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Feature and TV films 16.12.2017 LA Times: Commentary
Movies on TV the week of Dec. 17 - 23, 2017
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Children’s lead exposure: Relative contributions of various sources 15.12.2017 Main Feed - Environmental Defense
Children’s lead exposure: Relative contributions of various sources
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California Adopts Climate Game Plan for 2030 15.12.2017 Main Feed - Environmental Defense
California Adopts Climate Game Plan for 2030
Trump's Regulators: Eager Servants of Oil and Gas, at Our Expense 14.12.2017
(Photo: Babs ; edited: LW / TO)   Help preserve a news source with integrity at its core: Donate to the independent media at Truthout. Eleven months into the Trump administration, it's worth seriously pondering the question: Does Donald Trump have something against clean air? Did a smogless day insult his mother, and now he's out for revenge? It seems silly, but it's hard not to wonder when the Trump administration seems so determined to roll back every bit of progress the Obama administration made when it comes to reducing air pollution and hopefully slowing down the rate of global warming. (OK, it's  probably that Trump just hates Obama that much .) The obsessiveness of the Trumpian assault on clean air was illustrated again last week, when the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), which works under Secretary Ryan Zinke at the Interior Department,  delayed the implementation of a rule  requiring oil and gas companies drilling on federally owned lands to curtail the waste of methane by releasing it in the ...
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The Energy 202: The Pentagon takes climate change very seriously. This government watchdog says that's not enough. 13.12.2017 Washington Post: Politics
GAO says talk is not sufficient.
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Even our Republican Congress should be able to recognize the danger Scott Pruitt poses 13.12.2017 LA Times: Commentary

The Environmental Protection Agency was supposed to announce by Oct. 1 which parts of the country had fallen short of new, more stringent limits on the amount of ozone in the air, thus clearing the way for local action to reduce emissions. But the EPA failed to issue the designations, sparking...

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Exposure to Air Pollution Just Before or After Conception Raises Risk of Birth Defects 11.12.2017 Environmental News Network
Women exposed to air pollution just prior to conception or during the first month of pregnancy face an increased risk of their children being born with birth defects, such as cleft lip or palate or abnormal hearts.
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Public speaks out against Pruitt’s effort to reopen a loophole for super-polluting glider trucks 9.12.2017 Climate 411 - Environmental Defense Fund
Public health experts, freight truck manufacturers and truck dealers sent a shared message to Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Administrator Scott Pruitt at a recent public hearing – don’t reopen a loophole for super-polluting glider trucks. Glider trucks are new freight trucks that have used engines installed in them. Those older engines emit harmful soot and […]
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Watchdogs Say US Chemical Safety Board Is "Flying Blind" 8.12.2017
As per a 1990 Congressional mandate, chemical plants must report any dangerous substance released during accidents, so first responders and others in the vicinity can take precautions. But the federal watchdog agency charged with investigating chemical accidents never finished instituting the rule under pressure from the industry, and it has failed to investigate the vast majority of accidents that fall under its jurisdiction.   The Arkema plant received major damage from flooding caused by Hurricane and Tropical Storm Harvey on September 4, 2017, in Crosby, Texas. (Photo: Scott Olson / Getty Images) The following article could only be published thanks to support from our readers. To fund more stories like it, make a donation to Truthout by clicking here! In the early hours of August 31, explosions erupted at the Arkema chemical plant in Crosby, Texas, where floodwaters from Hurricane Harvey had cut off the power supply to refrigerated containers containing organic peroxide. Residences in a 1.5-mile ...
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US fails to enforce smog rules, 14 states allege in lawsuit 8.12.2017 AP National
SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) -- Fourteen states and the District of Columbia announced Thursday that they are suing the Trump administration over what they say is a failure to enforce smog standards....
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14 states sue to allege US failure to enforce smog rules 8.12.2017 AP Washington
SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) -- Fourteen states and the District of Columbia are suing the Trump administration over what they say is a failure to enforce smog standards....
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Prize-winning experimental author William Gass dies at 93 8.12.2017 LA Times: Commentary

William Gass, a leading experimental writer of the 1960s and '70s who went on to become an award-winning essayist and translator and an influence on many younger writers, has died at his home in St. Louis. He was 93.

Gass’ death Wednesday was announced by his publisher, Alfred A. Knopf. The cause...

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The Daily 202: Franken’s apparent downfall highlights clout of women in the Democratic Party 7.12.2017 Washington Post
The Daily 202: Franken’s apparent downfall highlights clout of women in the Democratic Party
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Trump’s EPA wants to ignore science and put more dirty trucks back on the road 7.12.2017 LA Times: Commentary

Diesel exhaust fumes are the most foul tailpipe emissions on the road, as anyone stuck in traffic behind an aging bus or 18-wheeler can attest. But researchers have gathered overwhelming evidence that the fumes are more than just unpleasant; diesel emissions contribute to asthma, heart disease,...

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Pentagon prepares to accept transgender recruits beginning in January, as Trump's ban hangs in the balance 7.12.2017 Washington Post: World
The case is on appeal with the U.S. Court of Appeals in Washington.
London air pollution cancels positive health effects of exercise in over-60s 6.12.2017 Environmental News Network
Exposure to air pollution on city streets is enough to counter the beneficial health effects of exercise in older adults, according to new research.
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Crime-reporting failures persist across all the Pentagon's armed services 6.12.2017 Minnesota Public Radio: News
A report finds the Army, Navy and Marines fail to submit required fingerprint and conviction data to the FBI in more than one-third of criminal cases. But the Air Force shows signs of improvement.
The Air Force failed to alert the FBI about Devin Kelley. Other branches are much worse at reporting violent criminals. 6.12.2017 Washington Post: World
The Navy and the Army failed to report violent offenders at rates higher than the Air Force and Marine Corps.
Tell EPA: Protect our families from dirty diesel trucks 4.12.2017 Main Feed - Environmental Defense
EPA has proposed to reopen a loophole that allows the sale of freight trucks with old, dirty engines that do not meet modern pollution standards. EPA should put our health first and keep super-polluting glider trucks off the road. MCAF. ...
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The Daily 202: Botched damage control efforts keep making the Russia scandal worse for Trump 4.12.2017 Washington Post: Politics
Seven questions on where Mueller’s probe goes from here.
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