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Ken Buck: COGCC’s Green New Deal policies will destroy Colorado jobs 18.9.2020 Denver Post: Opinion
Gov. Jared Polis knows he can’t get a majority of Coloradans to agree to a ballot initiative, so he stacked a bureaucratic oil and gas commission with his cronies and ordered them to do his dirty work.
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Letters: Somewhere between keep-it-in-the-ground and drill-baby-drill (9/15/20) 15.9.2020 Denver Post: Opinion
Somewhere between keep-it-in-the-ground and drill-baby-drill Re: “November will determine oil and gas policy direction,” Sept. 6 news story
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Letters: Carbon tax to help farmers (9/4/20) 5.9.2020 Denver Post: Opinion
Carbon tax to help farmers Re: “San Luis Valley Water Squeeze,” Aug. 30 news story
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Well setbacks next up for Colorado panel writing new oil, gas rules 3.9.2020 Headlines: All Headlines
Oil and gas well setbacks, the issue that spurred a ballot-box battle in 2018, is in front of the state commission that's in charge of a comprehensive rewrite of rules for the industry.
FACT CHECK: Trump distorts record; Black Lives Matter falsely accused 28.8.2020 Headlines: All Headlines
President Donald Trump claimed accomplishments he didn't earn on the pandemic, energy and veterans at a Republican convention finale that also heard Black Lives Matter baselessly accused of coordinating violent protests across the country.
Federal boots on city streets 26.8.2020 High Country News Most Recent
With Congress gridlocked and courts restrained, public opinion confronts authoritarian tactics.
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Oil and gas industry supports more control for Colorado’s local governments as COGCC revamps rules 26.8.2020 Headlines: All Headlines
After years of beating back attempts by local governments to regulate oil and gas, industry representatives spoke out Tuesday in favor of local control in response to proposed statewide rules.
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Set to consider new round of oil, gas rules, Colorado regulators face questions about their authority 24.8.2020 Denver Post: Business
With regulators digging into the bulk of proposals to carry out a broad overhaul of oil and gas rules, Colorado's two top energy-producing counties are questioning the state's authority to establish minimum standards.
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Guest Commentary: Trump’s methane emissions rule rollback isn’t a disaster 21.8.2020 Denver Post: Opinion
President Donald Trump’s decision last week to roll back some U.S. regulations aimed at curbing methane emissions by oil and gas producers came in for criticism from both environmentalists and some industry leaders, who branded the move as a disappointing step backward. The reality is more nuanced.
Who’s minding Montana’s abandoned oil and gas wells? 21.8.2020 High Country News Most Recent
Left-behind extraction wells pollute after drilling and pumping stops. One foundation gets proactive.
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As wildfire smoke hangs over Colorado, state’s air quality board inches toward plan to reduce haze 21.8.2020 Denver Post: Local
A 90-degree haze of wildfire smoke and other pollutants hung over Colorado's mountain valleys and cities Thursday, increasingly beyond the control of state government officials, who inched forward in their efforts to make improvements to future air quality.
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Trump cancels methane regs intended to quell pollution 17.8.2020 High Country News Most Recent
As the climate crisis worsens, oil and gas companies can continue to emit the potent greenhouse gas.
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Oil, gas industry can be vehicle for U.S. economic recovery, energy secretary says 13.8.2020 Headlines: All Headlines
The U.S. oil and gas industry, which leads the world in production, is a vehicle for recovery from the pandemic-driven economic downturn, Energy Secretary Dan Brouillette said Wednesday in a virtual, round table discussion with Colorado policy and business leaders.
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Brouillette: DOE investments, like those in carbon capture, could save the Colorado oil and gas industry 13.8.2020 Denver Post: Opinion
Making our most reliable energy sources cleaner will play a key role in the future of our energy economy both here at home and around the world.
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Guest Commentary: Polis isn’t speaking for us when he says there won’t be a 2022 fracking initiative 1.8.2020 Denver Post: Opinion
We are in a national moment of reckoning about the distribution of privilege and power in our culture. All of us are being called to reflect and account, particularly those in leadership positions.
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Trump administration easing more Obama-era oil and gas rules 31.7.2020 Denver Post: All Political News
The Trump administration is seeking to ease more rules for oil and gas drilling that were adopted under the Obama administration, with the latest changes projected to save energy companies more than $130 million over the next decade.
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How big oil funds big brother 30.7.2020 High Country News Most Recent
Some of the largest fossil fuel companies in the nation back police foundations that raise money for weapons, equipment and surveillance technology.
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Judge blocks U.S. agents from arresting observers in Portland 24.7.2020 Headlines: All Headlines
A federal judge specifically blocked U.S. agents from arresting or using physical force against journalists and legal observers at protests in Oregon's largest city where President Donald Trump is testing the limits of federal power.
Is a big win for conservation a blow to climate action? 22.7.2020 High Country News Most Recent
As extinction and climate crises loom, the Great American Outdoors Act and recreation industry continue to rely on oil money.
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Rich people in Colorado, U.S. spew more carbon pollution at home than poor 21.7.2020 Denver Post: Local
Rich Americans produce nearly 25% more heat-trapping gases than poorer people at home, according to a comprehensive study of U.S. residential carbon footprints.
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