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Column One: Eat where Seoul's cabdrivers eat. It's where the real lives and flavors are 31.8.2020 LA Times: Nation

The 'gisa sikdang,' or driver restaurant, is to Seoul what the taco truck is to LA: the everyman's humble meal.

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Column: Fired as a hotel housekeeper when she got COVID-19, she now has no income or healthcare 29.8.2020 LA Times: Health

For hospitality workers coping with reduced hours and constant worry about exposure, the pandemic is much more than a medical crisis.

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Summer at the Hollywood Bowl, 2020: No concerts but food boxes for the hungry 29.8.2020 L.A. Times - Food & Dining

The Hollywood Bowl, its concerts canceled due to the coronavirus, reaches out with music and offers space to help feed the needy.

After 8 workers die of COVID-19, officials want Merced County Foster Farms plant closed 28.8.2020 LA Times: Health

After 8 workers die of coronavirus, officials want Foster Farms plant closed

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Therapeutic pork belly tacos and other takeout awesomeness 27.8.2020 L.A. Times - Food & Dining

Barbecue, tacos, Trinidadian cuisine and other great takeout from new restaurants.

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Workers and customers are catching COVID-19. Should businesses escape blame? 27.8.2020 LA Times: Business

Businesses fear they'll be blamed for COVID-19's spread. They're fighting for measures to protect them from lawsuits over infections, hospitalizations and deaths.

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Abandoned by authorities, these fire-threatened towns set up their own FEMA-like response 25.8.2020 LA Times: Environment

They couldn't get help from the state. Or the feds. So volunteer firefighters in two Santa Cruz mountain towns tapped an elite network of emergency responders.

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José Andrés helps feed Beirut during a time of crisis 20.8.2020 L.A. Times - Food & Dining

World Central Kitchen unites with chefs in Beirut to feed a city in crisis.

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Gusto Bread opens in Long Beach, a new Cambodian restaurant in Lincoln Heights and more 19.8.2020 L.A. Times - Food & Dining

Tartine arrives in Silver Lake and Georgia brewery Creature Comforts makes plans for DTLA

He turned his concrete patio in East L.A. into an edible garden with fruit trees 19.8.2020 Los Angeles Times - Living Green

His terraced backyard in East L.A. is primarily concrete but Ken Sparks has managed to transform the hardscape into something alive and soft with chickens, a butterfly garden and a surplus of organic vegetables that he has planted in raised beds installed on top of concrete.

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How this mom of three became a TikTok sensation making lunch for her kids 18.8.2020 L.A. Times - Food & Dining

Millions of people watch Jessica Woo make lunch for her kids on TikTok. Here's why.

Political battles, confusion reign in Kern County, one of worst U.S. coronavirus hot spots 17.8.2020 LA Times: Health

Coronavirus is ravaging Kern County in the hard-hit Central Valley. But local leaders say there is confusion over public health measures.

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In Minneapolis, months after George Floyd's death, Black residents cope with 'racial battle fatigue' 16.8.2020 LA Times: Nation

Protests over the death of George Floyd subside, but the pain lingers. And the COVID-19 pandemic continues to take a disproportionate toll.

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California coronavirus deaths double, with rural areas and suburbs hit hard 13.8.2020 LA Times: Health

The weekly death toll in California among COVID-19 patients is nearly twice its previous high in April as more cases shift to rural and suburban areas.

Organic Consumers Association Sues Champion Petfoods for Deceptive Marketing Claims 13.8.2020 Organic Consumers Association News Headlines

Organic Consumers Association (OCA) filed suit against Champion Petfoods USA and Champion Petfoods LP for deceptive marketing and advertising of pet foods marketed under the Orijen and Acana brand names.

The action was filed by Richman Law Group on behalf of OCA, in D.C. Superior Court under the D.C. Consumer Protection Procedures Act.

“Animal welfare concerns rank high with consumers and contribute significantly to their decisions when it comes to buying meat and poultry products,” said OCA International Director, Ronnie Cummins. “Whether that animal is destined for human consumption, or for pet food, the decision-making process is the same.

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A Salvadoran immigrant feared losing his food industry job. Now he's dead of COVID-19 12.8.2020 LA Times: Nation

José Roberto Álvarez worked at one of several food distribution facilities briefly closed by officials after the county said they failed to report COVID-19 outbreaks.

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Love pickles? Where to find kosher dills, herring, kimchi and more 12.8.2020 L.A. Times - Food & Dining

Where to find different kinds of pickles in L.A., including kimchi, pickled herring, achaar, kosher dills and more.

This chef lost her job due to the pandemic. So she started a cookie delivery business 12.8.2020 LA Times: Health

The 40-year-old pastry chef had long dreamed of opening her own bakery. Then, when she lost her job during the pandemic, she realized she had an opportunity on her hands: The Kirsh Baking Co. will now deliver freshly baked cookies to your door.

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Latino workers bear brunt of second wave of COVID-19 in ritzy Marin County 10.8.2020 LA Times: Health

In Marin County, one of the nation's richest, Latinos account for 16% of the population but 75% of coronavirus cases. Many are essential workers.

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'Can you bless our quarantine room?' In a city scarred by the coronavirus, a priest revives a nervous parish 8.8.2020 LA Times: Nation

When the coronavirus shut down the Smithfield pork factory in Sioux Falls, it also decimated the city's only Spanish-speaking Catholic congregation.

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