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Snail Turns Flower Into An Umbrella, And Proves He's The Thriftiest Mollusk Out There (PHOTO) 15.4.2014 Green on
Nobody likes to get rained on. This includes humans, this tree frog and especially this snail, even though some snails come out of their shells when it rains. Vyacheslav Mischenko , a photographer from Ukraine, captured this stunning image in a forest near his home. This thrifty snail turned a flower into an umbrella, and sheltered there to protect himself from the rain. Snails aren't known for being the prettiest animals, but this photo definitely sheds light on how unique these creatures really are. Mischenko said that the image's colors and setting reminded him of Monet's 1886 painting "Woman With A Parasol" ...
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Dayplanner Tuesday (Cached) 15.4.2014 Durango Herald
Meetings and EventsTuesdays Traveling YardGardening Support, 10 a.m., April-October, rotating locations, AARP Chapter No. 1243 meeting, 10 a.m., DurangoLa Plata Senior Center, 2424 Main Ave., 259-0835.DeColores Civitan Club meeting, noon, call Lon Erwin at 247-1019 for...
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Plant these 6 perennial vegetables once, and reap their harvest year after year 15.4.2014 TreeHugger
Instead of planting all of your veggies anew each year, try adding some of these perennial vegetable varieties to your garden and harvest their fruits again and again.
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A Kale of Two Cities: Cultivating Social Justice 14.4.2014 Green on
Locavoracious appetites and a back-to-the-land ethos have raised bespoke urban farming to the status of high fashion -- especially if the land sits atop an industrial building in one of Brooklyn's hipster havens. To many, growing food in the city is an exercise for gourmands, measured by the distance heirloom tomatoes, artisanal honey, and free-range eggs travel from farm to plate. Urban agriculture pioneers have repurposed vacant land, greened the city, created community space, and introduced city dwellers to fresh local food. Terroir is now measured by block and lot number. But this is not the whole story. In fact, as practiced in farms and gardens in New York and elsewhere, urban agriculture is as much about social justice as it is about the quality or proximity of produce. For some farmers and gardeners, particularly those in low-income neighborhoods -- where a bag of chips can be easier to come by than fresh vegetables, and diet-related illnesses are often rampant -- urban agriculture is a means to ...
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Do you want renewable energy? (Cached) 14.4.2014 Durango Herald
La Plata Electrical Association is getting into gardening x2013 solar gardening.LPEAx2019s board of directors has approved a policy agreement with four community solar gardens that will allow its customers to purchase or invest in solar panels to offset their electrical costs.Policy 366, as LPEA is calling it, will set...
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These 11 Incredible Backyard Gardens Are What Dreams Are Made Of (PHOTOS) 12.4.2014 Green on
Not only does springtime signal the start of chirping birds and blossoming buds, but it marks the time that we can finally escape to the outdoors without getting slapped with a polar vortex. And, as these 11 gorgeous gardens from our friends at prove, a backyard can be just the retreat you need from the daily grind. While we'd be content with a deck chair and a patch of green grass, these stunning spaces boast incredible landscaping, views and even a few water features. To see even more photos, click on the project name under each picture. Which one would you like to call your warm weather retreat? Have something to say? Check out HuffPost Home on Twitter , Facebook , Pinterest, Tumblr and Instagram . ** Do you have a home story idea or tip? Email us at (PR pitches sent to this address will be ...
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Spring Fair, plant sales | Community Corner 12.4.2014 Seattle Times: Top stories
Community events for the weekend of April 12-13, 2014, include the Spring Fair in Puyallup, Seattle Children’s Garden Sale and Early Bloomers Plant Sale.
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Medford to build memorial garden in honor of Krystle Campbell 12.4.2014 Boston Globe: Massachusetts
The mayor of Medford today announced that a peace garden will be built in honor of Boston Marathon bombing victim Krystle ...
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Organic Gardening: 10 Tips to Success 11.4.2014 Green on
By Dianne Venetta for Organic gardening is the method of gardening that utilizes only materials derived from living things, ie. all natural plant foods and pesticides. Once you know the basic tenets of this practice, organic vegetable gardening is simple. And the payoff is enormous: no toxic chemicals, no waste, better for the environment as a whole, and not to mention a crop full of natural, delicious vegetables. Remember these 10 steps and you'll have a successful crop in no time! Soil. It all begins here. Amending your soil with organic material such as composted manure or yard and kitchen scrap compost will get your dirt off to a good start. The inclusion of organic material provides a solid basis of nutrients for your plants which helps to cut down on the need for commercially made fertilizers and improves soil structure making it easier for your plant to absorb the important minerals they need. Sandy soil will not hold its moisture well. Heavy clay soil may prove too dense for healthy ...
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How to grow green beans, even with a brown thumb 10.4.2014 TreeHugger
Green beans are one of the most popular vegetables to grow for backyard gardens, and with good reason, as they're both easy and fun to grow.
