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The great canned pumpkin hunt: Fans won't let Festal go 22.11.2017 Minnesota Public Radio: News
Fans of the brand, originally based in southern Minnesota, buy it on eBay for $6 a can and post triumphant tips on a Facebook page dedicated to bringing the canned pumpkin back. But the company that makes it said it's never gone away.
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The voice missing from the elephant trophy debate? Africans. 22.11.2017 Washington Post: Op-Eds
It’s easy to condemn trophy hunting. But getting rid of it would damage local economies.
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Eight women say Charlie Rose sexually harassed them - with nudity, groping and lewd calls 21.11.2017 News
The alleged incidents took place with employees, interns and job applicants at the "Charlie Rose" show.
Eight women say TV host Charlie Rose sexually harassed them — with nudity, groping, lewd calls 21.11.2017 Washington Post
The women told The Post that the longtime TV host made unwanted sexual advances toward them, including lewd phone calls, walking around naked in their presence, or groping their breasts, buttocks or genital areas.
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Why Americans — including hunters — are souring on big-game hunting 21.11.2017 Washington Post
Why Americans — including hunters — are souring on big-game hunting
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State wildlife officers find moose killed out of season 20.11.2017 AP Washington
KENNEWICK, Wash. (AP) -- State wildlife officers say a moose has been illegally killed near Lake Wenatchee in northern Washington....
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Getting more 'wolflike' is the key to the future for coyotes 17.11.2017 AP National
PORTLAND, Maine (AP) -- The future of the coyotes that roam forests, cities and suburbs from Newfoundland to Virginia could hinge on the animals becoming the "wolves" of the East Coast. And humans better get used to them....
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Appetites: Reviewer tracks down wacky snacks 16.11.2017 Minnesota Public Radio: News
Swedish Fish Oreo Cookies? Snickers Espresso? When companies push, sometimes odd, new flavors you might be intrigued, but hesitant to try them out. That's where Ben Passer comes in.
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Site C exposes economic folly of flooding farmland 15.11.2017 - News for the rest of us
David Suzuki As many countries move away from big hydro projects, B.C.'s government must decide whether to continue work on the Site C dam . The controversial megaproject would flood a 100-kilometre stretch of the Peace River Valley and provide enough power for the equivalent of about 500,000 homes . The BC Utilities Commission , an independent body responsible for ensuring British Columbians pay fair energy rates, found the dam is likely behind schedule and over budget, with completion costs estimated at more than $10 billion. In a "high impact" scenario, it may go over budget by as much as 50 per cent. The dam has faced court challenges and political actions by Treaty 8 First Nations and farmers whose land would be flooded. Treaty 8 First Nations stand to lose hunting and fishing grounds, burial sites and other areas vital to their culture and sustenance. West Moberly and Prophet River First Nations demonstrated the devastating environmental impacts Site C will have. The Peace Valley's land and waters ...
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How we got the story about monkeypox 15.11.2017 Washington Post
Readers had a lot of great questions about The Washington Post's trip with the CDC team searching for origins of the deadly virus in the Congo rainforest. Here’s the back story.
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Appetites: Oh deer! Venison meatballs with cherry BBQ sauce 9.11.2017 Minnesota Public Radio: News
Do you know what you're going to do with your deer after hunting season is over? Chef Jon Wipfli has some suggestions.
Air Force Academy finds cadet candidate responsible for racist messages 8.11.2017 Headlines: All Headlines
An Air Force Academy cadet candidate once thought the victim of racial slurs at the preparatory school on campus was actually the vandal who scrawled the threatening messages across the note boards outside his room and the dwellings of classmates.
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Texas shows that a good guy with a gun isn’t enough 8.11.2017 Washington Post: Op-Eds
Texas shows that a good guy with a gun isn’t enough
Russia investigates whether 141 dead seals starved to death 3.11.2017 Washington Post: World
Russian authorities were investigating whether 141 Baikal earless seals starved to death after their carcasses washed up in Siberia on the shoreline of the world’s deepest lake, officials said Friday.
More women are taking a shot at hunting as overall interest slips 3.11.2017 Minnesota Public Radio: News
In general, participation in hunting is trending downward. But the number of women who hunt is rising: Nearly 70,000 of Minnesota's 550,000 hunters are women.
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Hurricane Sandy Hit Five Years Ago Today. Here’s What We Learned—And Forgot. 30.10.2017 Mother Jones
This story was originally published by CityLab and appears here as part of the Climate Desk collaboration.  When Superstorm Sandy struck at the end of October 2012, the fallout was widespread and remarkable. Some of the most overt consequences were immediate: signs of crisis were shouted through a bullhorn. Homes and buildings kneeled at the foundation; trees were yanked […]
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Hunting Conservation Group Objects To Arby's Venison 29.10.2017 NPR News
Arby's has "got the venison" now and is marketing these new sandwiches to hunters. But an organization of hunters, anglers and conservationists has beef with it.
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Amazon delivers unexpected earnings behind new devices and services 27.10.2017 LA Times: Commentary

Shares of Amazon soared Thursday after the online retailer posted earnings that far surpassed Wall Street expectations.

The company is rapidly growing. It paid nearly $14 billion this summer for organic grocer Whole Foods, announced a series of new voice-activated Echo devices, and kicked off a...

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Amazon shares soar as earnings beat expectations 27.10.2017 AP Washington
NEW YORK (AP) -- Shares of Amazon soared Thursday after the online retailer posted earnings that far surpassed Wall Street expectations....
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'Healing Through Harvesting': Gleaning Unwanted Fruit Helps Refugees In Need 26.10.2017 NPR News
A volunteer network not only gathers wasted, oft-ignored foods and turns them into healthy meals, but also provides community and opportunities for those whose lives have been radically disrupted.
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