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Investors find real estate gold in Detroit 18.3.2009 CNN: Top Stories
Jeremy Burgess likes the location and layout of the three-bedroom, one-and-a-bath home in the Grandmont neighborhood of Detroit, Michigan.
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Nomura Names New York Head 18.3.2009 Wall St. Journal: Asia
Nomura Holdings tapped Lehman veteran Hoffmeister to be head of investment banking in New York, the latest step in its U.S. ...
Strengthening the Earned Income Tax Credit: Alternatives to refund anticipation loans 17.3.2009 African News Journal -
A collaborative effort in the Ninth Federal Reserve District has created an alternative to traditional refund anticipation loans that gives workers fast access to tax refunds at little cost. Sandy Gerber Community Affairs Senior Project Manager Since its inception in 1975, the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) has been lauded as one of the most important income-enhancement programs for low-wage workers. The program provides refundable tax credits to people who are working but whose earnings fall below a certain level. For tax year 2008, the eligibility threshold for a married couple filing jointly, with two or more children, was more than $41,000. The amount of the credit was up to $4,824, depending on a worker's income, marital status, and ...
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Shell Softens Output Target 17.3.2009 Wall St. Journal: US
Royal Dutch Shell said its production will flatten out in the near term, but said it has the financial flexibility to maintain investment levels and boost its ...
Exploring the other sides of the Madoff scandal 17.3.2009 MinnPost

There are some things you are not going to like in this article — so let me say straight off that I know Bernie Madoff is a dirty, rotten scoundrel. I know how many people and institutions have been harmed by him. I know some well-meaning folks have been irreparably damaged. But there are many facets to this outrageous tale.

Banks suffer 149 percent rise in bad loans 17.3.2009 MSNBC

Bank accounts are insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. up to $250,000 per depositor per insured bank.Foreclosures and bad loans raced through the banking industry in 2008, with the nation’s 8,000 banks registering a 149 percent increase in troubled assets, according to a new analysis of banks’ financial reports to the federal government.'s Bill Dedman reports.

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Credit Suisse's Head of Asia Investment Banking Departs 17.3.2009 Wall St. Journal: Asia
Credit Suisse's head of investment banking for Asia-Pacific, Paul Raphael, is leaving the firm to pursue new ...
Milton Hospital finances in a bind 17.3.2009 Boston Globe: Business
Hit by declining patient volumes, lower investment income, and competition from nearby institutions, Milton Hospital faces a financial squeeze that clouds its future.
Rio Tinto Issues Gloomy Outlook 17.3.2009 Wall St. Journal: US Business
Rio Tinto warned that global commodity markets are unlikely to rebound much this year and said the downturn will continue to hit its ...
Australian Lending Plan May Be Derailed in Senate 17.3.2009 Wall St. Journal: Asia
Plans by Australia's government to provide a credit backstop for the commercial property sector could be derailed by the ...
Small business gets a boost 17.3.2009 Business
WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama freed billions of dollars to help the nation's small businesses on Monday, hoping to get credit flowing again to Main Street as well as Wall Street and showering praise on the little guys of American industry who have been complaining about being left out of rescue efforts.

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U.S. Proposal Aims to Aid Smaller Companies 17.3.2009 Wall St. Journal: Policy
The small-business community gave a lukewarm reception to the U.S. government's new plans to unlock tight credit.
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Worry Grows Over Insurers 17.3.2009 WSJ: Health
While consumers have been fretting about the safety of their policies at large, insurers of all sizes are being slammed by investment ...
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Obama: AIG Bonuses an 'Outrage' to Taxpayers 17.3.2009 Washington Post
President says administration will "pursue every legal avenue" to stop insurance giant from paying $165 million in executive bonuses.

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Obama Discusses AIG Bonuses, Small Business Issues 16.3.2009 Washington Post: Politics
TREASURY SECRETARY TIMOTHY GEITHNER: Mr. President, I want to join you in welcoming to the White House the leaders of America's small businesses, the community bankers who serve them, and the members of Congress who play such a leadership role on small-business issues.

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Making Peace or Fueling War in Africa 16.3.2009 Views
At the end of President Barack Obama's inauguration ceremony, civil rights leader Rev. Joseph Lowery invoked the hope of a day "when nation shall not lift up sword against nation, when tanks will be beaten into tractors." No one expects such a utopian vision to materialize any time soon. But both Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton have spoken eloquently of the need to emphasize diplomacy over a narrow military agenda.

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Foreign Investment in China Fell 16.3.2009 Wall St. Journal: Economy
Foreign investment in China fell 16% in February and was 26% lower for the first two months of the year, hurt by the global economic downturn.
Credit Unions Earn Some Interest 15.3.2009 WSJ: Most Emailed Today
Savers and borrowers are finding a safe harbor in the sleepiest, most unexciting corner of the financial world: credit ...
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NAACP suits claim African Americans were targeted for subprime mortgages 14.3.2009 LA Times: Business
Subsidiaries of Wells Fargo and HSBC are accused of steering blacks into higher-price loans even if they qualified for better terms.

The NAACP sued subsidiaries of two major banks Friday for allegedly steering African American borrowers unfairly into costly subprime mortgages.

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Eco-Patriotism And Stimulating Your Local Economy 14.3.2009 TreeHugger
Siena Farms sells organic produce at Copley Market in Boston. Image credit: Catharine Zink. Every single American has the power to stimulate their local economies: not by spending more, but by supporting local businesses. In economic theory, more local spending translates into less "leakage". This means a greater percent of the money spent actually stays and circulates within the region, supporting more employment, investment, goods and services. Local spending leads to economic multipliers that strengthen the regional economy. Smart local investments also involve long-term benefits, many of them non-monetary. ... ...
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