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Hong Kong activists, police clash over holiday food stalls 9.2.2016 Durango Herald
Hong Kong's Lunar New Year celebration has descended into chaotic scenes as protesters and police clashed over a street market selling fishballs and other local holiday delicacies
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Rum maker distills plan for cheap, light, indoor cookstoves 6.2.2016 Headlines: All Headlines
CRESTED BUTTE — It worked for sleds. It worked for rum. Now Brice Hoskin is hoping his entrepreneurial flair works for cook stoves.
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Malaysia to ban bauxite mining in Pahang for 3 months 6.1.2016 Denver Post: National News Headlines
KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia (AP) — Malaysia's government said Wednesday it will ban the mining of bauxite in central Pahang state for three months from Jan.
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Beijing says pollution lessened in 2015 despite smog alerts 5.1.2016 Denver Post: National News Headlines
BEIJING (AP) — Environmental authorities in Beijing say air quality improved in 2015, a year in which they issued the city's first two red smog alerts and showed a greater willingness to disrupt industry and ordinary people in search of cleaner air.
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Beijing says pollution lessened in 2015 despite smog alerts 5.1.2016 Durango Herald
Beijing says air quality improved in 2015 despite the city's first pollution red alerts
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More Chinese cities issue red alerts for heavy smog 24.12.2015 Denver Post: National News Headlines
BEIJING (AP) — More Chinese cities are issuing their first red alerts for pollution in response to forecasts of heavy smog, after the capital, Beijing, issued two this month following criticism for not releasing them earlier.
Schools in Iran close because of air pollution 21.12.2015 Denver Post: National News Headlines
High air pollution forced Iranian authorities to close all schools and kindergartens in the capital for two days beginning Sunday, saying the pollution had reached dangerous levels.
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No, AG Cynthia Coffman is wrong to sue over EPA Clean Power Plan 19.12.2015 Denver Post: Opinion
In early November, Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper asked the state Supreme Court for guidance concerning Attorney General Cynthia Coffman's authority to sue the federal government without the governor's consent.
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Beijing issues 2nd smog red alert of the month 18.12.2015 Denver Post: National News Headlines
BEIJING (AP) — China's capital Beijing issued its second smog red alert of the month on Friday, triggering vehicle restrictions and forcing schools to close.
Beijing's smog crisis idles factories but other businesses boom 13.12.2015 Headlines: All Headlines
Factories in Beijing that make goods from cement to train cars were shut down last week to help ease the Chinese capital's pollution crisis.
Beijing authorities use technology in pollution battle 9.12.2015 Denver Post: National News Headlines
BEIJING (AP) — Some Beijing residents use smokestacks to predict smog: Smoke drifting gently upward means stagnant air where smog will accumulate, while smoke blowing away from the mountains indicates fresher winds and clear air ahead.
Beijing schools close as some residents take smog holiday 8.12.2015 Denver Post: National News Headlines
BEIJING (AP) — Some residents took a smog holiday away from Beijing on Tuesday as the Chinese capital launched restrictions under its first red alert for pollution, closing schools, suspending factories and keeping half the vehicles off the streets.
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Study sees possible dip in world carbon dioxide emissions 7.12.2015 Durango Herald
PARIS – Global carbon dioxide emissions may be dropping ever so slightly this year, spurred by a dramatic plunge in Chinese pollution, according to a surprising new study by a scientific team that regularly tracks heat-trapping pollution.The unexpected dip could either be a temporary blip or true hope that the world is about to...
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Beijing issues 1st smog red alert, urging schools to close 7.12.2015 Denver Post: National News Headlines
BEIJING (AP) — Beijing issued its first-ever red alert for smog on Monday, urging schools to close and invoking restrictions on factories and traffic that will keep half of the city's vehicles off the roads.
Air quality to be addressed at Utah Supreme Court hearing 2.12.2015 Denver Post: National News Headlines
SALT LAKE CITY (AP) — Environmental advocates will try to persuade the Utah Supreme Court on Wednesday that the state's approval of an oil refinery expansion would add to air quality woes in northern Utah, parts of which suffer from some of the nation's worst air in winter.
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Beijing air pollution reaches hazardous levels 1.12.2015 Denver Post: National News Headlines
BEIJING (AP) — Schools in the Chinese capital kept students indoors and parents brought their kids to hospitals with breathing ailments Tuesday as Beijing grappled with extremely severe air pollution for the fifth straight day.
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Guest Commentary: Nuclear power critical to climate fight 21.11.2015 Denver Post: Opinion
Nuclear power has the potential to emerge globally in the coming years. It's incontrovertible: Honest efforts to fight climate change and air pollution will absolutely depend on nuclear energy.
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Fort Collins cyclists still victims of air pollution, study says 18.11.2015 Denver Post: Local
All the health benefits of bicycling to work, home and play could be negated by harmful exposure to air pollution, a Colorado State University multi-year study has ...
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EPA road tests Obama climate change plan in Denver before summit 17.11.2015 Denver Post: News: Local
Two weeks before the international climate summit in Paris, the Obama administration is road-testing its Clean Power Plan to cut emissions of greenhouse gases — and getting an earful ...
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Clean Power Plan blocks view of real trouble dogging coal companies 15.11.2015 Denver Post: Business
Listen to congressional Republicans, and you would think that President Obama's regulations are behind the nose dive the coal industry has taken this ...
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