 Politics on
The U.S. Congress on Friday will receive 28 classified pages of the official report on the Sept. 11 attacks on the United States, House of Representatives Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi said. “The documents are coming to Congress today,” she said at her weekly news conference, adding that she was not sure when the material would be made public. Some U.S. lawmakers have alleged the 28 pages link Saudi government officials to the 2001 attacks. CIA chief John Brennan said in June that people should not take them as evidence of Saudi complicity. The still-classified section of the report on the attacks, informally the 9/11 Commission Report, is central to a dispute over whether Americans should be able to sue the Saudi Arabian government for damages. The Office of the U.S. Director of National Intelligence has been reviewing the material to see whether it could be declassified. Legislation allowing such lawsuits has been making its way through Congress. President Barack Obama has said he will not sign any ...
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These Colorado Teens Help Pit Bulls Get Adopted 14.7.2016 Green on
One of the best things about being a pet writer is the chance to meet the amazing people who work in animal rescue, like two teens named Morgan Wells and Wyllow Hildner. They like to say, "You're never too young to change the world," and it's a concept they live by - they were just 10 and 11 years old when they met as volunteers at the La Plata County Humane Society in Durango, Colo. "I have always loved dogs because they are such great companions and never judge you," Wells says. "They will protect you with their lives and always want to please you. They love you so much and it's only fair if we help them out of sticky situations." One day the girls met Kaya, a "sweet" pit bull in the shelter's "Lonely Hearts Club," the name for animals who have gone 45 days without being adopted. They learned about the challenges facing Kaya and other pit bulls because of their fearsome reputation and decided to do something about it by founding Pit Bulls for People . Wells and Hildner created a website at ...
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The Mysterious Classified 28 Pages And The Saudis' 'Alleged' Link To 9/11 12.7.2016 Politics on
Whatever else the deadly Fourth of July terrorist attack on Saudi Arabia's holy city of Medina indicates , it further complicated matters for Saudi rulers, President Obama, Congress and even ordinary Americans eager to confront terrorism. Only a few weeks ago, critics demanded the White House declassify 28 potentially red-hot pages of a congressional report on the 9/11 attacks. Ironically, the pages were classified by Obama's Republican predecessor, understandably to avoid ruffling any feathers within the Saudi government. Yet rumors about these classified pages suggest the 9/11 hijackers received at least some support from the Saudi government in Riyadh. The 9/11 commission report certainly hinted at likely financial support by some high-ranking officials in the Saudi hierarchy. To some, it's all terribly speculative; to others, it's enough to prompt searing questions. No less than U.S. Sen. Bob Graham made his skepticism known in a "60 Minutes" Q&A : "I think it is implausible to believe that 19 ...
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