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Oregon Police Dog Fired For Bad Performance 28.11.2014 Green on
CANNON BEACH, Ore. (AP) — A 2-year-old Belgian Malinois was supposed to be the ninth member of the police force in the Oregon coastal town of Cannon Beach, but "Cash" just didn't have what it takes. The dog was dismissed from the force before seeing any action or gaining any glory. Cash was skittish, afraid of heights and had a barking problem. Noises would scare him. When he had to jump onto counters in search of drugs, he showed too much resistance. He would often bark aggressively rather than go straight to the drugs. Barking is "fine as an alert, but you can't get anything done when you're trying to get him to find dope and he's just barking in your face," said Officer Josh Gregory, the dog's former handler, told the Daily Astorian ( "That's not the temperament we wanted to set for Cannon Beach," Police Chief Jason Schermerhorn said. Cash was returned to his original owner, Tami Schultz of Clatsop County Search and Rescue, and the Cannon Beach Police Department is searching for ...
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New Breed Of French Protester: Sheep 27.11.2014 Green on
PARIS (AP) — Disgruntled farmers have brought their sheep to the Eiffel Tower to protest wolf attacks, and what they call the government's anti-farmer environmental policies.

The woolly protesters munched grass near the Paris monument while their owners urged tougher measures against wolf attacks. The government says its existing plan on preventing attacks and compensating farmers is sufficient. Authorities also want to ensure protections for wolves. The march Thursday came as President Francois Hollande spoke at an environmental meeting about plans for cleaner energy and France's plans to host the U.N. Climate Change Conference next year.

