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When babies cry, a first response is to feed them. But 'self soothing' strategies may prevent childhood obesity. 18.10.2018 News
At Hershey Medical Center, 279 first-time moms volunteered to participate in a Penn State study that examined strategies to soothe fussy infants as a way to prevent obesity.
Appetites: Dried bean bonanza 18.10.2018 Minnesota Public Radio: News
Chef and author Beth Dooley shares her insights into the delights of dried beans and cranberries. She has a few recipes and a guide to bean types to share, too.
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Campbell in Talks to Sell Fresh-Foods Unit 4.10.2018 Wall St. Journal: US Business
Campbell Soup is in talks to sell its fresh-foods business to investors led by Bolthouse Farms’ former chief executive.
Green Soul: Healthy options and a bar in Spring Garden 29.9.2018 News
The Bynum brothers have transformed the former Alla Spina into a more advanced version of their Northwest Philly cafes.
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McDonald's Removes Artificial Ingredients from Burgers 26.9.2018 Wall St. Journal: US Business
McDonald’s is stripping artificial ingredients from more food to win over customers who, the burger chain believes, don’t want to eat things with names like calcium propionate and sodium benzoate.
Intermittent fasting is this season's 'it' diet. But is it healthy? 25.9.2018 News
One dietitian said she'd never recommend a client restrict when he or she eats, saying intermittent fasting "glamorizes the extreme."
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12 things we're buying at the new Sprouts Farmers Market 24.9.2018 News
Last week, Pennsylvania's first Sprouts Farmers Market opened up, bringing a 32,000 square foot, health-focused grocery store to South Philadelphia's Lincoln Square. Here's what to look out for when you go.
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Do healthy diets protect the planet? As the U.N. meets, a focus on sustainability 23.9.2018 Minnesota Public Radio: News
As United Nations leaders gather in New York, top food and nutrition experts are convening for a forum to talk about how people around the globe can have both a nourished diet and a healthy planet.
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To follow a heart healthy diet, should you chose low fat or low carb? 19.9.2018 News
In the past, most research has compared two kinds of diets: low fat, high carbohydrate diets compared to high fat, low carb diets. They both focus on the amount of fat in our diets. But several new medical studies suggest that neither of these diets is healthy.
How your neighborhood can impact your life expectancy in Philadelphia 19.9.2018 News
Today in Philadelphia, someone living in Society Hill is expected to live approximately 88 years, while someone living in a North Philadelphia neighborhood is expected to live only 68 years, according to a study by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.
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The fight against world hunger is going in the wrong direction 12.9.2018 Minnesota Public Radio: Law & Justice
A U.N. report shows that the number of people around the world who aren't getting enough to eat has been increasing by millions since 2014.
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UCare offering discounts on healthy foods to some members 12.9.2018 Minnesota Public Radio: Law & Justice
UCare said it will begin offering its 30,000 non-group health plan members hundreds of dollars in healthy food discounts this month.
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Frozen Dinners Make a Comeback 9.9.2018 Wall St. Journal: US Business
Frozen dinners are on a hot streak. Sales of microwavable meals are rising at the fastest pace in a decade, drawing attention from food-company executives otherwise struggling with falling sales for well known but outdated brands.
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As wildfires rage, smoke chokes out farmworkers and delays some crops 29.8.2018 Minnesota Public Radio: Law & Justice
Smoke from wildfires is blanketing much of the West. That's ruining some crops and may be stunting others. And it's making it difficult or unsafe for laborers to pick the harvest.
Children, teens should not be on a paleo or gluten-free diet 28.8.2018 News
Many low-carb diets leave teens with fewer calories than their growing bodies require. A majority of an adult's bone mass is obtained during adolescence, so it's not the time to be forgoing foods that provide essential vitamins and minerals for growth.
Sustainable nutrition: a new term for an old concern 27.8.2018
Sponsored: The complexities of balancing human nutrition and sustainable land use.
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With 30-day McDonald's diet, Drexel dietitian shares how to eat healthy at fast food restaurants 22.8.2018 News
Boredom with the meal choices was her biggest challenge.
'Fat-burning' foods and other scientific-sounding nutritional trickery 21.8.2018 News
Would you like to kick-start your metabolism and strengthen your immunity to diseases? Just eat fat-burning foods with immune-boosting ingredients, and drink alkaline water. Actually, that whole paragraph, and its very concept, is a lie.
Penn Medicine is cutting back on the sugary drinks 13.8.2018 News
Penn's policy won't wall off items like Diet Coke. Penn said it will continue to provide diet beverages, unsweetened beverages, 100 percent fruit juice, milk, and flavored water.
Veroni brings Italian authenticity to U.S. markets with New Jersey plant 7.8.2018 News
Veroni, an Italian company that produces cured meat products such as salami and prosciutto, opened a plant in Logan Township, N.J., two years ago, but has remained committed to its Italian roots as it ventures into new food trends, including meat snacks.
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