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Trump administration wants welfare for coal and nuclear power 29.6.2018 Denver Post: Opinion
The Trump administration just sent a tsunami through America’s electrical energy world with a leaked memo.
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Xcel Energy power plan would cut carbon emissions by half, use renewable sources for 55 percent of power 7.6.2018 Headlines: All Headlines
Xcel Energy Colorado unveiled a new power plan it estimates could save customers $215 million, cut carbon emissions by half and lift renewable sources to 55 percent of its electricity portfolio by 2026, according to a filing submitted Wednesday with the Colorado Public Utilities Commission.
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Xcel Energy says carbon emissions down 35 percent since 2005 23.5.2018 Denver Post: Business
Since 2005, Xcel Energy has cut carbon emissions 35 percent and expects to surpass 50 percent by 2022, largely through retiring aging coal plants and using more power from renewable sources.
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Englewood-based Westmoreland Coal considers bankruptcy protection 10.4.2018 Headlines: All Headlines
A Colorado-based coal company with mines in Montana and Wyoming is considering restructuring options, including filing for bankruptcy protection, after seeing demand drop and dealing with more than $1 billion in debt.
Lands stripped from Utah monuments open to claims, leases 3.2.2018 Headlines: All Headlines
The window opened Friday for oil, gas, uranium and coal companies to make requests or stake claims to lands that were cut from two sprawling Utah national monuments by President Trump in December —but there doesn't appear to be a rush to seize the opportunities.
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Public asks Xcel Energy to get more aggressive in retiring coal plants 2.2.2018 Denver Post: Local
Dozens of people testified for four hours before the Colorado Public Utilities Commission Thursday evening in support of a plan to shutter two Xcel Energy coal units in Pueblo and replace them with wind, solar and natural gas sources. But the support was mostly conditional.
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The power of fossil fuels is fading 1.2.2018 Writers on the Range
Will Western states react in time to save local economies?
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Xcel Energy receives shockingly low bids for Colorado electricity from renewable sources 17.1.2018 Headlines: All Headlines
Renewable energy developers have offered to supply Xcel Energy with electricity at the lowest prices quoted in the U.S., including options including energy storage priced below what coal-generated power in the state costs.
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Clearing up common misunderstandings about electric vehicles 15.1.2018 Denver Post: Opinion
A common, basic misunderstanding regarding electric vehicles is that they pollute via the coal-produced electricity that they use to charge.
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16 major environmental protections cut in 2017 28.12.2017 High Country News Most Recent
Climate change initiatives were the most targeted by the Trump administration.
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Why people really want to move to Idaho but are fleeing its neighbor, Wyoming 27.12.2017 Denver Post: Business
Idaho is the fastest-growing state in the union.
Colorado Springs will draw power from outside city, but leaders want flexibility in shutting coal plant 19.12.2017 Headlines: All Headlines
Colorado Springs leaders on Monday resolved to meet future electricity needs without the coal-fired power plant in the middle of the city and without shifting to a secondary plant north of downtown, relying instead on either a new plant or buying electricity from the national grid.
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Bring on the era of safe, clean, low-cost competitive energy 12.12.2017 Denver Post: Opinion
The Denver Post Editorial Board is correct to oppose subsidies for coal and nuclear power while also opposing tariffs for foreign-made solar panels.
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As coal falters, a large polluter in Colorado could close its doors 10.12.2017 Denver Post: Local
A king would be nothing without his crown. And in northern Colorado, King Coal's crown is Rawhide Unit One, Larimer County's lone coal power plant and biggest polluter.
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GE cuts 12K power jobs as demand, renewables, skew market 8.12.2017 Headlines: All Headlines
General Electric Co. will cut 12,000 jobs in its power division as alternative energy supplants demand for coal and other fossil fuels, and energy demand declines overall.
The federal land at stake in Trump’s rush for more drilling 8.12.2017 High Country News Most Recent
Where national parks, monuments and other protective areas overlay resources.
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A lump of coal for the solar industry 6.12.2017 Denver Post: Opinion
The Trump administration should step back from apparent plans to slap tariffs on solar cells while handing subsidies to coal and nuclear power generators.
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Colorado Springs still rolls coal in heart of city, but may shut Drake plant by 2025 as residents fume 17.11.2017 Denver Post: Local
One of the nation’s last coal-fired power plants in the middle of a city may shut down a decade sooner than planned as Colorado Springs leaders contemplate climate action and urban revitalization along a creek.
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Paris: Climate activists march to keep coal in ground  4.11.2017 World – The Indian Express
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Coal test plant coming to Wyoming in November 31.10.2017 Denver Post: National News Headlines
A company that is developing a process to produce cleaner burning coal plans to begin work next month on establishing a test plant in northeast Wyoming, a company official said.
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