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Improving investor behavior: Myths and language 17.6.2018 Headlines: All Headlines
Many people believe the stock market is risky. It’s often described as a casino, using words like crash, falling, and my favorite Wall Street word “correction,” meaning falling 10 percent or more from a previous high price. My definition of a correction is a temporary decline, which is then followed and surpassed by a permanent advance. […]
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Colorado Board of Education debates what to teach fourth-graders about guns 14.6.2018 Headlines: All Headlines
Some members of the Colorado State Board of Education worry lessons in the state's fourth grade health standards could be biased against guns.
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Let’s talk about how we talk about dementia 1.6.2018 Denver Post: Opinion
An estimated 350,000 Coloradans are affected by dementia. This number is almost as large as the population of the city of Aurora, or of that of the cities of Boulder, Lakewood and Pueblo combined.
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Denver Zoo, bursting at the seams and back in the city’s good graces, retools for the future 5.5.2018 Headlines: All Headlines
The Denver Zoo is on the verge of hiring a new chief executive. It marks the end of a rocky year and a start to a new master plan that deals with crowding and improvements to the historic nonprofit's grounds.
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Putin’s nuke boasts are unlikely to change balance of power 2.3.2018 Denver Post: All Political News
Russia's claim to have developed new strategic weapons impervious to Western defenses seems unlikely to change the balance of global power.
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Rockies need a true base-stealer. But speedy Raimel Tapia is still figuring it out. So what next? 2.3.2018 Headlines: All Headlines
SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. -- On a high-def TV, the cloud of dust kicked up by Raimel Tapia on a highlight reel video seemed to spill off the screen and into the Rockies spring clubhouse. Players on a black leather couch nearby flinched watching him fly around the bases and slide hands-first into third base.
Speaking in my own tongue 21.2.2018 Opinion – The Indian Express
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Larry Eustachy’s career at Colorado State appears to be in jeopardy; interim coach called “an enabler” of verbal abuse 4.2.2018 Headlines: All Headlines
Colorado State placed men's basketball coach Larry Eustachy on administrative leave, but team sources say interim coach Steve Barnes enabled Eustachy's abusive behavior.
Pope to indigenous: Amazon is “heart of the church” 20.1.2018 Headlines: All Headlines
From deep in the scorching Amazon rainforest, Pope Francis demanded Friday that corporations stop their relentless extraction of timber, gas and gold from God's "holy ground," and called on governments to recognize the indigenous peoples living there as the primary forces in determining its future.
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Trump defends vulgar remarks while partly denying them 14.1.2018 Headlines: All Headlines
President Donald Trump offered a partial denial in public but privately defended his extraordinary remarks disparaging Haitians and African countries.
Full text of Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper’s final State of the State speech 12.1.2018 Denver Post: Local
The following are Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper's prepared remarks for his final State of the State speech. The Democrat's actual speech could vary.
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Colorado Divide: Could arts and culture spark an economic revival in struggling rural towns? 30.12.2017 Denver Post: News: Local
Arts and culture can seem like a luxury in many rural towns, but a growing number of communities far outside the Front Range are putting arts and culture at the center of their economic development strategies.
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Surviving the political hell known as Christmas dinner 26.12.2017 Denver Post: Opinion
In these days of political polarization conversation can turn nuclear in an instant. Here's how to cast your political arguments in terms your opponents might accept.
When dark clouds gather 23.12.2017 Reviews–Books – The Indian Express
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A language of politics more coarse 6.12.2017 Opinion – The Indian Express
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Blakeslee’s “American Wolf” navigates the political, scientific and cultural impacts of wolf restoration in the West 2.12.2017 Denver Post: Entertainment
In the opening pages of Nate Blakelee’s captivating “American Wolf,” a hunter is trudging through snow, not far from a road, blasting on a whistle that mimics the wail of an injured cottontail. He’s an elk hunter but that’s not what he’s after on this day.
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Responses to President Trump sharing anti-Muslim videos on Twitter (2 letters) 2.12.2017 Denver Post: Opinion
How much is enough? Donald Trump and the right-wing extremists are trying to create hate and violence around the world. These videos need to be discredited in all public media sources.
The Morning After: 5 observations from the Avalanche’s 5-2 loss at Nashville 19.11.2017 Headlines: All Headlines
NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- The Avalanche allowed the game's first five goals and lost 5-2 to the Nashville Predators on Saturday night. Five observations from the game:
Indigenous food: Seasonal, sustainable and uniquely American 18.11.2017 Denver Post: Food
Eating locally, seasonably and sustainably -- a radical notion just a few decades ago -- is now deeply woven into our mainstream definition of healthy. And rightly so.
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Poet of luminous silences 18.11.2017 Opinion – The Indian Express
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