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Marijuana-infused neighbor conflicts: Ways to clear the air 12.4.2014 Denver Post: Lifestyles
Kat Haig had finally had enough. Enough of the downstairs neighbor in her four-plex building in Colorado Springs smoking marijuana "like a chimney."
In China, jar of French mountain air fetches $860 10.4.2014 Salt Lake Tribune
Beijing • Beijing artist Liang Kegang returned from a business trip in southern France with well-rested lungs and a small item of protest against his home city’s choking pollution: a glass jar of clean, Provence air. He put it up for auction before a group of about 100 Chinese artists and collectors late last month, and it fetched 5,250 yuan ($860). “Air should be the most valueless commodity, free to breathe for any vagrant or beggar,” Liang said in an interview. “This is my way to question Chi...
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In China, jar of French mountain air fetches $860 10.4.2014 Denver Post: National News Headlines
BEIJING (AP) — Beijing artist Liang Kegang returned from a business trip in southern France with well-rested lungs and a small item of protest against his home city's choking pollution: a glass jar of clean, Provence air.
Free UTA passes used for 28,500 boardings 9.4.2014 Salt Lake Tribune
Free transit passes designed to help reduce air pollution were used for 28,500 trains and bus boardings between Feb. 17 and April 7. The Utah Transit Authority related those results about the RideClear program it operated in the period with partners Zions Bank and the Utah Clean Air Partnership. The UTA said it distributed 7,000 free weekly passes ­— worth $50 each. They were offered at various times online, and disappeared quickly. UTA also staged numerous giveaways at stations, announced onlin...
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Utah researchers explore links between polluted air and suicide 8.4.2014 Salt Lake Tribune
New research shows suicides in Salt Lake County rise during periods of elevated air pollution, although these preliminary findings remain too hazy to determine what role nasty air plays when people decide to end their lives. University of Utah psychiatrists are testing a hypothesis that the incidence of suicide increases with fine particulate pollution counts, which often soar on the Wasatch Front during wintertime inversions. Researcher Amanda Bakian, however, was surprised by what the data hav...
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Letter: Organizers of Clean Air Fair should be commended 29.3.2014 Salt Lake Tribune
There are many weeks during the year that we long for clean air to breathe and we may feel at a loss as to what to do about it. I want to commend organizers of the Clean Air Fair happening today for offering many practical solutions to air pollution. Events such as the Clean Air Fair show that together, we can do something about the dirty air that so often blankets the Wasatch Front. Jim French Salt Lake City
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Williams oil well near Hayden back in the game, Dill Gulch on deck 28.3.2014 Steamboat Pilot
Colorado imposed stringent new air pollution regulations on the oil and gas industry in late February, but when Shell Oil goes before the Routt County Planning Commission on April 17 seeking to drill two new oil wells south of Hayden, the need to capture volatile organic compounds at the well site will seem like standard operating procedure. The State Air Quality Control Commission voted in February to require oil and gas wells across the state, including existing wells, to capture the air pollutants known as VOCs, including methane, that have contributed to violations of federal ozone standards, particularly on the Front Range. As it turns out, Shell Oil already had agreed to live up to similar standards in Routt County and language to that effect is included in the two new permit applications. Shell officials announced in August 2013 their company’s intention to gradually withdraw from exploratory drilling operations in Northwest Colorado. However, in September they added that they would ...
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Colorado health officials may allow more controlled burns in forests 24.3.2014 Headlines: All Headlines
Trying to prevent catastrophic wildfires, federal crews torched more than 40,000 piles of dead wood this past year in snow-laden Colorado forests.
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Op-ed: Moms for Clean Air saw the raw power of industry lobbyists 22.3.2014 Salt Lake Tribune
The John Swallow case shows political corruption in Utah at its finest. In essence, Swallow, as Utah Attorney General, had a “for sale” sign on his office door. Unfortunately, what Swallow did was not unique. He got caught and thoroughly exposed. The experience of citizen advocates lobbying for clean air this past legislative session revealed that many elected officials in Utah have also been seduced by big money and power. This was demonstrated to us with daily high-fives and chummy back-slappi...
