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'Coffee For Roses' And Other Garden Myths Debunked 6.7.2014 NPR: Sunday
Did you know you can't kill a gopher with chewing gum, and hummingbirds are not attracted to red flowers? C.L. Fornari's book, Coffee For Roses, busts common gardening myths.
Powelton's green thumb 5.7.2014 News
Summer Winter Community Garden thrives under the Neighborhood Gardens Trust.
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Power, and less energy, to the people 5.7.2014 The Earth Times Online Newspaper - Environment News
Have you ever wondered about modifying your home to make it less energy intensive? Or does the idea of building environmentally-friendly homes appeal to your government? Sustainable construction can be of anything you fancy in your property or possibly a new house on a piece of land you can acquire. You can easily make it more than a pipe-dream
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Dayplanner Friday 4.7.2014 Durango Herald
Meetings and EventsOutdoor Sunrise Yoga, 7-8 a.m. and 8:15-9:15 a.m., Outdoor Amphitheater, Durango Community Recreation Center, 2700 Main Ave., $5, 259-0385.Rotary Club of Durango’s All American Gourmet Pancake Breakfast, 7:30-11 a.m., Rotary Park, east of Main Avenue and north of 15th Street on the Animas...
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Inslees garden at governor's mansion 2.7.2014 AP Washington
OLYMPIA, Wash. (AP) -- Just inside the foyer of the Governor's residence is a display of fresh flowers. It's easily a $50 bouquet. Taxpayer funded? A gift from someone seeking political favors?...
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For Sale: Vacant Lots On Chicago Blocks, Just $1 Each 2.7.2014 NPR News
Empty lots have multiplied in parts of Chicago in recent years, so the city is selling them to homeowners dirt cheap. It's an effort to spark renewal in some of the city's most blighted areas.
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White House resumes tours of first lady's garden 2.7.2014 Yahoo: Politics
WASHINGTON (AP) — The White House says tours of Michelle Obama's produce garden will be operating again ...
White House resumes tours of first lady’s garden 2.7.2014 Salt Lake Tribune
Washington • The White House says tours of Michelle Obama’s produce garden will be operating again soon. The tours were grounded after mandatory budget cuts went into effect last year. Public tours of parts of the White House also were halted due to the cuts but resumed after President Barack Obama signed legislation funding government operations. The garden tours are scheduled to resume the week of July 14. They are open to community and school groups that are interested in gardening and health...
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White House to resume tours of first lady's produce garden for community and school groups 2.7.2014 Star Tribune: Politics
10 ways to improve your recycling 30.6.2014 TreeHugger
Here are some tips for taking your recycling to the next level.
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Chesco food gardens are starting to show results 30.6.2014 News
CHESTER COUNTY Food gardens are starting to show results EXTON Communities in the county with raised garden beds through the Chester County Food Bank are witnessing the fruits of their labor after a harsh winter pushed back the growing season.
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Landscape designer offers tips for transforming a backyard 28.6.2014 Seattle Times: Top stories
Judy Kameon, the author of a new book, “Gardens Are for Living: Design Inspiration for Outdoor Spaces” (Rizzoli, $50), shares some of her favorite ideas on how to turn your outdoor spaces into something special.
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The Only Thing Better Than Taking A Bath: Adorable Animals Taking Baths 28.6.2014 Green on
When was the last time you took a bath? You probably can't even remember. Well, we are here to remind you that baths are awesome, relaxing and sometimes kind of stressful. And in case you need some major cleansing inspiration or a reminder, look no further than these adorable animals demonstrating how to best take advantage of bath time. So sit back, run the water, and start taking baths as seriously as these awesome critters do. So you're contemplating taking a bath... Yes, it does feel a little unfamiliar. And tubs can feel mighty cramped if you're not, y'know, the size of a toddler. But then you remember: BUBBLES! Which are awesome... ... even if you accidentally eat some. You forgot how much you love bath toys. And, er, bath mates. Hey, it's nice to have someone to wash your back. And those other hard to reach spots. There's no denying it. Baths make you feel so fresh. And so clean. Clean. You're so relaxed you may fall asleep... Then you realize you may have stayed in the bath for too long. The ...
