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After Fukushima, Japan gets green boom—and glut 30.10.2014 Denver Post: National News Headlines
TOKYO (AP) — Like other Japanese who were banking on this country's sweeping move toward clean energy, Junichi Oba is angry.
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Electric-car drivers trading gas for solar power 28.10.2014 Denver Post: Business
DETROIT (AP) — Owners of electric vehicles have already gone gas-free. Now, a growing number are powering their cars with ...
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The Latest: When wind and solar need reliable backup power 27.10.2014 High Country News Most Recent
Western grid operators can now buy backup power on a real-time, open market to smooth intermittent renewables.
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Reframing rays 26.10.2014 Headlines: All Headlines
When Michelle Rose went hunting for a new home, she was looking for three bedrooms and baths, a nice floor plan and granite countertops.
Mackintosh Academy students in Littleton win grant for solar panels 25.10.2014 Denver Post: Local
Mackintosh Academy in Littleton was recently awarded a grant for about $96,000 to purchase and install solar panels for its campus, thanks to the work of a group of sixth ...
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Net metering is a way to move Colorado toward climate justice 24.10.2014 Denver Post: Opinion
Some may wonder why "environmental justice" is among the "Five Strategic Game Changer Initiatives" of the NAACP.
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There are many ways to do solar right 22.10.2014 Denver Post: Opinion
Xcel Energy has been talking a lot about solar energy this year. Advertising proclaiming the need to "Do Solar Right" was ubiquitous before the utility proposed a new solar program of 50MW of centralized power that it wants to sell the public.
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Coconino County solar projects to save money 21.10.2014 | Arizona Republic Front Page
Coconino County has began its first of four solar projects that will reduce the county government's energy consumption by up to ...
Price of solar arrays keeps dropping -- down as much as 19 per cent in 2013 21.10.2014 Denver Post: Business
A worked cleans part of a solar array in Colorado's San Luis Valley.The cost of solar arrays dropped as much as 19 percent in 2013 and is projected to continue dropping in 2014, according to ...
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Can you go solar? Leases, loans help 18.10.2014 Durango Herald
NEW YORK – A new financing offering could make home solar cheaper and more attractive to homeowners, and keep the adoption of home solar growing. The offer, announced by SolarCity, is a loan that allows homeowners to install their own solar system on their roof for little or no money down, and pay less for electricity. Previous...
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What's the best direction in which to position solar panels? APS says west 16.10.2014 | business
What's the best direction in which to position solar panels? APS says ...
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What's the best direction to position solar panels in? APS wants them facing west 16.10.2014 | business
What's the best direction to position solar panels in? APS wants them facing ...
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Solar at at peak 16.10.2014 | business
Wind forecasting model saves Xcel customers $40 billion 15.10.2014 Headlines: All Headlines
Computer forecasting models aimed at better managing wind and solar power have saved Xcel Energy customers $40 million over the last four years, according to the utility.
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Solar in the desert finally gets some scrutiny 9.10.2014 High Country News Most Recent
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SolarCity offering new loans paid off by electricity production 9.10.2014 | business
SolarCity is offering solar loans that will be paid off by their electricity ...
Colorado start-ups pitch new technologies to scrub oil and gas fields 3.10.2014 Denver Post: Business
Drones, real-time pollution sensors and solar evaporation systems were among the technologies pitched Thursday as ways to help clean-up oil and gas ...
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Xcel, solar industry spar over value of rooftop solar at PUC session 2.10.2014 Headlines: All Headlines
The solar-energy industry and Xcel Energy painted sharply different pictures of the value and cost of rooftop solar at a Colorado Public Utilities workshop Wednesday.
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Geos Development neighborhood in Arvada claims net-zero sustainability 1.10.2014 Denver Post: News: Local
Norbert Klebl set out to design a new kind of neighborhood - an integrated neighborhood with homes that create at least as much energy as they consume while fostering a sense of community. After the project was sidelined by the 2009 housing market crash, Arvada is now reviewing final development plans for the Geos project at 69th Avenue and Indiana ...
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Troubled Louisville-based RGS Energy drops out of commercial solar 1.10.2014 Denver Post: Business
Louisville-based RGS Energy, a solar installer that has seen its stock price drop 63 percent in six months, said Tuesday it is exiting the commercial market to focus on residential ...
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