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The Long March Against Monsanto: A Letter from The Hague 21.10.2016 Views
Ronnie Cummins

We are today in the midst of a battleground for two very different approaches to agriculture. One is the agro-ecological approach based on the use of open source traditional seeds based on biodiversity and living in harmony with nature. The other is the mechanistic world of an industrial system based on monocultures, one-way extraction and the use of pesticides, poisons and GMOs, where chemical cartels compete to take over our agriculture and food systems, destroying our ecosystems along the way.” - Brochure for The People’s Assembly, The Hague, Oct.

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Feds: Only Those Committed to Destroying Planet Can Bid on Fossil Fuel Leases 20.10.2016 Headlines
Nika Knight, staff writer

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) on Wednesday rejected land leases purchased at public auction in February by climate activist and author Terry Tempest Williams, refunding William's payment and revoking the leases because the environmentalist publicly vowed to keep fossil fuels in the ground.

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Calling All Climate Activists: "Go Out and Get Yourself in Some Holy Trouble" 19.10.2016 Truthout - All Articles
A handful of climate activists turned off the flow of Canadian tar sands oil through pipelines in Minnesota, North Dakota, Montana, and Washington on Tuesday, Oct. 11. Five who cut chains and turned pipeline valves and five more supporters were arrested. They face a range of charges, including criminal trespass, sabotage, burglary, and criminal mischief. That morning in Seattle, Jay O'Hara was working the phones, calling the pipeline companies 15 minutes in advance to warn them of the shutdown. It was not his first experience of a bold climate action involving personal risk. In 2013, O'Hara and his friend Ken Ward anchored their small boat, the "Henry David T," in the path of a 40,000-ton barge taking coal to a plant in Massachusetts in what has famously been called the "lobster-boat blockade." A district attorney subsequently dropped the most serious charges against the pair, recognizing that their civil disobedience was motivated by the necessity to halt global warming. Necessity was also behind last ...
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One year after election, Trudeau's climate mettle no better than Harper's 19.10.2016 - News for the rest of us

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It's Outrageous That I'm Facing 45 Years in Prison for Filming a Climate Protest 19.10.2016 Views
Deia Schlosberg

My name is Deia Schlosberg and I am an independent filmmaker and climate reporter. I was arrested while filming an act of nonviolent civil disobedience in North Dakota and I'm currently facing felony charges that I believe are unjust.

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Here Is John Podesta in His Own Words Reacting to the WikiLeaks Mess 18.10.2016 Mother Jones
This story was originally published by Grist and is reproduced here as part of the Climate Desk collaboration. Last week couldn't have been an easy one for Clinton campaign chief John Podesta. On the one hand, his candidate continued to increase her polling lead over Republican Donald Trump. But on the other, he had to watch a steady drip of revelations from his hacked campaign emails as they were posted online by WikiLeaks. In an exclusive interview with Grist conducted as revelations were still pouring out last week, Podesta sought to assure climate hawks of the sincerity of Hillary Clinton's commitment to fighting climate change. "She's put out an extremely robust agenda that goes beyond what President Obama has pledged," he told Grist. (The interview was scheduled before the first of the WikiLeaks releases and not in response to them.) "These are big, bold plans," Podesta said. "It would exceed the goals that the United States took on in the Paris negotiations." For the most part, Podesta's hacked ...
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Confronting the Climate Crisis: A Job for Artists? 17.10.2016 Green on
There are experts in little things, but there are no experts in big things. All of us, no matter what we do, have the right to make moral decisions about the world....Everyone must be involved. People say 'you have to be professional.' The Historian says 'it's not that I don't think the US should get out [of the war], but we are just historians. It's not our business.' Then the businessman says 'it's not my business.'. The artist says 'it's not my business.' Then whose business is it? -Howard Zinn This is a quote from an essay by historian Howard Zinn called Artists in Times of War. Zinn argues that many of us distance ourselves from the problems of the world, saying that it is "not our job" to fix them. History shows us, he says, that when artists choose to use their skills to address the troubles of our time, it makes it easier for other people to imagine how they too can make demanding change a meaningful part of their own lives. When artists act, society follows, and real change happens. I am an ...
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Climate Emergency: Global Insurgency 14.10.2016 Views
Jeremy Brecher

(Common Dreams editor's note: The new, updated 2016 edition of Jeremy Brecher’s Climate Insurgency: A Strategy for Survival, from which the following is drawn, can be now be downloaded for free at the author's website here.)

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How a tax on carbon has divided Northwest climate activists 14.10.2016 LA Times: Nation

On election day, less than a week after the historic Paris climate accord is set to take effect, voters here will have the chance to establish what some experts say would be one of the planet’s most ambitious policies for fighting climate change: the first statewide tax on carbon emissions.


