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Trump Touts Benefits of USMCA, Which Isn’t Approved Yet 15.3.2019 Newsweek Top Stories
“BIG NEWS for U.S. Auto Workers! The USMCA is already fixing the broken NAFTA deal,” Trump wrote on Twitter.
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New Nafta Is Threatened by Partisan Split Over Enforcement 14.2.2019 Wall St. Journal: Policy
Disagreements between Democrats and the Trump administration over how to enforce trade rules is threatening to push off a congressional vote on the new version of Nafta.
Two Bills to Defend Free Trade 8.2.2019 Wall St. Journal: Opinion
Congressional action to rein in presidential tariff power is overdue.
To Beat Trump, Embrace Free Trade 7.2.2019 Wall St. Journal: Opinion
Democrats, it’s time to recognize and embrace America’s economic dominance.
'Lambaggedon'?: U.K. ranchers worry they may have to sell the farm if no-deal Brexit ends free trade 31.1.2019 LA Times: Commentary

Wyn Evans' family has owned this 200-acre plot in western Wales for generations, a bucolic expanse where 370 sheep and 80 cows feast on the verdant grasses of undulating hillsides.

Evans, 55, wants his son to take over the farm that's been in the family for 500 years. But he's concerned that may...

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Trump says Mexico will pay for his border wall thanks to the new NAFTA deal. It won't 2.1.2019 Los Angeles Times - Living Green
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Trump's Broken Nafta Promise 27.12.2018 Wall St. Journal: Opinion
The U.S. still hasn’t lifted metals tariffs on Canada and Mexico.
Bush's Trade Legacy on the Line as Trump Seeks to Replace Nafta 6.12.2018 Wall St. Journal: Europe
President Trump bids farewell to George H.W. Bush days after signing a pact to replace Nafta, a trade deal established by the former president.
Trump signs new trade agreement with Mexico and Canada 30.11.2018 Minnesota Public Radio: Law & Justice
President Trump signed the new U.S. Mexico Canada Agreement -- or USMCA -- in Buenos Aires Friday, using the backdrop of the G-20 Summit to resolve a trade crisis with America's closest neighbors.
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China, Japan Push for Free Trade 27.10.2018 Wall St. Journal: Asia
The leaders of China and Japan said they would work together as defenders of free trade, moving ahead with warming ties as both face tough trade fights with President Trump.
WTO's Ottawa Meeting Doesn't Address U.S. Gripe With China 26.10.2018 Wall St. Journal: World
The primary focus of the gathering was WTO’s court system, with the 13 participants pushing for a resolution to U.S. moves that threaten to cripple the organization’s dispute-settlement mechanism.
The Trade Strategy We Need 24.10.2018 American Prospect
This article appears in the Fall 2018 issue of The American Prospect magazine.  Subscribe here .  Hardly a week goes by without another U.S. tariff hike on China, Mexico, Canada, or one of our European allies. Different justifications are given each time: to stop Mexicans from immigrating to the United States, to shrink the trade deficit, to make China and Germany play by the rules, and of course, to “make America great again.” But Trump’s tariff tantrum is doomed to fail because it isn’t driven by a clear idea of what is wrong with the system. His policies will inflict pain on the United States and across the global economy, and crack the foundations of the international system. Worse, they are not part of an underlying economic strategy to restore balanced and equitable growth in the U.S. and world economy. The one real bright spot is that Trump’s actions have revived an overdue debate about reform of the global trading system. Argument has been going on for decades, while trade policy was made by a ...
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WTO Members Work to Overhaul Trade Watchdog Amid Trump's Criticism 24.10.2018 Wall St. Journal: World
President Trump’s complaints about the World Trade Organization have prompted American allies to seek ways to overhaul the body before the U.S. protest effectively cripples the global commercial arbiter by the end of next year.
Mexico’s Hopeful New President 22.10.2018 American Prospect
This article appears in the Fall 2018 issue of The American Prospect magazine.  Subscribe here .  The election of the left populist Andrés Manuel López Obrador as president of Mexico is a historic breakthrough for progressives there. It could also offer progressives in the United States a path out of their own political stalemate on immigration and trade. In his third run for president, 64-year-old “AMLO” broke open the piñata of Mexican politics that had been tightly sealed by neoliberal oligarchs since the early 1980s. He won 31 of the 32 Mexican states, taking 53 percent of the total vote. His coalition, led by the political party he organized just four years ago, swept to control in both houses of the Mexican Congress. As in his past campaigns, López Obrador was demonized in most of the media as a Latin American caudillo like Hugo Chavez, who would bring Venezuela-type chaos, or the Mexican version of the despised Donald Trump. The comparisons are pure propaganda; López Obrador has no connection with ...
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Goodbye Nafta. Hello...USMCA? Musca? AEUMC? You-Smacka? 17.10.2018 Wall St. Journal: World
The U.S., Mexico and Canada agreed to replace the North American Free Trade Agreement, but nobody agrees on what to call it; votes for T-MEC
Trump tariffs toll on Pa. industry: $98M extra for steel and an anxious business climate 12.10.2018 News
A group representing Pennsylvania toy manufactures, distillers, hog farmers, and retailers gathered in Philadelphia for a town hall meeting to sound the alarm on President Trump's escalating trade war with China.
Nafta Rewrite Won't Boost U.S. Growth, Economists Say 11.10.2018 Wall St. Journal: US Business
The new U.S. trade pact with Canada and Mexico is unlikely to boost economic growth or manufacturing employment, according to most economists surveyed by The Wall Street Journal.
Is there life after NAFTA? 11.10.2018 - News for the rest of us
Mel Watkins Like all sensible folk, I was opposed to the NAFTA at the outset, convinced that it did more for corporations than for the rest of us. I'm still of that view. Is it possible that the biggest change is in the name itself, from NAFTA to USMCA, so that Trump can boast that he delivered on his promise to get rid of NAFTA? A number of commentators on both sides of the Canada-U.S. border have written -- in the words of John Ibbitson in The Globe and Mail -- that the USMCA is "essentially the old NAFTA tilted more in America's favour." Is that all there is? Firstly it's quite a tilt -- like the U.S. keeping a special tariff on aluminum and steel from Canada, on the grounds, believe it or not, of national security. Talk about absurdly fake facts. Let's go back to the beginning in the late 1980s. The U.S. and Canada had just signed the Free Trade Agreement FTA when, with the ink hardly dry, the U.S. insisted on adding Mexico. We thought we'd made a one-on-one deal, a special arrangement that got us ...
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U.S. shuts down Canadian trade talks with China, sets sights on EU and Japan 9.10.2018 - News for the rest of us
World After the United States signed the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA) with Canada and Mexico, senior Trump administration officials fanned out to sell the deal as part of a new American geopolitical strategy. In ongoing talks with Japan and the European Union (EU), the U.S. plans to use the precedent created by a concession granted in the USMCA to advance the American goal of isolating and punishing China for its trade practices. Having extracted from Canada and Mexico -- in Article 32:10 of USMCA -- a promise that they would not sit down to negotiate a trade agreement with a non-market country -- like China -- without getting approval from the U.S., the United States Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer plans to get Japan and the EU to accept the same constraint. The Chinese Embassy in Ottawa reacted vigorously to the non-market clause, calling it "dishonest behaviour" and objecting to the exercise of U.S. dominance. U.S. Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross described the non-market clause ...
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From the front lines of NAFTA, more relief than rejoicing 8.10.2018 Minnesota Public Radio: Business
The new deal to replace NAFTA includes modernizations and improvements. But the biggest benefit, for many sectors, is simply that there is a deal — reducing the uncertainty of previous months.
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