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Home of the Day: A French chateau in Beverly Hills 20.10.2016 LA Times: Commentary

Topiary gardens and swaying palms frame the entrance to this picturesque French chateau-inspired home on more than half an acre in Beverly Hills.

Inside, traditional design cues include decorative ceiling trim, bay windows and rich hardwood floors. A chef’s kitchen has one of nine fireplaces as...

Is makeup for men a fad or the future? 20.10.2016 LA Times: Commentary

It’s a thing now: Young men are into makeup, and the industry is going where the boys are. Driven by hyper-connected Generation Z’s disinterest in gender identification, beauty brands are looking to market with a gender-neutral approach.

A report this year by J. Walter Thompson’s The Innovation...

Entrepreneurship: Durable Designs for Women Who Wrangle and Weld 19.10.2016 NY Times: Business
Red Ants Pants, Gamine and Rosies Workwear are among a few businesses producing work clothes designed for comfort and safety for women who labor in fields that were long dominated by men.
These 76-year-old twins have grown pot for decades. Here's why they oppose legalization 19.10.2016 LA Times: Commentary

You don’t end up in Round Valley, one of Mendocino County’s finest cannabis-growing micro climates, by accident. It is well northwest of Highway 101, along a winding mountain road that follows the curves of Outlet Creek and the Middle Fork of the Eel River.

After 45 minutes, the valley comes into...

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"World's most sustainable residential tower" proposed for London suburban New Town 18.10.2016 TreeHugger
It has a shopping list of every green feature you can imagine and some you can't.
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To the First Lady, With Love 17.10.2016 NY Times: Most Emailed
Four thank-you notes to Michelle Obama, who has spent the past eight years quietly and confidently changing the course of American history.
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A writer's world 16.10.2016 Steamboat Pilot
These wildly different books and their authors have all brought home prestigious Colorado Independent Publishers Association, or CIPA, EVVY awards, in the past year with the support of Steamboat Spring’s community of fellow writers. Sue Leonard, local writer and publishing guru, established “We Write Steamboat” in 2011 for Steamboat-area authors who are trying to get published independently. She’s thrilled with members’ success. “It’s all about sharing information and trying to help each other out,” Leonard said. From learning about where to find editors and layout specialists, to just having other writers who are going through the same stress … the latest award-winning authors give credit to having “We Write Steamboat” and other writing groups as a great source for independent publishing. “Sometimes, it’s so disheartening when you’re putting your blood, sweat and tears into your writing, and nobody notices,” said D.A. Hill, author of the sci-fi romance “Cerelia’s Choice.” “It helps when you know others ...
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What You Need To Know About The Somali Refugee Community In Kansas 16.10.2016 NPR: Sunday
NPR's Mary Louise Kelly talks to John Birky a Kansas doctor who talks to us about his community's reaction after police foiled a plot to bomb an apartment complex housing Somali refugees.
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Michelle Obama's kitchen garden will keep blooming 7.10.2016 Minnesota Public Radio: Science
Whether or not future occupants of the East Wing like Bill Clinton or Melania Trump decide to get their hands dirty in the garden, its future has been cemented on the White House South Lawn.
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The Food Issue: Why Did the Obamas Fail to Take On Corporate Agriculture? 5.10.2016 NY Times: Most Emailed
Activists hoped President Obama would fight for stronger regulation. Eight years later, they’re still waiting.
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Wednesday Durango Dayplanner 21.9.2016 Durango Herald
Arts and Entertainment Gardens, Flowers, Photography, and Zen, 3 p.m., hands-on photography workshop, 1221 Main Ave., DurangoSpace, Jam, 6-9 p.m., Irish Embassy Pub, 900 Main Ave., 403-1200,...
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An enclave of Craftsman-style single-family houses in Vienna, Va. 21.9.2016 Washington Post
An enclave of Craftsman-style single-family houses in Vienna, Va.
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Colorado Master Gardeners: Gardening with beneficial friends 20.9.2016 Steamboat Pilot
I’m nearing the end of my second summer in a passive solar house with an 80-foot expanse of south-facing windows. At 7,000 feet, where the outdoor gardening season can be fickle and short-lived, the idea of stuffing our large window planters with vegetables and enjoying vine fresh tomatoes at Christmas held huge appeal. Little did I know I was starting a whole new gardening adventure. CSU Master Gardeners are available to answer questions from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. each Thursday at the Extension Office. Stop by 136 Sixth Street, call them at 970-870-5241 or email to Late fall, my solar palace was bursting with green. Tomatoes crowded four window bays, cucumbers hung from the ceiling between the kitchen and the window planters, the aroma of herbs filled the air in the late afternoon; this was a gardener’s dream. Or so I thought. First, I noticed the peppers. Transplanted as starts from a reputable grower, they were anemic, and the fruit wasn’t developing properly, especially ...
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Farmers enlist chickens and bugs to battle against pests 20.9.2016 Minnesota Public Radio: Law & Justice
In an effort to turn away from chemical pesticides, which have the potential to damage the environment, some farmers are looking in a new direction in the age-old struggle against pests.
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A Colorado Farm Helps Refugee Kids Put Down Roots In A New Home 20.9.2016 NPR News
In exchange for working on a farm, the kids get fresh, healthy produce to take home. They also get a way to break through the isolation refugees often face in a new country.
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Create a viral grassroots sustainability program in 7 steps 20.9.2016 Small Business |
Sponsored article: The passions of our employees can be your greatest asset when launching a major sustainability effort. Here's a case study from CH2M.
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In West Philadelphia, a garden shaded by development 18.9.2016 News
James Seward, the son of a South Carolina sharecropper, stayed connected to his roots through a vacant lot next to his West Philadelphia home where he cleared the brush and planted collards and cabbage, giving away what his family couldn't eat.
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Greenleaf looks to flourish in its new digs at Park Hill site 16.9.2016 Denver Post: Local
Greenleaf moved to Park Hill earlier this year and now has its garden at the Smiley School, 2540 Holly St. It is working to expand and further serve the neighborhood.
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Kids get their hands dirty to learn about healthy eating 14.9.2016 Seattle Times: Top stories

The South Whidbey School Farm and Gardens program teaches kids how to grow their own good food.
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Colorado Master Gardeners: Blue Ribbon Gardening — a conversation with Eileen Grover 13.9.2016 Steamboat Pilot
After reading Master Gardener Eileen Grover’s article about the Routt County Fair in the paper Aug. 9, I was inspired to drive to Hayden and wander through the exhibit hall on the last day. Wow! Clothing and jewelry, quilts and flowers, fresh vegetables and canned goods, photographs and paintings — all made by Routt County locals. CSU Master Gardeners are available to answer questions from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. each Thursday at the Extension Office. Stop by 136 Sixth Street, call them at 970-870-5241 or email to Everything was labeled and grouped by category and age. Equally impressive were the comments written on every entry by a judge and ribbons for each group. The atmosphere gave me the impression that lots of wonderful energy went into making this year’s fair a success. I also noticed 33 blue ribbons on Eileen’s entries, which included cookies, pie, canned foods, jams, fruits and vegetables. I was so impressed that I called her to ask about her blue ribbon gardening ...
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