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Land protectors and activists stand together for climate justice 14.10.2016 - News for the rest of us
Thursday, October 13, 2016 Hurricane Matthew has come and gone, leaving devastation in its wake. So far, at least 1,000 people are reported to have died in Haiti, and at least 39 have died throughout the southeastern United States. In North Carolina, the rivers are still rising. In this election year, given the destruction, you would think climate change would be a major issue. In the presidential debates, which tens of millions watch, there has hardly been a mention. It is what is happening outside, in the grassroots around the country, that gives us hope. The movement to combat climate change is growing dynamically and unpredictably, and is facing increasing repression from the fossil-fuel industry and government ...
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Taking forward the political vision that inspires the Leap Manifesto 14.10.2016 - News for the rest of us
Author and environmentalist Naomi Klein published a feature article in The Globe and Mail' on Saturday, Sept. 24 in which she defends the Leap Manifesto against its detractors. Her unique argument in this essay explains that Canada's "founding economic myth" has been that of the "good" created by the vast pillaging of the country's natural resources following the arrival of settlers from Europe. She argues that the myth's endurance helps to explain the failure of Canada's contemporary capitalist elite to making the necessary political and economic changes in the face of the global warming ...
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The Food Issue: Why Did the Obamas Fail to Take On Corporate Agriculture? 5.10.2016 NY Times: Most Emailed
Activists hoped President Obama would fight for stronger regulation. Eight years later, they’re still waiting.
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Welcome to the Anthropocene, are environmentalists equipped to respond? 15.9.2016 - News for the rest of us
On September 5, 2016 in Cape Town, South Africa, members of the "Working Group on the Anthropocene" presented findings of their research to the annual International Geological Congress. A research paper by the group of 35 scientists, commissioned by the Congress, was published in January of this year, concluding that a new, "functionally and stratigraphically distinct" unit of geologic time has ...
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The Politics of Nonviolence 10.9.2016 Views
Rev. John Dear

What a summer! Like everyone else, I’m trying to make some sense of it, and figure out a thoughtful response. We’ve suffered through the mainstream media’s non-stop broadcast of the dirty politics of hatred, scape-goating, and war-mongering, particularly by Mr. Trump. We’ve undergone shootings by white police officers of unarmed African Americans, and even shootings of police, as well as massacres in Orlando and Nice, not to mention the daily U.S. massacres in Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, and Yemen.

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BLM Protest At London Airport Calls Out Environmental Inequality 7.9.2016 Politics on
Air passengers in Britain and beyond faced delays on Tuesday after a “Black Lives Matter” protest on a runway halted flights for six hours at London City Airport and a computer glitch hit British Airways in London and the United States. More than 120 flights were canceled, delayed or diverted at City, a few miles east of the Canary Wharf financial district, after nine protesters locked themselves together on the runway. Police said late on Tuesday morning they had arrested all nine and the airline was preparing to resume flights. British Airways said it was taking longer than normal to process customers at a number of airports around the world, including London’s Heathrow and Gatwick, and urged passengers to check in online before they reached the airport. The airline, owned by International Consolidated Airlines Group, apologized to customers. “Really unhappy with @British_Airways “The system is down” & can’t check in!,” one passenger, Shail, said on Twitter. Analysts at Royal Bank of Canada said the ...
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Jill Stein tells The Times editorial board why she thinks voting Democrat or Republican makes little difference 7.9.2016 LA Times: Commentary

The following is a transcript of Green Party presidential nominee Jill Stein’s meeting with the Los Angeles Times editorial board.

Nicholas Goldberg (editor of the editorial pages): Do you want to start with a very brief introduction?

Jill Stein: Yes, so… I’m a medical doctor by training. I’m a...

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Catastrophism Is as Much an Obstacle to Addressing Climate Change as Denial 6.9.2016 Views
Stephen Jackson

For a long while people have used the phrase ‘climate denier’ or ‘denialism’ as pejorative labels to admonish those who reject the reality of climate change. Whether it’s industry-funded disinformation spin doctors or members of the public who are perceived as dupes for believing that climate change is just a hoax, anyone who rejects the assertion that human-produced CO₂ emissions are dangerously altering the Earth’s climate system is frequently labeled in this way.

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'Green News Report' - August 30, 2016 31.8.2016 Green on
The Green News Report is also available via... IN TODAY'S RADIO REPORT: Standing Rock Sioux Tribe takes a stand against massive new oil pipeline in North Dakota; California passes most sweeping climate change law yet; Evacuations in West Virginia after leak of deadly chlorine gas; PLUS: President Obama creates world's largest protected marine sanctuary... All that and more in today's Green News Report! Listen online here, or Download MP3 (6 mins)... Link: Embed: Got comments, tips, love letters, hate mail? Drop us a line at or right here at the comments link below. All GNRs are always archived at . IN 'GREEN NEWS EXTRA' (see links below): Far-Reaching Tribal Solidarity Displayed At Pipeline Protest; Washington State Begins Killing Wolf Pack For Preying On Livestock; Enviros wage war with Interior over leasing's climate impact; Drought-Hardy Yards Could Ease Californian Heat Waves; Why It Matters: Climate Change; Colorado Anti-Fracking Activists Fall Short ...
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Activists Consider The Climate Impact Of Having Children 29.8.2016 NPR News
Given the increasingly dire predictions about the future, being a climate activist is stressful. Some say it's making them stress over something else — whether or not to have children.
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Climate Change and the 1,000-year Flood in Baton Rouge: When Will We Learn? 27.8.2016 Views
Amy Goodman, Denis Moynihan

The floodwaters are receding in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and the scale of the damage is revealing itself. It has been described as a 1,000-year flood, leaving at least 13 people dead and close to 60,000 homes ruined. According to Weather Underground meteorologists Jeff Masters and Bob Henson, August has been the wettest month in Baton Rouge in 174 years, when records were first kept.

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