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Trump Plans to Rebrand Nafta, Warns Canada 14.9.2018 Wall St. Journal: Policy
President Trump revealed plans to rebrand the North American Free Trade Agreement as the “USMC” pact—for the U.S., Mexico and Canada—telling Republican donors at a private fundraiser he will drop the “C” if Canada doesn’t agree to changes he seeks.
Trudeau offers stewardship while Canadians look for leadership 11.9.2018 - News for the rest of us
Politics in Canada Canadians look to the federal government for leadership. What they have been getting instead from the Liberal government is stewardship. With Parliament reconvening next week, and just over a year remaining before the scheduled 2019 election, it is time for the government and opposition parties to put their best policy ideas forward. The Liberals like to focus on building the middle class. With interest rates slated to rise, what does the government have to offer recent home purchasers who are going to face costly mortgage rate hikes which may well make it difficult to hold onto their homes? Property developers are making money, while aspiring homeowners in major centres face affordability barriers. Encouraging the private sector to provide market-based answers to housing has failed to provide either ownership opportunities at reasonable cost, or, crucially, enough rental and social housing spaces. What do party leaders have to say about the severe shortages of affordable housing that ...
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Bank of Canada Likely to Raise Rates 7.9.2018 Wall St. Journal: World
A breakdown in talks toward a revised North American Free Trade Agreement wouldn’t necessarily prevent the Bank of Canada from raising interest rates, a senior official from the central bank said Thursday.
Confused About the Status of NAFTA Renegotiations? Join the Club 6.9.2018 American Prospect
(AP Photo/Marco Ugarte) On August 31, the administration sent a formal notification to Congress that starts the countdown to a vote on an agreement that could replace the 1994 North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). After a 90-day waiting period required by the “fast-track” procedure , an agreement could be signed on November 30, not coincidentally the last day in office for the current Mexican president. This would set up a U.S. congressional vote in the first half of 2019. Much of the media coverage since the notice has focused on the legal and political uncertainties related to the fact that, so far, the United States has only concluded a deal with Mexico. Indeed, the formal notice indicated “intent to sign a trade agreement with Mexico—and Canada, if it is willing—90 days from now.” Negotiations with Canada continue this very day, Wednesday, in Washington, D.C. Canada rejoined talks last week after disengaging in May over opposition to U.S. demands that a new deal include a sunset clause. Canada ...
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Trudeau clings to Chapter 19 in NAFTA, but why? 6.9.2018 - News for the rest of us
Brent Patterson As talks on a revised version of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) continue, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau appears to be saying that its Chapter 19 provision is an essential element to getting a good "free trade" deal. Similarly, the Canadian Chamber of Commerce has called on Trudeau to "vigorously defend" Chapter 19, the Business Council of Canada says "Canada needs a mechanism to respond" to U.S. protectionist measures, and The Globe and Mail editorial board has almost breathlessly extolled, "An independent dispute settlement mechanism is Issue No. 1 for Canada." Should we accept this argument? The CBC (anthropomorphizing transnational capital with emotion) explains, "Chapter 19 allows companies that feel their products have been unfairly hit with anti-dumping or countervailing duties to request arbitration. If a panel with representatives from both countries agrees, it can require the return of those duties." The Trump administration wants Chapter 19 eliminated from ...
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Canada Posts Biggest Monthly Trade Surplus With U.S. in Nearly a Decade 5.9.2018 Wall St. Journal: World
Canada posted its biggest trade surplus with the U.S. in nearly a decade for July due to higher prices for crude-oil exports and a jump in sales of auto parts and other goods to its fast-growing southern neighbor.
Bank of Canada Holds Benchmark Rate Steady 5.9.2018 Wall St. Journal: US Business
The Bank of Canada held its benchmark interest rate steady at 1.50% as it signaled that the outcome of North American Free Trade Agreement talks could affect the pace of future rate increases.
