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'A revolt of the middle class': L.A. teachers' strike sheds light on city's growing inequities 24.1.2019 LA Times: Commentary

Los Angeles is often criticized for its lack of public engagement and low voter turnout, and as a place where neighborhoods have a sense of community but the city overall feels fragmented.

But the nation saw a different side of L.A. when last week’s teachers’ strike galvanized the city. Thousands...

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Zimbabwe faces new unrest as government workers threaten strike 24.1.2019 LA Times: Commentary

Zimbabwe faces a new wave of unrest as the group representing government workers announced Wednesday that roughly 500,000 civil servants across the country will go on strike after salary negotiations failed.

David Dzatsunga, secretary of the Civil Service Apex Council, said the strike will begin...

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City Section teams return to practice after teachers' strike ends 24.1.2019 LA Times: Commentary

“Yeah! Let’s go,” Westchester All-City center Kaelen Allen cried as the Comets began their first basketball practice in more than a week on Wednesday under coach Ed Azzam.

There was anticipation and excitement around the City Section as sports teams tried to return to normal routines with practices...

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L.A. teacher sues union, saying dues were illegally taken out of her paycheck 24.1.2019 LA Times: Commentary

A Los Angeles Unified teacher filed a federal class-action lawsuit this week against United Teachers Los Angeles alleging the group continued to take dues out of her paycheck despite a change in law that bars public-sector unions from forcing members to pay.

Irene Seager, who teaches at Porter...

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Denver Public Schools requests state intervention that could delay planned teachers strike 24.1.2019 Denver Post: Local
Representatives from Denver Public Schools and the Denver Classroom Teachers Association were meeting with Gov. Jared Polis on Wednesday, talking about the possibility of state intervention in a teachers strike that could begin as early as Monday.
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The public needs to back up its support of L.A. teachers with more money for education 24.1.2019 LA Times: Commentary

To the editor: The teachers union, United Teachers Los Angeles, and the L.A. Unified School District both want to provide the best education for all students, the best working environment for all employees and a positive future for public education.

The settlement of the teachers’ strike is a victory...

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I'm a charter school teacher. The LAUSD strike made me realize how I'm part of the problem 24.1.2019 Los Angeles Times - Living Green

It’s a confusing time to be a charter school teacher in Los Angeles.

Usually, I consider myself to have everything in common with my husband and friends who teach in the Los Angeles Unified School District. We put in the same long hours, confront the same piles of ungraded papers and share similar...

Denver teachers vote to authorize a strike 23.1.2019 Minnesota Public Radio: News
After more than a year of negotiating with the school district, Denver teachers could begin a strike as soon as Jan. 28. It would be the city's first teacher strike in almost 25 years.
Parents, students celebrate return to routine as L.A. teachers end strike, head back to class 23.1.2019 LA Times: Commentary

Los Angeles teachers and union staff returned to school Wednesday morning, hours after voting on a contract agreement with the Los Angeles Unified School District that put an end to a strike that spanned six school days.

The tentative agreement, announced early Tuesday, followed an all-night negotiating...

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Hundreds of IRS workers skip work, citing hardship, during shutdown 23.1.2019 LA Times: Business

Hundreds of Internal Revenue Service employees have received permission to skip work during the partial government shutdown due to financial hardship, and union leaders said Tuesday they expect that number to surge as part of a coordinated protest that could hamper the government’s ability to process...

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Today: For L.A. Teachers, It's Back to School 23.1.2019 Los Angeles Times - Living Green

Los Angeles teachers are headed back to work today after their first strike in three decades.


For L.A. Teachers, It’s Back to School

Teachers will be back in the classroom today after the United Teachers Los Angeles and the L.A. Unified School District reached a contract agreement to...

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Essential California: The L.A. teachers' strike is over. Who won? 23.1.2019 Los Angeles Times - Living Green

Good morning, and welcome to the Essential California newsletter. It’s Wednesday, Jan. 23, and here’s what’s happening across California:


The Los Angeles teachers union ended its strike Tuesday night, based on overwhelming support for a contract agreement with the school district, union...

Teachers Unions Don't Really Strike for 'the Kids' 23.1.2019 Wall St. Journal: Opinion
When the United Auto Workers walk off the job, no one pretends they care about car buyers.
The LAUSD strike may be over, but the real work lies ahead 23.1.2019 LA Times: Commentary

On Wednesday, some 31,000 Los Angeles teachers will be back in school. Nearly half a million students will back to learning. And parents’ lives will be back to normal after the six-day strike and the weeks of uncertainty leading up to it.

It has been a deeply disruptive period — and expensive as...

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Denver teachers strike: Union votes to authorize first walkout in 25 years 23.1.2019 Denver Post: Local
Denver teachers have voted to strike in the name of fair wages, marking the first time educators in Colorado's largest school district have agreed to walk out of their classrooms in 25 years.
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Longmont air traffic controllers’ morale low as government shutdown drags on 23.1.2019 Denver Post: Local
The majority of the 350 to 400 federal employees at the center in Longmont have been working without pay since the government shutdown on Dec. 22. Some have been furloughed and are at home with no pay.
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Colorado well site explosion kills New Mexico man 23.1.2019 Denver Post: Business
A New Mexico man died earlier this month following an explosion at a natural gas well site on the Southern Ute Reservation in southwest Colorado.
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Tentative deal to end LAUSD teachers’ strike brings celebration and disappointment 23.1.2019 Los Angeles Times - Living Green

Los Angeles teachers, students and parents reacted with exhilaration — and, for some, disappointment — after union leaders reached a tentative agreement Tuesday with the L.A. Unified School District to end the strike, more than a week after it started.

The mood at a post-negotiations downtown rally...

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In teachers’ strike settlement, public support for education was the best news 23.1.2019 Los Angeles Times - Living Green

Ring the bell, load the backpacks and start the buses.

It’s looking like school will be back in session in L.A. Unified on Wednesday, with teachers returning to work after a six-day strike, the first one in 30 years.

Assuming it happens — teachers still have to ratify the new contract, which they’re...

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L.A. teachers celebrate their victories as union and district reach a deal 23.1.2019 Los Angeles Times - Living Green

Cecilia Hamilton sat by a speaker blaring funk and soul music outside of 93rd Street Elementary School in South Los Angeles. Behind her, the digital marquee on the school read: We Love Our Teachers.

Since the strike started a week ago, teachers such as Hamilton have been showing up every morning...

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