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Scientists say you may live longer by severely restricting calories 2.4.2018 Minnesota Public Radio: Science
Scientists have long been fascinated with whether dramatically restricting the amount of food we eat can help us live longer. New research suggests it might, but the question is, is it worth it?
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Andrew Balducci, who built an Italian food mecca in New York, dies at 92 1.4.2018 Washington Post
Andrew Balducci, who built an Italian food mecca in New York, dies at 92
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Don’t Call It Pot: My Dinner With San Francisco’s Cannabis Gourmets 23.3.2018 Mother Jones
San Francisco’s first ever Thursday Infused, a “gourmet series for the canna-curious,” begins at 6:30pm one evening in March. I’m greeted at the door of a handsome purple Victorian house by Jamie Evans, a willowy blonde in a yellow silk dress who organizes events under the name the Herb Somm. Another woman in red lipstick […]
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More than meat and potatoes: 5 recipes for St. Patrick's Day 17.3.2018 Minnesota Public Radio: News
Here are five reader submitted St. Patrick's Day recipes to try in celebration of the holiday -- hopefully you have some cabbage handy.
Slow down ageing with the right food and ample sleep 13.3.2018 Lifestyle – The Indian Express
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'Flippy,’ the fast food robot, temporarily decommissioned for being too slow 9.3.2018 Washington Post
'Flippy,’ the fast food robot, temporarily decommissioned for being too slow
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10 Los Angeles-area chocolate shops for Valentine's Day 7.2.2018 L.A. Times - Food & Dining

The Aztecs believed the cacao beans used to make chocolate were a gift from their gods, and they’d bestow this sacred gift upon royalty and warriors, thus instituting the practice of giving chocolate to those very special. Casanova called it the “elixir of love” and drank it instead of Champagne....

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How Francis Lam, son of immigrants, became the voice of America’s food culture 28.1.2018 Washington Post
In the past few years, Lam has moved from journalist to tastemaker, joining those who decide what food issues matter and who will be heard.
Mexican Inflation Off to a Slow Start in 2018 24.1.2018 Wall St. Journal: US Business
Inflation in Mexico slowed sharply in the first half of January as the impact from the previous year’s jump in gasoline prices faded and fruit and vegetable prices fell.
How gourmet chocolate enriches the lives of smallholder farmers 22.1.2018
The Uncommon Cacao initiative is reviving chocolate production in countries with a rich tradition of cocoa cultivation like Belize and Guatemala.
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Families in food: Heaven in a cone 21.1.2018 Eye – The Indian Express
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Delta and American Airlines return to using catering company at LAX after listeria discovery 10.1.2018 LA Times: Commentary

Two of the world’s biggest airlines have resumed using a catering company that had been found to have listeria at its food preparation facility at Los Angeles International Airport.

About two months after cutting off some food service provided by Gate Gourmet at LAX, Delta Air Lines and American...

Free food for Colorado resort workers flows as low snow slows ski town business 16.12.2017 Headlines: All Headlines
Across the high country, churches and businesses are hosting weekly feeds that are drawing hundreds of employees who rely on snow for work.
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Now Serving in Chinatown is the place to go for your chefy holiday shopping needs 13.12.2017 L.A. Times - Food & Dining
Now Serving cookbook store in Chinatown.
When snow fails, Colorado charities shine for struggling ski resort workers 12.12.2017 Denver Post: Business
Summit County's non-profits and charitable organizations offer help to seasonal ski workers idled by lack of snow.
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Cheesy idea 2.12.2017 BBC: Business
Food businesses serving up cheesy dishes are thriving, but is the trend bad for our health?
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Is Instant Pot worth all the hype? 21.11.2017 News
For cooking beans and braised meats, the combination slow cooker/pressure cooker is a game changer.
Quick Bytes: Table for All 19.11.2017 Lifestyle – The Indian Express
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2 more airlines stop serving hot food from LAX caterer hit by listeria 15.11.2017 LA Times: Commentary

Delta Air Lines and Virgin Australia have stopped serving hot meals from Gate Gourmet at Los Angeles International Airport after listeria was found in the caterer's local kitchen.

Virgin Australia is giving passengers vouchers for food before their LAX flights.

Delta said it found another caterer...

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Iran quake survivors complain of slow aid effort, battle freezing cold 15.11.2017 World – The Indian Express
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