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It has been a nice long run from the Sarai days in 2004 to being hosted on its own domain around 2006. Beside maintenance, there has been no real active development on the code or the features since early 2008. Since 2015, even all that maintenance was pretty bare bones. A lot of news sources no longer provide reliable RSS feeds and since mid 2018, there were growing issues with the service and I only kept it alive to assist a handful of users.

So, it is time to shut this down. The internet world in 2020 is vastly differently from 2003 when I first conceptualized this service. Thanks for using this all these years.

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Sage advice 1.10.2020 High Country News Most Recent
The ecological and ethical problems of ‘smudging.’
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RTD launches nationwide search for next general manager 19.5.2020 Denver Post: All Political News
RTD is now officially accepting applications from anyone interested in running the sprawling transit agency as it faces challenges on numerous fronts.
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From Zombie Prom to trick-or-treat, 14 spooky Denver Halloween parties 24.10.2019 Headlines: All Headlines
From "The Nightmare Before Christmas" to a pagan party, this year's Denver Halloween events really run the gamut.
From Zombie Prom to trick-or-treat, 14 spooky Denver Halloween parties 24.10.2019 Denver Post: Entertainment
From "The Nightmare Before Christmas" to a pagan party, this year's Denver Halloween events really run the gamut.
Asian, Asian American heroes to power Marvel Comics series “Agents of Atlas” 23.5.2019 Headlines: All Headlines
Asian superheroes -- assemble. Marvel Comics is giving ink to an unprecedented team-up of its mightiest Asian and Asian American heroes, also known as the new Agents of Atlas.
“Coming out of the broom closet:” Denver witches report a vibrant, growing community as witchcraft charms mainstream culture 28.12.2018 Headlines: All Headlines
From unmentionable to trendy, witches and academics who study the craft agree: witchcraft is having a moment, enchanting a new generation of magic-seekers and affording mature practitioners the chance for more outspoken coven lovin'.
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Puerto Rico grid ‘teetering’ despite $3.8 billion repair job 1.6.2018 Denver Post: National News Headlines
After months of darkness and stifling heat, Noe Pagan was overjoyed when power-line workers arrived to restore electricity to his home deep in the lush green mountains of western Puerto Rico. But to his dismay, instead of raising a power pole toppled by Hurricane Maria, the federal contractors bolted the new 220-volt line to the narrow trunk of a breadfruit tree — a safety code violation virtually guaranteed to leave Pagan and his neighbors blacked out in a future hurricane.
The loudmouths at the top 27.4.2018 Columns – The Indian Express
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AL West 2018 preview: Breakdown of the teams and players entering the new MLB season 30.3.2018 Headlines: All Headlines
Capsules of American League West teams, listed in order of finish last year.
Puerto Ricans grab machetes, shovels to help restore power 8.2.2018 Denver Post: National News Headlines
It took only minutes for Hurricane Maria to kill power to the Puerto Rican town of Coamo, cracking wooden poles, snapping power lines and hurling transformers to the ground.
ICE looks to private sector to help hire nearly 6,600 workers to support 10,000 new agents 5.2.2018 Denver Post: National News Headlines
President Donald Trump’s goal of hiring more Immigration and Custom Enforcement agents means the agency also has to hire thousands of additional support workers. ICE is looking to the private sector for help.
Puerto Rico’s bankrupt utility agreed to pay Whitefish Energy double what linemen make, documents show 14.11.2017 Headlines: All Headlines
After Hurricane Maria knocked out electricity to millions of residents of Puerto Rico in September, the head of a small electric transmission company from Montana boasted that his firm could best manage the logistics of getting needed repairmen to the island.
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New trail represents new age of experiencing Colorado 14ers 10.9.2017 Headlines: All Headlines
If all goes according to Rocky Mountain Field Institute's plan, the Colorado Springs-based nonprofit will wrap up its arduous effort to build the mile-long reroute by the end of this month.
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A New Ray Of Hope For Road Safety 5.9.2017 Editorial – The Navhind Times
With over 300 deaths in road accidents in the state annually, prevention of accidents has to become the top priority of the state government. Most of the safety measures – making use of helmets mandatory, action against over speeding and so on – are implemented without zeal, commitment and resources and hence it is no ...
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Ram Gopal Varma on Arjun Reddy: Vijay Devarakonda is a combination of young Amitabh Bachchan and Al Pacino 27.8.2017 Entertainment – The Indian Express
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Life on the Local: The men who give the go-ahead to every train 23.8.2017 Mumbai – The Indian Express
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Druids, witches, pagans head to Wyoming for solar eclipse 20.8.2017 Denver Post: National News Headlines
Not only astronomers, campers and tourists but druids, witches and pagans are headed to Wyoming to experience Monday's total solar eclipse.
Democrats attempt rebranding with populist new agenda 24.7.2017 Denver Post: National News Headlines
Democratic leaders believe they lost to President Donald Trump partly because voters don't know what the party stands for. So they're trying to rebrand themselves with a new slogan and a populist new agenda as they look ahead to the 2018 midterms.
The Sana’a Code 18.6.2017 Lifestyle – The Indian Express
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Utah woman who killed boyfriend during an argument over a pagan ceremony is granted parole 13.6.2017 Salt Lake Tribune
A Utah woman who has been behind bars for a decade for killing her boyfriend during an argument over a pagan religious ceremony is slated to be paroled from prison this fall. The Utah Board of Pardons and Parole last week set a release date of Nov. 11 for Monika Ann Dilmaghanian, who has been serving a sentence of up to life in prison. The 44-year-old woman fatally stabbed Nathan D. Harris on April 6, 2007, at a campground near Ogden. At a May 30 parole hearing, Dilmaghanian said she was drunk m... <iframe src="http://www.sltrib.com/csp/mediapool/sites/sltrib/pages/garss.csp" height="1" width="1" > </frame>
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