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Cyprus ends tender for medium-term gas supply 9.2.2016 Seattle Times: Business & Technology

NICOSIA, Cyprus (AP) — Cyprus’ Natural Gas Co. says it has ended a two-year bid to find suppliers of natural gas to fire up the east Mediterranean island’s main power plant. The company, or DEFA, said in brief statement Monday that it was “unable to agree terms” for the supply of gas with any bidder. […]
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Cyprus ends tender for medium-term gas supply 9.2.2016 AP Business
NICOSIA, Cyprus (AP) -- Cyprus' Natural Gas Co. says it has ended a two-year bid to find suppliers of natural gas to fire up the east Mediterranean island's main power plant....
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Clinton Firmly Opposes NED Pipeline 9.2.2016 Newswire

Just days ahead of the New Hampshire primary, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton expressed her direct opposition to the Northeast Energy Direct (NED) pipeline. When asked by Ian Ware, a student at the University of Virginia, if she supports the pipeline, Clinton responded with a firm “no.”

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California Finalizes Important Emergency Rules in Response to Aliso Canyon Disaster 8.2.2016 Main Feed - Environmental Defense
California Finalizes Important Emergency Rules in Response to Aliso Canyon Disaster
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Air into fuel: Scientists convert CO2 directly into methanol for fuel cells and more 8.2.2016 TreeHugger
The researchers have found a simple way to create an energy source for fuel cells using CO2 in the air.
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Moms Know What’s Best: How Time-of-Use Electricity Pricing can Benefit California Families 8.2.2016 Main Feed - Environmental Defense
By Jamie Fine California’s “big three” utilities, at the behest of state regulators, are in the process of examining and improving how they price electricity, including something called time-of-use (TOU) electricity pricing . This option – which rewards people who shift some of their electricity use to times of day when clean energy is abundant and electricity is cheaper – can help California families create safer communities while saving money on their utility bills. Mom’s Clean Air Force California mom Linda Hutchins-Knowles agrees, and recently wrote this opinion piece in the San Jose Mercury News encouraging others to adopt TOU. Linda, like many moms, wears multiple hats. As a mother, she wants to help leave her children a safer, more sustainable word. As an advocate, she supports increasing our use of clean energy over dirty fossil fuels to help clean our air and environment as a whole. Finally, as a consumer, she wants to do these things without breaking the bank. Moms Know What’s Best: How ...
US stocks fall sharply; energy sector sinks along with oil 8.2.2016 Seattle Times: Business & Technology

U.S. stocks fell sharply in morning trading Monday, weighed down by steep losses in technology, financial and energy stocks. The slide followed sharp drops in Europe and set the market on course for its second big loss in a row. Crude oil prices slumped again. KEEPING SCORE: The Dow Jones industrial average fell 356 points, […]
Chesapeake Energy hires restructuring lawyers: sources 8.2.2016 Yahoo: Business

To match Special Report CHESAPEAKE-MCCLENDON/LOANSNatural gas producer Chesapeake Energy has hired restructuring lawyers from Kirkland & Ellis, people familiar with the matter told Reuters. The company's shares plunged 51 percent to $1.50 in early trading. Chesapeake, which has more than $10 billion in debt, has been hit by a steep fall in both oil and gas prices.

