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Long road to liftoff for hydrogen-power electric flying vehicle 4.8.2019 Denver Post: Business
Alaka’i Technologies is betting its new hydrogen-powered electric flying vehicles dubbed Skai will someday serve as taxis, cargo carriers and ambulances of the sky.
Suncor oil refinery operators hit by Colorado health department for emitting toxic gas 1.7.2019 Headlines: All Headlines
Colorado health officials have taken a first step toward penalizing operators of the Suncor oil refinery for polluting metro air with hydrogen cyanide, a toxic gas.
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Suncor’s hydrogen-cyanide emissions exceeded permit last year; Colorado now weighing refinery’s request to increase limit 26.5.2019 Denver Post: Local
The pollution from Suncor's Commerce City refinery exemplifies the incremental environmental degradation along Colorado's Front Range that increasingly rankles residents. For decades, people in the largely Latino lower-income north Denver neighborhoods of Globeville and Elyria-Swansea have suffered disproportionately from asthma, cancer and heart-lung ailments --- possibly related to air pollution.
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Diana DeGette moves to regulate Suncor Energy pollutants over north Denver 20.3.2019 Denver Post: All Political News
Rep. Diana DeGette announced Tuesday that she will soon introduce legislation requiring the Environmental Protection Agency to set emissions standards for hydrogen cyanide.
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The auto industry has a glamorous past but an opaque future 13.10.2017 Denver Post: Opinion
DETROIT -- Bending metal, slapping on chrome and marketing an empowering product and status marker that mesmerized 20th-century America, the automobile industry typified the Old Economy, of which General Motors was emblematic. As was its bankruptcy. Today, GM's CEO Mary Barra is wagering that the industry soon will be manufacturing New Economy products. They will incorporate technologies that will entice buyers whose sensibilities and expectations have been shaped by the kind of empowerment delivered by their smartphones, which arrived just 10 years ago.
Fort Carson pushing boundaries with hydrogen-fueled rig 9.7.2017 Denver Post: Business
Meet the hydrogen-powered ZH-2, an experimental truck built by General Motors and recently tested by the Army at Fort Carson.
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Bacteria powered fuel cell used to turn methane into electricity 20.5.2017 Technology – The Indian Express
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Hydrogen fuel cell cars creep up on electrics 14.4.2017 Salt Lake Tribune
Detroit • Hydrogen fuel cell cars could one day challenge electric cars in the race for pollution-free roads — but only if more stations are built to fuel them. Honda, Toyota and Hyundai have leased a few hundred fuel cell vehicles over the past three years, and expect to lease well over 1,000 this year. But for now, those leases are limited to California, which is home to most of the 34 public hydrogen fueling stations in the U.S. Undaunted, automakers are investing heavily in the technology. G...
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Let there be light: German scientists test ‘artificial sun’ 24.3.2017 Denver Post: National News Headlines
Scientists in Germany flipped the switch Thursday on what's being described as "the world's largest artificial sun," a device they hope will help shed light on new ways of making climate-friendly fuels.
Suncor oil refinery spewed hundreds of pounds of toxic gases over Denver — again — after Xcel power outage 17.3.2017 Denver Post: News: Local
Malfunctions at the Suncor oil refinery just north of Denver triggered toxic belches spewing more than 100 pounds of hydrogen sulfide and more than 500 pounds of sulfur dioxide gas into the air this week, exceeding state air quality limits.
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Zero-emission boat prepares for odyssey 11.1.2017 Salt Lake Tribune
Paris • The first self-sufficient boat powered only by emission-free energy will start a six-year trip around the world in the spring. Energy Observer, a former multi-hull race boat converted into a green vessel equipped with solar panels, wind turbines and a hydrogen fuel cell system, will be powered by wind, the sun and self-generated hydrogen. The $5.25 million boat, which is currently in a shipyard in Saint-Malo, will set sail from the Brittany port and will make its first of 101 stops acros...
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Exxon, FuelCell studying carbon emissions 6.5.2016 Salt Lake Tribune
Exxon and FuelCell Energy will jointly develop technology to reduce the cost of capturing carbon emissions from power plants. The companies will pursue technology that uses carbonate fuel cells to generate power while capturing carbon dioxide, which scientists say is the most prevalent greenhouse gas responsible for climate change. Exxon’s vice president for research and development, Vijay Swarup, says developing technology to clean up power plants is part of Exxon’s strategy to help limit clima... <iframe src="" height="1" width="1" > </frame>
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Scientists to inject fuel in experimental fusion device 3.2.2016 Denver Post: National News Headlines
GREIFSWALD, Germany (AP) — Scientists in northeast Germany were poised to flip the switch Wednesday on an experiment they hope will advance the quest for a clean and safe form of nuclear power.
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Colorado becomes rising player in fuel cell use and development 14.1.2016 Headlines: All Headlines
Colorado received a nod from the U.S. Department of Energy in a new report on the growth of fuel cells as an alternative resource.
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N. Korea defiance challenges moral authority of nuclear club 9.1.2016 Denver Post: National News Headlines
PYONGYANG, North Korea (AP) — When North Korea claimed triumphantly that it had tested its first hydrogen bomb this week, it was roundly and predictably condemned by the United States, China, Russia, Britain, France and India, countries estimated to possess a combined total of more than 15,000 nuclear warheads.
The Latest: S. Korea limits entry to border industrial park 7.1.2016 Durango Herald
The Latest: S. Korea limits entry to border industrial park jointly run with North Korea
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H-bomb: More powerful than Hiroshima bomb, fits on missile 6.1.2016 Denver Post: National News Headlines
TOKYO (AP) — The announcement Wednesday from North Korea that it had carried out a nuclear test brought to the front lines of global attention a phrase not often heard since the Cold War — "the H-bomb.
Toyota unveils first Hydrogen-powered car 6.1.2015 Denver Post: Business
Dr. Michio Kaku, a physicist, introduced the Toyota's new hydrogen-fuel cell Mirai. He said he learned about it from a press ...
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Utah company gets grant for fuel cell research 4.9.2014 Salt Lake Tribune
Materials & Systems Research, Inc. of Salt Lake City has received $2.8 million grant from the U.S. Department of Energy for fuel-cell technological research. Based at 5395 W. 700 South, the company’s research program is one of 13 that will split $33 million the Energy Department has made available to develop “cost-effective, intermediate-temperature fuel cell technologies to improve grid stability and enable integration of renewable energy into the system.” Materials & System Research is in a th...
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Toyota gambles on hydrogen fuel cell technology 20.7.2014 Denver Post: Business
TOKYO — Rocket science, long dismissed as too impractical and expensive for everyday cars, is getting a push into the mainstream by Toyota, the world's top-selling ...
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