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Chicago Gourmet cancels main event for 2020, plans smaller programs 30.6.2020 Chicago Tribune: Popular
The main event, where thousands of paying guests crowd into tasting pavilions to sample the food of dozens of Chicago’s biggest chefs, will be suspended until at least September 2021.
Patchwork reopening of Chicago-area bars and breweries allow some to thrive, while others say they’re left behind 12.6.2020 Chicago Tribune: Popular
Chicago breweries like Off Color Brewing say takeout sales are down after suburban breweries and those serving food can reopen before them.
Whole Egg Mayonnaise 22.5.2020 L.A. Times - Food & Dining

It takes only minutes to make from-scratch mayonnaise, which has a silkier texture and fresher flavor than the jarred stuff.

Here's when stay-at-home orders are expiring in each of California's 58 counties 25.4.2020 LA Times: Health

While the coronavirus outbreak has all Californians living under statewide orders, some counties have adopted regulations that have end dates.

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Gov. Newsom suggests he won't allow communities to lift stay-at-home orders for now 22.4.2020 LA Times: Health

Coronavirus: Newsom suggests he won't allow communities to immediately lift stay-at-home orders

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These California communities say it's safe to start reopening — if Newsom allows 21.4.2020 LA Times: Health

Some smaller California communities want to begin easing stay-at-home restrictions, saying they have made enough progress against the coronavirus.

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Coronavirus crisis hastens the collapse of local newspapers. Here's why it matters 18.4.2020 LA Times: Nation

As local governments and institutions make vital decisions about the pandemic that affect lives and livelihoods, it's clear how useful local newspapers can be.

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Coronavirus crisis could trigger huge California deficits, lawmakers are told 17.4.2020 LA Times: Health

Legislative Analyst Gabriel Petek told members of the state Senate's budget committee to prepare for a projected deficit of as much as $35 billion in the near future.

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Uncertainty and job losses grow as coronavirus outbreak leaves millions stuck at home 17.4.2020 LA Times: Health

Less than half of Los Angeles County residents still hold a job in the wake of unprecedented economic upheaval during the pandemic, a national survey released Friday shows.

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L.A. County moves to protect delivery workers, limit number of customers in stores 15.4.2020 LA Times: Business

Coronavirus: L.A. County moves to protect delivery workers, limit number of customers in stores

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Reduced tables, temperature checks, disposable menus. California officials outline 'new normal' for reopening restaurants 15.4.2020 LA Times: Health

Gov. Gavin Newsom laid out new guidelines for restaurants once the state's stay-at-home orders are lifted.

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What's open and closed this week: Beaches, parks and trails in Southern California 14.4.2020 LA Times: Health

Officials stress stay-at-home campaign and public lands restrictions stay tight as California struggles to slow the spread of the coronavirus.

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L.A. County coronavirus deaths reach 320 on a day when lowest number of new cases is reported 14.4.2020 LA Times: Health

L.A. County confirms 25 new coronavirus-linked deaths and a jump in the mortality rate to 3.4%.

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Airlines cut in-flight food and drinks to slow coronavirus' spread 26.3.2020 LA Times: Business

Southwest and American Airlines cut back on food and drinks on flights

L.A. takes drastic action on coronavirus, closing all nonessential businesses 20.3.2020 LA Times: Health

The restrictions come as officials said Los Angeles is running out of time to prevent a much more rapid spread of the coronavirus.

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Here are the new rules as Newsom orders all Californians to stay at home 20.3.2020 LA Times: Health

Coronavirus: Here are the rules now that Newsom has ordered all Californians to stay at home

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'I've never seen the O.C. so quiet.' Coronavirus slows Orange County life to a crawl 19.3.2020 LA Times: Health

Orange County's more than 3 million residents awoke to sweeping new restrictions aimed at slowing the spread of coronavirus.

Eight quick and easy salmon recipes to shake up your weeknight dinner routine 12.2.2020 L.A. Times - Food & Dining

Eight different toppings flavor slow-roasted salmon, with eight veggie-based sides, to shake up your usual weeknight dinner routine.

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Eight quick sides to serve with salmon for your weeknight dinner 12.2.2020 L.A. Times - Food & Dining

These eight veggie-based sides add crunch and cold contrast to these eight recipes to shake up your salmon routine.

Yards, rails and spurs: As the National Western opens, complex’s $1B renovation is a step closer to reality 11.1.2020 Denver Post: Local
The 114th edition of the stock show, horse show and rodeo, which begins its 16-day run Saturday, is in the early stages of what ultimately will be a more than $1 billion development.
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