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The valets who got fired after trying to unionize have gotten their jobs back 16.8.2018 News
This week, nearly all six parking attendants will start parking cars at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania again, said 32BJ SEIU. They also got back pay.
Philly labor unions say 5,000 will rally today to support immigrant children 15.8.2018 News
"We are here in solidarity with each other," said AFSCME Secretary-Treasurer Elissa McBride, "as Americans, as labor unions, as social-justice warriors."
A red flag for the 'blue wave'? In Philly suburbs, GOP Rep. Fitzpatrick has more union support than Dem challenger 15.8.2018 News
Brian Fitzpatrick has raised more than $200,000 from labor groups. His Democratic opponent has only collected $3,000.
The Meaning of Labor's Win in Missouri 13.8.2018 American Prospect
(AP Photo/Charlie Riedel) A sign against Proposition A in Kansas City, Missouri, on August 1, 2018 Union supporters were able to rest easy on the primary night of Tuesday, August 7. Early in the evening, news outlets reported that the “right to work” initiative on the ballot was trailing badly, and many counties where it was expected to fail hadn’t yet tallied their votes. Yet something extraordinary awaited those who put off sleep. As the night crept on, and the precinct results poured in, what looked initially like a solid labor victory turned into an absolute rout. In the end, two-thirds of Missouri voters rejected Proposition A, the state’s “right to work” bill, sinking it by a 67 percent to 33 percent margin. The last time a “right to work” measure was on the ballot in Missouri was 40 years ago. Union supporters beat back that initiative in 1978 by a decisive 20 points.  The 1978 result might not have surprised many at the time. Back in the late 1970s, nearly one out of every four workers in ...
Cousins perfect in Minnesota debut as Vikings beat Broncos 12.8.2018 Minnesota Public Radio: News
Kirk Cousins completed all four of his passes in the Vikings' 42-28 exhibition victory Saturday night, including a 1-yard touchdown strike on a quick slant to Stefon Diggs.
For Missouri Unions, the Battle Is Far From Over 10.8.2018 American Prospect
(AP Photo/Charlie Riedel) On August 7, 2018, Missouri voters rejected the state's "right to work" law by a margin of 2 to 1. trickle-downers.jpg Missouri unions will have little time to catch their breath after their decisive victory at the ballot box on Tuesday. By a 2-to-1 margin, voters in the Show Me State rejected a “right to work” law that would have allowed both public- and private-sector workers in unionized workplaces to opt out of paying dues to the unions that would still be required to bargain contracts for them and represent them in disputes with management. Similar “right to work” legislation has led to significant drops in union revenues and rolls in states like Wisconsin, Michigan, and Indiana. Missouri Republicans had for decades pushed for the law, and finally got their chance after the 2016 election of former Governor Eric Greitens, who was forced to resign in June amid a months-long scandal and felony charges. The ballot initiative would have made Missouri the country’s 28th “right to ...
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Meet (Elon Musk) the New Boss, Same as the Old 9.8.2018 American Prospect
AP Photo/Richard Drew Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk is interviewed on the Fox Business Network Jose Moran worked at the Fremont Tesla factory for four years before he decided to go public about the things he had witnessed. In February of 2017, Moran published a blog post on  Medium  detailing what it was like to work on Elon Musk’s factory floor, and how some of his co-workers were hurting but were “too afraid to report it for fear of being labeled as a complainer or bad worker by management.”  The decision to go public with his expose only came after “a long build up,” Moran told the Prospect. He’d spent his first few years at Tesla “watching a lot of people get hurt” and suffered an injury to his left shoulder himself. “I thought it could’ve been preventable if management would have listened to our concerns regarding safety and processes in our work area,” he explained. “So I decided to write something and expose the working conditions at Tesla and try to bring attention to that.”  Underneath the sleek ...
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Labor Unrest Strikes Mining Giants 9.8.2018 Wall St. Journal: US Business
Already grappling with challenges including U.S. tariffs and rising costs, global mining companies face another: worker walkouts. In Australia, roughly 1,500 employees are on strike at Alcoa mines and refineries.