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Editorial: Senators kill clean air bills without a vote 22.3.2014 Salt Lake Tribune
The Utah Senate. Where dreams of clean air go to die. The Legislature, pushed by good government groups and prodded by Gov. Gary Herbert, made some progress in its recent session in the battle with Utah’s most pressing problem, the frequently unacceptable quality of the air along the Wasatch Front and in the Cache Valley. Money was authorized to clean up the state’s motor pool, replace a squadron of dirty old school buses and entice the few households that use wood-burning stoves as their sole ...
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Updates on stories past: Salt Lake smog, wild horses, floods and more 19.3.2014 High Country News Most Recent
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Clean air activists give Utah politicians mixed grades 19.3.2014 Salt Lake Tribune
Air pollution was public enemy No. 1 this legislative session — the subject of polls, petitions, protests and more than two dozen proposals for scrubbing Utah’s smog-laden skies. But, in the end, only a third of those bills passed, and not the real “game changers,” according to a consortium of clean-air advocates who are calling on the public to continue to press policymakers for meaningful change. “Compared to past, recent sessions where [regulatory] funding was cut and bills were passed to ins...
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Paris takes drastic measures to fight toxic smog 17.3.2014 Denver Post: National News Headlines
PARIS—Paris imposed drastic measures Monday to combat its worst air pollution in years, banning around half of the city's cars and trucks from its streets for a day in an attempt to reduce the toxic smog that's shrouded the City of Light for more than a week.
Paris takes drastic measures to fight toxic smog 17.3.2014 Salt Lake Tribune
Paris • Paris imposed drastic measures Monday to combat its worst air pollution in years, banning around half of the city’s cars and trucks from its streets in an attempt to reduce the toxic smog that’s shrouded the City of Light for more than a week. Cars with even-numbered license plates are prohibited from driving in Paris and its suburbs, following a government decision over the weekend. Around 700 police manned 179 control points around the region, handing out tickets to offenders. Taxis an...
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Letter: Too many Utahns not represented in Legislature 15.3.2014 Salt Lake Tribune
Four thousand Utahns gathered at the Capitol in January to plea for a meaningful and effective response from our Legislature to the toxic air pollution issue. The response from legislators has been anemic and mostly symbolic at best. Four thousand Utahns did not clamber for electronic widgets for our students nor to move the state prison. Utah is No. 1 in the country for air pollution, autism, anti-depressant consumption and right-wing hyperbole. For 150 years the Utah Legislature has been cont...
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No fare, pollution: French public transport free 14.3.2014 Denver Post: National News Headlines
PARIS—Air pollution that has turned Paris skies a murky yellow is giving a break to millions of French travelers—all public transportation in the Paris region and two other cities is free for the next three days.
Panasonic compensates employees for bad China air 13.3.2014 Denver Post: National News Headlines
TOKYO—Japanese electronics maker Panasonic Corp. is compensating employees for living with air pollution in China.
Judge rejects lawsuit over Utah’s belated air-quality plan 12.3.2014 Salt Lake Tribune
A federal judge on Tuesday tossed a lawsuit filed by an environmental group alleging the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has been too soft on Utah’s failure to implement air pollution plans on time. Since WildEarth Guardians filed the suit in May, the state Division of Air Quality has submitted so-called state implementation plans for Utah County and Salt Lake City-area airsheds, but after deadlines imposed by the Clean Air Act. The EPA officially declared northern Utah valleys, which are ...
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E-cigarettes: fresh air or smoke and mirrors? 10.3.2014 Salt Lake Tribune
New York • On the edge of the SoHo neighborhood downtown, The Henley Vaporium is an intimate hipster hangout with overstuffed chairs, exposed brick, friendly counter help — but no booze. Instead, the proprietors are peddling e-cigarettes, along with bottles of liquid nicotine ready to be plucked from behind a wooden bar and turned into flavorful vapor for a lung hit with a kick that is intended to simulate traditional smoking. A hint of banana nut bread e-juice lingered in the air one recent aft...
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This is what China's doing to curb pollution 9.3.2014 Denver Post: National News Headlines
China will tighten environmental legislation and force polluters to pay compensation following renewed blasts of toxic air, the country's top legislator said Sunday.
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