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Agriculture Department to demonstrate green infrastructure, organic farming in DC 'outdoor museum' 27.6.2014 Switchboard, from NRDC
Kaid Benfield, Special Counsel for Urban Solutions, Washington, DC:     Heirloom and Pollinator Garden at USDA headquarters One of the more thoughtful landscaping undertakings I have seen will be installed over the next fifteen years on, appropriately enough, the grounds of the US Department of Agriculture headquarters in...
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'People's Garden' Will Bring Sustainability Showcase to DC's National Mall 27.6.2014 Green on
    Heirloom and Pollinator Garden at USDA headquarters One of the more thoughtful landscaping undertakings I have seen will be installed over the next 15 years on, appropriately enough, the grounds of the US Department of Agriculture headquarters in Washington.  The site is prominently placed on the National Mall just steps away from the Washington Monument and will draw visitors to an “outdoor museum” of green infrastructure and sustainable gardening practices. The “People’s Garden,” as the project will be known, will be a welcome addition to the Mall, the nation’s most prominent green space but one that has never lived up to its full potential as a place for people .  Today, it is largely a place for visitors to the nation’s capital to pass through as they visit the national museums and monuments, but not one whose grounds would influence many to linger.  It is exciting to see proposals that begin to improve what is now largely a plain and scruffy, if heavily used, public space. The plan for the ...
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Yampa Valley Electric Association cites aging infrastructure in raising rates 27.6.2014 Steamboat Pilot
At Yampa Valley Electric Association’s annual meeting Thursday evening, General Manager Diane Johnson said the utility cooperative’s aging infrastructure is a major factor behind rate increases that will go into effect in August. “We have not had a rate increase for many, many years,” Johnson said, stressing that the cooperative only charges for what it takes to provide electricity to its customers. Infrastructure is all built at once, she said, and it’s difficult to manage repairs in small amounts. YVEA must raise rates slowly to be able to take care of its looming infrastructure needs, Johnson said. The other factor contributing to rate increases is the cost of power purchased from Xcel Energy. In the only contested race, Mike Brinks was elected to another term over Kathryn Deitz, 1,274 to 554. Larry Ellgen was running unopposed for District 2. Tom Fox was running unopposed for District 6. Both were deemed elected. For the next two years, residential customers should see about a $5.27 per month ...
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Friday Opinuendo: On a friend's legacy, unseen infrastructure, zoo gardening and more ... 27.6.2014 Opinion
A legacy of literacy A leader in Minnesota's literary community will be remembered at a memorial service Friday at the Minneapolis church where
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Your (Not So) "Bee-Friendly" Plants 27.6.2014 Green on
Bee-harming pesticides in our lavender and daisies? In the same week that an international body of scientists released a comprehensive global assessment of the harms of pesticides to bees, a new report shows that these very same pesticides are found in many of our backyard plants -- at levels of concern -- that are meant to support pollinators. The report shows that 51 percent of garden plant samples purchased at top garden retailers (Home Depot, Lowe's and Walmart) in 18 cities in the United States and Canada contain neonicotinoid (neonic) pesticides -- a key driver of declining bee populations. Concerning levels of the pesticides were found in places like California's San Francisco Bay Area and in Minnesota's Twin Cities. In some cases, multiple neonics were found in the same plant, in the leaves, stalks or flowers. Last year, we conducted a smaller version of the research project with Pesticide Research Institute and Friends of the Earth. And the good news is that some retailers are taking notice, ...
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For German Fans In Berlin Beer Garden, National Pride Is No Problem 27.6.2014 NPR: All Things Considered
As the U.S. and German soccer teams faced off under heavy rain in Recife, Brazil, German fans were glued to their TVs in Berlin. NPR's Soraya Sarhaddi Nelson offers their reactions to the German win.
Growers air herbicide complaints 26.6.2014 Durango Herald
A meeting Wednesday designed to clear issues surrounding the problems associated with the herbicide Milestone brought no hard answers, only pledges of help and expressions of resolve to find solutions locally.Deborah Morton from Dow Chemical, the manufacturer of Milestone, heard tales from frustrated backyard gardeners and commercial...
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