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Steamboat briefs: Free 2-day gardening class is offered Wednesday, Thursday 9.4.2014 Steamboat Pilot
Bud Werner Memorial Library and Routt County’s CSU Master Gardeners are offering a free two-night Gardening 101 class from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. today and Thursday in Library Hall. The class is designed to help gardeners plan and maximize their summer vegetable gardens. CSU Master Gardeners will share advice about what you need to do now to be ready when planting time arrives and offer a timeline to keep your garden on track all summer long. The workshop is free, but RSVPs are requested. Call 970-367-4917 or email Voting is open for inaugural HKD Snowmaker Award SAM Magazine and HKD Snowmakers have opened up the voting for this year’s inaugural HKD Snowmaker’s I AM a Snowmaker Award. Launched in November, SAM Magazine and HKD Snowmakers joined together to recognize six outstanding snowmakers from mountain resorts across North America. The six snowmakers recognized this season include: Corey Peterson, of Steamboat Springs; Jason Seal, of Massanutten, Va.; Ken Mack, of Loon, N.H.; ...
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Dara Moskowitz Grumdahl’s Top 5 Vegetable Cookbooks 7.4.2014 WCCO: National
(credit: CBS)Now that Spring has sprung (finally, sort of), we can start talking gardens, farmer's markets and vegetables. Sometimes we need some help taking it from the garden to the plate and Dara helps with her Top 5 Vegetable Cookbooks!
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Urban gardeners may not know soil's legacy 6.4.2014 Minnesota Public Radio: News
According to figures just released by the National Gardening Association, the number of American growing food in urban areas increased 29 percent between 2008 and 2013 from 7 million to 9 million people. But many of these city-dwelling gardeners still aren't aware of how to grow food in urban soil safely, according to a study by researchers at Johns Hopkins University's Center for a Livable Future.
After Death of Radical Mayor, Mississippi's Capital Wrestles With His Economic Vision 5.4.2014 Views
Laura Flanders

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Newbie Urban Gardeners May Not Be Aware Of Soil's Dirty Legacy 5.4.2014 NPR News
More and more city dwellers are trying their hand at urban gardening. Most know to be wary of lead in their soil, a report finds, but they're clueless about how to avoid other types of contaminants.
After A Harsh Winter, Salvage Your Plants And Gardens With These Tips 4.4.2014 Green on
From Mother Nature Network's Tom Oder: With the arrival of spring — at least on the calendar, even in places where snow has barely melted — one of the first outdoor chores for home gardeners is to assess winter damage to their gardens. Some plants will no doubt have mushy or brittle stems, discolored leaves, or burned buds, leading many to ask: Is that plant dead? Looks can be deceiving. Just because stems and foliage are unsightly doesn’t mean the entire plant is kaput. So, how can you tell if you lost the plant during what for many has been an exceptionally harsh winter ? How do you nurse winter-damaged plants back to health? How do you decide if severely damage plants are worth the effort to save? You need to check their vital signs. To help you do that, we’ve prepared the checklist below. It will help you answer all of these questions. Is this plant dead? The initial order of business is patience. The unusually harsh winter of 2013-2014 seems to be lingering in many places, and plants may be slower ...
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6 Unusual Veggies That Add Variety To Your Spring Garden 4.4.2014 Green on
From Networx's Katie Marks: Now that spring is here (FINALLY) and the garden is ramping up , you might be thinking about getting started with easy, high-yield spring veggies. These lists usually include things like spinach, lettuce, and kale, all of which are in fact easy and tasty to grow , but who says your garden, and your plates, have to be like everyone else's? We rounded up some fun spring vegetables that don't present a huge challenge to gardeners, yet aren't necessarily grown as often, for you to check out this year. Why not make your spring landscaping a little more fun with these plants, especially since many can be used in edible landscaping as well as serving as delicious, nutritious crops? For extra credit, hire a local Phoenix handyman to help you build some raised beds at different levels to give your garden some added depth and ...
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Watch the world's largest rooftop garden grow in 3 minutes 4.4.2014 Green on
On top of  this Brooklyn building the world's largest rooftop garden is flourishing. 65,000 square feet of urban greenery grows atop the roof of Building no. 3 at the historic Brooklyn Navy Yard. Watch the incredible transformation unfold with this 3 minute timelapse. Brooklyn Grange - A New York Growing Season from Christopher St. John on Vimeo . "Brooklyn Grange is the leading rooftop farming and intensive green roofing business in the US. We operate the world's largest rooftop soil farms, located on two roofs in New York City, and grow over 50,000 lbs of organically-cultivated produce per year. In addition to growing and distributing fresh local vegetables and herbs, Brooklyn Grange also provides urban farming and green roof consulting and installation services to clients worldwide, and we partner with numerous non-profit organizations throughout New York to promote healthy and strong local communities." -  Brooklyn ...
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Gardening is 'meditation' for Fiona Quick 3.4.2014 Minnesota Public Radio: News
For Fiona Quick, the key to gardening is to give the soil a gentle tickle at most, all a part of nurturing the biology below the surface. Quick is a board member of Gardening Matters, a Twin Cities-based non-profit that advocates for community gardening and arranges seed and seedling exchanges.
First lady plants White House garden for spring 3.4.2014 Yahoo: Politics
WASHINGTON (AP) — Michelle Obama has replanted her garden, a sign that spring has come to the White ...
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