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Smoke grounds aircraft battling some Washington wildfires 27.8.2015 Denver Post: National News Headlines
SPOKANE, Wash. (AP) — Smoke from big wildfires burning east of the Cascade Range grounded helicopters and airplanes that have been battling the flames in Washington state.
Fire crews battle smoky conditions and flames 26.8.2015 Denver Post: National News Headlines
SPOKANE, Wash. (AP) — Smoke from big wildfires burning east of the Cascade Range hurt air quality Wednesday and hampered efforts by crews battling the flames in Washington state.
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Smoke from fires expected to bring more bad air to Colorado on Monday 24.8.2015 Headlines: All Headlines
The smoke and haze drifting from Pacific Northwest wildfires that has plagued northern Colorado is expected to continue at least through Monday, according to the National Weather Service.
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Wildfire smoke health advisory issued for Denver 21.8.2015 Headlines: All Headlines
A health advisory because of wildfire smoke has been issued for the northern half of Colorado.
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Smoke from Northwest wildfires bring haze to Denver 21.8.2015 Denver Post: Local
Denver skies will be hazy through the weekend as air carrying smoke from wildfires in the Northwest settle over Colorado, forecasters ...
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Little Devil Fire doubles in size 21.8.2015 Durango Herald
The Little Devil Fire more than doubled Thursday, consuming an estimated 70 acres of the Devil Creek State Wildlife Area within the San Juan National Forest.The National Forest Service for that district said Thursday afternoon that a heavy air tanker had been grounded because of wind, but single-engine air tankers and a helicopter have...
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PHOTOS: Wildfires Blaze In Several Western States 20.8.2015 Denver Post: National News Headlines
A sheriff in north-central Washington state said three firefighters were killed and three to four more were injured in raging wildfires Wednesday, August 19, 2015.
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Air pollution killing 4,000 in China a day, US study finds 14.8.2015 Denver Post: National News Headlines
WASHINGTON (AP) — Air pollution is killing about 4,000 people in China a day, accounting for 1 in 6 premature deaths in the world's most populous country, a new study finds.
Clean-air rule splits Colorado 5.8.2015 Durango Herald
Only a day after federal regulators issued a final rule aimed at reducing carbon pollution, factions across Colorado split Tuesday, with some calling for a lawsuit, while others advocated for forging ahead.Colorado is now charged with developing a state-specific plan to satisfy the Environmental Protection Agency’s target.
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Bloomberg: Obama didn't kill coal; the market did 5.8.2015 Denver Post: Opinion
Critics of the Environmental Protection Agency's new Clean Power Plan are describing it in apocalyptic terms.
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Arrival of the cost-benefit state 3.8.2015 Current Issue
The Supreme Court wants the Environmental Protection Agency to weigh human health against costs to industry.
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The Great Sand Dunes among 36 National Parks with unhealthy levels of air pollution 29.7.2015 Denver Post: News: Local
Air pollution in national parks, including four in Colorado, has reached unhealthy levels obscuring the most stunning landscapes, according to an analysis unveiled Tuesday by a conservation ...
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In the middle of nowhere, a Promised Land 24.7.2015 High Country News Most Recent
A group with chemical sensitivities makes a community in the Arizona desert.
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Colorado faces clean-air rule from EPA 22.7.2015 Durango Herald
State health officials say environmental and energy interests need to come together to advance a state-specific plan on carbon pollution.A final rule from the Environmental Protection Agency is expected in the coming days, aimed at a 30-percent reduction in carbon-dioxide emissions nationwide by 2030. The proposal is state-based, with a...
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Guest Commentary: Stop the EPA's carbon power grab, Colorado 17.7.2015 Denver Post: Opinion
When the U.S. Supreme Court remanded the Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) Mercury and Air Toxics Standards recently, it set a clear precedent that costs matter and that the EPA does not have a blank check on the wallets of energy consumers.
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Evacuated families wait for smoke from rail spill to clear 3.7.2015 Denver Post: National News Headlines
MARYVILLE, Tenn. (AP) — Thousands of eastern Tennessee residents have been displaced after a CSX train car carrying hazardous material derailed and caught fire, forcing their evacuation.
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Court sides with industry on power plant emissions 1.7.2015 High Country News Most Recent
Supreme Court decision is a setback to one of the biggest environmental actions of the Obama administration.
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After mercury ruling, higher scrutiny of Obama climate rules 30.6.2015 Denver Post: National News Headlines
WASHINGTON (AP) — Sweeping pollution limits at the center of President Barack Obama's climate change plan are facing increased scrutiny in the wake of a Supreme Court ruling that showed that the justices aren't afraid to thwart perceived overreach by Obama or his Environmental Protection Agency.
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High court sets back mercury rules 30.6.2015 Durango Herald
WASHINGTON – The Supreme Court ruled Monday against the Obama administration’s attempt to limit power-plant emissions of mercury and other hazardous air pollutants, but it may be only a temporary setback for regulators.The justices split 5-4 along ideological lines to rule that the Environmental Protection Agency did not...
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Supreme Court rules against EPA 29.6.2015 Steamboat Pilot

The Supreme Court ruled Monday morning that the Environmental Protection Agency incorrectly interpreted the Clean Air Act by setting limits on emissions from power plants without considering costs to the industry.

Justice Antonin Scalia, one of five supporting the decision, delivered the opinion of the court. Four of the nine justices dissented.

The ruling is a result of the Michigan v. EPA case, where the court considered limits on mercury, arsenic and acid gases emitted by coal-fired power plants, known as mercury and air toxics (MATS).

According to the court, “EPA strayed well beyond the bounds of reasonable interpretation in concluding that cost is not a factor relevant to the appropriateness of regulating power plants.”

The newspaper will update this story as more information becomes available.

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