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10 Minutes with Josh Prigge, host of 'Sustainable Nation' 22.10.2018 Small Business |
When it comes to success in sustainability, collaboration and relationships are everything.
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Community-based incarceration alternatives give at-risk Philly youth a fresh chance 20.10.2018 News
Through mentoring and support, Philadelphia Youth Advocates Program has given thousands of high-risk city youth an alternative to incarceration - and a chance to reform their lives.
Let the light in: Sunshine helps kill germs indoors 18.10.2018 Minnesota Public Radio: News
All kinds of bacteria live with us indoors, and some can make us sick. A new study shows that rooms exposed to light had about half the live bacteria found in rooms that were kept in darkness.
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Study: Philly's community schools, a Kenney soda-tax priority, show mixed results 18.10.2018 News
While there have been some victories, the community-schools model has been hampered by limited coordination between the school system, the city, and its departments. This year, the city will spend $3.25 million in soda-tax money on 12 community schools.
What happens to industrial sites in de-industrialized cities? 13.10.2018
Often, there are even more issues than just environmental racism at play.
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Minnesota voter guide: Where the U.S. Senate candidates stand on the issues 13.10.2018 Minnesota Public Radio: Law & Justice
Incumbent Sen. Amy Klobuchar is running for re-election against state Rep. Jim Newberger, the Republican-endorsed candidate, Green Party candidate Paula Overby and Dennis Schuller of the Legal Marijuana Now Party. Here's where they stand on the issues.
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Why we can't reverse climate change with 'negative emissions' technologies 12.10.2018 Design & Innovation |
Why we can't reverse climate change with 'negative emissions' technologies
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E-cig manufacturer warned for selling liquids containing erectile dysfunction drugs 12.10.2018 News
FDA states vaping active drug ingredients is an ineffective way to administer drugs and can be dangerous.
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Truck traffic is clogging Center City streets. What's Philly going to do about it? 11.10.2018 News
With truck traffic growing in Center City, Philadelphia considers its options.
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Ben Simmons surprises Cramp Elementary School students with coats 11.10.2018 News
Ben Simmons teamed up with a nonprofit to help disadvantaged elementary school students stay warm this winter.
Jim Kenney 1,000 days in: The fine print of the Philly mayor's promises 10.10.2018 News
End stop-and-frisk. Implement universal pre-K. Send tens of millions of dollars more to Philadelphia's schools. Create family-sustaining jobs. On his 1,000th day in office, Mayor Jim Kenney released a progress report. We ran a fine-tooth comb through it to determine what he's really gotten done.
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3 challenges — and opportunities — for businesses to help save tropical forests 10.10.2018 Small Business |
Research shows climate finance is reaching most jurisdictions, but slowly.
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The transportation equity conundrum: 6 ways cities can improve mobility without displacement 9.10.2018 Resource Efficiency |
There are countless opportunities — but limited investment funds.
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Hurricane Sandy and the Inequalities of Resilience in New York 5.10.2018 American Prospect
As the Carolinas continue to grapple with the physical damage and psychological trauma from Hurricane Florence, the region faces difficult choices. Communities must decide which lands and neighborhoods to reclaim and rebuild and which ones are best left to absorb the ravages of intensifying storms. Those decisions will play out very differently depending on the race and the income of the individuals and families hit hardest by the historic flooding. In 2012, Hurricane Sandy slammed a very different region of the country: the Rockaways section of New York. But the aftermath of that historic storm provides some sobering clues about post-hurricane resilience efforts—like the ones that didn’t really help the Rockaways’ low-income residents and people of color. Most visitors to Manhattan or Brooklyn know little about the Rockaways. The finger-like Rockaway Peninsula runs approximately nine miles off the southeast end of Queens. Less than a mile across at its widest, the peninsula is flanked on one side by ...
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How to conserve half the planet without going hungry 5.10.2018 Business Operations |
In order to preserve biodiversity, we need to protect land — land that's been resettled for agriculture.
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The Good News from the Voting Wars 3.10.2018 American Prospect
This article appears in the Fall 2018 issue of The American Prospect. Subscribe here .  The 2018 midterm election is often depicted as a contest between crude voter suppression by Republican state governments and a national blue-wave mobilization of grassroots Democrats. But the story is actually more complicated and even more hopeful. In addition to the party organizing this year, a two-decade nonpartisan movement to expand access to the ballot is also bearing fruit across the country. The result could be a dramatic expansion of voting participation that swamps suppression efforts, enhances voter-mobilization efforts, and shatters the usual low expectations of off-year voting turnout. The attempt at voter suppression, of course, is real. It is a dark part of the playbook that some—though by no means all—states under Republican control have promoted to retain their power. After the Tea Party wave of 2010, the most recent chapter in longstanding efforts to restrict the vote moved forward in earnest. ...
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Eagles safety Malcolm Jenkins receives key to city of Camden 2.10.2018 News
Jenkins' foundation has hosted programs in his native New Jersey as well as Ohio, Louisiana and the Philadelphia area.
Study: Social cost of carbon emissions much higher than what U.S. is using 29.9.2018 Minnesota Public Radio: News
The social cost of carbon estimates how much harm would result from emitting one ton of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.
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Congregations sell their deeds in order to survive 28.9.2018 News
Some congregations are selling off all or part of their properties, and using the financial windfall not to relocate but to stay put - as tenants, or as owners of smaller sections of their original church buildings, or as business partners.
What a N.J. family is doing with $429 million lottery jackpot: 'Praying' it forward 28.9.2018 News
When Pearlie Mae Smith and her seven adult children won a $429.6 million Powerball Jackpot in 2016, they promised to give 10 percent of their winnings to their church, take vacations and help others. So far, a family foundation has given away about $1 million and individual family members another $16 million.
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