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"REpower Kosovo" 31.10.2014 Green on
For Europe's youngest nation, Kosovo, its vast reserves of lignite have been both a blessing and a curse. As the country progresses, this abundance of lignite has trapped it into using only this source of energy for its needs. Lignite is known to be one of the most carbon-intense forms of coal. Its usage accounts for environmental destruction and health implications . Today, 98% of Kosovo's electricity needs are secured through lignite, generated in two outdated and dirty power plants. The Government of Kosovo plans to yield to international institutions to build a third lignite-based power plant in the country next to its two existing plants. This same government has refused to develop or invest in any other sources of energy. The fight between the Government's plans and civil society organizations' ask to shift toward clean energy in the country is at its peak. Major international development and financial agencies have engaged in developing and restructuring Kosovo's energy sector. The World Bank ...
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California Energy Strategists Push for 100% Clean Energy, Without Fossil Fuels or Nuclear Power 28.10.2014 Green on
October 25, 2014, Marin Country, CA.-- California energy leaders, environmental scientists, and activists convened here last week in advance of the 25th annual Bioneers Conference at the Marin County Civic Center for an energy and climate strategy session that could have national and global implications. Many in the assemblage had come to brainstorm about how to leverage California's model energy policies to spur faster Federal action to protect the climate. Predictably, participants sought to boost renewable energy use in California and increase the state's reliance on energy efficiency. Some were determined, however, not just to slash California's greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, but to eliminate them altogether. If this game-changing goal is widely adopted by the environmental community and by a vanguard of public officials, it would put California climate policymakers and others under pressure to advance the state's already ambitious clean energy goals. That could help set the state and the nation on ...
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The Symbolic Politics of Climate Diplomacy 27.10.2014 Green on
Last week, the European Union began the process of setting the agenda for the climate negotiations scheduled for Paris in late 2015. They agreed that by 2030 Europe would cut emissions by 40% from 1990 levels. Writing in the New York Times , James Kanter reported that environmental advocates believed the agreement: ...amounted to a weak compromise reflecting the complexity of managing a bloc of 28 member nations with widely varying energy systems. Elements of the deal were watered down to account for countries like Poland that rely on carbon-heavy coal, and for countries like Britain that were unwilling to accept binding targets on such other measures as the percentage of energy that comes from renewable sources and energy efficiency. As diverse as Europe might be, they are quite homogeneous when compared to the rest of the world. Since China and India emit far more greenhouse gases than Europe and have a great deal of energy-dependent economic development ahead of them, their need for new sources of ...
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Green bonds to exceed $40 billion in 2014 27.10.2014 Business Operations |

The first seven months of this year matched the dollar volume of the previous six years. Why are green bonds so hot — and are they growing unchecked?

Green bonds to exceed $40 billion in 2014
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Climate Needs 'Radical Shock Treatment'; EU Pledges Only 'Smelling Salts' 24.10.2014 Headlines
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New York pursues microgrids for widespread resiliency 24.10.2014 Business Operations |

Reinventing the state grid, the NYPA focuses on seven projects to keep hospitals open, prisons secure and other critical functions working during outages.

New York pursues microgrids for widespread resiliency
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This Halloween, banish these bloodsucking vampires from your home 23.10.2014 TreeHugger
Sink your teeth into these vampire slaying tips to cut electricity use at home, which can save you money and increase your overall energy efficiency.
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Is Energy Efficiency a Good Thing Even With Rebound? 23.10.2014 Green on
Co-authored with Inês Azevedo , Kenneth Gillingham , and David Rapson . Lighting is critical to our livelihoods. Humans have used lighting technology since long before industrialization. For many centuries, this lighting was extremely inefficient, with over 95% of the energy consumed wasted as heat. Recently, the Nobel Prize in Physics was awarded to Isamu Akasaki, Hiroshi Amano and Shuji Nakamura for their remarkable contributions towards highly efficient light emitting diode (LED) technology. A day later, Michael Shellenberger and Ted Nordhaus reignited a long standing debate with an Op-Ed in The New York Times claiming that these developments are not likely to save energy and instead may backfire. (The Times has since corrected a crucial point of the article, and it has published three letters to the editor , including  one by a subset of co-authors here.) As evidence for these claims, Shellenberger and Nordhaus cite research that observes the vast improvements in the efficiency of lighting over the ...
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Coke, Philips, Shell call for big climate cuts in Europe 23.10.2014 Business Operations |

Businesses want a 40 percent reduction in emissions by 2030 as concerns mount over lack of support for carbon capture and storage.