U.S., Canada Face Tough Issues as They Resume Nafta Talks 5.9.2018 Wall St. Journal: US Business
A Trump administration official says the trade partners will bridge their differences to bring Ottawa into a three-way trade pact with the U.S. and Mexico, as Trudeau says he can't relent on certain points when the two sides resume talks on Tuesday.
Bank of Canada Seen as On Hold Until October 4.9.2018 Wall St. Journal: US Business
The Bank of Canada is widely expected to keep its benchmark interest rate on hold at a policy announcement Wednesday, in part to allow more time to see how last-ditch efforts to include Canada in a new Nafta unfold.
Trump deals major blow to Trudeau government's trade plans 4.9.2018 - News for the rest of us
US Politics Despite his constant denigration of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) Donald Trump was prepared to re-negotiate NAFTA after all -- but only with Mexico. Canada was frozen out of the bilateral talks between the two other NAFTA partners. These quiet one-on-one negotiations ended after a few weeks with a new agreement that Canada is supposed to accept, even if negotiated without its participation or approval. The U.S. president has been carrying out a Twitter campaign to soften up Canada, which he contends has been taking advantage of the U.S. for decades. In between reminding Canadians that he is planning to impose a 25 per cent tariff on Canadian automotive exports, Trump took time out to tell Bloomberg News he would make no concessions to Canada in bilateral NAFTA talks, which are set to resume this week. Anyone who followed the 2016 U.S. presidential election knew that Donald Trump was determined to terminate NAFTA. It was obvious that for Trump anything that replaced NAFTA had ...
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Congress, Don't Let Trump Usurp Your Power Over Trade 4.9.2018 Wall St. Journal: Opinion
The law gives legislators the authority to hold onto Nafta as it is or vote for a new deal.
Trump's Negotiating Style to Mark U.S.-Canada Nafta Talks 4.9.2018 Wall St. Journal: US Business
Trump this week will put his bare-knuckles negotiating strategy to a new test, as his aides resume efforts to persuade Canada to sign on to his vision for overhauling Nafta, the pact he has long branded a disaster.
Trump attacks union leader on Labor Day 4.9.2018 Minnesota Public Radio: Politics
President Donald Trump started his Labor Day with an attack on a top union leader, lashing out after criticism from AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka.
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Union Leader Says a New Nafta Won't Work Without Canada 3.9.2018 Wall St. Journal: World
The president of the AFL-CIO said a new North American Free Trade Agreement won’t work if it doesn’t include Canada, a day after President Trump indicated his willingness to proceed with a bilateral deal with Mexico alone if necessary.
Trump: Canada 'will be out' of trade deal unless it's 'fair' 2.9.2018 Minnesota Public Radio: Politics
"There is no political necessity to keep Canada in the new NAFTA deal," Trump said in one of a series of tweets.
Trump Says 'Canada Will Be Out' Without 'Fair Deal' on Nafta 1.9.2018 Wall St. Journal: World
President Trump said Canada would be left out of a new North American Free Trade Agreement if a “fair deal for the U.S.” isn’t reached—and warned Congress he would terminate the deal entirely if the lawmakers interfere in the negotiations.
Nafta Negotiations: Where Do We Go From Here? 1.9.2018 Wall St. Journal: Policy
The Trump administration now has 30 days to provide U.S. lawmakers with the written details of a deal, including any Canadian involvement
No NAFTA deal: Canada-U.S. talks to resume next week 1.9.2018 Minnesota Public Radio: Law & Justice
After days of negotiations, the U.S. and Canada failed to agree on a deal by a Friday deadline to update the North American Free Trade Agreement. The U.S. and Mexico reached a pact earlier.
U.S., Canada Cast Doubt on Reaching a Nafta Deal by Friday 31.8.2018 Wall St. Journal: US Business
U.S. and Canadian officials cast doubts about their ability to complete a deal on a revised Nafta by a Friday deadline set by the Trump administration, with Canada’s chief negotiator saying the sides “are not there yet.”
No Nafta Redo Without Canada 31.8.2018 Wall St. Journal: Opinion
Congress won’t pass a new deal if it excludes our northern neighbor.
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