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Colorado’s tougher approach to oil and gas moves into House as Democratic lawmakers weigh climate change push 19.3.2019 Denver Post: All Political News
State lawmakers' attempt to re-focus Colorado's regulation of the $10 billion fossil-fuel industry advanced Monday with scores of supporters and opponents packing a first committee hearing in the House on the proposed oil and gas legislation.
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Local elected officials decry, welcome bill overhauling regulation of Colorado’s oil and gas industry 18.3.2019 Denver Post: All Political News
The legislation overhauling how Colorado regulates oil and gas development would give cities and counties express authority to regulate the activity if they want to. Local elected officials' reactions to the bill are mixed.
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Caldara: The Boulder mafia’s attack on oil and gas could create Weld County, Wyoming 15.3.2019 Denver Post: Opinion
Senate Bill 181 is an existential threat to Weld County. We’re talking about the direct and vicious economic destruction of the key energy-producing county of our state.
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Friednash: Colorado Republicans have refer madness 15.3.2019 Denver Post: Opinion
In the past few weeks, we have heard calls from various conservatives criticizing Democratic legislators for introducing and voting on important legislative issues. Their belief is that these issues should be vetted by the voters, not the legislature.
Silverii: Colorado GOP’s apocalyptic predictions are really just lies 9.3.2019 Denver Post: Opinion
The lies I’m talking about are apocalyptic predictions for every modest piece of legislation intended to advance progress.
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Colorado oil and gas bill: Dueling rallies, hundreds of speakers descend upon Capitol for hearing 6.3.2019 Denver Post: News: Local
Colorado lawmakers held the first hearing Tuesday on a bill that would make sweeping changes to how the state's oil and gas industry is regulated.
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Republicans who couldn’t beat climate debate now seek to join it 6.3.2019 Headlines: All Headlines
Rep. John Shimkus once issued a forceful rejection of climate science at a congressional hearing, invoking the Bible and declaring that "Earth will end only when God declares it's time to be over."
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Wyoming Legislature extends lifeline to coal power 5.3.2019 High Country News Most Recent
As economics challenge coal’s future, Wyoming passes a law to prop it up.
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Rockies’ Pat Valaika making statement with spring training power surge 4.3.2019 Headlines: All Headlines
For utility player and possible second base candidate Pat Valaika, it's hard to overestimate how important this camp is to his Rockies future.
How a black man “outsmarted” a neo-Nazi group – and became their new leader 2.3.2019 Headlines: All Headlines

Without notifying his followers or even his inner circle, the longtime president of a legacy neo-Nazi group has signed over its control to a black civil rights activist from California.

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Brewer: In Robert Kraft case, Roger Goodell can’t win 28.2.2019 Headlines: All Headlines
At the end of the Robert Kraft scandal, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell will stand as his greatest judge. It is the strangest, truest and perhaps the saddest thought of this disturbing situation. Goodell, the man hired by Kraft and the league's 31 other owners, will be positioned as the most authoritative disciplinarian -- at least in theory -- if the New England Patriots owner is guilty of soliciting prostitution.
Tillis: I support Trump’s vision on border security, but I would vote against emergency 27.2.2019 Denver Post: Opinion
It is my responsibility to preserve the separation of powers and to curb the kind of executive overreach that Congress has allowed to fester for the better part of the past century.
Denver council votes to expand powers of police oversight office 20.2.2019 Denver Post: All Political News
The Denver City Council unanimously approved a measure on Tuesday that will underline and expand the authority of the Office of the Independent Monitor, resolving a conflict about the independent agency.
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Tri-State loses bid to keep Colorado Public Utilities Commission out of contract dispute 15.2.2019 Denver Post: Business
A Colorado rural electric association has won an important round in its contract dispute with Tri-State Generation and Transmission. The Colorado Public Utilities Commission has agreed to hear the Delta-Montrose Electric Association's complaint that the exit fee Tri-State wants for breaking the contract is unreasonable.
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Environmental victories don’t guarantee economic justice 14.2.2019 High Country News Most Recent
Without a just transition, the Navajo Generating Station closure will have harmful consequences.
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Colorado energy director Will Toor to drive push toward renewables, electric vehicles 11.2.2019 Denver Post: All Political News
As the new executive director of the Colorado Energy office, Will Toor, plans to tackle Gov. Jared Polis' "bold goals" of increasing the use of renewable energy sources on the state's electric grid and getting more electric vehicles on the roads.
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Will: Limited government requires a limited president 10.2.2019 Denver Post: Opinion
Soon, in a federal court that few Americans know exists, there will come a ruling on a constitutional principle that today barely exists but that could, if the judicial branch will resuscitate it, begin to rectify the imbalance between the legislative and executive branches. It is the "nondelegation doctrine," which expresses John Locke's justly famous but largely ignored admonition that institutions like the U.S. Congress, vested with the power "to make laws, and not to make legislators ... have no power to transfer their authority of making laws, and place it in other hands." The doctrine's revival might result from the Peanut Butter Criterion.
Western voters care more about climate than ‘energy dominance’ 7.2.2019 High Country News Most Recent
An annual survey reveals a leap in support of conservation policies.
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Xcel Energy, Colorado regulators weigh utility’s role in electric-vehicle market 5.2.2019 Denver Post: News: Local
Advocates of getting more electric vehicles on Colorado roads say the effort could gain more traction if Xcel Energy and other utilities take on a larger role, and it appears that could happen.
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Will: Only Democrats can save this president 3.2.2019 Denver Post: Opinion
Come I to speak in Caesar's funeral.
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