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Allow BYOB gardens for public drinking, panel tells Seattle 15.4.2016 Seattle Times: Politics

Seattle’s Community Police Commission is recommending that the city allow public drinking in some designated areas in order to reduce unequal enforcement.
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Top 10 US cities for urban farming 14.4.2016 TreeHugger
These urban spots boast an abundance of chicken coops and greenhouses.
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L.A. takes on San Francisco in the first City Nature Challenge 14.4.2016 LA Times: Commentary

Get out those cellphone cameras, nature lovers.

The citizens of Los Angeles County and the San Francisco Bay Area have begun a weeklong battle to see who can take the most pictures of the plant and animal life in their respective corners of the Golden State.

It’s the City Nature Challenge, sponsored...

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If you do one thing for your veggie garden, make it this... 12.4.2016 TreeHugger
Even soil needs a good blanket.
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The greenhouse effect — it’s not what you’re thinking 12.4.2016 Steamboat Pilot
The Routt County Board of Commissioners re-engaged an ongoing conversation Monday, inspired by the locavore movement here and centered on the topic of what constitutes agriculture. This time around, commissioners discussed whether small greenhouses should enjoy the stature enjoyed by traditional ranch structures like hay and tractor sheds, which excuse their owners from obtaining building permits. “As I understand, a greenhouse hasn’t been considered part of the ag exemption in the past,” Chief Building Official Ben Grush said. “The greenhouse community has a desire to expand, and there’s a gray area between a truly commercial (greenhouse) and those who want to grow some plants to sell,” produce. In Routt County, residents are entitled to a 120-square-foot greenhouse as an accessory unit. Larger structures require building permit fees. The size limitation was modeled upon the typical store-bought garden shed, Planning Director Chad Phillips said. Grush said he has an open mind toward a modest ...
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Can urban gardeners benefit ecosystems while keeping food traditions alive? 6.4.2016 Environmental News Network
When conjuring up an image of a healthy ecosystem, few of us would think of a modern city. But scientists are increasingly recognizing that the majority of ecosystems are now influenced by humans, and even home gardens in urban landscapes can contribute important ecosystem services.
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Cortez kids plant White House garden with Michelle Obama 6.4.2016 Durango Herald
Five fourth-graders from Kemper Elementary in Cortez helped first lady Michelle Obama plant her White House kitchen garden on Tuesday.Students Miles Frost, Gael Garcia, Christian Rebaza, Cecelia Thom and Trenity Tillahash spent 45 minutes on Tuesday planting cabbage, lettuce, turnips and other vegetables on the South Lawn of the White...
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Students in Durango investigate food waste for Earth Day project 6.4.2016 Durango Herald
Food is wasted at every step in its production from the farm to dinner tables. To help curb the problem locally, some middle school students are exploring the issue for a mini-documentary.“We could save the Earth by not having food waste,” said Mia Baguskas, a sixth-grader who was recently researching her...
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Steph Curry, FLOTUS and... turnips? 6.4.2016 CNN: Top Stories
The White House is turning up for turnips.
First lady hopes successors will continue her garden 6.4.2016 Seattle Times: Nation & World

WASHINGTON (AP) — Michelle Obama is hoping future presidents will continue the project she calls “my baby,” the vegetable garden on the White House South Lawn. She presided over the final planting on Tuesday and says the garden has exceeded expectations. Mrs. Obama says the garden has sparked conversation about what people eat and has […]
Vermont residents decry complex based on Joseph Smith's plan 2.4.2016 AP Business
SHARON, Vt. (AP) -- An obelisk soars into the sky on a hill in central Vermont, marking the birthplace of the founder of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints - and perhaps heralding an immense, futuristic, utopia-like community based on his papers....
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Vermont residents decry complex based on Joseph Smith’s plan 2.4.2016 Seattle Times: Nation & World

SHARON, Vt. (AP) — An obelisk soars into the sky on a hill in central Vermont, marking the birthplace of the founder of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints — and perhaps heralding an immense, futuristic, utopia-like community based on his papers. If a Mormon Utah businessman has his way, a development would […]
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Neighborhood Spotlight: Sawtelle Japantown 1.4.2016 LA Times: Commentary

The city of Sawtelle, a small rural settlement on the Los Angeles Pacific Railroad streetcar line, lasted less than 30 years as an independent entity before being absorbed by the annexation-happy Los Angeles of the 1920s.

By that time, it was already home to the Issei who worked the farms and orchards...

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Farmers market report: English peas are in season. Here are 7 recipes 1.4.2016 LA Times: Commentary

What's in season: English peas, also known as common garden peas, are prized for their uncommonly bright, sweet flavor. The vibrant green peas can be enjoyed a variety of ways but will need to be shucked before using. Thankfully, some farmers take care of this tedious task, and shucked peas can...

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Aspen police report early season bear sightings 31.3.2016 Headlines: All Headlines
The police department has received two calls about bear sightings within the past four days, according to Aspen Police Department community response officer Dave Paschal.
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Plant these pencils and watch them grow 29.3.2016 LA Times: Commentary

As more consumers strive for waste-free living, designers are coming up with creative products to help minimize our carbon footprint.

Today's sustainable furniture and green home goods can be found online, in brick-and-mortar stores — even in college classrooms. In 2012, three mechanical engineering...

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Dutch family of four living in experimental urban greenhouse home 25.3.2016 TreeHugger
Located in Rotterdam, this Concept House features a huge rooftop garden, and uses natural heating and cooling techniques to keep maintenance costs down.
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Largest U.S. Restaurant Company Targeted over Treatment of Workers, Animals, Environment 24.3.2016 Newswire
Friends of the Earth A coalition of environmental, social justice, and animal welfare groups announced a campaign today calling on Olive Garden and its parent company, Darden Restaurant Inc. (DRI), the nation’s largest full-service restaurant employer, to do more to protect animals, the environment and workers by substantially improving their food sourcing and labor practices. ...
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Meet the New Green Face of Affordable Housing 23.3.2016 Green on
When you think of "affordable housing," what's the image that comes to mind? For lots of people, including many of those most in need of it, the picture is not a pretty one: it's a scene of dreary, deteriorating high-rises or shabby, poorly constructed "garden" apartments with no garden in sight. Moreover, the projects come with lots of safety concerns, placed in "the wrong part of town." Environmentally, they may be plagued with poor air quality, peeling paint, energy inefficiency, unkempt grounds, and litter. There's an unfortunate stigma associated with affordable housing in the US, particularly with publicly subsidized housing; and, if the reality frequently isn't as awful as the reputation, I'm afraid the reputation is also grounded in more than a little truth in more than a few places. The stigma has been well-earned over time. What you are likely not thinking about, when you think of affordable housing, is state-of-the-art green design that would appeal not just to people of limited means but to ...
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Farmers on bikes use neighborhood lawns to grow food, and you can too 22.3.2016 TreeHugger
Here’s how to start a bike-powered urban farming program by using other people's land for organic garden-to-market produce.
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