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Guest: Create more pathways for urban nature 11.11.2014 Seattle Times: Opinion
It’s the smaller things in life that can have a major impact on the environment; take bees, for instance, writes guest columnist Mark Winston.
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15 Baby Chickens Now Safe And Warm After Being Used As Props In Awful Prank 11.11.2014 Green on
A letter carrier turned up earlier this month with 15 baby chickens and a strange, disturbing story. The chickens, the postal worker said, had been sent to a woman on his delivery route in the nation's capital. Accompanying the tiny birds was a note, from the recipient's ex, making a crude comparison between the animals and the woman. Insulted, and perhaps feeling heartlessly flummoxed upon receiving 15 unexpected baby chickens in the mail, the woman said she was going to throw the animals in the garbage. That's when the letter carrier took back the birds and delivered them to the D.C. offices of the Humane Society, which then brought them to the Washington Humane Society , which in turn contacted the Poplar Spring Animal Sanctuary in nearby Poolesville, Maryland. "I was very surprised by this story, I thought I had heard everything, but this was a new one," says Terry Cummings, one of Poplar Spring's co-founders. "Definitely had never heard of baby chicks being used as a spiteful statement after a ...
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Sea Lion Attacks Diver Off Santa Barbara Coast (VIDEO) 8.11.2014 Green on
Sea lions may be adorable -- they surf , they snuggle , they even boogie -- but they can also be terrifying. One freediver had a close call with an aggressive sea lion while spearfishing off the coast of Santa Barbara, California. Chris Okamoto was using his GoPro to film the open ocean when a colony of sea lions swam around him , according to the Daily Mail. " At first, it looked like they were just curious ," Okamoto told the Daily Mail. He said he had been in similar situations before, "but this one came much closer and as soon as it rushed toward me, I swung the butt of my gun up and it stopped ...
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Friday Fun: Urban gardening builds strong, cohesive communities 8.11.2014 THE CITY FIX
CNN recently described Cape Town, South Africa as being in the midst of a “vegoultion,” with hundreds of new community gardens and urban farms popping up throughout the city in recent years. The city’s “Green Clusters” are helping to improve ...
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Look what you can grow in your toilet! 7.11.2014 CNN: Top Stories
Cape Town is being overrun by farms. They're spilling out of parking lots, overtaking lawns, even growing out of old TV sets. The vegolution is here!
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Vegetables stolen from Downers Grove garden plot 6.11.2014 Chicago Tribune: Nation
Vegetables were reported stolen out of a community garden managed by the park district late last month, according to ...
Bedtime for Needham garden 6.11.2014 Durango Herald
The realization that agriculture is a year-round endeavor came to the fore this week at Needham Elementary School during Farmer Days. Sandhya Tillotson, the executive director of the Garden Project of Southwest Colorado, was guiding students as they shut down growing beds for the winter.But Tillotson’s mind also was on...
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In Cambria, rift over water treatment plant is a drain on parched town 4.11.2014 LA Times: Environment
They're the trees that gave this quaint Central Coast village its nickname: Cambria Pines by the Sea.
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Cat Hiking Is A Real Thing. A Real, Wonderful Thing That You Can Experience 3.11.2014 Green on
Every day at Best Friends animal sanctuary in southern Utah , cats are fitted up with a harness and leash and taken for an amble through the spectacular scenery. "The reality is a lot of these cats are going to spend the rest of their lives here," says Michelle Warfle, a former aerospace engineer who is now the cat manager at Best Friends Animal Society . "So we need to enrich their life as much as possible. And getting them outside is just fun for them." Best Friends' Utah sanctuary has around 1,700 animals in total -- dogs, horses, pigs, birds and rabbits among them, in addition to the 550-600 cats under Warfle's care. This photo shows dogs being walked at the Best Friends sanctuary in a gorgeous part of Utah . Image credit: Best Friends As with dogs, taking cats out hiking helps them burn off extra energy. It helps keep them from getting bored and also gives them the opportunity for one-on-one time with their favorite humans, who may be full-time staff or even sanctuary volunteers . Some of the cats ...
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Automated undercounter garden promises zero-mile micro-greens and herbs 31.10.2014 TreeHugger
Grow fresh greens & herbs year-round in your kitchen with the dishwasher-sized Urban Cultivator, a computer-controlled micro-garden.
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11 Of The Scariest Looking Creatures In The Animal Kingdom 31.10.2014 Green on
We share earth with some amazing, yet terrifying creatures. This Halloween we've gathered together some of the creepiest looking animals we could find. From the bottom of the ocean to the tops of trees, these scary critters hail from all over the world. Many are very rare or hide out in secluded locations (like the bottom of the ocean) so you're probably safe from crossing their paths. Probably. 1. Aye-aye These rare primates are found only in Madagascar . 2. Star-Nosed Mole This mole is nearly blind, but that creepy looking tentacle makes up for it by providing an excellent sense of touch . 3. Goliath birdeater This mammoth tarantula can take down birds and small animals ( see it in action here ). 4. Gharial The gharial is one of the largest of the crocodiles and its long snout is filled with razor-sharp teeth . 5. Lamprey Lamprey are long, eel-like fish that can suck blood . 6. Goblin Shark Photo by Hungarian Snow via Flickr This shark is very rarely seen as it lives deep in the ocean . 7. Hairy ...
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White Bear Lake nursery closing, Lakeshore Players moving in 29.10.2014 Pioneer Press: Most Viewed

When Bruce Bauer was 10, he started working at the garden center on Payne Avenue , just across the street from his grade school in St. Paul.

