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Bald eagle parents-to-be tend to one tiny egg in a massive nest near Fort St. Vrain power plant 16.2.2018 Denver Post: News: Local
The bald eagle egg is in the basket -- a really, really big basket that is 6-feet in diameter and 5-feet deep.
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4 African wild dog pups born at the Denver Zoo make their debut at Predator Ridge Friday 16.2.2018 Denver Post: Local
It's the year of the dog, and four adorable African painted dogs are bringing the spirit to the Denver Zoo starting Friday.
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Volunteers in nest-by-nest fight to save bald eagles, sue to take back “kill” permits issued to developers 15.2.2018 Denver Post: All Political News
The pressure that Colorado’s Front Range development boom is putting on bald eagles, golden eagles, owls and other raptors is intensifying, driving local wildlife lovers into a nest-by-nest fight to protect survivors.
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Colorado health officials warn residents of poor visibility due to air pollution 12.2.2018 Denver Post: News: Local
Colorado health officials on Sunday issued an advisory notice of poor air quality, with visibility impaired, across a seven-county area encompassing Denver and Boulder.
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In Odisha, Poachers Turn Protectors — And UN Takes Note 12.2.2018 Front Page – The Indian Express
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Colorado couple sells all for sailboat venture, it sinks on day 2 11.2.2018 Headlines: All Headlines
A couple who abandoned their workaday lives to buy a sailboat for a once-in-a-lifetime adventure instead lost almost everything when it sank on day two of their journey off Florida.
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Researchers want more protections from drilling for bald eagles in Boulder, Weld counties 11.2.2018 Headlines: All Headlines
A nonprofit study group surveying bald eagles in Boulder County and western Weld County is sounding the alarm over the lack of state-regulated protection from any oil and gas operations' leaks and air pollution in wetland and riparian areas.
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Red wolves may be going extinct in the wild — again 7.2.2018 Denver Post: National News Headlines
The story of the rise and fall of the experimental red wolf population at the Alligator River National Wildlife Refuge is a testament to the power of the Endangered Species Act to protect wildlife - and its limitations.
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Trump administration open to moving public land bosses west 6.2.2018 Headlines: All Headlines
From its headquarters in Washington, D.C., the U.S. Bureau of Land Management oversees some of the nation's most prized natural resources: vast expanses of public lands rich in oil, gas, coal, grazing for livestock, habitat for wildlife, hunting ranges, fishing streams and hiking trails.
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Nigel, the world’s loneliest bird, dies next to the concrete decoy he loved in New Zealand 4.2.2018 Denver Post: National News Headlines
Nigel, a handsome gannet bird who lived on a desolate island off the coast of New Zealand, died suddenly this week. Wherever his soul has landed, the singles scene surely cannot be worse.
Eagles vs. Patriots: Player-on-player matchups that will decide Super Bowl LII 1.2.2018 Headlines: All Headlines
Here are the five biggest mismatches that both coaches will have to account for heading into Sunday's Super Bowl.
Why aren’t marbled murrelets recovering? 31.1.2018 High Country News Most Recent
The enigmatic bird’s populations have not increased despite conservation efforts.
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PHOTOS: The day in pictures January 28, 2018 29.1.2018 Headlines: All Headlines
PHOTOS: The day in pictures January 28, 2018
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Michael Bennet, Jared Polis put forth bill to bolster protection for more than 98,000 acres of federal land in Colorado 28.1.2018 Denver Post: Outdoors
As the outdoor recreation world rallied in Denver, two of Colorado’s leaders in Washington offered a plan to bolster protection for more than 98,000 acres of federal land in Eagle and Summit counties.
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Interior cancels decades-old protections for migratory birds 26.1.2018 High Country News Most Recent
The rollback prompts broad opposition from former officials from both political parties.
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PHOTOS: The day in photographs January 21, 2018 22.1.2018 Headlines: All Headlines
PHOTOS: The day in photographs January 21, 2018
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Turkish jets bombard Kurdish-run city of Afrin in Syria 21.1.2018 Denver Post: National News Headlines
Turkish jets bombed the Kurdish-controlled city of Afrin in northern Syria on Saturday, as President Recep Tayyip Erdogan promised to expand Turkey's military border operations against a Kurdish group that has been the U.S.'s key Syria ally in the war on the Islamic State group.
From a remote cabin in the snowy hills above Crested Butte, Billy Barr’s historical records make him an accidental apostle among climate researchers 20.1.2018 Headlines: All Headlines
Bill Barr began taking climate notes in 1974 out of boredom, recording record high and low temperatures, new snow, snow-water equivalent and snowpack depth. His trove of data has made him an accidental apostle among climate researchers.
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Border wall tests find heights should keep out crossers 20.1.2018 Headlines: All Headlines
Recent assaults by tactical teams on prototypes of President Donald Trump's proposed wall with Mexico found their imposing heights should stop border crossers, The Associated Press has learned, a finding that's likely to please security hawks but raise concerns about costs and environmental damage.
Superfund site near Vail lands on EPA’s list of cleanup areas with big redevelopment and commercial potential 17.1.2018 Denver Post: News: Local
A federal environmental cleanup site near Vail has landed on the Environmental Protection Agency's national list of contaminated areas with the greatest expected redevelopment and commercial potential.
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