Nine Months of U.S. Strikes Have Failed to Curtail Taliban Opium Trade 8.8.2018 Wall St. Journal: World
American efforts to cripple the Taliban drug trade in Afghanistan have fallen short of expectations, U.S. officials say, creating new challenges for the Trump administration’s efforts to weaken the insurgency as the warring parties try to jump start peace talks.
Missouri blocks right-to-work law 8.8.2018 Minnesota Public Radio: Law & Justice
A ballot measure supporting a Republican-backed law that prohibits compulsory union membership and fees was overwhelmingly rejected even in the state's deep red regions.
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House Republicans Strike Out to Outsiders in Statewide Races 5.8.2018 Wall St. Journal: Policy
When Tennessee Rep. Diane Black placed third in her state’s GOP race for governor last week, she became the fifth House Republican defeated in a statewide primary this year.
Venezuelan government claims drone strikes targeted Maduro 5.8.2018 Minnesota Public Radio: Law & Justice
Drones armed with explosives detonated near Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro as he gave a speech to hundreds of soldiers in Caracas on Saturday but the socialist leader was unharmed, according to the government — though that account was disputed by some at the scene.
Brett Kavanaugh's Dangerous Right-Wing Judicial Activism 3.8.2018 American Prospect
(AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin) Kavanaugh During his tenure as judge on the D.C. Circuit Court, Brett Kavanaugh has consistently ruled in favor of corporations and against workers, consumers, civil rights, and the environment. But is there an underlying theme or approach in American jurisprudence that explains Kavanaugh’s record? Although Kavanaugh would no doubt deny it, his judicial record makes clear that he is a conservative judicial activist who would pose serious dangers to our country if he joins the Supreme Court. Ultra-conservatives like Antonin Scalia and others have described judicial activists as possessing three primary characteristics. First, in key cases, a judicial activist judge’s decisions will correspond closely to his or her political or policy preferences. Second, in order to promote those preferences, a judicial activist will vote to overturn laws passed by democratically elected legislatures, relying on broad interpretations of the Constitution. Finally, in pursuit of those objectives, ...
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Heineken Strikes Multibillion-Dollar China Deal 3.8.2018 Wall St. Journal: US Business
Heineken announced a tie-up with China’s biggest brewer as it looks to tap drinkers in the world’s largest beer market by volume, where it has until now had a minimal presence.
New York's Charter Mugging 3.8.2018 Wall St. Journal: Opinion
A union intimidation campaign gets help from Gov. Cuomo.
Fracas at Cutbona jetty, Boat owners on strike 1.8.2018 Video News – The Navhind Times
It was a chaotic day at Cutbona Jetty as officials of fisheries arrived without prior intimation.The boat owners, agents and local fishermen at spot were left agitated as the dept officials tried to allegedly impose new rules from fisheries department on them.Refusing to budge, now boat owners have gone of strike.
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How Johnny Doc helped the Phillies sign Jim Thome 26.7.2018 News
An oral history of how John Dougherty helped the Phillies sign Jim Thome as a free agent back in November 2002.
African valets who park the cars at Penn Medicine say they got fired after trying to unionize 26.7.2018 News
Six parking lot attendants, nearly all of them immigrants from Africa, were fired in June by their employer, Impark. Union 32BJ SEIU says it was retaliation for union activity. Impark has denied this.
Barred from sit-in at mayor's office, Occupy ICE holds a City Hall stairwell 26.7.2018 News
Organizers are demanding that the city withdraw from an agreement allowing ICE access to a real-time police database known as PARS.
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Junior Doctors 25.7.2018 Central Chronicle
In Madhya Pradesh the strike by the teachers and the junior doctors are frequent upsetting the teaching in the school and medical treatment in government hospital. From the July 23 the junior doctors of all the five government medical collage in the Madhya Pradesh have gone on indefinite strike. The nursing and para medical staff […]
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