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In Nebraska, He's Working To Break up Meat Monopolies 5.9.2020 Organic Consumers Association News Headlines

While most of us have recently witnessed empty shelves and higher price tags from the aisles of our local supermarkets, 2019 Fixer Graham Christensen has been fighting for solutions to our fractured food system from the fields. A fifth-generation farmer, Christensen founded the consulting company GC Resolve to help his home state of Nebraska establish more ethical and sustainable agricultural practices.

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EPA Relaxes Rules Limiting Toxic Waste From Coal Plants 3.9.2020 Organic Consumers Association News Headlines

The Trump administration on Monday relaxed strict Obama-era standards for how coal-fired power plants dispose of wastewater laced with dangerous pollutants like lead, selenium and arsenic, a move environmental groups said would leave rivers and streams vulnerable to toxic contamination.

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‘Jurassic Park Experiment’: 750 Million Genetically Engineered Mosquitoes To Be Released in Florida 2.9.2020 Organic Consumers Association News Headlines

US authorities have approved a plan to release more than 750 million genetically modified mosquitoes across the Florida Keys, despite objections from local residents.British-based firm Oxitec are behind the project, that will test whether the altered mosquitoes can work as an alternative to pesticides to control the spread of diseases, such as Zika, dengue, chikungunya and yellow fever, according to CNN.

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Commentary: Why Grand Avenue and Frank Gehry are L.A.'s path out of the pandemic 25.8.2020 LA Times: Health

Build Frank Gehry's Colburn School concert hall. Renovate Disney Hall. Update the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion. The investments will pay off, big time.

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The rise (and rise) of sustainability-linked finance 24.8.2020 Small Business | GreenBiz.com
The rise (and rise) of sustainability-linked finance Joel Makower Mon, 08/24/2020 - 02:11 One silver lining of this horrific moment is the rise of loans, bonds and other financial instruments linked to sustainability outcomes. In this sense, "sustainability" is broadly defined to include environmental issues as well as social ones. And, more recently, a new subcategory of, yes, pandemic-related issues. Indeed, the pandemic response is being financed in part through bonds designed to fund development of vaccines or treatments, support healthcare systems fighting the outbreak or provide relief efforts, such as for cities and counties facing budgetary challenges due to lost revenues and emergency spending. As of the end of May, governments, banks, companies and others raised just over $150 billion globally from selling pandemic bonds, according to research by BNP Paribas, as reported by the Wall Street Journal. "These instruments will contribute to the economic recovery of many sectors and will emphasize ...
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Kamala Harris Brings Food Justice To the Democratic Ticket 22.8.2020 Organic Consumers Association News Headlines

Just four days before Senator Kamala Harris became the first woman of color chosen as the running mate of a major U.S. political party’s (presumptive) presidential nominee, she co-authored an op-ed in CNN calling on grocery store chains to reinstate “hazard pay.”

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Corporate Agribusiness/USDA Collude on Shift To Industrial-Scale Organics 20.8.2020 Organic Consumers Association News Headlines

Addressing what it calls the industrialization of the organic farming movement, OrganicEye announced the filing of a formal legal complaint against one of the country’s largest producers of certified organic milk, Natural Prairie. According to the organic industry watchdog, animal abuse and serious environmental degradation have been documented, demonstrating that Natural Prairie, with operations in Texas and a new facility under construction in Indiana, violated federal organic regulations.

Argentinian City Discovers Strong Link Between Glyphosate Exposure and Asthma 20.8.2020 Organic Consumers Association News Headlines

A new study from Argentina, which used the methodological criteria of the International Study of Asthma and Allergies in Childhood (ISAAC), has identified a relationship between environmental and residential exposure to glyphosate and the high prevalence of asthma in the small city of Monte Maíz in Argentina.

