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“Meg the Budtender” takes lead on new Colorado marijuana education campaign 21.5.2018 Headlines: All Headlines
Colorado's health department unveiled "Responsibility Grows Here," the latest public education effort that will include four targeted campaigns addressing consumers, youth, trusted adults, and pregnant and breastfeeding women.
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Now that marijuana is legal, could magic mushrooms be next? 15.5.2018 News
Activists argue that psilocybin-rich mushrooms ought to be decriminalized. Some medical experts are wary.
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The Health 202: Here's how the Trump administration is expanding a drug pricing database 15.5.2018 Washington Post
The Health 202: Here's how the Trump administration is expanding a drug pricing database
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A dangerous opioid is killing people in California. It's starting to show up in cocaine and meth 15.5.2018 LA Times: Commentary
Fentanyl is increasingly showing up in cocaine, methamphetamine and other non-opiate drugs, often without users knowing, experts say. Many fear that the rise of fentanyl signals a major threat in California, which has in large part avoided the worst of the opioid epidemic.
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Fentanyl deaths in Minnesota surge into 'public health crisis' 14.5.2018 Minnesota Public Radio: Law & Justice
The powerful drug that killed Prince and has shattered lives across the Twin Cities contributed to nearly all the 172 deaths tied to synthetic opioids last year. Officials worry fentanyl may be taking heroin's place on the street.
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101 bills that passed and failed: A digest of what you missed in the 2018 Colorado legislative session, from taxes to crime to transportation 13.5.2018 Denver Post: All Political News
Colorado lawmakers introduced more than 700 bills in the 2018 legislative session covering a wide range of topics. If you’re wondering what you missed, one line about 101 bills that passed or failed in the 120-day term.
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People taking medication to treat opioid addiction face stigma that they're not 'fully recovered' 12.5.2018 News
Some people still can't accept the idea of using drugs to get off drugs.
Suit to derail Pa. marijuana research is 'pathetic,' says law's author 12.5.2018 News
A suit filed to stop Pennsylvania's state-sanctioned marijuana research before it launches is "pathetic because it's all about the money," said St. Rep. Kathy Watson (R.- Bucks), the primary author of the provision that created the program.
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We asked congressional hopeful Ashley Lunkenheimer about her family-funded super PAC, Trump and more | #PA5 12.5.2018 News
The former federal prosecutor said she has "not coordinated" with the super PAC.
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‘I survived. I made it out’: She used to be addicted to crack cocaine. Now, she wants to help opioid abusers. 11.5.2018 Washington Post
‘I survived. I made it out’: She used to be addicted to crack cocaine. Now, she wants to help opioid abusers.
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Meet Mary Gay Scanlon, the education advocate and Ballard lawyer running for Congress | #PA5 10.5.2018 News
We asked her about everything from pot to Comcast to whether Nancy Pelosi should be Speaker if Democrats win back the U.S. House.
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Nearly 280 marijuana stores in Colorado suggested cannabis for pregnancy-related nausea, a new study shows. Health officials urge the opposite. 10.5.2018 Denver Post: Lifestyles
Colorado officials have long warned about the risks of using marijuana while pregnant -- including placing warning labels on cannabis packaging. But a new study shows that employees at marijuana stores will frequently recommend marijuana to control pregnancy-related nausea, if asked.
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The Health 202: Top opioid makers apologized for pill dumping...sort of 9.5.2018 Washington Post: Politics
It was a raucous day on the Hill.
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Two lawmakers determined to get Philly an indoor marijuana farm 9.5.2018 News
The state awarded 12 permits last year to cultivate medical marijuana in Pennsylvania. Philadelphia was shut out. Councilman Derek S. Green (D., At-Large) and St. Rep. Jordan A. Harris (D, 186th) are seeking to keep that from happening again.
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Philly area investment firm doubles down on marijuana 9.5.2018 News
MainLine Investment Partners is putting $10 million into AltMed, a Sarasota-based cannabis grower and retailer. On May 7, MainLine co-founders William Landman and David Clapper were appointed to AltMed's board.
Motorcycle bursts into flame, rider killed in high speed collision with van 4.5.2018 Denver Post: Local
A motorcyclist died after he rode at high speed into the back of a passenger van at a Colorado Springs intersection late Thursday night, igniting the motorcycle on fire.
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Marijuana dispensaries flower in the Phila. region 4.5.2018 News
South Philly's first store will have an atmosphere that crosses "living room chic" with a Nordstrom's jewelry counter, a retailer says. A Plymouth Meeting dispensary will try to create a cross between an Apple Store and a library.
No, Kevin Smith's marijuana use was not good for his heart, Temple cardiologist says 3.5.2018 News
The film director claimed the drug kept him "calm" during a heart attack, helping him survive. Cardiologists say that is not likely.
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The Daily 202: Trump's big gambit has paid off — at least for him. 2.5.2018 Washington Post: Politics
Democrats need to bring something to the table.
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'Pent up demand' for medical marijuana in N.J. boosts enrollment 25 percent 2.5.2018 News
Enrollment in New Jersey's medical marijuana program has spiked 25 percent since Gov. Murphy took office in January. About 20,000 patients now participate, and about 100 more sign up each day. Unlike his predecessor, Chris Christie, Murphy is pro-cannabis and is promoting the use of medical marijuana as an alternative to opioids.
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