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Frederick auto dealership adds canopies, solar panels to guard against hail and produce electricity 31.10.2020 Denver Post: Business
To avoid the fallout from one aspect of Colorado weather and take advantage of another, an auto dealership in Frederick has combined protective canopies with doubled-sided solar panels.
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Extreme heat is here, and it’s deadly 1.9.2020 High Country News Most Recent
Gearing up for the fight against a new climate enemy.
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$500 million Pueblo steel plant expansion expected to bring 1,000 jobs to city 19.8.2020 Denver Post: Business
EVRAZ North America is moving forward with a $500 million expansion of its steel plant in Pueblo and will receive millions of dollars in tax incentives.
Black Hills Energy plans solar project in Pueblo, awaiting OK from state regulators 13.8.2020 Headlines: All Headlines
Black Hills Energy has reached an agreement with county and state officials on a 200-megawatt solar project in Pueblo that the utility said would boost the share of its electricity coming from renewable sources to 51%.
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Colorado’s Eastern Plains is big-time producer of renewable energy, ripe for even more, report says 30.7.2020 Headlines: All Headlines
Along with wheat, corn and cattle, Colorado's Eastern Plains grow another big crop: more than 95% of the state's renewable energy capacity that's producing thousands of jobs and millions of dollars in benefits each year.
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Colorado was first with community solar but has since lagged behind other states. Why? 24.7.2020 Headlines: All Headlines
Count Eric Arnoldy among those who would like to see more community solar gardens in the Denver area. He is watching as the Colorado Public Utilities Commission approves new rules to make it easier to establish community solar, but some advocates worry that the rules won't go far enough.
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The job loss epidemic 23.7.2020 Current Issue
COVID-19 impacts ripple through every sector of the economy.
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Colorado lost more than 7,000 clean energy jobs since coronavirus pandemic, industry organization says 17.6.2020 Denver Post: Business
Colorado and the country continue to lose clean energy jobs by the thousands since the coronavirus pandemic hit this country, a national industry group said Monday.
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Williams considering plan to use the sun to power its oil, gas operations in Colorado, other states 29.5.2020 Denver Post: Business
Williams, a natural gas processing and transmission company, is looking at spending up to $400 million on solar energy installations to power its operations in Colorado and eight other states.
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Once a cautionary case study, Tri-State is lauded in report as a standout example among utilities on renewables 15.5.2020 Headlines: All Headlines
An organization that once used Tri-State Generation and Transmission in a study to make the case against sticking with coal has a new report saying the utility's plan to add more solar and wind is a standout among similar power providers.
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Solar, wind energy struggle as coronavirus takes toll 2.5.2020 Denver Post: Business
The U.S. renewable energy industry is reeling from the new coronavirus pandemic, which has delayed construction, put thousands of skilled laborers out of work and sowed doubts about solar and wind projects on the drawing board.
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Clean energy industry could shed hundreds of thousands of jobs, report says 17.4.2020 Denver Post: Business
Oil and gas aren't the only part of the energy industry getting pummeled during the coronavirus outbreak. A new report says job losses are starting to pile up in the previously fast-growing renewable energy and energy efficiency sectors, too. The report released Wednesday by E2, Environmental Entrepreneurs, said more than 106,000 workers in the "clean energy" industry lost their jobs in March.
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Once among the fastest-growing sectors, solar industry faces uncertainty because of tax credits declining, coronavirus concerns 24.3.2020 Headlines: All Headlines
Colorado's solar industry, one of the fastest-growing in the country, is joining forces with solar companies nationwide to push for extension of tax credits so they can finish projects being slowed or put on hold by the coronavirus outbreak.
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Solar jobs are on the rise nationally and in Colorado, where new report says workforce grew 5% 19.2.2020 Denver Post: Business
After two years of job losses, a new report says the solar industry's workforce increased nationally by 2.3%. Colorado saw solar jobs increase by nearly 5%.
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CSU-Pueblo signs on to $17 million solar panel power project 9.2.2020 Denver Post: Local
CSU-Pueblo has signed on to a $17 million solar panel power project at the university that will be the main generating source for the academic campus.
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Is natural gas a bridge fuel too far with the rise in renewables? It depends on who you ask. 31.1.2020 Headlines: All Headlines
Natural gas has long been seen as a bridge fuel to a clean-energy future, but as costs of renewable energy drop questions surface about it's future.
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Letters: The future looks brighter; The ITC allowed us to go solar; Botanic Gardens display is a gift; Online school was best option (12/26/19) 27.12.2019 Denver Post: Opinion
The future looks brighter Recently, I had the privilege of being a debate judge at the Mile High Invitational high school speech and debate competition hosted by Denver East High School at the University of Denver. What a refreshing change from watching certain parts of the recent congressional hearings and cable news shows! There are […]
In rural Colorado, the kids of coal miners learn to install solar panels 13.12.2019 High Country News Most Recent
Where the mines once provided steady employment, solar energy now offers jobs for the next generation.
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Colorado regulators fast-tracking rules that may spur spread of community solar projects 3.12.2019 Denver Post: Business
Solar energy advocates are hoping that state regulators' decision to put proposed rules for community solar gardens on a fast track will help Colorado reclaim a leading role in an arena that it pioneered. The Colorado Public Utilities Commission is taking public comments through Friday on rules that could expand opportunities for homeowners and others to participate in community solar projects.
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Better battery storage needed to meet 100% renewable energy goals, Platte River Power says 2.12.2019 Headlines: All Headlines
Platte River Power Authority is expected to release its integrated resource plan, outlining exactly how it plans to reach this ambitious goal of providing 100% renewable energy by 2030, in mid-2020. However, a new study commissioned by leaders in renewable energy industry showed that this massive undertaking could be more efficient by only requiring 90% or even 80% renewable energy and allowing natural gas to act as the nexus.
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