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Tampons, pads and politics mesh amid push in Colorado for access to menstrual supplies 11.3.2020 Denver Post: News: Local
As a national movement for better access to menstrual products gains steam, “period equity” activists in Colorado are finding the path to change isn’t straight. Although Denver last summer repealed sales taxes on menstrual products and the state now requires supplies to be provided in prisons, an effort to repeal the statewide sales tax on the products failed. So, activists assemble supply kits to donate to those who need them.
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Ask Amy: Mom’s picky eating creates embarrassment 3.2.2020 Denver Post: Lifestyles
My mother lives nearby. She is very closed-minded about food. She won't try new things, and rarely goes to restaurants, because she tends to nitpick every part of the meal, or say that some ingredient "disagrees" with her.
Why you shouldn’t wash your Thanksgiving turkey 26.11.2019 Denver Post: Lifestyles
NEW YORK -- Go ahead and rinse your cranberries, potatoes and green beans. But food experts say don't -- repeat don't -- wash the turkey before popping it in the oven on Thanksgiving Day.
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Greeley’s meat packing plant broke regulations on water discharge for 5 years 19.11.2019 Denver Post: Local
For 60 consecutive months, the JBS Swift plant in Greeley failed to meet state and federal guidelines for the water it discharged from a holding pond near its slaughterhouse.
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Can better broadband and big data save rural America? 21.10.2019 High Country News Most Recent
Independent farms need better internet to survive, let alone to compete with the large agriculture industry.
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An Indigenous way of life for these California tribes breaks state laws 17.9.2019 High Country News Most Recent
In Mendocino County, ‘guerilla gatherers’ risk fines and jail time to keep food culture alive.
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Kafer: A lesson on identity politics from the Dominican Republic 6.9.2019 Denver Post: Opinion
Florida minus air conditioning was my first impression of Santiago de los Caballeros, a city in the agricultural heartland of the Dominican Republic. During my week sojourn, the patina of sweat on my skin disappeared only in the shower. Heat aside, it’s a lovely place. Blooming trees and palms line the streets of brightly painted cinderblock houses. Santiago is known for its murals. The gracious, inviting Latin culture sets the island apart from English-speaking Caribbean islands I’ve visited. My childlike Spanish elicited grace at every turn.  “Ese tu perro? El perro blanco es bueno. El perro joven es bueno también.”  With their encouragement, I doubled my vocabulary.
Hemp industry grappling with surging consumer, retailer interest amid ongoing uncertainty over regulations 17.8.2019 Denver Post: Business
The only constant in the burgeoning hemp and CBD industry right now is "the dramatic pace and depth and breadth of change," Patrick Rea of CanopyBoulder said Friday to a packed conference room in downtown Denver. But hanging over the collective enthusiasm at the American Herbal Products Association summit was the uncertainty of what the Food and Drug Administration is going to do about regulations.
Farmers turn to prisons to fill labor needs 12.6.2019 High Country News Most Recent
With immigration numbers low, the agriculture industry looks to another form of disenfranchised workers.
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FDA finds contamination by “forever chemicals” in grocery store meats, seafood and chocolate cake 3.6.2019 Denver Post: Local
The Food and Drug Administration’s first broad testing of food for a worrisome class of nonstick, stain-resistant industrial compounds found substantial levels in some grocery store meats and seafood and in off-the-shelf chocolate cake, according to unreleased findings FDA researchers presented at a scientific conference in Europe.
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CBD is getting buzz, but does it work? And is it legal? 6.4.2019 Denver Post: Business
With CBD showing up everywhere, U.S. regulators announced Tuesday they are exploring ways the marijuana extract could be used legally in foods, dietary supplements and cosmetics.
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78,164 pounds of Butterball turkey recalled 14.3.2019 Denver Post: Local
Butterball Foodservice has recalled 78,164 pounds of its raw ground turkey products out of concern it may contain Salmonella Schwarzengrund, a bacteria that can cause serious illness, the United States Department of Agriculture said in a release on Wednesday.
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FDA chief Scott Gottlieb steps down after nearly 2 years 5.3.2019 Headlines: All Headlines
Food and Drug Administration Commissioner Scott Gottlieb is stepping down after nearly two years leading the agency’s response to a host of public health challenges, including the opioid epidemic, rising drug prices and underage vaping.

Plastic straws upon request and less Styrofoam: Colorado lawmakers to debate new, environmentally friendly food containers 8.2.2019 Denver Post: All Political News
Two bills that are expected to have their first legislative hearings by the end of the month would prohibit restaurants across the state from providing plastic straws without a customer's explicit request and provide local governments with more authority to set standards on food containers.
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For the poor, the safety net in a government shutdown doesn’t feel safe 22.1.2019 Denver Post: All Political News
Doris Cochran, a disabled mother of two young boys, is stockpiling canned foods these days, filling her shelves with noodle soup, green beans, peaches and pears -- anything that can last for months or even years. Her pantry looks as though she's preparing for a winter storm. But she's just trying to make sure her family won't go hungry if her food stamps run out.
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In a month you’ll wish the government shutdown were only as bad as today 16.1.2019 Headlines: All Headlines
Officials from Washington to Wall Street are pondering nightmare scenarios if the partial U.S. government shutdown that is already the longest on record extends into spring -- or beyond.
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FDA haults routine food inspections during government shutdown 10.1.2019 Denver Post: All Political News
Routine food inspections aren't getting done because of the partial government shutdown, but checks of the riskiest foods are expected to resume next week, the Food and Drug Administration said Wednesday.
FDA casts shadow on hemp win, calling CBD products illegal 22.12.2018 Denver Post: Local
The hemp industry still has work ahead to win legal status for hemp-derived cannabidiol, or CBD oil, as an ingredient in food or dietary supplements despite the big farm bill President Donald Trump signed this week designating hemp as an agricultural crop.
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Hunting faces an ethical reckoning 18.12.2018 High Country News Most Recent
Gruesome social media videos show how far modern hunting has drifted from its roots.
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The take down of a lemonade stand raises some questions 1.6.2018 Denver Post: Opinion
Just when I think I may not find something to write about during a slow news week, Denver police officers shut down a kids’ Memorial Day lemonade stand for not having a permit. The illicit lemonade enterprise was set up in a Denver park near the family’s home. The miscreants, ages 4 and 6, were selling drinks for charity and their under-market value wares were cutting into the profits of licensed vendors at the nearby Denver Arts Festival. Naturally the vendors had to call in authorities.
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