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Doctors' prescription or 'jungle of errors' 4.1.2006 Telegraph: Nation
Bizarre prescriptions don't surprise Usha Gupta any more.
Leaking lake poisons water 4.1.2006 BBC South Asia
Overfull lakes in India's Rajasthan state are contaminating drinking water after rare heavy rain, reports the BBC's Geeta Pandey.
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DHAKA: Typhoid spreads evoking fear of bad water system 1.1.2006 Asia News Network: News
<b>We CAN. we WANT to?</b> 1.1.2006 Deccan Herald
<b>We CAN. we WANT to?</b>
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Development a far cry for people of Srirampur 30.12.2005 The Assam Tribune
Development a far cry for people of Srirampur
T-cell boost may increase immunity 28.12.2005 New Kerala: Health News
BOSTON : Researchers are looking at ways to re-invigorate "exhausted" CD8 T cells.
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<font face="Verdana" color="#000080"><u><small>Full Story</small></u></font> 28.12.2005 New Indian Express
<font face="Verdana" color="#000080"><u><small>Full Story</small></u></font>
Safe blood remains a distant dream 27.12.2005 Hindu: Business
The National AIDS Control Organisation (NACO) recognises that blood safety is integral to the fight against Acquired Immuno-Deficiency Syndrome. In India, of the 1,11,608 AIDS-afflicted, 2,231 have been infected through blood and blood products, ...
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Quicker, easier typhoid kit to hit the market 27.12.2005 Deccan Herald
Quicker, easier typhoid kit to hit the market
WHO wins over LTTE cadre 27.12.2005 Deccan Herald
WHO wins over LTTE cadre
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Spurt in diarrhoea cases 25.12.2005 Hindu: Tamil Nadu
324 cases from city, 362 from mofussil areas recorded
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Well water in Kumaranallore ward found contaminated 25.12.2005 Hindu: Kerala
Lack of proper waste disposal schemes
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Three more dehydration deaths reported in Kanchi 23.12.2005 Hindu: Tamil Nadu
Piped drinking water supply in the affected area suspended
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Indian American scientist produces safe anthrax vaccine 23.12.2005 Rediff: News
Enough anthrax vaccine to inoculate everyone in the US could be grown inexpensively and safely with only one acre of tobacco plants.
Inundation continues to raise a stink in suburbs 23.12.2005 Hindu: Front Page
Residents say their complaints are going unheeded
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Two more dehydration deaths 22.12.2005 Hindu: Tamil Nadu
Children also affected by dehydration in Kancheepuram Children also affected by diarrhoea-like symptoms in Kancheepuram The number of deaths due to the mysterious syndrome goes up to five
One lakh students to be screened for Hepatitis-B 22.12.2005 Hindu: Tamil Nadu
About 10 lakh people die of HBV complications
Diarrhoeal deaths reported in Kancheepuram district 22.12.2005 Hindu: Tamil Nadu
Over 100 people treated for symptoms of dehydration
Diarrhoeal deaths reported 21.12.2005 Hindu: Tamil Nadu
Over 100 people treated for symptoms of dehydration
New use for tobacco could save lives-United States researcher 21.12.2005 New Kerala: Health News
ORLANDO, Fla. : One acre of genetically engineered tobacco plants can produce enough anthrax vaccine to inoculate the entire US population safely and inexpensively
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