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Northwest Colorado reacts to Obama's Clean Power Plan 4.8.2015 Steamboat Pilot
After teasing the announcement on Saturday , President Barrack Obama unveiled the final version of his administration’s strategy to reduce carbon emissions from U.S. power plants. On Monday, Obama introduced the plan at a White House event , labeling it the nation’s “biggest, most important step we’ve ever taken to combat climate change.” According to the White House, “The final Clean Power Plan sets flexible and achievable standards to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 32 percent from 2005 levels by 2030, 9 percent more ambitious than the proposal.” The final plan also abandons the idea of using natural gas, which emits half as much carbon dioxide as coal, as a transition fuel. Electric utility companies in Colorado are now required to produce 28 percent of their capacity from renewable sources by 2030, as opposed to the originally proposed 22 percent. As demonstrated by a federal court ruling poised to stop work at Colowyo Coal Mine, residents’ of Northwest Colorado take threats to the coal industry ...
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Editorial: Revised power plan a mixed bag 4.8.2015 Denver Post: Opinion
Early reactions to the Obama administration's final Clean Power Plan, announced Monday, run the gamut.
Colorado AG Coffman may fight Obama's Clean Power Plan 4.8.2015 Denver Post: All Political News
Colorado may fight the Clean Power Plan that President Obama unveiled Monday. Attorney General Cynthia Coffman said the plan "raises significant concerns for Colorado" and that she's considering
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Clean Power Plan wants Colorado to cut CO2 emissions by 28% 4.8.2015 Headlines: All Headlines
Colorado must cut carbon dioxide emissions by more than 28 percent by 2030 under sweeping clean-energy regulations unveiled Monday by President Barack Obama.
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Obama launches Clean Power Plan to cut carbon emissions 3.8.2015 Denver Post: National News Headlines
Colorado conservationists joined their counterparts nationwide rallying behind President Obama's Clean Power Plan, being unveiled Monday, to cut U.S. emissions of greenhouse gases by targeting existing coal-burning power plants.
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Guest Commentary: Clean Power Plan and Colorado wildfires 1.8.2015 Denver Post: Opinion
As a 22-year veteran of fighting Colorado wildfires, I can say with certainty that fires are now more frequent, more intense and much more dangerous than they were when I started.
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Wyoming wind could save Calif. water 28.7.2015 Denver Post: Business
CHEYENNE — California regulators could achieve savings in water use, electricity rates and greenhouse emissions by turning to Wyoming wind power to help offset the natural ups and downs ...
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Arizona congressman: We need new energy policy, now 21.7.2015 High Country News Most Recent
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Guest Commentary: Don't let Colo. wind jobs blow away 17.7.2015 Denver Post: Opinion
Wind energy is more than just rotors. It is more than just towers. These wind turbines are important to our economy.
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Colorado renewable energy standard constitutional, judge rules 13.7.2015 Headlines: All Headlines
A federal appeals court on Monday rejected a lawsuit claiming that Colorado's renewable energy standard violates the U.
The South to get its first big wind farm 13.7.2015 Denver Post: Business
On a vast tract of old North Carolina farmland, crews are getting ready to build something the South has never seen: a commercial-scale wind energy ...
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Renewable energy on tribal lands stalls out 3.7.2015 High Country News Most Recent
Is the Bureau of Indian Affairs delaying wind and solar projects?
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Guest commentary: In Colorado, more jobs, less carbon 2.7.2015 Denver Post: Opinion
Earlier this month, a new report titled "Winds of Change" highlighted the major positive impact Colorado's booming wind energy industry is having on our economy.
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Moffat County facing fate of the changing West 28.6.2015 Denver Post: Business
CRAIG — This tiny town was built on mining the rolling hills of northwest Colorado that surround it for coal and burning it to make electricity. Now, the community feels both its economic pillars under ...
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Federal ruling opens rural areas to more renewable, recycled energy 25.6.2015 Denver Post: Business
A dispute between the Tri-State Generation and Transmission Association and one of its Colorado electric cooperatives has opened the way for more renewable energy in rural ...
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Troeger: Plans clean up the air 23.6.2015 Steamboat Pilot
In regards to EPA’s Proposed Clean Power Plan: No matter how much the deniers, industry apologists and ideologues try to twist the facts and attack science, health-robbing air pollution and manmade climate change are real. Fortunately, Colorado is a nationwide leader in addressing both.  Between 2005 and 2014, Colorado added over 2,000 MW of low-cost renewable energy — 800 MW of additional renewables are currently under construction. Both Xcel and Tri-State have announced plans for even more (in order to meet preexisting state renewable energy standards of 30 percent and 20 percent, respectively). According to Xcel, our existing grid can safely, reliability and inexpensively handle this increase in renewable generation.  Also, more than $60 million in energy efficiency improvements were installed in homes in all 64 counties, saving 6,360,000 kilowatt-hours of electricity and helping to lower energy costs for low-income households. In short, Colorado has a long and successful history of cleaning up its ...
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Guest Commentary: When a lobbyist isn't a lobbyist 19.6.2015 Denver Post: Opinion
You know those moments when you notice something that doesn't make a lot of sense, but you let it go because maybe you've got it wrong and no one else seems to notice?
ADB: Asia must boost investment in clean energy 17.6.2015 Denver Post: National News Headlines
MANILA, Philippines (AP) — The Asian Development Bank says Asia has made huge strides in developing clean energy but must boost investment and use of available technology to meet rising demand and cope with climate change.
Wise: Air travel is terrible for the environment. Can new technology change that? 17.6.2015 Denver Post: Opinion
Summer is upon us, and with it peak U.S. airline travel: this July, more than 80 million passengers will cross American skies.
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G-7 climate vision requires dramatic shift 9.6.2015 Durango Herald
STOCKHOLM – When leaders of the Group of Seven wealthy countries pledge to “decarbonize” the global economy, they’re talking about a shift so dramatic that one analyst described it as a new Apollo mission.Like putting a man on the moon, it would require overcoming major hurdles related to technology and money...
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