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Grocers Absorb Rise in Food Prices to Keep Customers From Straying 17.12.2017 Wall St. Journal: US Business
Food costs are ticking up after a multiyear glut of many staples. But consumers aren’t paying much more yet because grocers, discounters and online retailers are all holding down prices to win business.
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The most germ-infested places you encounter every day — and how to avoid getting sick 14.12.2017 Washington Post
Even as you get dressed for the day, you may be coming in contact with germs. And it's all downhill from there.
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Cattle have gotten so big that restaurants and grocery stores need new ways to cut steaks 9.12.2017 Washington Post
Cattle have gotten so big that restaurants and grocery stores need new ways to cut steaks
More people are buying food at Dollar General, helping boost the company's sales 8.12.2017 Washington Post
More people are buying food at Dollar General, helping boost the company's sales
UK grocer sells food past 'best before' date 5.12.2017 TreeHugger
Customers are happy to buy expired food if it costs next to nothing.
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New market to offer food, wellness programs in north Mpls. 28.11.2017 Minnesota Public Radio: Law & Justice
Though north Minneapolis has convenience stores, it is short on full-service grocery markets.
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Before Wawa, there was Heritage's Dairy Stores in South Jersey 26.11.2017 News
The Heritage family marks its 60th year in business in South Jersey. The business began as a milk store for a dairy farmer ancestor.
Canadian grocers expand online services after Amazon acquires Whole Foods chain 23.11.2017 Science / Technology News

Metro Inc. is looking to expand its online grocery offerings to Ontario next year, making it the latest Canadian retailer to ramp up its e-commerce options in the face of potential competition from Amazon. Metro CEO Eric La Fleche said Wednesday the grocer already offers "click and collect" in seven stores in Quebec and home delivery service in Greater Montreal, Quebec City and Gatineau, Que., covering 60 per cent of the population of Quebec.

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The great canned pumpkin hunt: Fans won't let Festal go 22.11.2017 Minnesota Public Radio: News
Fans of the brand, originally based in southern Minnesota, buy it on eBay for $6 a can and post triumphant tips on a Facebook page dedicated to bringing the canned pumpkin back. But the company that makes it said it's never gone away.
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Know your pork: Comparing 2 very different pig farms 20.11.2017 Minnesota Public Radio: Law & Justice
Minnesota farmers marketed 16 million pigs last year. Here's a look at how 5,200 of them were raised at two farms with contrasting approaches.
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It's been a year since California banned single-use plastic bags. The world didn't end 18.11.2017 LA Times: Commentary

It’s been a year since Californian banned most stores from handing out flimsy, single-use plastic bags to customers. It was the first, and remains the only, U.S. state to do so. But guess what? In the end, this momentous change was not a big deal. Shoppers did not revolt or launch recall campaigns...

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Walmart sees strong online sales lift third-quarter results 16.11.2017 AP Business
NEW YORK (AP) -- A surging online business and strong food sales boosted Walmart's results Thursday ahead of the holiday season, a day after its rival Target offered a cautious forecast that overshadowed progress it has made in bringing more customers to its stores....
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PHOTOS: Downtown Denver Whole Foods now open 16.11.2017 Denver Post: News: Local
Whole Foods on Union Station welcomed its first official shoppers on Nov. 15, 2017 downtown Denver. It's the first whole foods with a mac and cheese bar.
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Amazon slashes Whole Foods prices on holiday items, with deeper discounts for Prime members 16.11.2017 SFGate: Business & Technology

Amazon and Whole Foods Market are dropping prices on holiday favorites and other popular items and offering even greater discounts for Prime members, the companies said Wednesday. The deals give a peek into how Amazon will integrate its popular fast-shipping Prime service as the new Whole Foods official reward program. Whole Foods has cut prices for organic turkeys to $3.49 per pound and antibiotic-free turkeys for $2.49 per pound; for Prime members, those deals are $2.99 per pound and $1.99 per pound, respectively.

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14 game-changers for your routine 12.11.2017 Washington Post
The smallest solutions — packaged foods, apps, putting clothes out the night before — can make all the difference.
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Amazon will open pop-up stores inside Whole Foods to sell more devices for holiday season 11.11.2017 SFGate: Business & Technology

Amazon is using its Whole Foods acquisition to help sell more hardware devices and Prime subscriptions.

The tech giant announced today that it will open pop-up stores at five Whole Foods locations next week. Customers will be able to try out Amazon devices and learn more about the company's Prime membership programs from staffers at the stores.

Half off at Whole Foods and other deals around Denver, Nov. 10-16 10.11.2017 Denver Post: Entertainment
One Denver Whole Foods will cut its prices in half this weekend.
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Amazon to open pop-up store at the opening of the Whole Foods Market near Union Station 10.11.2017 Denver Post: Business
Seatle-based Amazon, which acquired Whole Foods in August, will open a pop-up store on Nov. 15 at the opening of Whole Foods' new location near Union Station, according to a statement from the tech giant.
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Kindle with your kale? Amazon to open shops in Whole Foods 10.11.2017 AP Business
NEW YORK (AP) -- You may see more of Amazon inside Whole Foods soon: The online retailer, which has already been selling its voice-activated Echos at Whole Foods, will start to sell Kindles, Fire tablets and other Amazon devices at its grocery stores....
GMO apples heading to Midwest supermarkets 8.11.2017 SFGate: Business & Technology
Genetically modified fruit salad just got real. Along with virus-resistant papayas, apples are joining the ranks of biotech fruit sold in U.S. grocery stores. The first commercial harvest of GMO golden delicious apples will be going from Washington state orchards to 400 Midwestern grocery stores this month. They will be sliced up and sold in 10-ounce bags, and because they’re modified, they take much longer to brown when exposed to the air. While GMO crops are the mainstream for U.S. commodities like corn and soybeans, that isn’t the case with fruits.
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