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Easy recipes from Frasca, Colorado’s James Beard nominee for outstanding restaurant 20.5.2020 Headlines: All Headlines
The timing of a national award nomination plus a cookbook publication at a time when many other restaurants won't reopen is bittersweet, to say the least.
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A Tangy Carrot Slaw recipe that’s fast, fresh and foolproof 28.4.2020 Headlines: All Headlines
Bonus: You don't even need fresh carrots.
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“I just need the comfort”: Processed foods make a pandemic comeback 12.4.2020 Denver Post: Lifestyles
As the coronavirus shutdowns continue across the United States, two growing trends involving how people eat — the rising amount of money spent on meals outside the home and the increased purchase of fresh or organic foods in grocery stores — have been reversed. Many restaurants have closed, and shoppers are reaching for frozen pizza and boxes of cereal instead of organic greens and whole grains.
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From ramen kits to breakfast burritos, 21 great deals for Denver restaurant takeout and delivery 11.4.2020 Denver Post: Food
For those of us who have fallen into a food rut after a few weeks homebound, here are some quality options to break up the monotony while helping out your local businesses.
How I came to cook in French 13.3.2020 Denver Post: Food
I can’t really speak French, but I cook in French. For years, I studied conjugations and the passé simple, practiced pronouncing yaourt and grenouille, but try as I might I just couldn’t seem to master it beyond the essentials like “deux pains au chocolat, s’il vous plaît.”
Letters: Hankering for farm-fresh food? (1/18/20) 20.1.2020 Denver Post: Opinion
Hankering for farm-fresh food? With the National Western Stock Show in town, you may enjoy the experience with your friends and family. When you leave, you may very well be inspired to buy a quarter- or a half-cow. Where can one go to buy meat?
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Get Cooking: Making meals for one 8.1.2020 Denver Post: Food
Late last year, a reader wrote in to say that she would “love seeing some of your recipes (for) cooking for one person.”
Parents ask state to warn Colorado teachers that nutrition lessons can be triggering to students prone to eating disorders 22.12.2019 Headlines: All Headlines
Two fathers concerned that their daughters’ school nutrition lessons may have contributed to health crises have asked the Colorado State Board of Education to warn the state’s teachers to be more careful when talking about food.
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Desserts that bring the party, but not the fuss 21.12.2019 Headlines: All Headlines
Cookies have always had a monopoly on holiday desserts, which is great if you’re into cookies. But in my opinion, tiny, delicate, ornamental desserts are a touch anticlimactic at the end of a holiday meal.
Letters: Nothing merry for the hungry; Let’s look at life expectancy in those Democratic cities (12/10/19) 11.12.2019 Denver Post: Opinion
Nothing merry for the hungry Re: “688,000 will lose food stamp benefits under new work rules,” Dec. 5 news story The Trump administration is proposing new work requirements for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program or SNAP program, formerly called food stamps. This is a very bad public policy proposal. First, almost three-quarters of a million […]
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Celery: Behold the heart of Thanksgiving 27.11.2019 Denver Post: Food
Every November, celery performs countless tasks: It perfumes the holiday turkey, lending moisture from the inside out; it’s the backbone of the stock in gravy; it adds bite and vegetal flavor to stuffing.
Community Food Share fills hunger gap in Boulder County and Broomfield 28.10.2019 Denver Post: News: Local
Community Food Share takes aim at hunger in Boulder and Broomfield counties by distributing enough food each day to prepare 24,000 meals.
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Bold, tangy peanut sauce and crisp vegetables upgrade a chicken sandwich 4.10.2019 Denver Post: Lifestyles
If you tend to think of peanut butter primarily as an ingredient to slather onto soft bread with jelly, or for eating by the spoonful out of the jar (guilty as charged -- though I don't double-dip), pairing peanut butter with chicken and other savory elements might strike you as unusual. However, there is a worldwide precedent for using the spread in such dishes.
Roasting fall fruit deepens their flavor and nourishes the senses 1.10.2019 Headlines: All Headlines
A medley of fresh fall fruit -- pears, grapes and figs — looks splendid on the table and is lovely served as a fruit salad. But roasted together, married with a sweet-tangy glaze, it rises to another level of beauty and lusciousness entirely. The heat of the oven softens and warms the fruit, making it juicier and deepening the flavors, while giving it a true comfort-food allure.
Nutrition scientists disagree with study’s findings on red and processed meats 1.10.2019 Headlines: All Headlines
A study released today greenlighting the consumption of processed and red meat has much of the medical community seeing red.
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How to make processed foods healthier 14.8.2019 Headlines: All Headlines
Come dinnertime, sometimes we’ve got just enough energy to use the can opener.
Restaurant review: The food satisfies, but Jovanina’s good looks are what really entice diners 6.8.2019 Denver Post: Food
Jovanina's Broken Italian, with its downstairs Prohibition-era speakeasy, fits right into the LoDo dining scene.
Restaurant review: Bettola gives Aurora a date night-perfect Italian bistro 1.8.2019 Denver Post: Lifestyles
Date-night in Aurora just got even better. If you’re in the neighborhood, this is the place to go for upscale Italian food. Even if you’re not in the neighborhood, Bettola Bistro is worth the drive.
Give your barbecue sauce a summer upgrade with addition of fresh blueberries 22.7.2019 Denver Post: Lifestyles
Blueberries give this lip-smacking barbecue sauce multiple levels of fresh appeal. One hits you at first glance upon seeing its unexpected indigo color. Another - its flavor - is fresher than a traditional sauce, with the fruit lending its gentle, nuanced sweetness to the tangy-savory mix. That sweetness is backed up by a drizzle of molasses, so this sauce has none of the highly refined sugar that tops the ingredient list of most bottled barbecue sauces, nor the artificial additives.
How to push fresh herbs beyond the garnish: Use with abundance and abandon 15.7.2019 Headlines: All Headlines
Fresh herbs are one of the most straightforward and effective ways of elevating simple home cooking into something notable, and I cook with them almost daily. A few snips of chives on scrambled eggs, a shower of torn basil on tomato salads, sprigs of rosemary in the sauté pan for a steak, and a pinch of chopped parsley for the anchovy butter to top it. And let's not forget a fragrant peppermint stem, gently bruised to release its oils, as a garnish for my G&T.
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