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No quick rebound in sight for Colorado’s oil, gas industry from turmoil of coronavirus pandemic, report says 9.4.2020 Denver Post: Business
An abrupt drop in demand unlike any seen before has left the oil and gas industry "in unknown territory," likely dashing the prospect of a quick recovery from the coronavirus pandemic and a global price war, analytics firm Enverus says in a new report.
Wall Street’s rally fizzles as oil prices suddenly plunge 8.4.2020 Denver Post: Business
A big rally on Wall Street is losing steam in afternoon trading Tuesday, undercut in part by another plunge in the price of oil, but the market is still on track for a rare back-to-back gain.
Colorado sees “significant declines” in air pollution as coronavirus ramps down driving, industrial activity 5.4.2020 Headlines: All Headlines
At least temporarily, air pollution that hurts human lungs has decreased sharply along Colorado's Front Range as the novel coronavirus spreads.
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Colorado petroleum shares shredded in dreadful quarter for U.S. stocks 2.4.2020 Denver Post: Business
The first quarter, especially March, will go down in the record books for U.S. stock markets, including a majority of Colorado companies.  But investors should stay buckled in -- there may be a lot more bumps ahead.
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Occidental, Noble Energy to reduce hours, pay as oil prices continue to plunge 1.4.2020 Denver Post: Business
Colorado's top two oil and gas producers are cutting employees' pay, hours and placing workers on furlough.
Colorado’s No. 1 oil-gas producer girds for economic fallout from coronavirus, but sees no cure for tougher law 18.3.2020 Denver Post: Business
Weld County, the state's dominant oil-producing area, is bracing for major cutbacks in production due to tumbling prices and the coronavirus and anticipates a roughly $50 million hit to its 2021 budget as a result.
Suncor Energy oil refinery north of Denver emits burst of “clay-like” air pollution 18.3.2020 Headlines: All Headlines
An equipment failure at Suncor Energy's oil refinery north of Denver on Tuesday led to a burst of opaque pollution that triggered a company "vapor release alarm," prompting operators to shut down a problem unit and monitor emissions in surrounding neighborhoods.
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$18 million fine proposed in fatal Firestone home explosion 12.3.2020 Denver Post: All Political News
State energy regulators on Thursday said they will seek to fine a subsidiary of Occidental Petroleum Corp. $18.25 million in connection to the deadly explosion at a home in Firestone nearly three years ago that a federal probe determined was caused by natural gas leaking from a severed underground pipe.
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Falling oil prices could mean sub-$2 gas for Colorado drivers 10.3.2020 Headlines: All Headlines
The plunge in oil prices that is creating turmoil on Wall Street and concerns about the impact on one of Colorado's major industries will mean lower-than-normal prices at the pump, possibly lower than $2 a gallon at some point.
Colorado oil producers hit hard by Saudi, Russian production war and coronavirus uncertainty 10.3.2020 Denver Post: Business
The situation for the oil and gas market will likely remain volatile for at least the next couple of months as demand stays low due to coronavirus-fueled drops in activity and oil prices plummet, an analyst said Monday.
Guest Commentary: This weekend hope in the U.S. shale market died and it’ll have a lasting impact 10.3.2020 Denver Post: Opinion
Something died in the oil market this weekend: hope. Or a certain kind of hope exemplified in the U.S. exploration and production business.
American Petroleum Institute analysis says Sanders’ fracking bans would devastate Colorado economy 6.3.2020 Denver Post: Business
U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders has called for an immediate ban on fracking and the end of drilling on federal lands as a way to combat global climate change, a message that resonated in Colorado, where he won Tuesday's Democratic presidential primary.
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Xcel Energy seeks gas rate increase, some customer bills could go up $6 a month 27.2.2020 Denver Post: News: Local
Xcel Energy-Colorado is seeking natural gas rate increases that would add $6.44 a month to a typical residential bill and $19.51 a month to a typical small business customer's bill.
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Trump’s gas wells in Wyoming would block pronghorn migration 25.2.2020 High Country News Most Recent
The 170-mile route has been traveled for 6,000 years. Conservation groups are trying to prevent 3,500 new wells from severing it.
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See the tangled web of the global oil market 24.2.2020 High Country News Most Recent
The U.S. is a net exporter of petroleum, but it is not energy-independent.
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Presidential primary: Where do the remaining Democrats stand on the environment? 23.2.2020 Denver Post: All Political News
A look at where the candidates for the Democratic presidential nomination stand on climate change, the environment and public lands.
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Anadarko tops list of oil, gas companies with missing or incomplete production reports 13.2.2020 Denver Post: Business
Anadarko, the dominant oil and gas producer on Colorado's Front Range, topped the list of companies that a recent state audit found had failed to submit required well production reports from 2016-18.
Oil from federal lands tops 1B barrels as Trump eases rules 11.2.2020 Denver Post: Business
Oil production from U.S.- managed lands and waters topped a record 1 billion barrels last year, federal officials said Tuesday, as technological advances helped drive development in new areas and the Trump administration eases rules on the industry.
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State of the Union fact check: Trump’s exaggerated “great American comeback” 5.2.2020 Denver Post: All Political News
The "great American comeback” President Donald Trump claimed in his State of the Union speech drew on falsehoods about U.S. energy supremacy, health care and the economy as well as distortions about his predecessor's record.
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Trump administration slashes protections for migratory birds 31.1.2020 High Country News Most Recent
The new rule would legalize the unintentional killing of birds by energy companies and other industries.
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