Coke, Philips, Shell call for big climate cuts in Europe
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9 ways sustainability drives profit 23.10.2014 Resource Efficiency |

From lower costs to higher brand performance and improved employee morale, a serious business case can be made for sustainability. In case we forgot.

9 ways sustainability drives profit
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Rupert Murdoch's News UK is leading media against climate change 20.10.2014 Business Operations |

Chris Taylor, chief operating officer for The Sun and The Times' publisher, outlines how it has slashed waste, water and carbon emissions.

Rupert Murdoch's News UK is leading media against climate change
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Got Science? On Green Energy, Ohio Ignores the Evidence 17.10.2014 Politics on
While most U.S. states are experiencing a surge in renewable energy that exceeds even the rosiest predictions, one state -- Ohio -- has chosen this moment to backtrack. Earlier this year, Ohio Governor John Kasich signed a law that temporarily freezes the energy efficiency and renewable energy standards the state had adopted, choking investment in wind and solar, and stalling the state's transition away from over-reliance on its aging coal plants. Now, in the latest development , the Ohio state senate packed known opponents of renewable energy onto the review panel mandated to determine whether to make the current freeze permanent. The latest move makes a bad situation worse -- reducing the chance that Ohioans will get the fair evidence-based hearing they deserve about their energy future. Gold Standards At the heart of the debate are two tools -- renewable energy standards and energy efficiency standards -- successfully used by the majority of U.S. states. Renewable energy standards require utility ...
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How ConAgra sets the table for climate resilience 16.10.2014 Business Operations |

Here's an inside look at the food giant's sustainability menu, including engaging employees, reducing food waste and sharpening the supply chain.

How ConAgra sets the table for climate resilience
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How Ford aims to drive down its energy costs by $7 million a year 10.10.2014 Business Operations |

By the end of the year, the automaker plans to roll out the changes at 17 of its manufacturing plants worldwide.

How Ford aims to drive down its energy costs by $7 million a year
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This Unlikely Duo Is Working Together For Coal Miners 9.10.2014 Green on
WASHINGTON -- One is a Democrat from Vermont, a state so green it named its mountains after the color. The other represents a West Virginia district in the heart of coal country. But Reps. Peter Welch (D-Vt.) and David McKinley (R-W.Va.) have emerged as improbable collaborators on energy bills in the House. The two co-authored an energy efficiency bill that passed the House in March, a rare example of successful bipartisanship this Congress. Now they're working together on a bill that would provide job training and transition assistance to unemployed coal miners. "I often feel that what happens to the workers is left out of the question about energy transitions," Welch said in an interview with The Huffington Post. "It should be a the forefront of policy discussions. You can't find people that work harder, in tougher jobs, than the coal miners. They go into those coal pits every day. It's dangerous, it's dirty, they have a lot of health consequences. But there was a huge demand in this country for what ...
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Why New Hampshire could be the next state to take on microgrids 8.10.2014 Business Operations |

Thanks to a new report, The Granite State might soon follow in the footsteps of its Northeastern neighbors.

Why New Hampshire could be the next state to take on microgrids
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Blue light-emitting diodes earn their inventors a Nobel Prize 8.10.2014 Business Operations |

Three scientists received the Nobel Prize for Physics on Tuesday, which made blue LEDs possible.

Blue light-emitting diodes earn their inventors a Nobel Prize
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Matt Petersen: "If we can do it in LA, we can do it anywhere." 7.10.2014 Business Operations |

Los Angeles’ chief sustainability officer previews the city’s forthcoming comprehensive sustainability plan.

Matt Petersen: "If we can do it in LA, we can do it anywhere."
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Carnival cruises towards $2.5 billion in fuel savings 6.10.2014 Business Operations |

Efficiency measures are set to cut fuel consumption by a whopping billion gallons, significantly cutting the cruise operator's carbon footprint.

Carnival cruises towards $2.5 billion in fuel savings
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Buildings Hold the Key to New York's Climate Goals 2.10.2014 Green on
In a week in which New York City served as base camp to a number of large-scale events and declarations demanding global action on climate change, it's fitting that what may be considered the most significant announcement of them all came from its mayor . Mayor Bill de Blasio's commitment to reduce the City's greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 80 percent by 2050 -- the level the United Nations projects is needed to avoid the most dangerous effects of climate change -- further carves out New York City as a leader in climate action. For De Blasio's administration and the city as a whole, a challenging road lies ahead to reduce GHG emissions. More than 80 percent of the reductions the City has achieved thus far are the result of switching electricity generation from coal and oil to natural gas, and from other improvements to utility operations -- all efforts that, while beneficial, obviously can't be replicated infinitely. The new "80 by 50" commitment is an enormous undertaking and meeting this goal will ...
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