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Where to eat for Denver’s first Vegan Restaurant Week 18.4.2019 Denver Post: News: Local
So far, 30 restaurants and food trucks have signed up to participate in the city's first Vegan Restaurant Week.
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You can have tongue-tingling mapo tofu at home, no takeout box — or meat — required 9.4.2019 Denver Post: Lifestyles
I eat a lot of plant-based meals, but often the fact that they don't contain meat is beside the point. So it's one of my pet peeves when a recipe, restaurant or brand makes a bigger deal out of what a meatless dish isn't than what it is.
Get Cooking: Subji proves vegetable dishes can be filling 13.3.2019 Denver Post: Lifestyles
Twinned observations: Many meat-eaters kvetch that vegetarian food doesn’t have enough taste, while many vegetarians (vegans especially, it appears to me) are ever manipulating plant-based foodstuffs to resemble meat or fish. Tofurky is the elder of this clan.
No constant stirring, no dairy: This double-mushroom risotto defies conventional wisdom 12.2.2019 Headlines: All Headlines
Let's get a couple of misconceptions about risotto out of the way: First, I hope you've heard by now that the whole standing-and-stirring-forever myth is just that. Good risotto doesn't require such constant attention. Second, I realize this is heretical to purists (don't @ me), but you also don't have to use dairy butter and/or Parmigiano-Reggiano to enrich it. When I served this version to tasters recently, not a single one picked up on the fact that I had employed vegan butter and vegan Parm; they were too busy verbalizing, in between bites, how delicious it was.
Colorado middle school teacher gets PETA’s top education award 6.7.2018 Headlines: All Headlines
Sarah Hewson's efforts recently earned her national Teacher of the Year honors from the animal advocacy group PETA -- People For The Ethical Treatment of Animals. The group, which has earned the ire of some for its high-profile campaigns against consuming and using meat, said Hewson's work is helping kids deal with a sometimes unfeeling society.
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Go to Alamo Drafthouse for the latest blockbuster, stay for the new veggie-friendly menu 3.7.2018 Denver Post: Entertainment
Alamo Drafthouse Cinema, which is already home to crowd-pleasing cauliflower wings, recently debuted a new menu that's heavy on the vegan options.
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Get Cooking: The basics of vegan cooking 16.6.2018 Denver Post: Food
I lived and worked in Chicago from 2002 to 2016 and, while there, had a close friend whose Christmas gift from me each year was a dozen or so packages of home-cooked food.
Mangoes Are Not the Only Fruit 8.4.2018 Eye – The Indian Express
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At Lotus Vegetarian Restaurant in Little Saigon, your egg rolls are made by Vietnamese Buddhist nuns and monks 22.3.2018 L.A. Times - Food & Dining

Lotus, Orange County’s largest Vietnamese vegetarian restaurant, isn’t run by a famous restaurateur or chef. Instead, you’ll find a group of Vietnamese Buddhist monks and nuns in the kitchen. The restaurant, located in the Mall of Fortune shopping center in Garden Grove’s Little Saigon, opened...

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Who Wants to be a Vegan? 4.2.2018 Eye – The Indian Express
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Ask Amy: Extended family wonders how to embrace transgender member 23.1.2018 Denver Post: Lifestyles
Amy, you always seem to have the right words for any occasion. Please help!
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Why 7-Eleven, inventor of the Slurpee, is now all about cold-pressed organic juice 21.1.2018 Denver Post: Business
Like thousands of U.S. convenience stores, many 7-Eleven stores cram rows of snacks between a wall of chilled sodas and a bank of churning Slurpee machines.
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A British chef said she “spiked” a vegan’s meal. Then she lost her job. 5.1.2018 Denver Post: Lifestyles
The vegan entree is usually just boring grilled vegetables. Then there's the fear that, inadvertently or purposefully, a chef will slip some animal products into their meal: That the cheese is not actually nondairy, or the "vegetable broth" actually has chicken stock in it.
Shelter dogs could go vegan in Los Angeles 15.12.2017 Denver Post: National News Headlines
Los Angeles may soon be home to a lot more vegan dogs.
Some great holiday gifts for your favorite foodie 18.11.2017 Denver Post: Food
These gifts will satisfy the appetites of the food and drink lovers on your list.
Relish authentic recipes from Hyderabad at The Leela (Foodie Trail-Delhi) 17.11.2017 Lifestyle – The Indian Express
Get the bridal glow: Eat organic, go vegan 16.11.2017 Lifestyle – The Indian Express
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Thanksgiving in Denver: 10 restaurants serving up dinner on Turkey Day 14.11.2017 Denver Post: Entertainment
If whipping up a major meal from scratch just isn't in the cards this year, these Front Range restaurants are here to help.
Thanksgiving in Denver: 10 restaurants serving up dinner on Turkey Day 14.11.2017 Denver Post: Food
If whipping up a major meal from scratch just isn't in the cards this year, these Front Range restaurants are here to help.
Pune university’s vegetarian criterion for medals sparks row 11.11.2017 Pune – The Indian Express
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