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Krugman: Market madness in the pandemic 17.6.2020 Denver Post: Business
A funny thing happened: Investors suddenly piled into the stock, driving it up by more than 500%. And Hertz -- in bankruptcy! -- announced plans to raise money by selling more stock.
World will suffer largest downturn since 1940s, according to World Bank report 8.6.2020 Headlines: All Headlines
The World Bank said Monday the world is facing an unprecedented health and economic crisis that has spread with astonishing speed and will result in the largest shock the global economy has witnessed in more than seven decades. Millions of people are expected to be pushed into extreme poverty.
Guest Commentary: Create a national health force to put recent graduates to work 16.5.2020 Denver Post: Opinion
The Health Force would be the most ambitious public health campaign in American history. But consider this: each day we remain closed, the economy loses another $20 billion.
Jobless rate spikes to 14.7%, highest since Great Depression 8.5.2020 Denver Post: Business
The U.S. unemployment rate hit 14.7% in April, the highest rate since the Great Depression, as 20.5 million jobs vanished in the worst monthly loss on record. The figures are stark evidence of the damage the coronavirus has done to a now-shattered economy.
Improving Investor Behavior: Investing in panic as stock market plunges 15.3.2020 Headlines: All Headlines
A lot can change in 30 days. One short month ago, markets were knocking on the door of all-time highs, businesses were doing well, and Joe Biden was behind several candidates in the Democratic primaries. Oh, how things change quickly. Very quickly. Even when compared to historic drops, the decline of about 18% that we’ve […]
Stocks fall sharply on Wall Street; Dow Jones sinks 3.1% 28.2.2020 Headlines: All Headlines
NEW YORK (AP) — U.S. stocks fell sharply Friday and were on track for their worst week since October 2008 as the spreading coronavirus threatens to derail the global economy.
Budget deficit to break $1 trillion despite strong economy 29.1.2020 Headlines: All Headlines
An annual congressional report says the U.S. budget deficit is likely to burst through the symbolic $1 trillion barrier this year despite a healthy economy.
US trade deficit falls 8.2% to $43.1 billion in November 7.1.2020 Denver Post: Business
The U.S. trade deficit fell in November to the lowest level in more than three years as U.S. exports rose while imports declined, putting the country on track to see the first annual decline in the trade deficit in six years.
Krugman: The legacy of destructive austerity during the Great Recession 2.1.2020 Denver Post: Opinion
There are multiple explanations for the populist rage that has put democracy at risk across the Western world, but the side effects of austerity rank high on the list.
White House insists fundamentals of U.S. economy “very strong” 20.8.2019 Denver Post: Business
The "fundamentals" of the U.S. economy are solid, the White House asserted, invoking an ill-fated political declaration of a decade ago amid mounting concern that a recession could imperil President Donald Trump's reelection.
Ross Perot, Texas billionaire who twice ran for president, has died 9.7.2019 Denver Post: National News Headlines
Family spokesman says H. Ross Perot, Texas billionaire who twice ran for president, has died.
Guest Commentary: Not all budget deficits are created equal 18.6.2019 Denver Post: Opinion
The U.S. budget deficit is now almost $740 billion, the Treasury Department reported last week, prompting a new round of familiar criticism of 2017's Tax Cut and Jobs Act: The law's huge tax cuts were irresponsible, as were Republicans' sloppy and at times deliberately misleading assertions that the law would pay for itself.
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Iowa-based ACT testing company outsourcing jobs to Colorado firm 16.5.2019 Denver Post: Business
ACT says 115 full-time positions and 40 temporary positions will be eliminated locally. The transition of the work to Startek will begin Aug. 1 and be finished in November. Startek is based in Greenwood Village, Colorado.
China retaliates on tariffs, stock markets go into a slide 14.5.2019 Headlines: All Headlines
Sending Wall Street into a slide, China announced higher tariffs Monday on $60 billion worth of American goods in retaliation for President Donald Trump's latest penalties on Chinese products.
Road to Retirement: Lessons from the 10-year bull market 7.4.2019 Headlines: All Headlines
The month of March marked the 10th anniversary of the bottom of the bear market that occurred during the mortgage-triggered financial crisis. In mid-March 2009, the S&P 500 hit a low of 676 points, and had fallen about 57 percent from its previous high-water mark. That is the type of decline that makes people nauseated. […]
Wednesday, March 13, 2019 letters: Look at Portland’s “campaign ban,” Tax cuts, deficits and spending 14.3.2019 Denver Post: Opinion
Look at Portland’s ‘camping ban’ Re: “Homeless ‘camping ban’ quickly becoming one of Denver’s most expensive political fights,” March 9 news story I work downtown so I see the chronic homeless every workday. Portland temporarily suspended the city “camping ban” about five years ago. After less than a year of problems with the “safe sleep” […]
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Rampell: What’s behind the ballooning trade deficit 11.3.2019 Denver Post: Opinion
For years President Donald Trump has been obsessed with trade deficits, (incorrectly) viewing them as a good measure of which countries are "winning" and which are "losing." The United States has run a trade deficit for decades, thereby designating us a perennial loser in Trump's worldview. He promised to turn things around by picking a few easy-to-win trade wars.
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Will: Democratic candidates are channeling late-night infomercials 10.3.2019 Denver Post: Opinion
A four-word phrase common on late-night television, exclaimed by announcers giddy about their offers: "Buy this kitchen knife that is so sharp it can slice and dice diamonds, and we'll throw in a nonstick frying pan that can double as a satellite dish. BUT WAIT! THERE'S MORE! If you call immediately, we'll include a homeopathic cure for sciatica."
Road to Retirement: Four rules for handling bear markets 6.1.2019 Denver Post: Business
For many younger investors, 2018 marked the first time they experienced meaningful declines in their investment portfolios. And for others who have been around the markets longer, it brought back unpleasant memories from 2008.
Improving investor behavior: Myths and language 17.6.2018 Headlines: All Headlines
Many people believe the stock market is risky. It’s often described as a casino, using words like crash, falling, and my favorite Wall Street word “correction,” meaning falling 10 percent or more from a previous high price. My definition of a correction is a temporary decline, which is then followed and surpassed by a permanent advance. […]
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