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Lawsuit Claims 'All Natural' Salmon 'From Maine' Is Neither of These Things 18.8.2020 Organic Consumers Association News Headlines

A recent lawsuit brought by the Organic Consumers Association on behalf of the people of Washington, D.C., accuses fish distributors Mowi Ducktrap and Mowi USA of deceptive marketing of smoked salmon sold under the brand Ducktrap River of Maine. Fish marketed as sustainable salmon from Maine was allegedly raised on fish farms outside the U.S., using antibiotics including oxytetracycline (which is also used to fight infections in humans) and a formaldehyde-based disinfectant and bleach, according to internal audit reports cited in the complaint

An insurance policy for cutting emissions: New research strengthens the case for climate backstops 10.8.2020 Climate 411 - Environmental Defense Fund
Climate backstops are a critical part of a carbon fee that help ensure expected emissions reductions actually occur. More federal climate proposals are using them, including the new America’s Clean Future Fund Act from Senator Richard Durbin. New research on these innovative mechanisms can help advance our understanding of different design options and implications for […]
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A Fairer and More Sustainable Post-COVID World in Latin America 6.8.2020 THE CITY FIX
The large cities in the Latin American region all have one thing in common: the opportunities for employment and income are concentrated in a few districts while, more and more, sprawling housing zones are located on the outskirts of cities ...
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'One Thing I've Learned About Modern Farming – We Shouldn't Do It Like This' 6.8.2020 Organic Consumers Association News Headlines

As we walked quietly through the trees, the water ahead looked like a manmade fishing lake, or maybe a small reservoir. We were in a strip of forest, along a single-track road, making our way towards a huge industrial farm. It was overcast and the high trees made the day even more gloomy.

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A Fairer and More Sustainable Post-COVID World in Latin America 6.8.2020 WRI Stories
A Fairer and More Sustainable Post-COVID World in Latin America Comments|Add Comment|PrintThe coronavirus recovery is a chance for Latin America's cities to become more equitable. Photo by Mariana Gil/WRI. This blog post originally appeared in the C40 Knowledge Hub. The large cities in the Latin American region all have one thing in common: the opportunities for employment and income are concentrated in a few districts while, more and more, sprawling housing zones are located on the outskirts... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ...
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Pesticide Mixtures a Bigger Problem Than Previously Thought 4.8.2020 Organic Consumers Association News Headlines

UQ's School of Earth and Environmental Sciences researcher Associate Professor Michael Warne conducted the study with the Queensland Department of Environment and Science, and analysed 2600 water samples from 15 waterways that discharge into the Great Barrier Reef lagoon over a four-year period.

Consumer Groups Challenge 'Deceptive' Tyson Ads That Brag About Worker Safety 1.8.2020 Organic Consumers Association News Headlines

A worker coalition in Arkansas and a Washington, D.C.-based environmental nonprofit have asked the government to stop Tyson Foods, one of America’s biggest meat companies, from advertising to the public that its workers are “safer than ever.”

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A Skeptical Farmer's Monster Message on Profitability 30.7.2020 Organic Consumers Association News Headlines

Adam Chappell was a slave to pigweed. In 2009, several years prior to the roller coaster rise and fall of commodity prices, he was on the brink of bankruptcy and facing a go broke or go green proposition. Drowning in a whirlpool of input costs, Chappell cut bait from conventional agriculture and dove headfirst into a bootstrap version of innovative farming.

How COVID-19 Made It Easier to Talk About Climate Change 29.7.2020 Organic Consumers Association News Headlines

Rhiana Gunn-Wright had asthma growing up. So did many of her neighbors in Englewood, on the South Side of Chicago, where pediatric hospitalization rates for asthma were significantly higher than the rate nationwide in the early 2000s. Ms. Gunn-Wright had so many friends with asthma that she assumed it was a “childhood disease” that all young people had.

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Agroforestry Is Both Climate Friendly and Profitable 28.7.2020 Organic Consumers Association News Headlines

In the latter part of 2016, Ethan Steinberg and two of his friends planned a driving tour across the U.S. to interview farmers. Their goal was to solve a riddle that had been bothering each of them for some time. Why was it, they wondered, that American agriculture basically ignored trees?

Groups Call on Consumers to Boycott Large-Scale Meat Producers 16.7.2020 Organic Consumers Association News Headlines

The corporate meat industry is the target of a new campaign that asks consumers to boycott products from large operations. Those behind the effort point to recent situations in Iowa as examples of longstanding issues that need to be resolved, and cite a wide range of issues including worker safety, animal welfare, environmental impact and consumer health.

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Mexico Bans Monsanto's Roundup Herbicide 16.7.2020 Organic Consumers Association News Headlines

Mexico is breaking free from Monsanto’s grip on its soil.

The country’s Environment Ministry just announced it plans to gradually reduce the amount of glyphosate farmers are allowed to use, until it is completely phased out in 2024.

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