New guide from ASLA highlights urban green, literally, in Portland 27.10.2014 Switchboard, from NRDC
Kaid Benfield, Special Counsel for Urban Solutions, Washington, DC:   As many readers know, I am a huge fan of the American Society of Landscape Architects and their leadership on thoughtful ways to integrate nature into our cities.  It’s easy to take nature for granted when we are in...
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How thoughtful landscape architecture nourishes the city 27.10.2014 Green on
  As many readers know, I am a huge fan of the American Society of Landscape Architects and their leadership on thoughtful ways to integrate nature into our cities.  It’s easy to take nature for granted when we are in the middle of it, but that’s a mistake:  After decades of suburban sprawl, we’re finally on a more urban trend in the US.  That’s a very good thing, but it’s easy to forget as we add more urban development to our cities that we humans are biophilic creatures.  We need green along with the gray , though in cities we need it to be designed to support rather than supplant urban function.  ASLA is better than any other organization I know at showing how it’s done best. To that end, the organization has a growing suite of educational products (not least of which is the Society’s terrific blog, The Dirt ).  One of my favorites is its new series of online Landscape Architect’s Guides to major American cities.  Clicking your way through these virtual tours of both well-known and hidden green gems ...
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Churches responding to uptick in cremation 26.10.2014 News
Steve Morton read a few years ago that changing religious views, convenience, and the recession were leading more people to choose cremation. As the senior pastor of Hopewell United Methodist Church in Downingtown, he knew he had to respond.
10 Stunning Wildlife Photos From The National Geographic Photo Contest 25.10.2014 Green on
Submissions continue to roll in for National Geographic's 2014 Photo Contest , and we've been wowed by the spectacular wildlife photography entered so far. Almost 5,000 photos have been submitted in the three categories of people, places and nature. The contest closes on October 31, so you still have a few days to submit your photos, even if you're not a photography pro. Last year there were more than 7,000 entries from 150 countries. And if the photos we've seen are any indication, the judges this year are going to face a tough decision. We showed you 10 beautiful nature photos from the beginning of the contest in September; here are ten more of our favorites. To submit your own photos, go to National Geographic's photo contest website . You can also see more entries by browsing the Nat Geo editors' top picks every week. Photo and caption by Marc Henauer /National Geographic Photo Contest Off the Coast of Guadalupe Island, great white sharks gather to feed on sea lions. It is an ideal place to observe ...
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Learning Los Angeles: Ron Finley on Grounding the City 25.10.2014 Green on
Fashion designer and "gangsta gardener" Ron Finley has a vision for how communities should live and work together. Ron's do-it-yourself remedy for his South Central L. A. food prison, where, by design, residents have to escape in order to find healthy food, was to plant fruit trees and vegetables on the parkway outside his house, and share his harvest with neighbors. In violation of the city's parkway ordinance, Finley was cited and fined. His 2013 TEDTalk about urban gardening, with 2 million views and still rising, made him an international star. Ron has spoken recently at symposia in Copenhagen and in Sheffield, England, and has just been named a "Good Food Champion of Los Angeles." Ron's relentless efforts have helped reshape Los Angeles's parkway ordinance and, most recently, a proposal for an urban farming plan. His poetic vision has seized popular imagination and has, as one Orange County developer puts it, 'changed land use laws.' Ron talks in his backyard garden and nursery about his ideas ...
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Support garden at 24th Street Elementary in West Adams on Sunday 23.10.2014 L.A. Times - Food & Dining
Amid the usual massive expanse of concrete at an L.A. Unified school, the students of 24th Street Elementary School are the proud caretakers of a lush one-acre living classroom with an orchard, vegetable and fruit beds, and a charming garden shed. This idyllic setting for the study of...
Magical Gardens for the Blind and Deaf 22.10.2014 Yahoo: Politics

Magical Gardens for the Blind and DeafSensory gardens are outdoor spaces designed to stimulate the senses and increase awareness of the body. Why they are so important for physically and cognitively disabled kids (and their able bodied peers).

Buyer beware: The meaning of 'organic' hazy for nonfood items 22.10.2014 Seattle Times: Top stories
There's a strict set of standards for organic foods. But the rules are looser for household cleaners, textiles, cosmetics and the organic dry cleaners down the street.
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