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Letters to the Editor: Sugary foods are addictive and deadly. Ban them along with flavored tobacco 6.8.2020 LA Times: Opinion

A physician warns that the addiction potential in society is unusually high, making us more prone to indulge in food and substances that can harm us.

The US Food System Is Killing Americans 4.8.2020 Organic Consumers Association News Headlines

This global pandemic has given a new meaning to the idea of American exceptionalism. The United States is faring far worse than other countries and shoulders a disproportionate share of global disease burden -- with 4% of the global population, yet, at the time of writing, nearly a quarter of global Covid-19 fatalities.

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Artist Lauren Halsey's latest project: bringing beautiful produce to underserved neighborhoods 31.7.2020 L.A. Times - Food & Dining

Meet Lauren Halsey, an artist and futurist architect feeding South L.A.

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Chicago banks, stores ask for spare change as they deal with national coin shortage 23.7.2020 Chicago Tribune: Popular
Convenience stores, grocers and national retailers like Walgreens and Walmart are asking customers to pay with a card or with the exact amount as they grapple with a national shortage of coins. Some businesses are even offering free drinks or buy-back programs to get people to bring in their spare change.
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Could a Detroit Experiment Unleash the Power of Urban Soil? 16.7.2020 Organic Consumers Association News Headlines

Over the past few months, the COVID-19 crisis has hit Detroit hard, resulting in more 12,000 cases and more than 1,500 deaths. It’s also produced an unemployment rate perhaps as high as 29 percent and a surging demand at area food banks.

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The Regeneration Revolution: Rising Up Against Big Meat and Factory Farms 15.7.2020 Organic Consumers Association News Headlines

Under the gun, reeling from an unprecedented public health, racial justice, environmental and climate crisis, now is certainly not the time to mince words nor offer up piecemeal reforms to greenwash a failed, degenerate system. As I point out in my recent book, Grassroots Rising: A Call to Action on Climate, Farming, Food, and a Green New Deal there are no magical, easy tweaks to business, politics and consumer behavior “as usual” that can save us.

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New Study Tells Why Chicken Is Killing You and Saturated Fat Is Your Friend 15.7.2020 Organic Consumers Association News Headlines

In the video podcast above, Dr. Paul Saladino and science journalist and author, Nina Teicholz — who is also an adjunct professor at NYU's Wagner Graduate School of Public Service and the executive director of The Nutrition Coalition — review the evidence against chicken, and why saturated fat really qualifies as a health food.

Four new restaurants are opening in Denver — in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic 14.7.2020 Denver Post: News: Local
All of the restaurants emphasize local ingredients and new flavors, from comfort food to healthy food to “scrap” food
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20 must-read books about food systems 10.7.2020
20 must-read books about food systems Danielle Nierenberg Fri, 07/10/2020 - 00:50 With record high unemployment , a reeling global economy and concerns of food shortages , the world as we know it is changing. But even as these shifts expose inequities in the health and food systems, many experts hope that the current moment offers an opportunity to build a new, more sustainable food system. To understand what it will take to move forward, Food Tank has compiled its summer reading list to delve into the issues that affect our food system today. These 20 books provide insight into food access and justice in Black communities, food relief and school nutrition programs, the effects of technology on global food supply chains, the relationship between climate change and food production, and much more. 1. " Be My Guest: Reflections on Food, Community, and the Meaning of Generosity " by Priya Basil (forthcoming November) Priya Basil explores the meaning of hospitality within a variety of cultural, linguistic and ...
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Denver has a new farmers market, and it’s ‘pay-how-you-can’ 2.7.2020 Denver Post: News: Local
Food insecurity is a major issue in the pandemic. This new market is the latest effort to address it.
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FDA, CDC investigating Fresh Express facility in Streamwood after bagged salads linked to intestinal parasites 30.6.2020 Chicago Tribune: Business
The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is inspecting a Fresh Express production facility in Streamwood, after bagged salads made there and sold at chains like Jewel, Aldi and Walmart were linked to a multistate outbreak of intestinal infections caused by the Cyclospora parasite.
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Berry pies are a summer treat best served cold 25.6.2020 L.A. Times - Food & Dining

A duo of fresh berry pies — blueberry and raspberry — is just the sort of refreshing, cold treat you want after a day in the summer heat.

