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The soup business has grown cold. Inside Campbell’s plan to turn it around. 4.2.2017 Washington Post
The company once known for its iconic red and white cans is remaking itself to cater to the growing preference for seasonal, organic and fresh ingredients.
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8 unique green alternatives to fresh flowers 1.2.2017 TreeHugger
Say I love you with these lovely living gifts that go easy on the planet.
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Report says youth unemployment chronic, concentrated and deeply rooted 30.1.2017 Chicago Tribune: Business
Chicago is making scant progress in its ongoing battle against rampant youth joblessness, new statistics show, though there is a modicum of good news. The share of 20- to 24-year-old black men who were neither working nor in school declined modestly between 2014 and 2015, from a dismal 47 ...
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Little Saigon residents prepare for Lunar New Year by paying off debts, a tradition that can often bring stress 28.1.2017 LA Times: Commentary

At his kiosk at the Asian Garden Mall, Do Le stood alert, hawking all manner of holiday goods at a bargain price — from paper dragons to bronze roosters to a wide range of “lucky” red envelopes used for stuffing cash.

“What catches your fancy?” Le asked patrons at the mall, a landmark gathering...

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As Chinese New Year Approaches, Shanghai's Bustling Streets Grow Quieter 27.1.2017 NPR News
The Year of the Rooster begins Saturday, and hundreds of millions have departed to celebrate with family. "All the outsiders have left for home," says 85-year-old grandmother Yuan Suizhen.
Opinion: Obama's legacy can't be erased 20.1.2017 CNN: Top Stories
The walls, just days earlier bedecked with portraits of President Obama at work, were covered with empty frames, awaiting a new leading man.
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The evolution of a backyard food forest - the first three years 20.1.2017 TreeHugger
Thinking of planting a food forest? Here's how one guy got started.
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Eddy the robot can help you grow vegetables hydroponically 19.1.2017 TreeHugger
He wants to teach you to grow the most delicious, nutritious vegetables you can possibly imagine.
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This family is creating a zero-waste homestead in Altadena with goats, chickens and bees 19.1.2017 LA Times: Commentary

While giving a tour of her family's garden in Altadena, Choi Chatterjee stops suddenly. “The staghorns are coming back, Omer,” she calls to her husband as she surveys the frontyard. A moment later something else catches her eye. “Omer, your lilies are blooming again.”

Her excitement offers a hint...

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Just say sí: A family of four spends a month in Guatemala trying to learn the language - but did it work? 16.1.2017 LA Times: Commentary

In the shade of my thatch cabana classroom, I beamed as my children, ages 6 and 9, serenaded me.

Reid, my younger son, shook the maracas, his older brother, Liam, beat a colorfully painted drum made from an old paint can, and their Spanish teacher strummed a ukulele.

Of course, I recognized the...

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On wildness: Community and control in urban green space 13.1.2017 - News for the rest of us
Friday, January 13, 2017 The city is a structured place. Roads and sidewalks follow mainly straight lines, while houses, apartment buildings, offices and shops march dutifully alongside them, one after the other. Many of us live structured lives within our concrete, highly controlled world, following the schedules, routines, and norms of our workplaces and leisure activities. Urban green space is often no different -- processions of trees stand on manicured turf and garden beds are filled with neat lines of annuals. Community use of park space is defined and limited by a stifling array of municipal policies, bylaws, permits and red tape. The wild and wayward life of a tiny, disproportionately lively square of parkland in Toronto's west end has a lesson to teach us about the rewards of relinquishing ...
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From the Capitol to a garden market, planting a 'climate change agent' 13.1.2017 Small Business |
How can mission-oriented companies nourish food systems and local economies? Former lawyer Danielle Vogel shares secrets from a career shift.
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Geodesic dome protects cob house & family of 6 in Arctic Circle (Video) 6.1.2017 TreeHugger
This freethinking family of six wanted to build their own eco-friendly home, surrounded by nature, and sheltered from the region's harsh weather by a glass dome.
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Obama racial legacy: Pride, promise, regret — and deep rift 4.1.2017 Seattle Times: Top stories

CHICAGO (AP) — He entered the White House a living symbol, breaking a color line that stood for 220 years. Barack Obama took office, and race immediately became a focal point in a way that was unprecedented in American history. No matter his accomplishments, he seemed destined to be remembered foremost as the first black […]
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Obama racial legacy: Pride, promise, regret _ and deep rift 4.1.2017 AP Politics
CHICAGO (AP) -- He entered the White House a living symbol, breaking a color line that stood for 220 years....
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Trend-spotting for the new year: grow lights, dwarf shrubs and golden leaves 4.1.2017 Seattle Times: Top stories

Gardening adapts for 2017 to reflect generational shifts, current research and climate concerns.
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Amazon’s Spheres: Lush nature paradise to adorn $4 billion urban campus 3.1.2017 Seattle Times: Business & Technology

Long before they’re completed, Amazon’s eye-catching buildings draw a lot of curiosity. The glass domes are a central focus of the company’s effort to transform the city’s urban core.
In policy shift, New York Police Department to allow beards, turbans for religious officers 31.12.2016 LA Times: Nation

The New York Police Department will allow officers to begin wearing beards and turbans for religious reasons, in a policy shift intended to help diversify the nation’s largest police force.

Commissioner James P. O’Neill announced the change after a graduation ceremony for new police recruits at...

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Tapping the Power of Place to Keep Us All Healthy 27.12.2016 Views
Jay Walljasper

One number stands above all others as the best indicator of good health. It’s not your blood pressure, cholesterol level, average daily calories or even the age at which your grandparents die. It’s your zip code.

This fact has sent shockwaves across the county. The chief aspiration of American democracy is that everyone deserves an equal opportunity for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Yet medical evidence shows that people living in disadvantaged neighborhoods face greater health and mortality risks.

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Why eating bugs is good for you 23.12.2016 CNN: Top Stories
There are many health and environmental benefits to eating insects, so if you dare try to get some this holiday season.
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