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Congress sends massive veterans bill to Trump, opening door to more private health care 24.5.2018 Washington Post: Politics
Passage of the VA Mission Act marks a significant legislative win for the president.
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States start pushing back against Trump's junky short-term health plans 24.5.2018 LA Times: Commentary

California, Illinois and other states have begun pushing back against efforts by the Trump administration to expand the availability of junk health insurance plans, which would undermine the Affordable Care Act’s consumer protections and marketplace stability.

In Sacramento, the California state...

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Trying physical therapy first for low back pain may curb use of opioids 23.5.2018 Minnesota Public Radio: Science
A study of patients with low back pain finds that those who got physical therapy first needed fewer pricey scans and surgeries and had "significantly lower out-of-pocket costs" for treatment overall.
Uber to Offer Limited Health Insurance to European Employees 23.5.2018 Wall St. Journal: US Business
Uber will pay for limited health insurance and parental benefits for all of its regular drivers and couriers in Europe in a bid to ease tensions with workers who have been clamoring for greater employment benefits.
Savvy Doctors Can Convince Reluctant Parents To Vaccinate Their Kids 23.5.2018 Mother Jones
A vaccine that can prevent certain kinds of cancer has been on the market for decades—but American children’s immunization rates with it are still woefully low. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends that all children receive a series of human papillomavirus immunizations when they’re 11 or 12, yet less than half of teenagers […]
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I was a patient of USC gynecologist George Tyndall. The pelvic exam he gave me was anything but normal 23.5.2018 LA Times: Commentary

How many pelvic exams does a woman have in her lifetime? Why should one in particular stand out?

Even at the time it didn’t feel right, back when I was a 25-year-old theater student at USC. Today, 16 years later, I’m a women’s health nurse practitioner who has performed thousands of pelvic exams....

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Pa. health system aims to take the mystery out of health care prices - and offers a discount for paying cash 23.5.2018 News
Hospitals, insurance companies and other health care facilities are rising to a pressing challenge: The cost of care is exceedingly important, with national health-care spending climbing to atmospheric heights and consumers paying more out-of-pocket than ever before. Yet, reliable price estimates are exceptionally hard to nail down.
New 'unified theory' of childhood leukemia raises possibility of preventing the disease 23.5.2018 LA Times: Science

Kids who develop acute lymphoblastic leukemia may be the victims of a triple-whammy stroke of bad luck, according to a provocative new theory from a respected British cancer researcher.

If the explanation turns out to be correct, it would be good news for the most common type of childhood cancer:...

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Red Cross: Over 2,000 attacks on health care in conflict 23.5.2018 Washington Post: World
The Red Cross says there have been over 1,200 incidents of violence against hospitals and medical personnel in 16 countries in the two years since the U.N. adopted a resolution demanding that combatants protect staff and facilities treating the wounded and sick.
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Lax oversight of temporary staff at nursing home where Herbert R. McMaster Sr. died last month 23.5.2018 News
The annual licensing inspection of Cathedral Village's nursing home, completed the day before Herbert R. McMaster Sr. died, found 13 violations, including lax oversight of temporary nurses.
Americans stick with health insurance despite Trump's push to dismantle Obamacare 22.5.2018 LA Times: Business

Americans kept up their health insurance last year despite President Trump's all-out push to dismantle the Obama-era coverage expansion. That's the counterintuitive conclusion from a major government survey released Tuesday.

After nearly a full year of Trump’s presidency, the uninsured rate was...

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7 Pa. patients infected after use of no-rinse foam 22.5.2018 News
One New Jersey patient and seven in California also were infected.
Prostate cancer death rates have stopped declining. What should men do? 22.5.2018 News
After falling for two decades, the death rate for prostate cancer has stopped decreasing and the incidence of advanced disease is rising, researchers said Tuesday.
After long decline, death rates from prostate cancer stop falling 22.5.2018 Washington Post
It’s not clear whether a drop in screening is the cause of rising incidence of advanced disease, researchers say.
The Health 202: Trump's moves haven't yet significantly decreased the number of people with health insurance 22.5.2018 Washington Post
The Health 202: Trump's moves haven't yet significantly decreased the number of people with health insurance
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Meet Virginians who would be helped by a Medicaid expansion 22.5.2018 Washington Post
Meet Virginians who would be helped by a Medicaid expansion
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Meet the Ebola Doctor Who Trump Viciously Attacked on Twitter 21.5.2018 Mother Jones
In November 2014, Dr. Craig Spencer walked out of New York’s Bellevue Hospital cured of Ebola. He was the last American diagnosed with the disease in the US. During the nearly three weeks Spencer spent in the hospital, his liver started to fail, and he lost 20 pounds. But thanks to the treatment he received, including […]
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Nurse dead in Congo as Ebola vaccination campaign starts 21.5.2018 Washington Post: World
Congo’s health minister says a nurse has died from Ebola in Bikoro, the rural northwestern town where the outbreak began, as the country begins a vaccination campaign.
Put Obamacare on the November ballot; support candidates who want to fix it | Editorial 21.5.2018 News
Plans to kill Obamacare aren't dead. They're just laying low, waiting for the right time to resurface.
Watching but not treating cancer can be hard. Sometimes it’s the right approach. 21.5.2018 Washington Post
Watching but not treating cancer can be hard. Sometimes it’s the right approach.
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