Protester Franck Dieny said government policies — which include large subsidies to agriculture — are less and less farmer-friendly and "don't recognize ... the role we play maintaining the landscape" that so many visitors to France appreciate.
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This Cat Looks Insane 26.11.2014 Green on
Just do whatever this cat wants. Does it want food? Does it need affection? Does it need you to move out of your home and let it live there alone for a while? Do it. Do it before things turn ugly. Now, after you're done doing whatever it is this cat wants (and you'd better figure it out quickly) send us pictures of your cat looking completely nuts. Don't make us beg. Send them meow and enjoy your Thanksgiving (assuming you haven't been clawed to death by Insane-o up ...
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Lettuce Gets The Best Of Manatee (Maybe) 25.11.2014 Green on
Lettuce start by saying, this could happen to anyone. You see some lettuce, you want some lettuce, you stick your head in lettuce. Been there, done that and bought the t-shirt. (The t-shirt has our head stuck in lettuce.) We're not here to mana-tease you, manatee. We're here to tell you that we feel your pain. Enjoy that tricky lettuce, friend. You'll have the last laugh. There are some in The Huffington Post newsroom that question whether this photo has been photoshopped in an effort to malign the intelligence of manatees. The thought of this being the case makes us so boiling mad that we have to calm ourselves down with deep ...
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Dutch Heath Authorities To Kill 8,000 Ducks To Prevent Bird Flu 22.11.2014 Green on
AMSTERDAM, Nov 22 (Reuters) - Dutch health authorities on Saturday were destroying 8,000 ducks to prevent the possible spread of bird flu, which has infected three farms in a week in the Netherlands, a leading poultry and egg exporter. A government statement said ducks were being culled in the central town of Barneveld as a precaution because authorities want to eliminate all risks after the H5N8 virus spread to three out of 12 provinces since last Sunday. The clearing operation at the duck farm in Barneveld, will increase the number of animals destroyed since the first infection was discovered last Sunday to 211,000 birds. "It is necessary to do everything needed to prevent an outbreak like in 2003," when 30 million chickens were culled, the statement said. High-intensity Dutch farms house millions of animals -- 103 million chickens, 12 million pigs, 4 million cows and millions more sheep, turkeys, ducks, rabbits and goats. But health officials fear that the close proximity of the farms ...
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Watch These Turkeys Get Attacked By Turkeys 22.11.2014 Green on
Everyone panic: Turkeys are here, they're mad and they're going to claw the living daylights out of you. No, seriously. Apparently, wild turkey attacks have become such a trend that Discovery has a show about it . The show is called "When Turkeys Attack," and it looks like an entertaining patchwork of YouTube footage and interviews with the yahoos brave (crazy?) enough to get between an angry turkey and whatever the heck it wants. But just what does it take to provoke a wild turkey turkey attack? From the looks of it, not much. As far as avoiding one, well, let's just go ahead and say that discretion is the better part of valor. Gobble, gobble, you ...
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Doggy Day Care In Hawaii Accused Of Covering Up Dog's Gruesome Death 22.11.2014 Green on
A Hawaii couple is suing an animal hospital and the owners of a doggy daycare, alleging they covered up the real cause of their dog's death. In June, Les and Laura Sherrill left Jojo, their 7-year-old Chihuahua, at It's Dogplay , a doggy day care facility in the Oahu town of Kailua. According to the lawsuit filed Monday in Hawaii's First Circuit Court, business owners Mirko and Mia Manfredi told the Sherrills that Jojo had been found unconscious and that no one had seen or heard anything. Mirko suggested "the dog must have passed from natural causes," the document, obtained by The Huffington Post, notes. The Sherrills called the veterinarian at the VCA Kaneohe Animal Hospital who had examined Jojo's body, but she, too, allegedly said it had been a natural death, reiterating there was "no evidence of physical injury." The couple then had their regular veterinarian, Dr. Kirk Ayling, retrieve the dog's body from the animal hospital to examine it, the lawsuit states. The document notes Jojo had bite marks on ...
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A Poetic Exploration Of The Hunting Tradition In America's North 21.11.2014 Green on
Photographer Clare Benson comes from a long line of hunters. Growing up in northern Michigan, she remembers her father, now 82 years old, winning archery championships and reminiscing about his time as a hunting guide in the Alaskan wilderness. For her, the tradition of hunting -- and the rugged northern landscape that serves as its backdrop -- represents themes of memory and mortality, ones she's managed to weave in and out of her work for some time. Her series "The Shepard's Daughter" addresses her connection to hunting most directly. The images show Benson, her sister and her father trekking through snow-covered scenes, respectfully carrying the spoils of hunting trips past. She pointedly juxtaposes portraits of her family members lounging in contemplation with photographs of the animals they hunt, skin, cook and eat. Set in a vast world unfamiliar to most urban dwellers, Benson paints a picture of a hunting tradition we don't often encounter. The Shepherd's Daughter, 2012 The project, she explained ...
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18 Stunning India-Based Instagram Feeds You Should Be Following 19.11.2014 Politics on
A photo posted by Subhash Chandra (@subhash_chandra) on Sep 9, 2014 at 7:34pm PDT 5. Hashim Badani: A self-described "chronicler of the mundane," Badani tends to shoot in and around Mumbai. Every once in a while though, the Lonely Planet contributor happens on somewhere completely surreal (see below). A photo posted by hashimbadani (@hashimbadani) on Nov 11, 2014 at 12:15am PDT 6. Siddhartha Joshi: This wandering photographer is another strong portraitist, whose subjects range from kids at play to the army men patrolling India's northern borders. A photo posted by Sid (@siddharthajoshi) on Aug 8, 2014 at 5:56am PDT A photo posted by Sid (@siddharthajoshi) on Oct 10, 2014 at 8:22am PDT 7. @my_mumbai: This popular feed features work by anyone who tags their photos #my_mumbai. The resulting account is sweeping, well-curated, and -- for anyone drawn to the world's densest locales -- undoubtedly worth a follow. A photo posted by #MyMumbai (@my_mumbai) on Oct 10, 2014 at 2:59am PDT A photo posted by #MyMumbai ...
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Conservation and Reintroductions 19.11.2014 The Earth Times Online Newspaper - Environment News
With the elephant and rhino populations deeply depressed (as we are), reintroduction must be the real aim of conservation of the endangered. Once we have disposed of the poachers and pet traders, a real habitat with a real life must exist in some special somewhere for every species. The science of how to do it is still in its infancy, but here is a strong beginning.
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Endangered Frogs Blended Into Juice For Dubious Healing Powers 19.11.2014 Green on
LIMA, Peru (AP) — Suffering from stress? Not feeling sexy? High in the Andean mountains, some locals believe putting frogs in a blender is the answer. Unfortunately, there is no scientific evidence confirming any medicinal benefits from frog juice. And the frogs that Peruvians use are from the Telmatobius culeus species, a water frog from remote Lake Titicaca that is listed as critically endangered by the International Union for Conservation of Nature. Entire frogs are the main ingredient in a juice blend some people in Peru and Bolivia believe can cure asthma, bronchitis, sluggishness and a low sex drive. To make the mix at her food stand in Peru's capital, vendor Maria Elena Cruz grabs a frog from a small aquarium, and whacks its head on the countertop until it's dead. Then she peels off its skin and drops the frog into a blender with carrots, the Peruvian maca root and honey. The juice comes out light green in color. Cruz serves it in glasses to her customers. "Frog juice is good for anemia, ...
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Hang Out With The Shedd Aquarium's Precious New Sea Otter Pup (WATCH LIVE) 18.11.2014 Green on
Just can't get enough of Pup 681, the abandoned sea otter pup who arrived at Chicago's Shedd Aquarium late last month ? You're in luck. At 1 p.m. ET on Tuesday, Nov. 18, the Shedd and the Monterey Bay Aquarium, which originally discovered the pup on Coastways Beach in September, will co-host a Google Hangout On Air session to update the public on 681's progress in the weeks since she arrived at her new permanent home in Chicago. The "poolside" session will be moderated by journalist Bill Kurtis. Follow the action above, or register for the hangout to ask questions or make comments. Follow the conversation using the hashtag #puphangout. Want to see how far little 681 has come in just a few weeks? Watch the pup learning how to swim shortly after she arrived at the Shedd, and check out some of her baby photos, ...
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Peruvian frog juice drinkers laud health benefits 18.11.2014 Seattle Times: Nation & World
Frogs from Peru's Lake Titicaca are the main ingredient in a juice blend that some Andean cultures believe has the power to cure asthma, bronchitis, sluggishness and a low sex drive.
Blended frog juice a popular Peru elixir 18.11.2014 AP Top News
LIMA, Peru (AP) -- Frogs from Peru's Lake Titicaca are the main ingredient in a juice blend that some Andean cultures believe has the power to cure asthma, bronchitis, sluggishness and a low sex drive....
Peruvian frog juice drinkers laud health benefits 18.11.2014 Seattle Times: Top stories
Frogs from Peru's Lake Titicaca are the main ingredient in a juice blend that some Andean cultures believe has the power to cure asthma, bronchitis, sluggishness and a low sex drive.
Juice blend made with Peru's Lake Titicaca frog believed to have medicinal properties 18.11.2014 Star Tribune: World
Peruvian frog juice drinkers laud health benefits 18.11.2014 World
LIMA, Peru (AP) — Frogs from Peru's Lake Titicaca are the main ingredient in a juice blend that some Andean cultures believe has the power to cure asthma, bronchitis, sluggishness and a low sex drive.
International Fisheries Body Raises Quota On Endangered Bluefin Tuna 17.11.2014 Green on

