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Why I'm thankful this Thanksgiving will be different 20.11.2020 Los Angeles Times - Living Green

With much of life canceled because of COVID-19, so too are large holiday gatherings, which for many of us involved traveling, cooking and jostling with friends, family and relatives at the buffet table. So why my relief? Because, frankly, it was exhausting.

Op-Ed: Why it's wrong to assume race should dictate voting patterns 13.11.2020 LA Times: Opinion

Puzzled by Black male support for Trump? Racial politics is more complex than we are willing to admit.

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One city, two celebrations: While some call for the preservation of Columbus Day, others want the holiday to honor Indigenous people 13.10.2020 Chicago Tribune: Popular
One city, two celebrations: While some call for the preservation of Columbus Day, others want the holiday to honor Indigenous people
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Why is China cracking down on its 'model minority'? 23.9.2020 LA Times: Nation

China's forceful implementation of a new language policy in Inner Mongolia has drawn criticism, even from the Communist Party elite.

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Bill Gates' Global Agenda and How We Can Resist His War on Life 23.9.2020 Organic Consumers Association News Headlines

In March 2015, Bill Gates showed an image of the coronavirus during a TED Talk and told the audience that it was what the greatest catastrophe of our time would look like. The real threat to life, he said, is ‘not missiles, but microbes.’ When the coronavirus pandemic swept over the earth like a tsunami five years later, he revived the war language, describing the pandemic as ‘a world war’.

‘The coronavirus pandemic pits all of humanity against the virus,’ he said.

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Why sustainability professionals should embrace Black Lives Matter 21.9.2020 Business Operations | GreenBiz.com
Why sustainability professionals should embrace Black Lives Matter Charles Orgbon Mon, 09/21/2020 - 00:45 Long before corporations acknowledged Black Lives Matter, they championed the plights of specific endangered species. Corporate conservation campaigns used phrases such as "Save the [insert your favorite animal]," which have been catchy, effective and oddly similar to the language we’re now using to educate people about the status of Black life in America. The Disney Conservation Fund protects lions, elephants, chimpanzees and thousands of other species. Ben & Jerry’s brings awareness to declining honeybee populations. Coca-Cola appropriately is the longtime ally of the poster child for climate change, the polar bear. As a kid, I, too, was influenced by Coca-Cola’s messaging. At just 11, I thought I could stop global warming, so I created a blog with articles urging people, "Save the polar bears." No one challenged me by asking, "What about the tigers? The tigers...matter, too! All endangered species ...
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Native Defenders Are Trying to Protect the Arctic Refuge—And Their Way of Life 14.9.2020 Mother Jones
This piece was originally published in Yale Environment 360 and appears here as part of our Climate Desk Partnership. For more than three decades, the Gwich’in Native community has helped to fight off repeated attempts by Republican administrations and fossil fuel companies to drill for oil and gas in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in Alaska, […]
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What Has the Ocean Ever Done for Us? Humanizing the Sustainable Ocean Economy Narrative 8.9.2020 WRI Stories
What Has the Ocean Ever Done for Us? Humanizing the Sustainable Ocean Economy Narrative Comments|Add Comment|PrintHonolulu harbor. Photo by Bryan/Flickr When we consider the ocean and its relationship to humankind, we often think of it in terms of a transaction: the material and economic benefits the ocean delivers. While these are immense – the value of ocean ecosystem services has been placed at $2.8 trillion annually – there’s far more to recognize. The current COVID-19 crisis has... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ...
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'If we lose this, we lose everything': Government push to teach in Chinese sparks Mongol resistance 3.9.2020 L.A. Times - World News

Teachers and students have refused to comply with a new bilingual education program in Inner Mongolia. The state is cracking down in response.

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Op-Ed: We rely on science. Why is it letting us down when we need it most? 14.8.2020 LA Times: Science

Too many landmark studies can't be replicated in independent labs, and the consequences for medicine, public policy and how we see the world can't be overstated.

Skunks Are Surprisingly Important in Chicago’s History 9.8.2020 Mother Jones
This piece was originally published in Atlas Obscura and appears here as part of our Climate Desk Partnership. In September of 1833, bands of Potawatomi, Ojibwe, Odawa, and other Anishinaabe and Algonquin peoples gathered in a small fur-trapping town called Chicago, where a shimmering prairie met a vast inland sea. After weeks of coercion, they signed the […]
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We Can’t Prevent Another Pandemic Without Stopping the Infodemic 8.8.2020 Mother Jones
As the world grapples with the devastation of the coronavirus, one thing is clear: The United States simply wasn’t prepared. Despite repeated warnings from infectious disease experts over the years, we lacked essential beds, equipment, and medication; public health advice was confusing, and our leadership offered no clear direction while sidelining credible health professionals and institutions. Infectious […]
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America’s Pandemic Response Is Creating Major Hurdles for Many Deaf People 5.8.2020 Mother Jones
After more than five months of the coronavirus pandemic in the United States, White House briefings and press conferences still lack an American Sign Language interpreter. On Monday, a week after President Trump resumed his daily briefings, the National Association of the Deaf filed a lawsuit against the White House arguing that the continued refusal […]
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Donald Trump Listens to His Gut. And It’s the Gut of a Racist. 7.7.2020 Mother Jones
With the coronavirus pandemic surging—and deaths and hospitalizations once again increasing—President Trump chose to start this week by attacking a race-car driver. Why would he do that? Simply, because the man is Black. Trump has a track record of demonizing Black sports figure, and with this assault, Trump was opening yet another front in the […]
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Palestinian cookbooks help preserve a culture's identity 2.7.2020 L.A. Times - Food & Dining

Sami Tamimi's Falastin is the latest cookbook affirming Palestinian identity through food

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Denver’s thriving arts scene was headed for its best year yet. And then the pandemic hit. 28.6.2020 Denver Post: Business
When crowds of people return without fear to public events, they'll be hungry for musicals and symphonies, street festivals and First Fridays. But ready and willing as they are, Denver's best-known cultural nonprofits have grown increasingly nervous about their uncertain future.
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Wedding bells or crickets? Vendors get creative to save industry in Colorado 26.5.2020 Denver Post: News: Local
The coronavirus is wreaking havoc on Colorado's wedding industry.
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25 top theater minds dream the future: What will the post-pandemic stage look like? 19.5.2020 LA Times: Health

Patti LuPone, Lynn Nottage, Tarell Alvin McCraney, Young Jean Lee, Joe Mantello and others answer the question: How should theater be different?

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As coronavirus upends funerals in Colorado and elsewhere, there’s hope the pandemic will spur openness about grief 10.5.2020 Headlines: All Headlines
Grief, which already can be an isolating experience, has become an even more lonely act as people are forced to mourn without family and friends physically beside them.
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How do we craft the narratives that will define a pandemic? Look to the numbers 22.4.2020 LA Times: Health

Unprecedented is the word used to describe the coronavirus pandemic. How do we tell a story that's never been told before?

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