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Suncor refinery north of Denver faces state review of outdated permits, plans $300 million push to be “better not bigger” 29.11.2020 Headlines: All Headlines
Suncor's refinery malfunctioned 108 times over the past five years. That's an average of about one breakdown every three weeks -- visible when putrid yellow grit wafts over Denver.
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Biden needs to go beyond a Trump reset 24.11.2020 High Country News Most Recent
The president-elect has an opportunity to rebuild better than before.
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Guest commentary: Biden needs to rollback Trump’s environmental rollbacks — and then some 24.11.2020 Denver Post: Opinion
President-elect Joseph R. Biden has indicated that he’ll quickly roll back the rollbacks as soon as he’s inaugurated. Yet a reset is not enough. In fact, many of the rules didn’t cut it under President Obama
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Denver oil, gas producers Bonanza Creek and HighPoint Resources announce $376M merger 10.11.2020 Denver Post: Business
Bonanza Creek Energy and HighPoint Resources Corp. announced a merger Monday that is worth $376 million and will create a company with about 206,000 acres of leases in the Denver-Julesburg Basin and a daily production equivalent to 50,000 barrels of oil.
Family of 82-year-old killed in 2018 gas explosion at Aurora senior community accuses companies of negligence, recklessness 5.11.2020 Denver Post: Local
The family of an 82-year old woman killed in a gas explosion two years ago at an Aurora senior living community alleges in a new lawsuit that Comcast, Xcel Energy and their subcontractors acted "negligently and recklessly" as they drilled into the ground to lay fiber optic cables.
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New Mexico’s oil fields have a sinkhole problem 5.11.2020 High Country News Most Recent
The hunt for industrial brine has opened massive and unexpected sinkholes, which is taking delicate work, and more than $54 million, to fill.
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The Spot: How party politics is “the high school dance on steroids,” and targeting the Latina vote 30.10.2020 Denver Post: News: Local
Weeks ago, a Democratic Party staffer contacted me to say that some Colorado Republicans would be speaking out against Donald Trump. I decided I’d better wait to see which Republicans were in that group. It turned out the list comprised only former elected Republican officials, and none who’d served in high office.
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William Perry Pendley says he’s still on the job as acting director of BLM 11.10.2020 Headlines: All Headlines
William Perry Pendley wants Wyoming to know that he’s still on the job as the nation’s acting head of public lands.
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Colorado-based Climate Action Engine to help with tracking oil and gas emissions 5.10.2020 Headlines: All Headlines
The system -- known as Climate Action Engine — is intended to help companies meet benchmarks for greenhouse gas emissions and invest more in targeted efforts to curb the effects of climate change.
High Country News in the ’70s 1.10.2020 High Country News Most Recent
The HCN community reflects on the ‘Me Decade.’
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Energy dominance or climate action: Trump, Biden and the fate of public lands 1.10.2020 High Country News Most Recent
In Grand Junction, Colorado, the presidential election is a choice between two distinct energy futures.
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Colorado’s plan to reduce greenhouse gases calls for more electric cars, cuts to oil and gas emissions 30.9.2020 Denver Post: All Political News
Gov. Jared Polis’ draft plan to drastically cut greenhouse gas pollution in Colorado calls for an accelerated move to electric vehicles and buses, deep reductions of methane emissions from the oil and gas industry and at least an 80% drop in emissions from electricity generation.
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Letters: Oil and gas companies need to step up for the climate (9/30/20) 30.9.2020 Denver Post: Opinion
Oil and gas companies need to step up for the climate Re: “U.S., European oil giants going different ways ... ,” Sept. 22 news story
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Ken Buck: COGCC’s Green New Deal policies will destroy Colorado jobs 18.9.2020 Denver Post: Opinion
Gov. Jared Polis knows he can’t get a majority of Coloradans to agree to a ballot initiative, so he stacked a bureaucratic oil and gas commission with his cronies and ordered them to do his dirty work.
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Letters: Somewhere between keep-it-in-the-ground and drill-baby-drill (9/15/20) 15.9.2020 Denver Post: Opinion
Somewhere between keep-it-in-the-ground and drill-baby-drill Re: “November will determine oil and gas policy direction,” Sept. 6 news story
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Letters: Carbon tax to help farmers (9/4/20) 5.9.2020 Denver Post: Opinion
Carbon tax to help farmers Re: “San Luis Valley Water Squeeze,” Aug. 30 news story
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Well setbacks next up for Colorado panel writing new oil, gas rules 3.9.2020 Headlines: All Headlines
Oil and gas well setbacks, the issue that spurred a ballot-box battle in 2018, is in front of the state commission that's in charge of a comprehensive rewrite of rules for the industry.
FACT CHECK: Trump distorts record; Black Lives Matter falsely accused 28.8.2020 Headlines: All Headlines
President Donald Trump claimed accomplishments he didn't earn on the pandemic, energy and veterans at a Republican convention finale that also heard Black Lives Matter baselessly accused of coordinating violent protests across the country.
Federal boots on city streets 26.8.2020 High Country News Most Recent
With Congress gridlocked and courts restrained, public opinion confronts authoritarian tactics.
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Oil and gas industry supports more control for Colorado’s local governments as COGCC revamps rules 26.8.2020 Headlines: All Headlines
After years of beating back attempts by local governments to regulate oil and gas, industry representatives spoke out Tuesday in favor of local control in response to proposed statewide rules.
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