MILAN (AP) — A multi-nation fisheries body has increased the quotas on Bluefin tuna fished in the Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea amid early signs of population recovery, raising concern among conservationists.

The International Commission for the Conservation of Atlantic Tunas on Monday raised next year's quota on Bluefin tuna off the United States, Canada and Mexico by 14 percent to 2,000 metric tons. It raised the quota on the Mediterranean Bluefin tuna population by 20 percent to 15,821 metric tons.

Amanda Nickson of the Pew Environment Group said the decision puts at risk the population recovery made over the last several years.

The World Wildlife Foundation called on fishers and consumers "to take greater responsibility" to ensure Bluefin tuna recovery.

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Seals Accused Of Sexually Attacking Penguins 17.11.2014 Green on
Scientists documenting wildlife in the sub-Antarctic are shocked after witnessing multiple incidents in which fur seals sexually harassed penguins. The Antarctic fur seals of Marion Island, in the southern Indian Ocean, often hunt king penguins for food. But in 2006, researchers According to the BBC : All four known sexual incidents followed a common pattern. Each time a seal chased, captured and mounted the penguin. The seal then attempted copulation several times, lasting about five minutes each, with periods of rest in between... In three of the four recorded incidents the seal let the penguin go. But on one of the more recent occasions, the seal killed and ate the penguin after trying to mate with it. Male and female penguins mate through an opening called the cloaca, and in some instances, the seals are thought to have penetrated the birds. Researchers Nico de Bruyn and William Haddad, of the Mammal Research Institute at the University of Pretoria , South Africa, think that the seals are learning ...
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Sashimi trend helps edge Pacific bluefin tuna towards extinction 17.11.2014 World
The Pacific bluefin tuna, a fish used in sushi and sashimi dishes, is at risk of extinction as the global food market places "unsustainable pressure" on the species and others, a conservation body warned Monday. The bluefin tuna joined the Chinese pufferfish, American eel, Chinese cobra and Australian black grass-dart butterfly on the International Union for Conservation of Nature's (IUCN) "red list" of threatened species. The updated list was released by the IUCN at its once-a-decade World Parks Congress in Sydney as it called for better management of protected areas, where some of the decline in species levels has taken place. "Each update of the IUCN 'red list' makes us realise that our planet is constantly losing its incredible diversity of life, largely due to our destructive actions to satisfy our growing appetite for resources," IUCN's director-general Julia Marton-Lefevre ...
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