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Two sons of Rev. Moon have split from his church — and their followers are armed 21.5.2018 Washington Post
Two sons of Rev. Moon have split from his church — and their followers are armed
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Hot Property: Studio titan's estate draws $68 million in Holmby Hills 19.5.2018 LA Times: Commentary

You could call it 68 million shades of Grey.

The Grey Estate, the Holmby Hills home of late Paramount Pictures Chairman and Chief Executive Brad Grey, has sold for $68,822,500.

Even for this tony Westside pocket, tucked in between Beverly Hills and Bel-Air, that’s a lot of money.

Designed by Howard...

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Hunger in Philly - 'It's a pain in my belly' 18.5.2018 News
In North Philadelphia and nearby communities, hunger is too easy to find. Hunger fighters are trying, in ways old and new, to beat back an untiring scourge.
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A former lawn sets the stage for a wildflower super bloom in Woodland Hills 15.5.2018 LA Times: Commentary

California’s super bloom hasn’t materialized the way it did last spring, but that hasn’t stopped Woodland Hills homeowners Ron Gales and Andrea Fields from enjoying a spectacular wildflower bloom of their own.

Walking up to the house in springtime, it’s hard to believe the landscape was “an ugly...

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The delightful demands of the cutting garden 15.5.2018 Washington Post
The delightful demands of the cutting garden
To Bring Drug Prices Down, Trump Proposes -- Nothing, Really 14.5.2018 American Prospect
(Olivier Douliery/Sipa USA via AP Images) Secretary of Health and Human Services Alex Azar, a former Eli Lilly executive, speaks about lowering drug prices as President Trump looks on during an event in the Rose Garden on May 11, 2018. In 1974, President Gerald Ford announced a plan to alleviate rising consumer prices. “We must whip inflation right now,” Ford proclaimed , holding up a button with the acronym WIN. Ford had no concrete policies to convey, no government price controls or monetary proposals. But he did have the buttons, along with a few recommendations for people to plant vegetable gardens or carpool to save money. The Whip Inflation Now campaign was one of the biggest public relations failures in American history, a slogan in search of an idea. And I couldn’t help but recall WIN when watching President Trump in the Rose Garden on Friday, in front of a sign reading “Lower Drug Prices for Americans.” There were no buttons, but the message was just as empty: a plan to lower drug prices based ...
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The Galloping Gourmet made cooking fun on TV long before Food Network. Now he’s back. 12.5.2018 Washington Post
The Galloping Gourmet made cooking fun on TV long before Food Network. Now he’s back.
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What $2.5 million buys right now in three Santa Barbara County communities 11.5.2018 LA Times: Commentary

Here’s a look at what roughly $2.5 million buys right now in the Upper Eastside, Santa Barbara and Montecito communities in Santa Barbara County.

UPPER EASTSIDE: This 1890s Victorian, which offers draped curtains and elegant chandeliers throughout its grand living spaces, is being sold by “Sopranos”...

Bee Day in Hackensack: Here are your bees, don't kill 'em 9.5.2018 Minnesota Public Radio: News
Each spring, hundreds of amateur beekeepers descend on Hackensack, Minn., to pick up boxes of bees from Jack Thomas, who may also deliver some honest advice if he doesn't think you're up to the task of keeping those bees alive. Come along for Bee Day.
New public garden opens Sunday on former Haas estate in Villanova 9.5.2018 News
Stoneleigh, the 42-acre Villanova estate belonging to the famously philanthropic Haas family, is the newest public garden in the Philadelphia region, which already calls itself - with more than 30 gardens within 30 miles of the city - "America's garden capital."
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To live on a volcano is to accept risk. On Hawaii’s Big Island, the risk has become reality. 9.5.2018 Washington Post
To live on a volcano is to accept risk. On Hawaii’s Big Island, the risk has become reality.
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Muslim woman sues Ventura County Sheriff's Department, says deputies forced her to remove hijab while jailed 7.5.2018 LA Times: Commentary

A Muslim woman filed a federal lawsuit against the Ventura County Sheriff’s Department on Monday, claiming deputies forced her to remove her head scarf while in custody last year, a move that runs counter to established case law protecting the religious rights of people in police custody.

In the...

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West Virginia Teachers Won Their Strike. Now, They’re Rebuilding the Local Economy. 7.5.2018 American Prospect
This article appears in the Spring 2018 issue of The American Prospect magazine. Subscribe here .  It’s early January, but the high tunnel at Mount View High School in McDowell County, West Virginia, is sweltering. High tunnels are inexpensive greenhouses, unheated but covered in plastic, that make it easier for farmers to extend the growing season for their fruits and vegetables. In this case, it’s strawberries: About 300 strawberry plants, donated by a McDowell farmer, are growing in raised beds. The students at Mount View chose to plant the strawberries, says Jenny Totten, who works with the high school students as the McDowell County Community Development Coordinator at the West Virginia Community Development Hub. The students don’t get to make a lot of their own decisions, she says. So she lets them choose what they want to do, whether it’s the work that they’ll do in the high tunnel or what they’ll make with the harvested plants. The kids don’t just learn gardening and cultivating, but also how to ...
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Rooted in Moorhead, 'Little Free Gardens' ready to grow 7.5.2018 Minnesota Public Radio: News
Inspired by Little Free Libraries, Little Free Gardens are as much about building neighborhoods as they are about growing food, advocates say. Born in Fargo-Moorhead, the gardens are spreading across the United States and Canada.
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Southwest D.C. is getting a new stadium, new restaurants and more dust and pollution for its poorest residents 7.5.2018 Washington Post
Southwest D.C. is getting a new stadium, new restaurants and more dust and pollution for its poorest residents
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27 tips, tricks and hacks for creating your very first vegetable garden 5.5.2018 LA Times: Commentary

Oh, vegetable planting time! Tomatoes, cucumbers, pumpkin, basil and other delicious summer edibles can all be planted now.

If you are building your first vegetable garden, here are some tips for success:

1. Put the garden near your kitchen door. That might not be the most attractive spot for it,...

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Developers see a healthy future for 'wellness' amenities 4.5.2018 LA Times: Commentary

Just as concepts of wellness have infiltrated travel, food and fitness, they’re now reaching into residential real estate.

In a so-called wellness community, a diverse, multigenerational population of mixed-income residents are encouraged to interact in beautified and walkable public and commercial...

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Philly's urban gardeners deserve a thank you, not an eviction notice | Editorial 30.4.2018 News
If the gardens are owned by the city, the city ought to give or lease the property to the gardeners as long as they meet the Neighborhood Gardens Trust's very good criteria for being responsible stewards.
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Actress-writer Renée Taylor seeks $8.6 million for Beverly Hills home with exotic gardens 28.4.2018 LA Times: Commentary

The longtime Beverly Hills home of actress-writer Renée Taylor and her late husband, actor-playwright Joseph Bologna, is for sale at $8.6 million.

Set on a third of an acre, the 1926 Tudor Revival was once occupied by Shirley Temple’s mother-in-law and often visited by Temple and her first husband,...

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The art of Mexican cooking 28.4.2018 LA Times: Commentary

Happy Saturday. It’s almost May, which means that our second annual Food Bowl festival is about to begin, a monthlong dinner party, with discussions, pop-ups, feasts, the return of our Night Market, even a food film festival. There’s a lot going on, and we invite you to join us over the next five...

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