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Why save the small town? 17.10.2017 High Country News Most Recent
Cities may seem inevitable, but rural communities are finding ways to hang on.
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Infographic: Where in the West young people are moving 16.10.2017 High Country News Most Recent
Some counties in the region buck the aging trend.
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Amazon should follow DaVita’s lead and not fall for the best cash offer 6.10.2017 Denver Post: Opinion
I encourage Jeff Bezos and Amazon to choose Colorado for what they’re calling HQ2. And I suggest that they not demand a king’s ransom in return.
Warren Buffett says government should do more to combat poverty 4.10.2017 Headlines: All Headlines
Billionaire Warren Buffett says America will continue to prosper overall, but government and philanthropists should do more to ensure that poverty doesn't remain a barrier success.
Outside of Colorado’s corridors of prosperity, these ZIP codes are experiencing the most economic distress 1.10.2017 Headlines: All Headlines
Colorado ranks highly when it comes to the share of its population living in prosperous areas. But swaths of southeastern Colorado continue to show high levels of economic distress, according to an index from the Economic Innovation Group.
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Many of the cities with the highest rates of teen shootings have populations of less than 250,000 9.9.2017 Denver Post: National News Headlines
Size may play a role. In tightly packed neighborhoods, insults and perceived insults ricochet like shots in an echo chamber. One shooting inevitably leads to speculation about who will be targeted next.
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Here’s what you should know about the new potential 100-year agreement for Denver’s National Western Center 30.8.2017 Denver Post: Business
Denver city officials would exercise most of the control over a new National Western Center campus authority under a proposed 50-year agreement that was unveiled Tuesday.
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Real estate boom turns up heat on Leadville — “the last frontier mountain town” 27.8.2017 Denver Post: Business
Leadville could have withered along with the sputtering Climax mine up the road. But the community recast itself as a tourist destination and the work is paying off.
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Former gang members offered jobs, second chances, through community-bred program 14.8.2017 Denver Post: News: Local
Formerly incarcerated men and former gang members have gained new jobs and second chances this year through a community employment program coordinated by Denver’s Impact Empowerment Group.
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The help Trump promised hasn’t come. So the “dying city” of Palatka, Fla., is determined to save itself. 9.8.2017 Denver Post: National News Headlines
Palatka, a city of 10,400 swaddled by potato farms and a paper mill that employs a small fraction of the workers it once did, is desperate for an economy to call its own.
Charges dropped for five protesters who occupied Cory Gardner’s Denver office 8.8.2017 Denver Post: All Political News
A Denver judge dropped all charges Tuesday against five protesters who were cited for occupying U.S. Sen. Cory Gardner’s office in July in protest of the Senate health care bill.
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Amid California’s toxic dumps, local activists go it alone 7.8.2017 Current Issue
The call themselves promotoras, and they’re starting to see results.
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Promised empowerment of trans people and the new dealers of a false liberty 6.8.2017 Eye – The Indian Express
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North Carolina town “forgotten” as residents, jobs fall away 30.7.2017 Headlines: All Headlines
Tucked away in northeastern North Carolina is Bertie County 'a rural, primarily black community in one of the state's poorest areas with many of its fastest-shrinking towns.
Colorado Divide: The Dust Bowl redefined agriculture in this corner of Colorado, but dwindling population looks to move past time warp 28.7.2017 Denver Post: Local
In the years since the Dust Bowl, Baca County has been recast as a smarter, more efficient agricultural workhorse, but also a less populous area of around 3,700 where empty storefronts stare blankly onto Springfield’s Main Street. The absence of a more diverse economy remains a point of frustration for some who see the county stuck in a time warp.
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After long sit-in at Cory Gardner’s Denver office, ADAPT protesters plead not guilty to charges 18.7.2017 Headlines: All Headlines
The ADAPT protesters who held a sit-in for nearly 58 hours inside Sen. Cory Gardner's office, pressuring him to vote no on the Senate health care bill, entered not guilty pleas at their arraignment today.
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Stress of poverty, racism raise risk of Alzheimer’s for African Americans, new research suggests 17.7.2017 Headlines: All Headlines

A new group of studies into racial disparities among people with Alzheimer's disease suggests that social conditions, including the stress of poverty and racism, substantially raise the risks of dementia for African Americans.

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Five Points proves diverse communities are strong; the rest of Denver should follow suit 7.7.2017 Denver Post: Opinion
Five Points has shown that a mixed use, economically and culturally diverse community is a strong community. Let’s welcome economic and cultural diversity across Denver.
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Disability-rights advocates protest outside Cory Gardner’s Denver office to spotlight Medicaid, Senate health care bill 7.7.2017 Denver Post: All Political News
Protesters who last week staged a 57-hour sit-in at Sen. Cory Gardner's Denver office returned to the general vicinity Thursday with hundreds of allies, saying they would continue to make their voices heard until the Republican commits to a "no" vote on the Senate health care bill.
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Why 1 million Californians lack safe drinking water 6.7.2017 High Country News Most Recent
Rural, cash-strapped communities don’t have the means to treat contaminated water.
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