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Critics of federal oil, gas leasing in Colorado focus on fate of fancy-dancing bird and public lands 1.9.2019 Denver Post: News: Local
Public land and wildlife advocates are voicing concerns about the fate of wildlife in general, and the greater sage grouse in particular, as the Bureau of Land Management prepares to auction off oil and gas leases on 64,745 acres in Colorado Sept. 26.
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Border wall construction in Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument is a travesty 29.8.2019 High Country News Most Recent
The barrier divides the monument and nearby wildlife refuges.
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The West’s worst fires aren’t burning in forests 13.6.2019 High Country News Most Recent
Range fires get bigger every year, threatening sagebrush habitat and rural towns.
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Popular succulents are being stolen from California parks and sold on the black market 12.6.2019 Headlines: All Headlines
People keeping stealing popular succulents from California parks and selling them on the black market.
After nearly going extinct, Washington’s pygmy rabbits need room to grow 31.5.2019 High Country News Most Recent
Recovering the endangered rabbits will test society’s willingness to let nature reclaim a landscape.
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Guest Commentary: The worldwide web — UN report weaves together perils facing wildlife and humankind 17.5.2019 Denver Post: Opinion
In Mongolia, where Denver Zoo has worked to reduce human-wildlife conflict and protect native species for more than 20 years, our Field Conservation team does a simple exercise with local community members to demonstrate the connectivity of ecosystems. We give each participant a photo of a native plant or animal species and wrap a long string connecting each person, creating a web. Then we remove a plant or animal from the web one by one, and they drop the string. First, the Mongolian thistle. Next, the argali sheep. Finally, the cinereous vulture. Soon enough, the web collapses.
Letters: Plant for the good of the planet; Lots of questions, one answer: vegetarianism; Our history is not Trump’s story (5/16/19) 16.5.2019 Denver Post: Opinion
Plant for the good of the planet Re: “Killing off the biodiversity … ,” May 8 commentary In the face of seemingly insurmountable environmental challenges, it’s easy to find ourselves slipping into weariness and despair. Yet, there are meaningful actions that we can all take to protect Colorado’s biodiversity, beginning in our own backyards (or, […]
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Kafer: Plant to make life healthier for you and your planet 10.5.2019 Denver Post: Opinion
New research out of Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health found women who live in homes with bountiful vegetation have higher life expectancies and better mental health than women whose homes and yards have fewer plants. The most striking finding from the study: Women with the greenest environments were 34 percent less likely to die of respiratory disease and 13 percent less likely to die of cancer than women with the fewest plants. An apple a day may not keep the doctor away, but proximity to trees just might.
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We’re destroying the biodiversity we depend on 6.5.2019 High Country News Most Recent
A new U.N. study shows that up to 1 million species risk extinction because humans use up nature much faster than it can be replenished.
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One million species face extinction, UN panel says. And humans will suffer as a result. 6.5.2019 Headlines: All Headlines
Up to 1 million plant and animal species are on the verge of extinction, with devastating implications for human survival, according to a United Nations report released Monday.
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Western forests have a ‘fire debt’ problem 3.5.2019 High Country News Most Recent
Planned burns can reduce wildfire risks, but expanding use of ‘good fire’ isn’t easy.
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Online privacy is for the birds 11.4.2019 High Country News Most Recent
As wildlife sharing apps proliferate, unintended consequences threaten endangered species.
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The disease devastating deer herds may also threaten human health 9.4.2019 High Country News Most Recent
Scientists are exploring the origins of chronic wasting disease before it becomes truly catastrophic.
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Five reasons Coloradans should visit southern Arizona this winter 24.1.2019 Denver Post: Lifestyles
As winter hits, it's time to start looking for warm getaways. With multiple daily nonstop flights from Denver, Arizona is an easy option.
In Oregon, a mysterious tree grove conjures a colder time 28.11.2018 Current Issue
Yellow cedars are suited to damp coastal Alaska. So what are they doing in the desert?
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What are neonicotinoids and should I avoid them to protect bees? Can I avoid them? 25.5.2018 Denver Post: Lifestyles
Neonicotinoids -- sometimes referred to as "neonics" -- are systemic insecticides used to treat insect pests. Neonics are applied to the soil instead of being sprayed on plants and can harm pollinators that visit flowers for pollen and nectar.
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Efforts failing to save U.S. West sagebrush land, officials say 25.5.2018 Denver Post: National News Headlines
Officials say they're losing the battle against a devastating combination of invasive plant species and wildfires in the vast sagebrush habitats in the U.S. West that support cattle ranching and recreation and are home to an imperiled bird.
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How Water World has gardened with its patrons in mind — no matter how many legs they have 18.5.2018 Denver Post: Local
Sanctuary, by definition means a place of refuge or safety, a nature reserve, which is what Hyland Hills Water World has created as the park has evolved over nearly 40 years.
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Water a focus for growing northern Colorado communities 8.5.2018 Denver Post: Local
Although Windsor owns enough water for all existing customers, town officials know more people are on the way.
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These seeds will captivate you whether you’re a gardener or not 27.4.2018 Headlines: All Headlines
But seeds are more than snacks - they're little repositories of the genetic information that makes the plant world tick.
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