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9 metro Denver solar gardens rooted, another 10 start to sprout 26.4.2015 Headlines: All Headlines
Asolar garden building boom is sweeping the Denver area, with nine gardens already built and 10 more under development.
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Louisville-based Real Goods Solar gets delisting warning from Nasdaq 17.4.2015 Denver Post: Business
Real Goods Solar Inc., the Louisville-based residential solar installer, received a delisting warning from the Nasdaq Stock Market because the price of its stock has fallen too low ...
Colorado's big coal-burning utilities take a turn to renewable energy 12.4.2015 Denver Post: Business
Most of the electricity produced in Colorado still comes from burning coal, but even the state's two largest coal burners are adding more renewable ...
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Obama visits Utah to tout solar energy as good for jobs, climate 4.4.2015 Denver Post: Business
President Barack Obama said the U.S. economy is being buffeted by slowdowns overseas and made a pitch for his proposals on infrastructure, education and energy as the remedy to sustain ...
Cities add most solar installations 31.3.2015 Headlines: All Headlines
One of the most fertile grounds for solar panels in the U.S. looks to be big cities, where by the end of 2014 about 1,300 megawatts were installed — enough to power 250,000 homes.
Best: Assessing our rapidly changing world of energy 28.3.2015 Denver Post: Opinion
Stanford University's Sally Benson long ago became involved with research about carbon capture and storage.
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Renewable energy isn't boosting electric bills study contends 23.3.2015 Denver Post: Business
Renewable energy is seen as the culprit behind higher electricity bills by Colorado Republican lawmakers, but a new study contends it just ain't ...
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Growing into a new era of solar in Colorado 22.3.2015 Denver Post: Business
A solar array is going up on a roof of a home or business in the U.S. every four minutes — by one estimate — but getting them hooked up to the grid can take a lot ...
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Solar plane leaves India for next stop in Myanmar 19.3.2015 Denver Post: National News Headlines
YANGON, Myanmar (AP) — A solar-powered plane landed in Myanmar on Thursday night, the third leg of a round-the-world trip aimed at highlighting clean energy.
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Obama administration wants more 19.3.2015 Durango Herald
WASHINGTON – The Obama administration will seek tougher standards for companies extracting oil, gas and coal on taxpayer-owned land during its remaining months in office, even as it pushes for expanded solar and wind projects, Interior Secretary Sally Jewell said Tuesday.Jewell, in a major speech outlining energy priorities for the...
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CU Boulder at the center of NASA's upcoming MMS mission 8.3.2015 Headlines: All Headlines
NASA soon will launch a mission with a big name and an even bigger purpose in which students from the University of Colorado's Boulder campus will play a key role.
New concept in solar energy poised to catch on across U.S. 8.3.2015 Denver Post: Business
A new concept in renewable energy is catching fire across the country, allowing customers who might find solar panels too expensive or impractical to buy green energy ...
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New concept in solar energy poised to catch on across US 7.3.2015 Headlines: All Headlines
MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — A new concept in renewable energy is catching fire across the country, allowing customers who might find solar panels too expensive or impractical to buy green energy
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Dems stop renewable-energy rollback 3.3.2015 Durango Herald
DENVER – Colorado Democrats controlling a House of Representatives committee on Monday killed a Republican attempt to roll back rural renewable-energy standards.The measure made it through the Republican-controlled Senate last month but faced an uphill climb in the House, where Democrats on the State, Veterans and Military Affairs...
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Boulder-based Ball Aerospace to play big role in NASA DSCOVR mission 6.2.2015 Denver Post: Business
Two instruments from Boulder-based Ball Aerospace are at the heart of a space mission that will help scientists understand climate change and better protect Earth from the effects of ...
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Editorial: Don't hobble Colorado renewable energy rules 31.1.2015 Denver Post: Opinion
By just about every metric imaginable, Colorado's renewable energy standard has been a success.
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Clean Energy Collective, Craig community celebrate solar garden 29.1.2015 Steamboat Pilot
Although the solar garden reception started just as the sun dropped behind the horizon, plenty of energy filled Cassidy's Bar and Lounge Wednesday night at the Clarion Inn and Suites. The garden is a collaborative effort between the city of Craig, Clean Energy Collective and Yampa Valley Electric Association . CEC hosted the reception to celebrate finishing the 577-kilowatt system. Those who rent or own property on YVEA’s electric grid can purchase one of the $825 panels. Each panel will save customers about $45 per year on electric bills. As of Oct. 8, customers had purchased 46 percent of the garden. Craig Mayor Terry Carwile, YVEA General Manager Diane Johnson and CEC Chief Executive Officer Paul Spencer spoke at the reception and expressed gratitude at the ability to participate in a partnership that brings diversification to Craig’s energy blend. “The project is small, but the impact potential is huge,” Carwile said. At the same time the garden brings diversification to Craig’s energy sources, it ...
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Denver's SunShare lands "significant" solar garden investment from NRG 28.1.2015 Headlines: All Headlines
Denver-based solar power firm SunShare is looking at brighter prospects with a big financial boost from utility powerhouse NRG Energy.
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Craig briefs: YVEA community solar grand opening is Wednesday 28.1.2015 Steamboat Pilot
Yampa Valley Electric Association will host a grand opening celebration for the community-owned solar array. Energy Collective, a Colorado-based group that aims to provide clean power generation to people regardless of housing ownership status, partnered with YVEA to build a solar garden in Craig. The garden is an effort between the city of Craig, CEC and YVEA. Learn more about community solar and meet fellow renewable energy enthusiasts at 5:30 p.m. Wednesday at the Clarion Inn & Suites. City Council candidates bid deadline is Friday Those wishing to run for Craig City Council or mayor must turn in petitions by Friday. Petitions can be obtained from city hall, and candidates must gain signatures from registered voters in Craig in order to be on the ballot. Completed petitions must be returned to City Clerk Kathy Larson. All candidates for city council seats must “be United States citizens, at least 25 years of age, residents of the State of Colorado and the City of Craig for at least one-year prior to ...
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Utilities vie for time in the sun 25.1.2015 Denver Post: Business
Traditional firms consider options to capitalize on solar.
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