Protect The West from Oil & Gas Climate Pollution 8.2.2016 Main Feed - Environmental Defense
The Department of Interior's Bureau of Land Management (BLM) has proposed a rule putting strict limits on this pollution--and we have a limited amount of time to show our ...
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US stocks fall sharply; energy sector sinks along with oil 8.2.2016 Yahoo: Top Stories
U.S. stocks fell sharply in morning trading Monday, weighed down by steep losses in technology, financial and energy stocks. The slide followed sharp drops in Europe and set the market on course for its second big loss in a row. Crude oil prices slumped ...
New York's First Emissions Regulations for Distributed Generation Will Slash Diesel Pollution 8.2.2016 Switchboard, from NRDC
Miles Farmer, Legal Fellow, Energy & Transportation Program, New York City: This post was co-authored by Miles Farmer and Jackson Morris. The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) is soliciting comments on its newly proposed emissions regulations for distributed generators. The regulations (which have been wallowing in administrative purgatory...
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Siemens to slash jobs at energy-related unit: Handelsblatt 8.2.2016 Yahoo: Business
FRANKFURT (Reuters) - German industrials conglomerate Siemens is cutting or transferring to other countries more than 1,000 jobs at a unit making gear for oil drillers and mining companies, as low oil prices have depressed capital spending, a German daily reported. Siemens was making the cuts because the Process Industries and Drives Division in Germany unit's capacities were underutilized, Handelsblatt reported, citing industry sources. ...
Israel mulling twin gas pipelines to Turkey, Greece: energy minister 7.2.2016 World
Israel is looking to exploit its substantial natural gas reserves with two potential pipeline projects to Turkey and Greece, its Energy Minister Yuval Steinitz announced Sunday. "If things improve with Turkey... gas could both be sold to Turkey, and to Greece via Turkey," Steinitz told Kathimerini daily. Israel and Turkey have reportedly been working on a rapprochement after falling out over the deadly storming by Israeli commandos in 2010 of a Turkish aid ...
"Making the Promises Real": Labor and the Paris Climate Agreement 7.2.2016
A labor climate program can serve as the leading edge of a campaign to realize such traditional labor goals as full employment, job security, equality, human rights on the job and protection against the economic insecurities of working people's lives. The Eiffel tower, covered by a green visual forest during the 2015 Paris Climate Conference, December 2, 2015. A labor climate program can draw together workers, unions and allies around protecting jobs by protecting the climate. (Photo: Petr Kovalenkov / ) As nearly 200 nations gathered in Paris approved the UN Climate Change Agreement, the AFL-CIO issued a statement that broke new ground on climate. [1] While the AFL-CIO opposed the Kyoto climate agreement and never supported the failed Copenhagen agreement, it "applauded the Paris climate change agreement as "a landmark achievement in international cooperation" and called on America "to make the promises real." Although it has frequently pointed out the harm that workers and communities ...
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After the Black Hawks Arrived: In Somalia, a History of US Meddling Continues 7.2.2016 Truthout - All Articles
The official reason for the US presence in Somalia is to fight the perennial war against terrorism. But realistically, the United States is more interested in Somalia's geostrategic location and close proximity to Yemen, Saudi Arabia and Iran. The real reason is oil. (Photo: Jan Wellmann) I was a shivering in bed on my first night in Mogadishu. At 3:30 am, I killed the air conditioner. Moments later, the room felt stuffier than a London subway. I got up and paced around, wondering if it was safe to keep the balcony door open. A few months back, al-Shabab, an al-Qaeda faction, had stormed  Jazeera Palace Hotel , where I was currently staying, and sprayed a group of Chinese diplomats with lead. Now the building was secured by a street blockade, a double-gated check-in, blastproof walls, two dozen armed men and Abdullah, the small, wiry gentleman with an AK-47 outside my door. I took a peek into the corridor and caught Abdullah dozing off. He was balancing on a tiny wooden stool, with the rifle propped ...
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One little 'no' draws big reaction 7.2.2016 News
WASHINGTON - A sleepy candidate forum sparked a fire in Pennsylvania's U.S. Senate race last week. It came when a moderator posed what seemed a simple "yes" or "no" question to the three Democratic contenders: Had any accepted endorsements or donations from the National Rifle Association, a Pennsylvania political group that opposes abortion, or the oil and gas industries?
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As Big Oil shrinks, boards plot different paths out of crisis 7.2.2016 Yahoo: Top Stories
By Ron Bousso and Terry Wade LONDON/HOUSTON (Reuters) - As oil and gas companies cut ever-deeper into the bone to weather their worst downturn in decades, boards have adopted contrasting strategies to lead them out of the crisis. Crude prices have tumbled around 70 percent over the past 18 months to around $35 a barrel, leading to five of the world's top oil companies reporting sharp declines in profits in recent days. American firms Chevron ConocoPhillips and Hess Corp are withdrawing from more costly deepwater projects to focus on shale oil fields on their home turf, for ...
The Latest: GOP Candidates offer Super Bowl picks 7.2.2016 Iraq

Republican presidential candidate former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush speaks during a campaign stop before next weeks first in the nation presidential primary Saturday, Feb. 6, 2016, in Bedford, N.H. (AP Photo/Jim Cole)MANCHESTER, N.H. (AP) — The Latest on the race for president, with candidates focusing on New Hampshire, which holds the first primary in the 2016 race on Tuesday (all times local):

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To Break Big Oil's "Stranglehold," Obama to Propose $10-a-Barrel Oil Tax 6.2.2016 Headlines
Nadia Prupis, staff writer

President Barack Obama is set to propose a $10-a-barrel tax on oil to fund clean energy infrastructure, a move that environmental groups said would bring the U.S. "into the 21st century."

"Obama's vision underscores the inevitable transition away from oil, and investments like this speed us along the way to a 100% clean energy future," said Sierra Club executive director Michael Brune in response to the announcement.

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How Marcellus Shale drilling keeps falling in Pa. 6.2.2016 News
As bad as last year was for the Marcellus Shale drilling industry, 2016 is shaping up to be worse. Several major shale-gas operators have announced dramatic cuts in drilling plans for this year. The cuts will inevitably mean less local spending on suppliers, haulers, and construction firms.
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