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This chef has put on pop-up dinners in 15 countries and all 50 states 23.4.2018 LA Times: Commentary
A Q&A with Jim Denevan, founder of the Outstanding in the Field pop-up dinners that often take place at unique locations around the world.
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Founding Farmers and the woke chain awakening of King of Prussia 30.3.2018 News
A wave of new chains beckoning to our most enlightened 2018 impulses - to eat locally, healthfully, ethically - have blossomed with full irony in the garden of parking lots ringing America's largest luxury mall.
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When farm-to-table comes to your own front yard 14.3.2018 LA Times: Commentary

“We’re a farm-to-table restaurant.”

Sound familiar? These words are part of the repertoire of greetings uttered by countless servers in Los Angeles and beyond.

If you’ve been paying attention, the term farm-to-table, which refers to the idea of showcasing farm produce on your menu — and was coined...

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The optimists are striking back. Good. 12.3.2018 Washington Post: Op-Eds
Some of today’s pessimism is a political fad. It’s self-defeating, feeding on itself, promoting paralysis and more pessimism.
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Colorado deputies collar one of Texas’ 10 most wanted sex offender fugitives 7.3.2018 Denver Post: News: Local
One of Texas' 10 most wanted sex offender fugitives was captured in Teller County this week.
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Lens Blog: A Race to Photograph the City’s Disappearing Diners 5.1.2018 NY Times: Most Emailed
As the humble hash house goes the way of the automat, Riley Arthur wants to document and sample every last one.
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The 9 Most Mouthwatering Cookbooks of 2017 1.1.2018 Mother Jones
When the going gets stressful, the stressed get cooking. That’s my motto. The Trumped-up year that’s finally ending provided me with plenty of desire to get busy in the kitchen, but not nearly enough time. For all of its faults, though, 2017 delivered an excellent crop of cookbooks. Here are the ones I’ll be leaning […]
Instagram or it didn't happen? L.A. restaurants show how the app has changed their industry 21.12.2017 L.A. Times - Food & Dining
L.A. restaurants weigh in on how Instagram has changed their businesses.
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Chef David Tanis heads to the market for cooking inspiration 21.12.2017 News
"The market-cooking concept is so old but so forgotten - you go to the market, see what looks good, you buy it, and you take it home."
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There's a grim reality behind your Thanksgiving turkey 22.11.2017 LA Times: Commentary

Observing an annual pre-Thanksgiving rite, President Trump pardoned two big white fluffy turkeys Tuesday in a photo op at the White House. (Named Drumstick and Wishbone, the birds will end up at an enclosure on the campus of Virginia Tech.) That leaves 46 million other turkeys that won’t get pardoned....

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How red-tape morass closed Chesco farm's restaurant 20.11.2017 News
Wyebrook Farm in Chester County is closing its restaurant Sunday. Farmers across the country have been diversifying to sustain their livelihood, but sometimes, they run into red tape from local and state agencies that can hinder their aspirations.
The Big Stories Behind Small Seeds: This Man Wants To Save Them All 4.11.2017 NPR News
Gardener John Coykendall has collected hundreds of rare heirloom varieties and records their heritage in illustrated journals. Knowing the history of our food, he says, is part of knowing who we are.
Four fresh shops for Adams County health nuts 1.11.2017 Denver Post: News: Local
See if your favorite farmer's market, vitamin shop, gym and more made the list.
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A Top Chef’s Beef With Farm-to-Table Food 27.10.2017 Mother Jones
Dan Barber seems like he’d be a champion of the farm-to-table movement. His Manhattan culinary temple Blue Hill rose to acclaim on the great local-ingredients wave that has dominated high-end US cuisine over the past 25 years; and more than a decade ago, he plunked down another Blue Hill outpost on a diversified organic farm called Stone Barns just […]
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California developers add a touch of luxury to the ‘agrihood’ trend 27.10.2017 LA Times: Commentary

The setup is picture perfect: residents coming together to cooperatively farm and enjoy the fruits of their labor.

Whether the backdrop is a bucolic pasture in rural Illinois or an urban garden nestled in the concrete streets of Detroit, “agrihoods” have been blossoming this decade.

Though the...

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At one Virginia school, a twist on farm-to-table 2.10.2017 Washington Post
At one Virginia school, a twist on farm-to-table
Gus Schumacher, a force in the farm-to-table movement, dies at 77 27.9.2017 Washington Post
Gus Schumacher, a force in the farm-to-table movement, dies at 77
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You’re going where? Chattanooga, Tenn. 24.9.2017 Washington Post
This city has advanced beyond its choo-choo days, but it still embraces old-fashioned Southern gentility.
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A traditional gig: Native corp. pays berry pickers 23.9.2017 Seattle Times: Nation & World

JUNEAU, Alaska (AP) — A rock quarry surrounded by second growth and alder trees: the land in front of berry pickers Thomas Sanders and Harold McKinley Jr. didn’t look all that special. The area had been clear cut and logged by landowner Goldbelt Inc. some 20 years ago. Stumps, weeds and fallen logs choked the […]
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Farm to tap partnerships keep authentic brews flowing 23.9.2017 Seattle Times: Top stories

HILLSBOROUGH, N.J. (AP) — Farm-to-table cuisine is a well-known food trend in which locally grown produce is used seasonally by chefs to create an authentic hometown taste. But now, in Central Jersey, there is a new trend — farm to tap. It’s a natural partnership: A craft brewer using a farmer’s locally grown hops to […]
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