Letters to the Editor: American culture promotes obesity. Here are some basic food facts to keep in mind 25.6.2020 LA Times: Opinion

Extreme weight loss stories are inspiring but rare. It's important to keep in mind some basic facts in a country that makes it so easy to become obese.

Grandson of Wendy’s founder Dave Thomas opens ‘fast-casual’ burger restaurant in Kildeer and holds virtual grand opening 23.6.2020 Chicago Tribune: Business
The hybrid restaurant offers a full-service bar, as well as an array of burgers, chicken sandwiches, salads and milkshakes.
That ‘All-Natural’ Smoked Atlantic Salmon You Bought? It Came from an Industrial Fish Farm 4.6.2020 Organic Consumers Association News Headlines
Whether you’re looking to treat yourself to a breakfast garnished with smoked salmon, or planning to serve up pre-dinner appetizers of sliced smoked salmon atop crackers, buyer beware: When it comes to the claims made on smoked Atlantic salmon packages and websites, brands are often just blowing smoke. Popular smoked Atlantic salmon brands entice consumers with promises like “premium,” “all natural,” “super fresh” and “healthy and nutritious.” Some brands claim their products are “sustainably sourced.” On the issue of animal welfare, one owner of multiple smoked Atlantic salmon brands claims on its website that the company’s approach to fish health and welfare is “second to none.” It all sounds great to the consumer. But here’s the real deal: All of these smoked Atlantic salmon products are made from salmon raised on massive industrial fish farms, and in some cases, nowhere near the Atlantic ...
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Pandemic Shock: Digital Dictatorship or Green Recovery? 30.5.2020 Organic Consumers Association News Headlines
In the COVID-19-driven time warp of the past 90 days, politics, economics and public opinion have changed drastically.  Important aspects of social behavior seem to have improved—less non-essential travel, less consumption, more family focus, reduced greenhouse gas pollution (17 percent less worldwide in early April), increase in demand for healthy, home-cooked foods, appreciation for nature, mutual aid, social solidarity and more attention paid to the plight of farmworkers, small farmers, healthcare workers and food chain workers. Unfortunately, other impacts of the pandemic are quite negative, in fact catastrophic: massive infections and deaths, widespread anxiety and fear, extreme political polarization and economic meltdown, including a massive number of bankruptcies of small businesses, with 40 million workers unemployed in the U.S. alone. In addition, the federal government, led by the White House and Senate Republicans, abetted by corporate Democrats, has relaxed pollution, environmental and food ...
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As need for food assistance soars, schools expand from meal pickup to grocery delivery: ‘We are seeing more demand every day.’ 23.5.2020 Chicago Tribune: Popular
“This is the first time I’ve experienced anything like that. It’s an emergency situation,” one school lunch administrator said of the growing need for meal assistance among local families.
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Oprah Winfrey provides $5 million to start COVID-19 relief network in ‘home city’ of Chicago 20.5.2020 Chicago Tribune: Popular
Oprah Winfrey's foundation has donated millions to help fight COVID-19 in the cities where she grew up and worked.
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Easy recipes from Frasca, Colorado’s James Beard nominee for outstanding restaurant 20.5.2020 Headlines: All Headlines
The timing of a national award nomination plus a cookbook publication at a time when many other restaurants won't reopen is bittersweet, to say the least.
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After COVID-19: How We Can Improve the Global Food System 8.5.2020 WRI Stories
After COVID-19: How We Can Improve the Global Food System Comments|Add Comment|PrintThe impact of COVID-19 greatly affects food and nutrition security. As we build back better, we must also “grow back better” to improve food and land use systems. Photo credit to Masahiro Ihara/Flickr This piece was first written for the Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition’s Nutrition Connect blog series on COVID-19. The COVID-19 pandemic has prompted major reflection and attention on the global food... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ...
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